The Value of Undergraduate Business School

Business Week just released its annual Best Undergraduate Business School rankings and it got me thinking about the value of said degree to the average aspiring monkey. Surely we know that finance, accounting, math and medieval interior design are the typical banking majors, but what about the backbone of all business?... business.

As has been mentioned ad nauseam on these boards, undergraduate business degrees may be one of the less likely paths to Wall Street. In fact, Wharton is the only undergrad b-school represented in the upper crust of these rankings, as far as traditional Wall Street targets go.

This begs the oft debated question: Should you major in business if you are considering a career on Wall Street? A question which is still tough to answer. That is why I am asking you guys to chime in with your thoughts once more.

Hopefully, such a debate can be of use to the multitudes of micro monkeys debating how best to embark upon their journey to Wall Street. I'm also curious as to what you guys think of some of the programs which ranked highly and their validity in the eyes of the industry recruiting machine. More importantly, it would be great to hear about guys/girls from some of these schools whose academic chops helped them climb the ladder once they did arrive on The Street. Naturally, if there are some academic halls which deserve layers of monkey shit...get your fling on.

Just to get us started, let me throw out seven schools out of the Top 15 and ask:
Would you recommend an incoming freshman any of the following diplomas, if they hope to make it to Wall Street? Why or Why not?

The (Maybe) M7

1) Notre Dame, Mendoza

2) Virginia, McIntire

3) Emory, Goizueta

4) Villanova

5) UNC, Chappel Hill

6) Brigham Young, Marriott

7) Richmond, Robins