Q&A: Kevin Roose, Author of Young Money

Mod Note (Andy): Kevin will be on today answering questions from 3-4pm ET. To get the discussion going, the first four users to post a legitimate question will receive a signed copy of his new book. Hi WSO: I'm the author of "Young Money," a new book about junior Wall Street bankers. I'm a writer with New York magazine (formerly with The New York Times), and I've been an avid WSO reader for years. Ask me anything... Click inside the post for more info about the book, and click here to purchase a copy. Also congrats to @"TopLineHeisenberg", @"ormossa", @"Consuming Goods", @"Howerton", @"TJS", @"guyfromct", @"Capitalism", @"NYCBaller", @"heebbanker", @"Jon258", @"NYU", and @"TheKing " who have all won books so far based on their comments in the three contests we held.

YOUNG MONEY Inside the Hidden World of Wall Street's Post-Crash Recruits Becoming a young Wall Street banker is like pledging the world's most lucrative and soul-crushing fraternity. Every year, thousands of eager college graduates are hired by the world's financial giants, where they're taught the secrets of making obscene amounts of money-- as well as how to dress, talk, date, drink, and schmooze like real financiers.

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