WSO Weekly Wrap-Up 02/02-02/08

In case you missed them, here's some of last week's most popular topics:

The Truth About Networking

From observing the general population in America, I've come to the conclusion that most people are awful at networking. The vast majority of people in this country, especially those who are students or newly entering the workforce, simply don't understand how important one's network of contacts is for their careers. And furthermore, if they do realize its importance, they do nothing about it.

Why Are We Obsessed With Worklife Balance?

I've been doing a fair bit of thinking about the idea of a "work/life balance", and it's a topic that I encounter more often on this board than just about anywhere else, so I thought it an appropriate forum for discussion.

The absolute worst stuff you have gone through as a junior intern/analyst at a BB

As an intern at a trading desk at a BB, I had numerous fuckups. too many to elaborate on. However, I still held out hope of getting, If not a full time offer by some stroke of luck, then at least some interviews with other desks as the previous douche bag intern had done. complete f**ko that guy.

What are the best Excel practices?

What are the best practices when modelling in Excel?
I have purposefully left the question open but feel free to leave advice for specific types of modelling

Bad Bonus Season at BB Move to Elite/MM?

Sr associate in strong group at CS/Barc/BAML/Citi (with focus on M&A) and hearing bonus season won't be so hot so debating leaving for elite boutique like EVR/GHL or MM shop like Lincoln/Harris.

Make 30k or More as a SA

I made just under 35K this summer working as a SA. Here's the reason why, and why most SA's get paid less than they should.

What kind of banker should you be

I searched the site to see if this has already been posted, didn't see anything. Net effect, follow the link, answer the questions and GS will tell you where your personality says you belong: Explore Goldman Sachs - Careers Quiz

Interview with the Head of Equity Derivatives Sales

The following is an interview I did with the Head of Equity Derivatives Sales at a bank in the UK:

DOJ rolls over and wets on itself

This HSBC thing has my gut in knots. I'm serious. It has literally made me consider retiring from WSO, not because any of you had anything to do with it, but because I'm so nauseated by the level of corruption in finance today and the utter impotence on the part of anyone in authority to apply anything resembling the rule of law against those clearly guilty of heinous financial crimes.

Top 10 rankings useful designations

Morning monkeys,
Like many of you on WSO, I'm studying for yet another CFA exam (level 2, yay?) and as I'm shaking off the cobwebs in my brain I find myself wondering: is this the best designation?

Interview with duffmt6 2nd year IBD Analyst

Below is the first installment of an interview with WSO Certified User and 2nd year banking analyst 'duffmt6'. Interview conducted by Asatar.

How should business students dress in college?

The title really asks it all - i'm just curious whether business students should dress normal ( jeans t shirts) or should business students be in business casual clothing?
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