Tiger Woods: Too Big to Fail?

This post doesn't exactly count as Wall Street news, per se, but I do think Tiger Woods counts as a toxic asset right now and may qualify for TARP money.

According to Clusterstock, marketers who've been promoting themselves with the superstar's image have pulled all prime-time ads involving El Tigre.

What's more, Gatorade is likely going to discontinue its "Tiger Focus" product line. However, Gatorade is not pulling their sponsorship, unilaterally. And apparently said that their move "had nothing to do with recent events." Wow, you could cut the lies with a butter knife.

Not to mention, Tiger's extramarital Harpy-Alert is now at 11. So, it seems likely that Tiger has slept with more cocktail waitresses and porn stars than the average IBer. I don't mean to be encouraging schadenfreude here, as Tiger will soon be going into his own Great Depression, but I think it begs the question, as a sponsor and investor, what would you do? Would you disassociate from Tiger? Will more bankers be playing golf? Is that even possible?

Also, Wikipedia just informed me that Tiger is apparently a Buddhist. I'm speechless.