Is the Recovery Happening?

I used to love Meredith Whitney. I admit it. She may have often been the most hated woman on Wall Street, but I couldn't help it. I respect ballsy people and this lady had some serious stones on her. She was even called the godmother of the financial crisis after her infamous skewering of Citi's toxic sludge laden balance sheet.

Those were the days, but times have changed. My girl sold me out and is now singing the magical recovery tune along with the rest of the talking heads. What recovery, Meredith? Show me... where?

Don't get me wrong. I want the recovery to happen as bad as anyone. The problem is reality refuses to comply with my wishes. I am wondering why one of the few people who had the guts to stare the American public in the eye and give us our medicine is now singing Kumbaya. I get why the all is well, citizen crowd continues to spout their rose colored version of the truth. I just don't get why Whitney has joined them?

In her own words, Whitney states that she still sees a strong likelihood of municipal bond defaults, anticipates another 10 percent drop in housing prices, and believes inflation poses a problem that is just over the horizon. In fact, if you read the original interview with Maria Bartiromo, you will see Whitney addressing issues that point to the myriad of troubles ahead of us.

With the sugar rush of QE2 now slowly being withdrawn, the likelihood of darkness is far greater than this light they are calling us to. Perhaps I've grown encrusted in my permabear fur, but where is this recovery the parakeets keep squawking about?

Can any of you monkeys help me out? I keep hearing about things getting better but we're still confronted with the same structural rot as a country that we were three years ago. Is it really possible that the DJIA has become our de facto economy? I am puzzled and confused...can someone help me out?

The housing market is still in the shitter and getting worse, unemployment numbers have been improved more by the expiring benefits of millions than by actual employment, oil and food inflation are as bad as they've been in 30 years...yet, all is well, citizen...remain calm.


Would someone please enlighten me and point to what actual improvements are happening? What is your personal definition of a recovery? If you're bullish on the economy, I would love to hear your reasons for it...