WSO Weekly Wrap-Up 08/17 - 08/23

In case you missed them, here's some of last week's most popular topics:

Workaholics vs Successaholics

After working in the investment management industry for a couple of years, I have seen a dichotomy when it comes to employee types: the workaholics vs. the successaholics.

Why Real Estate Question

What are the BEST and WORST answers that you've come across?

Networking Dilemma

I've been networking my ass off recently and fortunately have been getting a good response rate. The unfortunate part is that many times the other person gives me a time at which it's not possible for me to have a call with him/her.

Too many goals in life

Hello, forum of Type-A's. I'm falling into that horrible rut of having too many goals in life (as I'm sure many of you have experienced one time or another).

To all summer analysts

How was your SA role this summer? Reviews, Critiques, Warnings for future SA's, etc.

Want to boost your career?

Keeping with the theme of my article from two weeks ago (regarding cold emails and helping/mentoring the younger crowd) I wanted to take some time to discuss the difference between a boss and a leader and how having one or the other can drastically change your future and career over the other.

6 Characteristics of the douchiest employee

A career in the financial sector will put you in contact with numerous types people and personalities. Some will amaze, others inspire but then there is the other end of the scale.

Banking Lifestyle

In light of the recent death of an investment banking intern in London (who was apparently epileptic) and with all the misinformation and romanticized banking horror stories being peppered all over the place, I thought I'd (try to) settle this for once and for all and clear up all the bullshit.

Advice from a seasoned equity analyst

So, I used this website years ago when I was getting into equity research. 7 years on and now considering the buyside, I thought it would helpful to share my experience and advice as this website at the time was very useful in the early years of my career.

Go get somebody pregnant

I was listening to a previous episode of the Content Warfare Podcast when Ryan Hanley mentioned that he's about to have a kid and how that milestone was changing his approach to business.

A banking primer

Value investors come in two types, the ones who will look at financials, and the ones who won't. If banking is your forte I would encourage you to read the paragraph on my approach then come back for my next post.

Monday Therapy

My boss is worse than a jealous girlfriend.

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