Monday @Mentions March 16, 2015

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A very cheerful Monday to all you monkeys out there. Let's get to the @'s:

Upcoming events:

Webinar: Surviving a summer IBD internship and how to go about treating return offers
Webinar: How to Be Top Rated in Big 4 Audit (And Apply the Same Tips to the Rest of Your Career) -- 8pm ET, 3/17/15
Webinar: Career Switching - From Engineering to Banking - My Story -- 730pm ET, 3/18/15

Post of the Week:

My Private Equity Recruiting Process by @"Candor". 47 SB's!!. Post of the year candidate...?

Discussion Topic of the Week:

The painful reality of graduation by @"mbavsmfin". 68 comments and counting, 5 of which are people asking if mbavsmfin is really brady and don't count.

Some other hot discussions
What's your favorite beer by and also When's the right time to add "incoming investment banking summer analyst" on LinkedIn

Comment of the Week:

This comment by @"snatch" in the post "Differences between MBA and Law students"

Success Story of the Week:

From a Paper Mill to Call Centre to Back Office IT to Equity Research by @"gman5556". 10 SB's, and one of the best titles of a post I've ever seen. Well done sir. If i could give you more than 1 silver banana I would.

Most Active Monkeys in the past 7 days:

1. @"Candor" 188, 2. @CPAExtraordinaire 183, and 3. @"DickFuld" with 66

See where you rank here.

New WSO Certified Users:

I wanted to take the space here to thank and congratulate the new Certified Users from the past week. Welcome to the club. Some of these are new members, but all have confirmed that they work in the indicated industry at the level selected on their profile. All Certified Users have a yellow star next to their usernames when posting in the forums, so you all know which sources you can trust the most. As WSO Certified Users, they get i) 3 months free to the WSO Job Board ($45 Value), ii) access to the private Certified User chat room to network with other professionals (priceless) and iii) a free ticket to attend the 2014 WSO Annual Conference in New York on June 28 ($200 Value!). Without further ado:

Investment Banking
@mergersandacquisitions78 - Mergers and Acquisitions - Managing Director
@user11221122 - ECM - General Manager
@mossy695 - DCM - 1st Year Associate
@"808s and Heartbreak" - Industry/Coverage - 3rd+ Year Analyst
@"The Stranger" - Industry/Coverage - 1st Year Analyst
@ASmith08 - Generalist - 2nd Year Analyst
@jckund - Generalist - 1st Year Analyst

Equity Research
@"Nathan-Yates" - Equity Research - Principal

Corporate Development
@"j-rad"- Corporate Development - Other

@habu987 - Consulting - Consultant
@UFOinsider - Consulting - Consultant
@Italianmonkey - Consulting - 2nd Year Analyst

Are you a working professional and you're interested in joining the WSO Certified User club? E-mail [email protected] and [email protected] your username and send a link to your LinkedIn profile.

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Mar 16, 2015

Ha 5 years on this site and now I'm official

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Mar 16, 2015

I met the criterion before I found this site, that's why it's funny

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Mar 16, 2015

You are beyond relentless Mr Extraordinaire. More relentless than all the bots combined.

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Mar 16, 2015