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Hati-hati dalam Memilih Alat Pembesar Payudara!Saat ini banyak bertebaran di luaran sana produk alat pembesar payudara yang diklaim aman dan terpercaya. Akan tetapi pada kenyataannya ternyata masih ada produk yang memberikan dampak buruk yang terjadi setelah digunakan. Semua wanita yang menggunakan alat pembesar, tentu berkeinginan agar mereka i...
01 week 3 days ago
Business Cards: needed in the industry?I'm thinking about getting custom business cards. Are custom business cards a must in the industry? As serious as American Psycho? ...
102 months 1 week ago
Breaking into Wall Street vs. Wall Street PrepHey all, Wanted to ask everyone what their experience with BIWS/WSP was. BIWS: $499 WSP: $424 (With a discount code oasis15) Ignoring the price, which website/training course has better quality? I've read that BIWS is sometimes too basic and WSP is better in terms of content. Also, I'm most likely g...
44 months 1 week ago
Financial Modelling for ControllingHi, I am a student from germany and am currently in the last year of my undergraduate programme in business administration. I have a lot of interest in financial statements and due to the fact, that the related courses at my university were quite theoretical, I was searching for materials that teach...
04 months 2 weeks ago
Delete Post Please...Please delete this post. Could not find a delete post icon........................................... ...
08 months 2 weeks ago
Wall Street Prep vs Breaking into Wallstreet?Wall Street Prep = WSP Breaking into Wallstreet = BiW Hello all, I've seen all the material in BiW through a friend, and while explained well, seems too basic to me. For WSP, I saw their demo videos and everything there looks very professional (formatting / instructors / presentation of material etc...
959 months 2 weeks ago
01 year 1 month ago
Basic Excel I'm a current senior in high school interested in majoring in finance. I'm trying to get ahead of the game and prepare myself prior to taking classes. I received the 6 free modeling courses as a result of signing up for this site and found the first course (Excel shortcuts) very useful. However, I d...
71 year 1 month ago
Didn't get IB Interview Prep PackI can't find my ib interview Prep Pack. The email said it would be located under "downloads" when I click on "my profile" but there is nothing there. I don't see anything mildly related to downloads. This is a little ridiculous as I was planning on prepping this weekend and now I have to wait 48 hou...
11 year 1 month ago
WSO PE Prep Pack ModelHey all, I have the PE Prep Pack, and am doing the first full 3 hour model. In doing the balance sheet adjustments, I see that the goodwill calculation is essentially just a plug difference between the pro forma adjustments. I am wondering why that is, and why the goodwill calculation isn't the eq...
01 year 2 months ago
Wall Street Prep Course ThoughtsHas anyone taken this course? What is the difference between the $199 and $499 package? As someone coming from a Big 4 TS background with little "on the job" modeling experience is this something that will be looked upon favorably by recruiters/possible employers when I put it on my resume? I want ...
41 year 2 months ago
What computer for Excel and Argus? I use a mac for every day work. I would like to get a pc mainly for excel and argus. I would like something that's fast (mac air always lags during excel), light, and has a lot of battery life. I have no idea where to start. Can anyone make some suggestions? Thanks. ...
61 year 3 months ago
WSO Guides, technical and behavioral, differences over the years?I have the WSO behavioral and technical guides from 2013, and I was wondering whether or not I should purchase the newest editions of these guides? Are the guides severely different today from the prior years' guides? ...
01 year 4 months ago
how long does it take to complete IB Interview guide?I am short on time and worried that I won't be able to complete the ib interview guide within time. If anyone tell me how long does it take to comple the guide, it will be easier to make decision about buying the guide. Thank you very much Your Monkey Chenna ...
21 year 5 months ago
Investment Banking Prep Pack - Your opinion ?Hey guys, I would like to buy the Investment Banking Prep Pack (99$ pack). But before, I would like to have your opinion, It is worth ? Is it helpful ? Thanks ...
11 year 5 months ago
Why am not granted access?Why don't I have my 1 month access? I have added insights but I still cannot access the individual company stats. ...
01 year 5 months ago
Ideation request fully realizing how busy this group is!Dear folks, Boston Analytics is close to releasing its 1st major product in the US market - SECaN (SEC Analyzer) is a financial research workflow application with data extraction, mashup, analytics, visualization and publishing capabilities. We believe this will enhance the workflow of Equity Resear...
01 year 7 months ago
Study Courses (Basic Accounting)Basically, I got ****ed in my last two phone IB analyst phone interviews on the technical questions part. They were basic Financial Statement questions, but they went into details/specifics. I've learnt the basics in College, and i've gone over CFA level I guides, except they didn't give me the answ...
51 year 10 months ago
PE - Prep Pack - Balance sheet checkHello Everyone This is my first post on WSO so here come two lines about myself. I am a business engineering student. I did my bachelor and master in Europe and I'm now studying at a top tier European university (think LBS/LSE/HEC). I've done internships in audit, PE and IB most recently. As I wante...
31 year 10 months ago
Norvell & Associates En Wat Ze Kunnen Doen Voor Uw BedrijfBoekhouding, voor vele eeuwen, heeft een waarborg voor de financiele stabiliteit, niet alleen voor individuen maar meer zo voor bedrijven verstrekt. De economische vooruitgang van de wereld dankt zijn bestaan aan solide financieel-administratieve praktijken die CPA van over de hele wereld hebben ijv...
01 year 11 months ago
Any of you interested in sharing a WST oil and gas module course?Hit me up if you guys want to do a share of a modeling course. $500 is WAY too steep. Fucking two years ago on Christmas they were on sale for $97. How did they change it to $500 o.o? ...
22 years 2 days ago
Facebook / Social Media Log in Disabled!?I had a good account on here linked to my fb with tons of content. WSO disabled the fb login feature, thus now my account is lost. Any help? ...
12 years 3 days ago
DeletexxxSorry folks, people have started sending me creepy messages identifying me. I think it's just a friend f*cking with me, but going to delete this out of an over-abundance of caution. ...
1162 years 1 month ago
Bulge Bracket Investment Banking Financial ModelHey fellow primates I've noticed that there seems to be a lack of 'real' investment banking models on the web. You get alot of tutorials, which seem great, though i've never tried them, and a few free models here and there but nothing that's really used on a professional basis. There are numerous th...
12 years 1 month ago
What is the best financial modeling training program?Can anyone recommend the most ideal financial modeling training course - (assuming it will be self-taught)? Without price being an issue - I am looking for a single program or a combination which will be the most practical and appreciated by the Bulge Brackets and Larger PE Shops who have analyst pr...
202 years 2 months ago
Is Wall Street Prep the best financial modeling package available?I'm thinking of buying the premium package for Winter Break. For those who used it, would you recommend Wall Street Prep or another package? ...
I Be Fresh With the Feds Watching
02 years 4 months ago
WSO PE PREP PACK - QuestionAll, am going through the new PE prep pack that WSO has released a few weeks ago right now. First off, it is a great piece and really helps to a) understand the process and b) know what to expect and to prepare for. Also, the technical section is top notch. I have a question on the 3h lbo model (f...
another monkey
32 years 4 months ago
Verifying the use of TTS, WSP & BIWSIs there a way to verify that TTS, WSP and BIWS are used to train employees and students at firms and universities? I mean a way to verify apart from asking the institutes and universities. I am in another country (as in not the US) so before I go on and say to co-workers, students, professors and e...
72 years 5 months ago
22 years 7 months ago
$1000 / Month Room Available July 1st (Upper West Side)Hi, I'm moving out of my apartment for B-School and am now listing it as available for July 1st. -The rent is $1000 a month, and includes all utilities (electricity + heat + hot water), internet, and cleaning service for the common rooms twice a month. -There is a washer / dryer *in-unit* -It is on ...
22 years 8 months ago
Internship in Securitization?I am about to start summer internship and got allocated to Securitization desk within CMO (which I haven't expected since am not particularly found of and was aiming for Lev Fin). Are there any exit opportunities or it's a dead end?Also, is it possible to switch to LevFin after an internship? ...
22 years 9 months ago
New Laptop - Financial ModelingI am currently a college undergraduate and use a MacBook Pro for pleasure and the occasional word document. However, I am a finance undergrad and the Mac excel is impossible for model on. Which laptop do you recommend for financial modeling? Thanks in advance. ...
2302 years 10 months ago
Wall Street Prep - Premium Self Study Missing MaterialsSo not too long ago I purchased the WSP Premium Self Study package, and while the content has been helpful, there seems to be some missing materials unless I'm missing something. Often in the online videos that accompany the slides, the instructor refers to numerous excel files that are not included...
32 years 10 months ago
DealMaven versus Wall Street Prep (comparing financial training solutions)Hi everyone, So I know a bunch of people on this board have questioned whether DealMaven, Wall Street Prep or Training the Street (TTS) is better. Having seen the TTS material through a close friend of mine, I think that the program is best suited for liberal arts candidates who have no finance back...
362 years 11 months ago
Charged for Company DB without Email?I was charged for a Company DB renewal without ever receiving the promised email in 3 weeks regarding canceling my subscription. How do I cancel my subscription and receive a refund? According to my profile I have no subscriptions. This is pretty unacceptable. ...
03 years 1 week ago
Looking for a Good Financial Valuation/Modeling Online CourseSo, as the title says, I am looking for some sort of financial valuation/modeling online course. I basically want to take this outside of my regular courses this semester. I would like to know what other people have done and what they think, even if it might not be a WSO product. I was considering ...
313 years 2 months ago
WSO Company Database Access?I was wondering how long it usually takes to get access to the WSO Company Database? I replied to the email to Ivy with my username, and still haven't gotten any access over 24 hrs ago. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for all your help. ...
03 years 2 months ago
WSO iPhone/Android AppIs there such thing as a WSO iPhone app? Is one being planned at the moment? ...
123 years 3 months ago
Have a Rolex for sale - best place to sell it?Hey So I have a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Just that I am looking to sell. It is a woman's and I think it dates pre 1985. Any suggestions on the best place to sell this? Or any ideas on what it is worth? Thanks! ...
133 years 5 months ago
...deleted .... ...
53 years 6 months ago
For Sale: STC Series 7 MaterialI have the latest STC Series 7 study guide for sale - $150 OBO shipped. Access to the online tests lasts for another few months. ...
13 years 6 months ago
Paid Resume ServiceI'm interested in purchasing WSO's resume review service and just wanted to ask you monkeys about your experience with it. How does the actual process work? I noticed the resumes seem to be custom tailored to one particular field, but I'm potentially seeking employment in IBs, Consulting Firms and H...
03 years 8 months ago
Thoughts: WSO 2013 LayoutThroughout the day, all the WSO icons changed, and the previous week, I've noticed the comment bar change, user interaction UI's got refreshed, and etc. WSO has been around for I believe over 6 years, (correct me if I'm wrong), and I think the site is starting to modernize! I remember a few months a...
43 years 8 months ago
I am planning on buying some WSO guides...input on what I should get?I plan on getting the Technical with flash cards Behavioral and networking one anything else I should get while I am buying? ...
83 years 10 months ago
MoneyNews = RSS feed for red-necks and tea party activistsIs it just me or is the MoneyNews feed extremely disturbing with it's constant anti-Obama slamming non-stop crisis reporting? Below is a summary of the current feed: *Investment Adviser: Bond Meltdown Will Fell Governments *Steve Forbes: Fed's QE Is like the Titanic *Retirement Expert: Healthcare Re...
23 years 10 months ago
WSO Resume Review Service - Anyone with recent experience?Would really appreciate if anyone could talk about their recent experience with this service. ...
13 years 10 months ago
wall street prep modeling course??hey guys, what's your opinion on the wall street prep premium corporate valuation and financial modeling course? Is it worth the $500? Are there better programs or is this the cream of the crop? I'm going to a be junior at a non target and I'm really just trying to gain as much knowledge as I can ...
43 years 10 months ago
Seeking Apartment for early June 2013 Move InIf anyone is looking to transfer a lease or know of an apt opening in NYC please PM me or message me your email. Preferably in chelsea, murray, upper westside, midtown west, flatiron Budget: 1500/Month Looking to move in early June. hopefully at least 400sq ft ...
jack donaghy
03 years 11 months ago
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jason bourne
13 years 11 months ago
Need roommate ASAP NYCGorgeous completely renovated unit and building "never been lived in" 1850/month in Murray Hill Looking to move in May 1st No broker fee Please message me your e-mail, so I can send you pictures Looking for someone who is willing to sign the lease with me, or perhaps sublease for first/last/security...
13 years 11 months ago
SAs! Summer NYC Apartment Subleasing / Subletting Opportunity; Late May - End of AugustWanted to post about a summer subletting opportunity. It's very early but since most SAs know that they will be in New York for the summer I'm offering to lock it up early at a discount to what I would list it for in a few months. It's worth me locking it up to not have the hassle to deal with in ...
123 years 11 months ago
Wallstreet Prep CoursesI bought two licenses of wall street prep courses and their videos do not work outside of US. Inspite of having logged in from multiple computers, opening all the ports, switching off firewalls etc, the steams keep buffering (download speed in my location is 1 MBp/S). The course is really great but ...
04 years 5 days ago
GMAT Books For Sale - NYC ONLYI'm selling all of my GMAT Books. These books helped me score a 760! Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides: Volumes 1-9, 4th Edition (Volume 9 is 5th edition) Manhattan GMAT Foundations of GMAT Math 5th Edition Manhattan GMAT Foundations of GMAT Verbal Manhattan GMAT Advanced GMAT Quant Powerscore LSAT Rea...
134 years 2 weeks ago
"Apply to these High Paying Jobs NOW!"Gotta love these spammy emails from WSO...the headline is, "Apply to these High Paying Jobs NOW!", and they're full of un-paid internships! (These are illegal, as per the Labor Department, since they don't pay minimum wage.There are only a few exceptions for kids/farm workers, but I digress.) Please...
44 years 3 weeks ago
Do products WSO sells work?Hi, did anyone ever buy any study guide or interview prep book on WSO? was is worth it? Thank you. ...
34 years 3 weeks ago
54 years 1 month ago
Prop Trading at a UtilityCan working on the prop desk at a Utility/Generation firm leave you with great exit ops? Can one easily move to other hedge funds or the prop desks at IB's? ...
44 years 2 months ago
Cannot acces guide need anotherHey guys, I bought my 2nd guide (tech for banking) about a week ago. I'm having computer problems and can't log on the laptop its on. Is there a way I can get another guide sent to me? ...
24 years 2 months ago
Someone from WSO contact me ASAPI've been incorrectly billed for $39.99 for no reason 2 days ago. Please address this issue immediately .I already tried to contact someone who here and I haven't heard anything back. ...
24 years 2 months ago
Classic Strategy BooksAlright, I've been putting off two reads solely because I'm not sure versions to purchase. I'm talking at The Art of War and The Book of Five Rings. It seems like the translation really makes a difference. Any suggestions? (I'm finishing up Investing and the Irrational Mind now - great book there) ...
34 years 3 months ago
94 years 3 months ago
WSO MentorsPaid for the WSO Mentor match through PayPal, never got to speak to anybody, and Chris ignored my last several emails. Started a dispute over PayPal, but turns out PayPal doesn't resolve the disputes about service purchases. I just want to get my money back at this point. ...
44 years 4 months ago
Brazilian Government BondsHey I'm wondering if anyone knows of a reputable, online brokerage through which one may purchase Brazilian government bonds? Thanks! ...
14 years 5 months ago
Series 7 & 63 STC Written Study MaterialsSTC study materials. Series 7 and Series 63 book. Lightly used minimal highlighting. Looking to sell and willing to ship. I just want to get rid of them so make an offer. ...
14 years 6 months ago
2013 CFA Level III Study Group via SkypeAnyone anywhere around the world is free to join a Skype study group! Let me know where you are and when is your preferred local time of study group. Good way to NETWORK with fellow candidates from all over the world! ...
34 years 6 months ago
Knopman Series 7 book for saleKnopman Series 7 book for sale. In brand new condition except for a few creases on front cover from storage. Make me an offer. ...
04 years 7 months ago
Bed and Desk/Chair for Sale in NYCHey all, So I moved to the city in September 2010 for a job, but recently moved out of New York. Didn't want to deal with moving some of the heavier items, so have a few things for sale. Great if you're just starting out an analyst stint in NY (a city where every penny counts!) 1) Queen size plush S...
34 years 7 months ago
Looking for SF RoomateLooking for a roommate in San Fran...I am willing to spend about $1500 a month and willing to start a lease in August or September. I start work in 2 weeks (Financial District) ...
24 years 7 months ago
WSO App - Where is the app Where is the Wallstreetoasis app? ...
104 years 7 months ago
Sublet Aug16 to Sept 14 *FiDi* $1100/mo.Looking to sublet my room in FiDi anywhere from Aug 16 to Sept 14; the longer, the better. The rate will be prorated to the 4 weeks instead of full month. Rent will be $1100 prorated before utilities/other fees (broker, wall). -Room is a private loft room with shared BA and private entrance/exit -Cu...
34 years 8 months ago
STC Series 7 Materials, sale or tradecash sale, chicago. also willing to trade for series 66 materials. ...
14 years 8 months ago
WSO User Guidelines5Please read in the WSO User Guidelines in detail before posting to WSO. ...
04 years 8 months ago
GMAT/GRE - Mass Sale - 28 booksHey Selling all of these books one by one or in bulk for $150. All of them are in good condition. There is no writing or highlights any of the books so all of the exercises are intact. Full disclosure: GMAT format has changed and they added a new section. None of these books cover it, however, the r...
04 years 8 months ago
Huge room for an August sublet - UES - $1,000I will be out of my apartment for the entire month of August and am looking for someone to sublet my apartment. You will be sharing the apartment (separate rooms) with a female roommate in her mid-twenties who is rarely in the apartment. She spends most of her time with her boyfriend or traveling fo...
24 years 8 months ago
WSO Conference or Wall Street Prep Modeling SeminarIm in college and can only swing one trip, which one should I choose. ...
44 years 8 months ago
Looking for 4th Roommate, JULY move-in - $1100 - FiDiLooking for another roommate for an early july move-in (12 mo lease). Currently 3 males (finance & consulting) in a loft apartment Location: East FiDi, near 4/5/6 lines, 25 min tops to Grand Central High rise building with 24hr doorman, amazing roofdeck, free gym, laundry facility. New building,...
24 years 9 months ago
JULY & AUGUST Apt Sublet - FiDi - $1100Looking for someone to sublet a great apartment in FiDi in JULY and AUGUST. Currently 3 males (finance & consulting) in a loft apartment (one doesn't start until September and is looking to sublet) Location: East FiDi, near 4/5/6 lines, 25 min tops to Grand Central High rise building with 24hr d...
04 years 9 months ago
Subscription problemHi! I just made my account and i wanted to apply the jobs posted at WSO,but i coudnt apply because they want you to subscribe for a month 3months or for a year.I chosed 1 month subscription plan,i payed $24.99 and then after that i uploaded my resume and when i tried applying to the job,guess what i...
44 years 9 months ago
Brand New 5th Edition MGMAT Guides and Official GuidesI have the complete set of Official Guides (13 ed., 2nd ed. quantitative and verbal) and the 10 5th edition Manhattan GMAT strategy guides for sale. Everything is brand new and I am looking to sell ASAP. Asking $200 OBO ...
04 years 9 months ago
MGMAT Prep Login - 6 practice testsHey - I've got the 6 practice set for sale. Goes for $75 now, will sell for $45. I bought on Feb 3 2011, so 8 months left (expires in a year). PM if serious. ...
14 years 10 months ago
14 years 10 months ago
GMAT Prep Material - Manhattan GMAT (8 book set) + Official Guide (all 3)All in great condition, no/little markings (might be a few random pages with random question answers circled that I forgot to erase). The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review, 2nd Edition The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 12th Edition The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review, 2nd Edition M...
64 years 10 months ago
Anyone actually get a job/interview from the WSO Job Board?Anyone actually get a job/interview from the WSO Job Board? And where do these jobs come from? Are they exclusive to WSO or are they just aggregated from elsewhere? ...
14 years 10 months ago
Series 7, 63, 55 study materials for saleHaving series7, 63, and 55 study materials for sale: Series 7: Knoppman study guide. Highlighted and lightly used. Price: $130 Series 63: Knoppman study guide. BRAND NEW (used the pdf version on my kindle to study). Price: $95 Series 55: STC guide. Highlighted and lightly used. Price: $130 In NYC ar...
24 years 11 months ago
Apartment Sublet in SoHoHi all! So I currently live in NYC, but recently accepted an offer out of state. Unfortunately, I still have 7 months left on my lease, so I'm looking to sublet it out. Here's the basics: REAL 2 bed / 1 bath (rent is for one of the bedrooms. Roommate is early/mid 20s at a major bank) PRIME location ...
105 years 1 week ago
Lowest price guarantee 2008 L1, L2 & L3 CFA MaterialsLowest price guarantee 2008 L1, L2 and L3 CFA Complete Preparation Kits *** Lowest price guarantee*** If u saw, received, or found any lowest price offer contact us Once we verified, we beat it 10% lower. CFA Fundamentals Value Pack is available for CFA starter/beginner 2008 L1, L2 and L3 CFA Compla...
15 years 2 weeks ago
Credit Card SpamAdvertising stolen credit cards! Yeaaa! MOD NOTE: WSO does not support illegal activity. Please do not post SPAM, either. -IP ...
45 years 2 weeks ago
Canada Rated Best Country For BusinessCheck it out: The Best Countries For Business Canada ranks No. 1 in our annual look at the Best Countries for Business. While the U.S. is paralyzed by fears of a double-dip recession and Europe struggles with sovereign debt issues, Canada's economy has held up better than most. The $1.6 trillion ec...
1085 years 3 weeks ago
WSO Resume ReviewSo we just finished a redesign of the WSO Resume Review service page that really highlights everything our clients get and our track record over the years. I truly believe in this great service ...and this time around we included five before & after resume review samples so you can get an idea o...
05 years 4 weeks ago
WHICH GUIDESWhich guide should I mainly focus on? Which guide is the most reflective/helpful for SA interviews? WSO guide? Vault guide? Thanks in advance. ...
45 years 4 weeks ago
WSO bans anyone who talks crap about the crappy WSO guides. DO NOT PURCHASE!Hi guys, I have been a long time user of WSO and even purchased the interview guide after reading the numerous positive reviews on this site. To my surprise, I found them to be extremely unhelpful (concepts were too simple yet the wording made it confusing and there were plenty of typos/mistakes in ...
285 years 4 weeks ago
Vault, M&I, WSO GuidesWhen people refer to the "Vault Guide", what are they referring to? Doesn't Vault have many guides? Is there a specific one good for banking interviews? Also, is M&I worth dishing $100 out for? I know many college campuses have Vault available, but not so much M&I and WSO. ...
55 years 4 weeks ago
Dominate Interviews with WSO GuidesFellow Primates, As interview season kicks into full swing, we want our WSO members to be as prepared as possible. With the help of experienced finance professionals, Wall Street Oasis has built a selection of guides to help you succeed throughout the job application process. With 11 now available, ...
255 years 4 weeks ago
New WSO Behavioral/Fit Guide Released! In response to the popularity of the Technical interview guide, it is our pleasure to present the official Behavioral Interview Guide! Our guide is different than all the rest because of the sample responses. Nearly every question contained in the guide has a...
105 years 4 weeks ago
New Technical and Behavioral Guides?Hey Everyone, I saw that the site released new Technical and Behavioral interview guides. I purchased the first versions and really loved them. I'm really considering buying the new versions too. The new tech guide went from 30 to 80 pages??? Has anyone purchased the new ones? Any feedback? Thanks! ...
195 years 4 weeks ago
Future of WSOSo I wanted to start this thread to get feedback / opinions from the community on how WSO is doing??? We've put in a lot of time and $ recently into site performance and layout, but there have not been any HUGE changes I think for a few years now. Every few months I like to ask you guys how we are ...
955 years 4 weeks ago
Looking for intern suitemates NYC summerNow that most juniors including myself have finance summer jobs lined up, it's time to start finding affordable summer housing. Being a lowly summer analyst, I'm trying to save some cash and the hassles of furnishing my own apartment just for the summer by going through a summer intern weekly furni...
15 years 4 weeks ago
Given the difficulties of monetary base control, is it expected for cash in circulation and broader measures of money supply i.eGiven the difficulties of monetary base control, is it expected for cash in circulation and broader measures of money supply i.e M4 to rise and fall by the same percentage as each other. ...
15 years 4 weeks ago
Carry tradesince the fed is further lowering interest rates, don't you think this might be a good opportunity for carry trade? U.S is giving money dirt cheap, aren't their countries that we can lend to for higher rate? ...
15 years 1 month ago