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July 2019 update - the internship is currently full, we will open up new slots in the late summer - fall -Andy

If you are a financial professional and would like to contribute a series of posts to WSO (not an internship) please email me directly: [email protected] - Thanks! .

We are looking for several talented student writers / young professionals to contribute posts to WSO with the goal of raising the level of quality of content in our forums and on the frontpage.

Internship title: Finance/Business/Wall Street Blogger Intern

Timeline/commitment we ask for: We ask that you commit to post 3-4 posts per week (~5-10 hours per week). The goal for a complete internship is to reach ~45 total posts over 3-6 months.

Testimonial from an intern who recently completed the internship:

As a blogging intern, not only was I able to improve my writing skills, I was also able gain more knowledge about the industry. Another good thing about a WSO internship is that you can do your work whenever and wherever you are. Both Patrick and Andy are great guys, and they will provide all the resources you need to succeed. Andy even went out of his way to connect me to an investment banker who used to intern for WSO. Working for WSO is a must-have experience for students going into finance. --Quan, 2016 Blogging Intern

Testimonial from another intern who recently completed the internship:

The WSO blogging internship is a fantastic way to get you thinking about what's going on in the world of finance. By having to consistently make posts it builds in routine. It also requires that you do more than just read the news; you begin to interpret what is going on and find ways to present it in your posts in an engaging way." -Andrew, 2017 Blogging Intern

How this differs from our Contributing Blogger Program: This internship is geared more towards students and recent grads. Obviously you have less experience than professionals to draw on for your posts so we're looking for more of a discussion starter style of post. More specifically we want you to research and post up a hot topic relevant to WSO's audience, summarize and/or quote your source, briefly state your opinion, and then open it up for discussion. You will go through the same training that the bloggers go through (instruction doc, videos, short quiz, test post and then afterwards we will set up a phone call to discuss the internship more in detail.

What you will write on: Hot topics in the financial/business/Wall Street news and other topics relevant to WSO's audience. We have an account with (a fancy rss feed) for you to choose topics.



  • Knowledge of finance/econ/business principles
  • You stay up to date with financial news
  • Native English speaker or if you are not a native speaker you will need to have VERY STRONG written English skills (we will ask to see a writing sample before you are accepted)
  • Knowledge of what WSO is all about (e.g. study our "About us" page: //
  • Though your background/experience are important for this, I essentially just want candidates who can be 100% committed to the internship. Please do not apply if you think this will be an issue.

Tangible Benefits for you:

  • The experience looks great on your resume (after you are accepted into the internship I can send you examples of how previous interns/bloggers have put this on their resume
  • Free access to six WSO Guides, ~$200 value
  • Free 1-year access to WSO job board, $99 value, (after full-completion of internship) //
  • Free 3-month access to the WSO video library, $60 value, (after full-completion of internship) //
  • Free access to the WSO Company Database and Compensation report, these are free but require 3 entries for access, (after full-completion of internship) //
  • PDF Letter of recommendation and a Linkedin recommendaiton from Andy (after full-completion of internship)
  • In addition to this I'm able to serve as a reference for you in any type of background or reference check

Intangible benefits:

  • Potential for your posts to be promoted to the homepage and visible to thousands of daily visitors.
  • Great networking opportunity - we encourage interns to engage with the community and also you are free to post your personal contact information (LinkedIn, email, website/blog url, etc)
  • *Additional info from Patrick:

If they do a good job, I am willing to serve as a personal reference for the writers that show a dedication to WSO and help us move forward. I can vouch that they busted their ass and are hard workers - exactly what banks are looking for.
For example I wrote a great endorsement for a previous intern on LinkedIn (the intern that built our entire finance dictionary from scratch and did an amazing job). He now has me as a personal reference any time he is applying for jobs because he went above and beyond my expectations.

Examples of the types of posts we're looking for:

Here are some of our former WSO Intern Bloggers:

These three interns typically wrote in the "discussion style" format:

These two chose to write in the standard blog style (~600-800 words):

Intern Testimonials: (see below for FAQ's)

"I'm only about halfway into the internship, but it should be said that the tangible benefits definitely outweigh the amount of work you do. First off, Andy really wants to help you out: I initially began as a forum discussion starter, and was luckily given the chance to be a weekly contributing author-- nice addition to my (previous lacking) resume. Second, not only am I exposed to finance and business knowledge exponentially more than before, but I've become a much better writer and have created more opportunities for myself; I've already gotten another internship off this, as well as an interview for another one in the spring. Employers love the name, think it's wonderful that you're tech savvy, and can trust that you know a good amount about business. Additionally, you get the WSO guides-- which were surprisingly jam-packed with useful information. These aren't your typical e-books that should really be 3-page articles... these are thick, no-BS bibles that will lead you closer to your dream job. Finally, the CEO and COO are really nice guys! You won't regret this decision.
1/22/2013 update: Would I be able to keep this position indefinitely? You would be shocked at how WSO has opened up doors for me like this one. Being that I'm going to grad school for finance soon, I'd love to keep contributing." Jake (Writing Intern, Fall/Winter 2012-13)

"Working for WSO has been one of the best experiences I've had so far. Coming from a non-target, both reading and working for this site has given me great insight into everything finance. Not only that, but the company has a great reputation and it was a tremendous help having WSO on my resume. A lot of people in the interviews said how cool it was that I worked there and one of the interviewers was even in the same graduating class as Patrick! I'll be starting my BB summer internship soon at a top group and I have to thank WSO for it. If you have the opportunity, it is one of the best things you can do with your time. "

-- Michael (WSO Blogging & Content Intern, 2014)

"Writing for WSO is a great experience and helps you to form your own opinions about what is affecting the markets on a domestic and global stage. In addition, having WSO on my resume has gotten a lot of positive feedback from individuals within financial firms for which I've interviewed for. With this internship, not only has my interest in finance increased but also my knowledge of markets that I can translate into my classroom, job field and personal life. I have definitely seen myself grow as a writer and I thank Andy and Patrick for that very much."

--Michael (WSO Blogging intern, 2016)

"Having WSO on my resume has been awesome. People always respond super positively to the fact that I write on the site and it's a great conversation topic."

-- Leon (WSO Blogger Summer/Fall 2012)

"Writing for WSO has been an invaluable experience with getting started in the industry. This role gets asked about at every interview, and helps show genuine interest in finance. You will learn how to attract and engage viewers, which is key to be taken seriously as any professional. In addition, speaking about WSO with my peers out of my network has always been helpful to establish a common ground. I've made it into the industry now and I couldn't have done it without the (in)tangible benefits that came with it. Many thanks to Andy and Patrick for guiding me along the way."

--Mark (WSO Blogger, Summer 2012)

"This internship was a great way to stay involved with current affairs, both political and financial. Writing 3-5 posts a week was not time consuming, but actually a way to learn at least one new thing almost everyday. As you write more and more posts, it becomes easier to analyze an article or come up with an idea for a post which would foster valuable discussion in the WSO community. I highly recommend this blogging internship to anyone who wants to get involved in business and learn more about finance in a low-pressure environment."

--Tgi-finance (2017 blogging intern)

"My internship with Wall Street Oasis was an extremely rewarding experience. Having a direct source in which your reExecu|Search and writing is being seen by a wide variety of financial experts allows you to refine your understanding of financial topics. Overall, the my time spent as a contributing author proved to be an equally as valuable as any class I have taken. As with anything you will receive what you put into it, so the more time you put into your research and writing the more constructive feedback you will receive allowing you to grow as a professional."

--Justin T. (Writing Intern, Spring 2013)

"WSO is a living, breathing feed of information coming from the Wall Street workforce. We pinpoint the specific dominoes and what makes them fall, while traditional financial news sources solely report the dominoes falling. The added personality of WSO is what keeps people coming back. Working for WSO was being a part of that feed, even if it was temporary."

--RSLA - Writing Intern, Spring/Summer 2013

" This site has given me so much, and now that I have extra time being home for the Holidays, I wanted to share and express my utmost gratitude to WSO. Just having "Wall Street Oasis" on my resume as a 'rising' sophomore made my cold-emails a tad warmer. I reached out for roughly two months (June/July) to land anything. I didn't care where/what I would be doing. In the meantime I started rigorously studying and reading the guides: behavioral, technical and networking. By the end of July I narrowed down on three places: a PWM firm, small accounting shop, and a very reputable PE group. Were all three a long shot? Absolutely. "Why would they hire me..."

-- (WSO Intern Summer 2013)

"I joined the WSO internship as I really needed to add value to my resume in any way possible, plus I figured it would be a solid EC since I had planned applying to a FT MSF. Just before submitting my application, I interviewed and landed my current role as a credit risk associate at a major US bank. My WSO internship was pivotal, as it served as a major discussion point throughout my interviews, demonstrating my interest in finance despite a liberal arts background."

-- (WSO Intern Fall 2013)

From this thead: WSO Intern and an overdue (and long) thank you!
"My internship with WSO was a great experience and helped me in many ways. Having such a recognised brand name within the finance community on my resume set me apart from other candidates and gave me an interesting hook in my applications. Also, I could kill two birds with one stone as I got the chance to explore many insightful and interesting discussions while carrying out my internship tasks. Furthermore, it was great working with Andy & Patrick as they were always patient and helpful. In addition, the WSO guides are useful resources for interview preparation, and they have definitely helped me in clinching a summer internship! I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone who is serious about breaking into finance."

-- Jacqueline (WSO Intern Spring 2014)

Blogger Testimonials:

"In the middle of my final year of college, I wrote to Patrick with a book review of Barbarians at the Gate; the Chief Monkey was so impressed that he invited me to continue, and 25 Monkey's Reviews later I'm still here. I've even gotten to interview a couple of authors, become involved as the NYC Happy Hour chair, and gotten to know many of the other writers and Certified Users on a personal basis. It has grown into a very enriching part of my life and is one of the better decisions I've ever made (and I've made some great ones!)."

--ITF - Contributing Blogger

"Having WSO on my resume has been awesome. When people in the industry see that I'm a Contributing Author to the site, they always respond positively. The site has great name brand recognition, particularly amongst junior to mid-level industry professionals, so it definitely helps you stand out amongst your peers. WSO is also a great medium to temper your professional writing skills. Quality writing is one of the unsung skills in business, and creating content for WSO sharpens your abilities. It's something that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to work on a critical skill, improve their personal brand, or just have fun."

-- Justin (WSO Blogger 2012-2013)

"Writing for WSO has been a lot of fun and, most importantly, it has provided me with a valuable opportunity to improve my writing and analytical skills. The community, filled with smart and accomplished people, keeps the contributing authors on their toes, ensuring their work is of the highest quality lest their errors be brought to light. Making sure I create something worth reading for such a deserving community, week in and week out, has done more for my writing ability than any college course or writing workshop ever could. Additionally, the moderators allow you the creative license to delve deeply into the myriad topics associated with Wall St. and banking to better improve your analytical ability. Remember, high quality writing is a skill that is valued enormously by employers; becoming a WSO contributing author will give you the relevant practice required to succeed in a professional setting."

--Mike, 2013 Contributing Blogger

"As a WSO Contributing Author, I wrote articles twice a week for a whole summer. The experience not only made me a better writer grammatically, but also helped me understand how to better appeal to a certain type of audience and how to generate conversations. The most flattering experience I had was during a Goldman Sachs investment banking interview where I was asked to talk about my WSO experience and describe some of my articles in depth."

--Yuriy, 2012 Contributing Blogger

"Doing an internship with WallStreetOasis has been a superb experience. Andy and Patrick are great individuals who will take time out of their schedule to actually guide and nurture you. The whole internship has been a splendid experience. I definitely recommend it to any undergrads who are looking to get their first foray into the finance industry, it is an excellent opportunity to build up your knowledge of the financial world and the general business industry."

--Gabriel, 2016 blogging intern

"Writing for WSO has been an excellent experience, both personally and professionally. Being responsible for a weekly article has made me more attentive to market news, and has made me think more critically about where I want my own career to go. WSO was a great resource for me when I was searching for jobs in college, and being able to give back to the community has been very rewarding. In addition, my writing and presentation skills have improved greatly since writing for WSO, and it has also given me access to a wide network of other contributors and posters."

--John, 2013 Contributing Blogger

"I discovered WSO when one of their articles was picked up by another site. When I looked over the content I was impressed by the originality and candor from a variety of people. It is not often that you get seasoned professionals, new additions and those looking for a gateway to their future profession in one place sharing information in such a candid fashion. I found a number of articles very insightful and well written, especially those parts of the business where I am not well versed; and a few even provided some much needed laugh out loud moments. My decision to write was due to the quality of content on the site, value of information dissemination and an opportunity to enhance my communication and writing skills while delivering thought provoking"

--Lone Wolf, 2013 Contributing Blogger

"Writing for WSO has played a big role in discovering how much I enjoy writing for fun. I used to dread writing essays in school, but this is completely different. But not only do I get to do what I've recently started to enjoy, but I also constantly gain valuable experiences from the feedback I receive from all the various personalities and opinions on the forums."

--Jack, 2013 Contributing Blogger

"As a Contributing Author on WSO, I have been able to further hone my business writing skills within a forum of well-respected finance professionals who ask insightful questions and provide guidance on how to become a successful banker, trader, advisor, or consultant. Much of business is learning how to craft a story or sales pitch to fit your audience and there is no better place to learn what makes other financiers tick than on WSO. Even after writing just a few articles, I could already sense that my ability to predict what other industry professionals would find compelling was increasing; fielding questions and engaging in friendly but discerning debates on multi-faceted topics of finance only served to sharpen my writing and ability to speak about my field. Learning to communicate with other like-minded finance professionals is by far the greatest skill you can learn when you are a junior or mid-level 'monkey,' and WSO is the perfect launching pad for exploring your own communication style. "

--Michael, 2013 Contributing Blogger

"The internship provides valuable interaction with members of the Wall Street community who are very open to helping you improve. It can also lead to management style internships which could be a strong resume booster for those with little background in leadership. Instead of dumping money into the resources you need to become a good candidate, completion of the WSO internship gives you access to this material for free."

--Bryan, 2017 blogging intern

"Blogging for WSO is perhaps one of the best decisions I have made due to a variety of reasons. To begin with, it helped me hone my writing skills by picking a wide assortment of topics. Furthermore, Andy and Patrick were extremely supportive in my endeavors and gave me the requisite framework to succeed. Aside from strengthening my writing and communication skills, the internship helped me gain a small following on WSO that allowed me to expand my network while giving back to the community that had played such an integral part in my recruiting struggles. Lastly, the WSO Blogging Internship added a credible experience on my resume and proved to be invaluable in interviews and networking wherein it could act as an effortless conversation starter. I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking to have an interesting and challenging experience."

--Nick, 2014 WSO Blogger

"As an intern working for WallStreetOasis, I instantly noticed the benefits. During my time as an intern, I was looking to break into an investment banking position on Wall Street, but also trying to maintain my course load at school. The internship was very student friendly and still gave me an opportunity to implement my analytical writing skills and better follow the market. Overall, I would recommend this internship to anyone looking to break into investment banking."

-Jonathan, 2014 Blogging Intern

"Interning at Wall Street Oasis was one of the most useful and fulfilling opportunities I've had as an undergrad. It gave me great exposure to the industry and working directly with Andy and Patrick was a very rewarding experience. It has come up in every interview I've had and is a great talking point with recruiters. Can't say enough good things about the people at WSO and the benefits I've received from my internship."

-William, 2014 Social Media / Reddit Intern

"Working with WSO has been one of the best experiences of my young professional life. The people I had the opportunity to work with were some of the brightest and most committed I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I've gained such a great perspective of the finance industry that I never would have in the classroom. I know my work with WSO will greatly help me pursue my ultimate professional goals."

-Mark, 2014 SEO and Linkedin Outreach intern

Q: Can I write on whatever I like or do I have write on certain topics?
A: We like to give writers a lot of freedom so that they can write on whatever they like. We prefer topics to be finance/wall street/business/econ related and relevant to our audience, but if you want to the occasional off-topic post on say fantasy football that is fine too (as long as it's relevant to our audience). Topics heavy on politics/religion should be avoided

Q: What if I need a week off for midterms / finals / etc
A: We are very flexible in regards to giving time off

Q: Can I remain anonymous?
A: Of course - most of our writers choose to write anonymous so they can be more candid, and I've never heard of any problems arising. If you use common sense in the information you give (and change around dates/names etc when necessary) then you'll be fine

Q: What if I want to write publicly?
A: Some writers have done this as well and then are able to show their posts during interviews etc. One previous writer even used his experience writing for us to transition into a full time writer for a major financial publication.

Q: Can I speak to some of the former blogging interns about their experience?
A: Of course, there are several former interns that would be happy to talk about their experience writing for us.

Q: Will my posts show on the homepage?
A: This will depend on the popularity of your post and the quality of your writing, but each post will be given consideration for homepage promotion.

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Feb 27, 2014

I'd love to help out, I sent in an application and I think it would be a great experience because it gives me an excuse to force my self to stay up to date in financial topics

Mar 14, 2014

How do I apply? Is it through the same "WSO Contributing Author Application" Form?

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Mar 16, 2014

I've experienced a similar problem when clicking the application link. There appears to be an error with the link. I emailed Andy and I am awaiting his response. If I hear anything from him, I'll definitely let you know, 92WallStreet.

Mar 16, 2014

Thank you very much !

Aug 26, 2014

I was wondering this as well, I filled out the application but the information I'm getting through email seems to be about the Contributing Blogger program. I asked the same question, so I'm sure we'll find out soon.

Aug 27, 2014

same info/training as the contributing blogger program, then any specifics/questions we can go over on the phone + i have a supplementary doc to send you once you email me

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  • Anonymous Monkey
  •  Apr 18, 2016

pay would be nice

Oct 4, 2016

I would like to submit my application - Any chance?

Oct 4, 2016

yeah go for it, thanks

WSO's COO (Chief Operating Orangutan) | My Linkedin

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Nov 19, 2016

How is my grammar? Drop me a note with any errors you see!