WSO NYC Happy Hour, Mar 22, 630pm

WSO Happy Hour time!

Join us at our old standby pub, the Galway Hooker, located on 36th Street between 5th and Madison, to meet your fellow simians and down some food and drink. 21+ only, please; mention at the door, and you'll be directed to the pub room (ground floor, all the way in the back).

We have a two-hour drink special as soon as 20 of us arrive: $5 beers, wines, and well mixed dranks.

Whether it's your first time at one of these events or you just need a refresher on the rules of etiquette, these are the "best practices" for WSO Happy Hours to ensure maximum enjoyment,

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Galway Hooker
7 E 36th St
New York, NY
United States

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WSO Happy Hour

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