Looking for some advice, I am a sophomore at a non-target majoring in CS with a Finance minor. I have developed a back end trading platform that allows me to trade quantitatively. I am currently running a number of personal strategies and seeing very good returns. With this being said here is my situation.

Note: I hate making excuses for myself and this is in no way me "bitching".

    My first semester freshman year I basically almost failed out due to circumstances out of my control. Now my GPA has gone to shit. Although I have bounced back in recent semesters it is still sub 3.0.
    I have recently started applying for any and all summer (IB,S&T,HF,etc.) internships that I can find. I can estimate I have applied to around 40.
    I haven't gotten a response from one and am starting to really get frustrated for this main reason, my intelligence does not reflect my GPA. What should I be doing to different? Please be blunt with me I could use some criticism. Thanks.

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You should be networking. Seriously. You have something you can actually talk about but nobody's going to get it unless they hear it from you.


Agreed with above. Sending a resume online with a sub 3.0 GPA has as much of a response as if you sent it to a black hole.

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