Monday @Mentions December 21st 2015

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Happy Monday WSO!

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-Webinar: Consulting Case Seminar -- time TBD, 12/22/15

Post of the Week:

From Homeless to Front Office by @ItzWhitneyBItch". 59 SB's!

Discussion Topics of the Week:

How to type 60-70+ Words Per Minute by @Human Capital". 37 comments.

Would it be dumb to turn down Princeton for Dartmouth? by @Rand231". 27 comments.
HELP: The Future of the S&T Job Market and Selecting the Right Desk by @scottsmithsonian". 25 comments.
Higher Education Bubble by @WeMadeIt". 33 comments.

AMAs of the Week:

Ask Me Anything: I went from a non-target to McKinsey, MIT Sloan and BCG by @consultantguy12". 8 SB's.
AMA: Ex-BB analyst across US and Asia in Oil&Gas/Power by @BB_Navigator". 6 SB's.

Comment of the Week:

This comment: by @DickFuld" in the post "Just Got Into a Target, AMA".

Great topic, thanks for doing this.

How would you rank the Target vs. the non-Targets?
What obstacles did you overcome to make it into a Target?
Are you a URM?
How did the cashier treat given your late status?
Did you meet any future (or current) leaders of the world there?
What attire did you sport to get into Target?
What about your hair? How was that styled?
Is there a Starbuck's nearby? What were the other exit opps?
Did people seem happy there? Were you happy there?
If you had to do it all over again, all things considered, would you do it again or would you go for a cheaper option?

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New WSO Certified Users:

I wanted to take the space here to thank and congratulate the new Certified Users from the past week. Welcome to the club. Some of these are new members, but all have confirmed that they work in the indicated industry at the level selected on their profile. All Certified Users have a yellow star next to their usernames when posting in the forums, so you all know which sources you can trust the most. As WSO Certified Users, they get i) 3 months free to the WSO Job Board ($45 Value) and ii) access to the private Certified User chat room to network with other professionals (priceless). Without further ado:

Investment Banking
@CLU" - Mergers and Acquisitions - Other

Private Equity
@bteles" - LBOs - Director
@Middle Market PE" - LBOs - 1st Year Analyst

Hedge Fund
@halfstep" - Event Driven - 1st Year Analyst
@BB_Navigator" - Event Driven - Investment Analyst

Prop Trading
@GoCard" - 2nd Year Analyst

@consultantguy12" - Senior Consultant

Corporate Strategy
@TooTaxed" - Accountant

Real Estate
@bolo up" - Commercial - 2nd Year Associate
@StanCRE" - Commercial - 2nd Year Analyst
@Fidel_Cashflow" - Commercial - 2nd Year Analyst
@PEREtzel" - Commercial - 1st Year Analyst

@Blockbuster" - Other - 1st Year Associate

@TrialandError" - Other - Quant
@ExcelMasterFlex" - Other - 1st Year Associate
@dcarnevale" - Non-profit - Executive Director
@midwestbiggie" - Other - 1st Year Analyst
@Hydrocarbons" - Other - Other

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