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+177To anyone considering an MBAThere has been a lot of recent discussion on these forums as well as in the media regarding the value of an <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr>. As a longtime member of the community and someone who recently made the decision to pursue an <abbr...186
+24About to graduate from HBS - Ask Me Anything (AMA)About one year ago, I did [this AMA]( about finishing my first year at HBS. Two years ago, I did [this AMA]( about being...87
+12"Banking is still a place where the cool kids want to go"An interesting article on the Financial Times talks about [a new trend of MBA's going into banking in order to work with the tech industry]( [quote] The banking sector is holding its own as an MBA employer. But it is doing...19
+8Deciding on quantitive majors/career path?I'm currently a senior in high school, headed to Baruch (Dean Scholars) next fall. I've changed my mind on what I want to study quite a few times and I was looking for some advice regarding picking something. Initially I wanted to major in Computer Science, though the career paths of...21
+7Reinvent myself & get out of BOHey, I am sure this topic has been beaten to death but I could use some help. Currently I am working in Baltimore at MS's back office and I have <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> dreams. I realize getting into <abbr title="investment...21
+5Which masters to choose?Background: BSc in Economics and mathematics (with computer science, statistics and business courses). I have the following offers: *UPDATED 1. MSc Economics and Finance from (1yr) Warwick Business School (and Warwick Economics) 2. MSc Econ from (2yr) Sciences Po Paris 3. MSc Adv. Econ...35
+4750 GMAT - sufficient for merit based aid?Hey folks - I fully expect to get labelled a pretentious douche for posting this question - apologies in advance and I’ll try not to belabor my words. I will be applying to <abbr title="Top 7 MBA business schools">M7</abbr> this fall. I scored a 750 on GMAT. I know...12
+4Imperial MSc Finance and Accounting vs. ESCP MiM vs. IE MIFHi all, I currently hold offers from the ESCP MiM (two years), Imperial MSc Finance and Accounting (one year) and the Master in Finance at IE (one year). After some research on all three, I am still hesitant as to which to choose. My goal is to end up on a leveraged finance desk in...10
+3What are some ways I can improve my professional profile outside of work?Hi, I am a recent college graduate that is currently working in commercial banking as a credit analyst. My current goal is to improve my profile to be competitive in top <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> programs after 4-5 years of experience. I...9
+3Do Masters Grades Matter for MBAI am currently doing a masters program in international relations at a target school. I am doing decently academically. However, I was wondering how much grades in such like a masters program count in <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> admissions...13
+3USC worth it for IB?Hey everyone currently I am a rising junior at Auburn University and have the potential to transfer to USC (SoCal) majoring in Economics with a minor in Finance. I do not know the environment too well out west so I was curious whether USC is somewhat considered a target school and whether it is...12
+3Biglaw PE to Bschool to PE28 year old current second year associate at a vault 5 biglaw firm where 100% of my work is <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr> for marquee name <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> sponsors. 3.7 UGPA in finance from mediocre state...8
+3Canada: Master in Finance to break into investment banking (Pre-experience)Hi everyone! I am from Morocco and I want to break into investment banking in Canada. I will graduate from a buz school next year (GPA 3.8+, one year exchange in UT & uc3m) and I want to pursue a Master in Finance program in Canada to help me land a job in <abbr title="investment...11
+3LSE (Msc Economic History) Vs Cambridge (MPhil Architecture and Urban Studies)Hi there, I already start a similar topics few months a go but things are a bit different now. At <abbr title="London School of Economics">LSE</abbr>, I would be able to take more than half of economics/finance/mathematics papers while Cambridge would be totally...18
+3"UChicago [undergrad] sorta helps with getting good positions but not nearly as much as you hope." True?"Don’t go to UChicago unless you are willing to work your butt off, the social vs work life balance is not good, parties are mediocre, there are some cuties but overall students are less attractive than at other top schools. **UC sorta helps with getting good positions but not nearly as...5
+3MBA (or MS) vs. CFAI just finished my undergraduate degree in finance (magna cum laude) and will begin working at Vanguard this summer. In a year or two I plan on either pursing an <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr>, an MS in Investment Management, or the CFA; if I do...6
+3Best MS school for Financial Engineering or related area in EuropeCan anyone provide me with the rank for MS in Financial Engg or related area? KU LEUVEN UNIVERSITY OF AMESTARDAM WU VIENNA VRIJ UNIVERSITY University of OSLO KTH Germany EISTI France ETH ZURICH TUM MUNICH23
+3College Selection_Where should I go for my career? Hi everyone! I am a junior transfer student. I am currently admitted to UMich, USC, BC, Vandy, and possibly UVA. I plan to pursue a career in either investment banking or consulting. Which school is the optimal choice for me? Besides, in terms of graduate school application, which one...7
+2Took GMAT Diagnostic - Need advice!Hi everyone, I just took my first GMAT diagnostic/practice test (Exam 1 on the GMATPrep software) and got a 690 (48Q/36V). How accurate is this score when trying to figure out where I stand? I'm signed up for my GMAT towards the end of next month, and given that I primarily focus on this...2
+2Value of a Double Major for IBI will be attending a top undergrad business school this fall (BSBA with Finance concentration). The plan is to double major with public policy ( I think I'd enjoy it). But <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> is my priority, so my dilemma is simple: Do I...3
+2GRE Study Recipe Taking GRE, programs I like require it in many cases. It just makes sense for me. What is the recipe? Before dropping a bunch of cash on kaplan and other test prep materials/programs I am looking to hear what you have to say about the best possible recipe for getting a respectable score....5
+2Cass Msc Investment Management London and Lancaster Msc FinanceReceived offers from both-Msc Investment Management from Cass (Msc Finance was my first choice) and Msc Finance from Lancaster -awaiting response from Warwick, Cranfield, Edinburgh (for Msc Finance ) and from <abbr title="London Business School">LBS</abbr> (MFA) 2...3
+2How marketable is it to be an Econ major?I just finished up my sophomore year majoring in economics at a non-target school. From people that I've met, I keep getting the advice to switch to finance or statistics because economics won't get me where I wanna be (leaning towards market research/banking). Thankfully I've...5
+2Which universities should I apply to?Hi, So this is the list of my universities and I can apply to upto 6 universities. Which ones are the best for me to have a good shot working at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> or a Boutique Investment Bank? Carnegie Mellon University University of...7
+2How competitive am I for MBA programs? How can I improve my chances over the next year?I'm a 25-year-old white male working at a major technology company (i.e. one of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, or Google) in a semi-technical role (I don't code). I worked for a small startup prior to this where I received two promotions. I have received one additional promotion at my...2
+2MS in Financial Engineering or related course in EuropeHi, I am interested in doing MS in Financial Engineering or something related to same course from any European countries. I want a good university for this course and it should of two-years. Can anyone suggest me a list of good universities for this course in Europe and job market for that...9
+2Stern MBA IB Recruiting Competition?Stern is widely known as a "finance school" or a "school for bankers" and it seems like the best place to be (outside of the M7) to get a position as a post-MBA associate. But, I was hoping if any Stern alumni could comment on how competitive banking recruiting is and provide...9
+2MiM Choice: MSc Management (Bocconi) VS. CEMS MIM (UCD Smurfit)Hi There, I plan to start a MiM next year and I have shortlisted two offers I got: - MSc in Management at Bocconi - CEMS MIM MSc in International Management at UCD Smurfit In case I was admitted for the MSc in International Management at Bocconi, my decision would have been made in a few...6
+2IE vs ESSEC MIFHi everyone, I've been accepted to MIF at ESSEC Paris and IE Madrid!! At the moment, I am unsure on which one to choose so I would like to get some opinions and solid facts about the two programs, university, reputation, international placement across Europe... IE has recently...2
+2Grad Plus LoansHi, I wanted to get some advice from those who have borrowed Grad plus loans before. FAFSA websites say that you can borrow up to the cost of attendance minus loans and scholarships. My issue is that I will be living off campus and I don't understand if these loans will cover my living...4
+2B School ProbationWhat happens if you fail a final exam at school? I go to Booth and I pretty much just bombed a final.3
+2HELP - OSU vs UIUCI am an incoming sophomore at a community college that will be transferring to either UIUC or Ohio State. At this stage, investment banking is not my first choice for a career but I still want to keep that door open before I nail down what I want to do. I'm thinking along the lines of...11
+2University of Pennsylvania Non Wharton! (help needed)I have spent a lot of time looking into the university's interdisciplinary majors. I would like to major in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (concentration in choice and behaviors) as well as Health and Societies (concentration in health care markets and finance). Does anyone know...11
+2RSM vs EDHEC for Private EquityI want to pursue a career in <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> as an associate and I need some input as to which masters degree would be the most suitable for the job. I have a background in Economics and Business Administration I am choosing between RSM's...3
+2Semi-target Liberal Arts Colleges VS Semi-target universities (For IB)I'm a junior who wants to get a job in <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> (Preferably the Wall Street, but I don't mind other places). I am thinking of applying to some semi-target LACs like Colgate, Haverford, Davidson, Hamilton and semi-target...7
+1Letter of recommendation formatHi, I just received a letter of recommendation from the supervisor I worked for as a student research assistent for the past three years. To my suprise, when listing the tasks my work comprised, he used a format like *"Burkamps work at our institute comrised (1) analyzing business...1
+1London Business School 2018-2019 Application Deadlines and Essay Question Analysis[London Business School]( has released its essays for this season. Read below for Personal MBA Coach® Founder Scott Edinburgh’s tips on tackling this year’s questions. <img...1
+1What's the definition of leadership?As we know, business schools care a lot about candidates' leadership experience and potentials. However, most people that are applying to <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> programs only have 3 to 4 years' experience and in many industries...3
+1Is CFA level 1 useful for applying to Masters in Finance at top UK UniversitiesIs it worth putting in the time on level 1 or just spend more time on other aspects of the application? 5
+1Unusual Situation - How should I think about business school?I'm a current Investment Banking Analyst at MS / <abbr title="JP Morgan">JPM</abbr> with an offer for a well-known <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> shop that has a track record of placing associates in GSB / <abbr title="Harvard...1
+1Women in Finance Scholarship 2018 | Earn $10,000FINCAD is now accepting applications for the [Women in Finance Scholarship 2018, a program designed to promote outstanding women in the field of finance, particularly those pursuing careers in the capital markets and/or financial risk management. This has been a significant year for women,...1
+1Dartmouth - Tuck School of BusinessI know there's been threads in the past on Tuck, would love to hear some recent feedback on the program. For anyone who attended/currently attends Tuck: 1. What has your experience been like so far? 2. Did you choose Tuck over an <abbr title="Top 7 MBA business...3
+1What should I do?I'm currently in high school in Sweden with less than a year left until I apply to college. I haven't done anything significant or participated in any typically meritorious extracurricular activities but I'll still likely get into Stockholm School of Economics as the...3
+1Scope of Msc or Mfin In finance in India.Hello! I am a fresher just completed my graduation and appearing for Gmat in a month( expecting 700), I want to do <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> in Finance from a top BSchool in the US but With no full-time work ex. I pushing myself to apply...1
+1Msc offers: help me deciding - Cass vs UCLWell, Finally I got the offer I needed, but I'm struggling to decide which one to choose: - CASS MSc Energy, Trade and Finance Pros: great and flexible program with a lot of electives, massive placement in O&G, really finance focused Cons: Really high tuition fees (25k) -...5
+1Is CFA necessary for consulting, IB, Tech or PE? 1
+1Best MBA WebsiteThinking of getting an <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> and in the early stages of diligence to see if it's something I should pursue or not... Can anyone recommend different websites that serve as a resource for <abbr title="Masters...5
+1MBAs versus Vanderbilt MSF Is it a better investment to go to Vanderbilt's <abbr title="Masters in Finance">MSF</abbr> instead of a <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> program? The <abbr title="Masters in Finance">MSF</abbr>...3
+1How early should I apply for ED of CBS?All, As far as I know, CBS ED round has a rolling basis system. Does anyone know by when an applicant should apply to fully take an advantage of a rolling basis system? Given ED round's actual deadline in early October, are you guys thinking applying by Aug. is enough? Thx.3
+1Undergraduate Financial Aid complicationIncoming freshman at a university and have a financial aid complication. If there is anyone out there that is willing to help with my detailed financial aid situation, can you please send me a personal message?1