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+6Do Big 4 TAS recruit at T15 MBAs? And what's the typical post MBA (I assume senior associate) rumeneration package? 22
+5Chance at HBS/GSB? Profile EvaluationHi all, Made a throwaway account for anonymity. Would like to know my chances at an <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> from <abbr title="Harvard Business School">HBS</abbr>/GSB. URM Female 3.6 GPA, Non-Target...11
+4Profile evaluation for top MBA programsPlanning on applying to B-school next year, and wonder if you guys could help me with some career advice. My profile: M23, Sweden Undergrad at Stockholm School of Economics GPA: 3.7 GMAT: 740 (50Q, 41V) Work experience: Two years at a small <abbr title="private...16
+3White when asking for a profile evaluation?Hi, I notice a lot of people state their ethnicity as "White" when asking for a profile evaluation. I'm a bit confused where I would fall. Both my parents are migrants. My mother is sudanese, my dad is Irish. I have olive skin. I'm from Australia, so I really...11
+3Lower Ranked Schools for tier 2 consulting?I'm currently struggling to get my GMAT where I want it to be. I've still got months to work on it, but part of me is concerned about getting into a top 25 program. I wanted to find out what schools might be best to look at/ what schools punch above their weight class in placements...15
+3Profile Review: Good WE/EC, Bad GradesTarget: <abbr title="Top 7 MBA business schools">M7</abbr> Current Age: 25 Desired Age for MBA: 28-29 UG School: Top 100; GPA: 2.5; Triple Concentration degree in Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing Nationality Info: White, Male GMAT: No official...6
+3How does LBS MBA IB/MBB recruiting work?I've heard that there's no formal <abbr title="on campus recruiting">OCR</abbr> in UK as in the US and networking almost never works for large banks/firms. So how does it happen? Do they have to apply online to every position?15
+3Do the Big 4 care about college Prestige? I was wondering about the emphasis that the Big 4 place on the name/prestige of the B-School. For example, if I really like UGA's Terry, but also got into UVA's Darden, would I be a fool to choose Terry (for accounting)? From what I can tell, there appears to be a lot less of an...9
+3Taking the GMAT or sticking with the GRE?Hello, I took the GMAT a year ago and got a 329. High 160s in quant and low 160s in verbal. I'll be applying to business schools in a few years and wanted to know if it was worth taking the GMAT. I'll be targeting T25 schools mostly. Should I prepare and take the GMAT? My goal is...6
+3Tuck v Kellogg v MIT Sloan v Columbia for FinanceMilitary vet invited to interview at the above schools. Looking to break into finance, specifically <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> after my <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr>. Looking to get real-time,...6
+3Bocconi (IEF) vs University of Manchester (with an exchange year at an American university)I am 17 and I have been accepted by the University of Manchester, in the course called "International Management with American Business Studies", and accepted in Bocconi's IEF degree. I am interested in a career in Business (I love management and creating my own firm) but more...8
+2Profile Review: 25F / 750 GMAT / 3.8 GPA / Chemical EngineerI'm posting on behalf of my spouse. She would plan on matriculating in fall 2020. Age and work years are current, not at matriculation. Here's her profile: **Work experience:** Engineer for ~3 years at a top 5 chemical company (1 promotion). Currently employed ~0.5 year as engineer...3
+2Oxford MFE Offer: Should I accept it? Greetings, I received an offer from Oxford MFE program. As it's quite early in the application process, I did not get the chance to apply to MIT MFin (another of my choice). I have many questions to answer before I make my decision. Here are some of those: Should I accept the Oxford...15
+2Profile Review for M7/T10GMAT: 750, IR7, W5.5 GPA: 3.45 Undergrad School: US News Top 30 Major: Engineering W/E: Four years in R&D for a much touted emerging tech (think IoT, 3D printing, AI etc.) Employer: Non-household name US F500 company ECA: Ongoing Leadership positions in a public school related...6
+2How to become a great writer?Hello <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">wso</abbr> community, I've thoroughly enjoyed this forum not only due to the level of intellect of its members (on the aggregate), but also due to some members' truly excellent writing. Some of the comments/pieces I've...1
+2Current HBS student offering Essay ReviewsHi, I am a current <abbr title="Harvard Business School">HBS</abbr> student looking to help out any R2 applicants looking for additional feedback on their essays to Harvard and other top US schools (Stanford, Wharton etc.) I will review your essays and provide...1
+2Improve Chances at Chicago BoothIf you are applying to Chicago Booth's MBA program, I'd like you help you improve your chances of acceptance. I'm presenting *[Get Accepted to Chicago Booth](* this Wednesday at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET and at 4 PM PT/7 PM ET. I will...1
+2Can I get energy investment banking from Booth or Columbia MBA?like 60% of the associates on linkedin are from McCombs which makes me worried 8
+2MIF at HEC Paris vs. ESADE vs. SSE vs. Bocconi vs. IE vs. St. GallenHi everyone, I just got admitted to HEC Paris and ESADE for the MIF intake 2019. Moreover, I am still awaiting the admission results from SSE, Bocconi, IE, and University of St. Gallen. My background: - BA (Hons) International Business Management, specilisation in Finance - GPA 4.0 -...7
+2Davidson vs. UNCHello, I am a senior in high school planning to major in Econ and I have to make a choice between the two schools. I plan on pursuing <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> after college. Objectively, which school will be better for: -Job recruiting in Charlotte -Job...7
+2MBA application prep: where and when to start?I'm an undergrad graduating in May (non-target, 3.9+). In the summer I'll begin working in economic consulting (think Cornerstone Research, Analysis Group, NERA). After around 3 years (depending) I'd like to leave for <abbr title="Masters in Business...1
+1Would a double major be worth it?I am a freshman hoping to go into <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> in the future. I am currently majoring in financial management with a minor in accounting, but at this rate I will graduate over a year early. Would it be worth it to add a second major, and what...4
+1MBA vs Undergrad in Business Administrationhuhu nobody is answering my post :D..........................asdfasdfsadfsadfasdfsadfsadfsadfasdfsadfsadf1
+1Copenhagen Business School MBA Post-Grad OpportunitiesI was recently accepted into CBS full-time <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> program and will be attending next year. I wish to go into the <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> industry and was wondering if anyone knew of...1
+1Masters Advice: LBS, LSE, HEC, YALE, UPENN**Profile** * Management undergrad at semi-target in UK * 1-year work experience in asset management at <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> in London * Was extended an offer to join another <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> as an...4
+1 What To Do If You Were Rejected In Round 1<img src="/files/styles/w800/public/inline/images/regret.jpg?itok=vuoKp03P" alt="" /> As round 1 decisions begin to roll in, many candidates are not receiving the news they had hoped for. While this is no doubt disappointing, do not give up hope. Personal MBA Coach...1
+1Companies paying off MBA student loans for new hires?Is this a thing? I live in Melbourne, Australia and was told by my doctor that her son is working in <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> in the US, and got his US <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> student loans paid off...1
+1chance at LSE MSc accounting & finance + other schoolsPrimarily Looking to apply for MSc at <abbr title="London School of Economics">LSE</abbr> in Accounting and Finance for 2020 entry. Other schools I'm considering are NYU Stern, Oxbridge, <abbr title="London Business School">LBS</abbr>, HEC,...1
+1Cornell Johnson MBA Interview QuestionsHi everyone, We have compiled 30+ interview questions asked in the Cornell MBA interview. The questions are sourced from interview experiences shared by applicants all over the web. We've compiled and categorized these questions into different types. We've also included the tips...1
+1Has anyone completed a Part-Time/Online PhD in finance/economics while working full-time on the street?Monkeys, I'm thinking about pursuing a PhD in finance/economics and I don't want to quit my job. Has anyone done this before? Are there good schools that provide this? Thanks.4
+1LSE MSc Finance or LBS MFAHi all, Background: - UG in Management from semi-target in UK (High 2:1) - Experience at <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> in investment management - Secured <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> offer at a <abbr title="bulge...5
+1Diversity of Thoughts, People in UT Austin McCombs ProgramsWould love input from UT Austin McCombs alumnus & BHP students. Most students, 80% (s students in BHP are students from TX and see that they are all from similar background - academics and...2
+1Which experience? Paid parliament internship, unpaid IB internship, or paid debt collection gig?Hi guys, I'm from Greece and I am already applying for several Masters in Economics and Masters in Finance programmes in Western European unis (already applied for FSFM's MIF and I will apply for the Master in Economics at HSG, Mannheim, and Bonn, the Master in Management and...1
+1Oxford MFE, Vanderbilt MSF, or Virginia Ms Commerce (finance track) for US asset management or IB placement?undergrad at top 5 US public school with minimal finance recruiting, optimally want buyside in the US1
+1Has anyone regretted going to a top mba to get into IB?I graduated in spring 2016 from a state school in SoCal. Baseball was my top priority at the time and I was the first to receive a finance degree in my family, so I was unaware of the importance of a top school at the time. I also had no idea about <abbr title="investment...1
+1How much of a pivot can you really do from a T15 school?A bit of background on myself. I've worked in Corporate Strategy in 3 different industries and I am currently a <abbr title="Credit Suisse">CS</abbr> Manager in my 3rd job/firm out of college. Honestly, I never had a master career plan and just took on new roles...2
+1ESCP Europe MiM vs Bocconi MiMHi guys! I received offers both from Bocconi for the Master in Management (tought in Italian) and from ESCP for the Master in Management (tought in english). I'm finishing the third year in Bocconi in Business Administration (CLEAM) and I would like to continue my studies in Management...5
+1Chances of Harvard 2+2 / Stanford Deferred MBA Programs? Profile EvaluationHello, I am considering applying for the 2+2 <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> program at <abbr title="Harvard Business School">HBS</abbr> and Deferred <abbr title="Masters in Business...1
+1Babson MSF vs Fordham MSGFAs an international student, with fair control over the English Language and aiming to obtain work in the US on completion of the program, which one do you think is the better choice? I would like to work in Investment Research, preferably on the buy side.1
+1LBS MFA v. Vanderbilt MSF v. Work Experience in MCLong-time lurker and first-time poster - Advice would be greatly appreciated! I was recently accepted to both the <abbr title="London Business School">LBS</abbr> MFA and Vanderbilt <abbr title="Masters in Finance">MSF</abbr> programs. I also have a...1
+1How good is UIUC for economicsUIUC is my state school and I will probably get in. I know its decent for <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> at some firms through its business school however I've applied for economics which isnt in the business school. Is it still ok or no1
+1Recommend Admissionado for people seeking admission consulting servicesHey guys on WSO! This is Allan, a management consultant focusing on financial services industry. I am applying for the <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> programs starting in 2019. In Round 1, I applied to <abbr title="London Business...1
+1Credit Arm of MF to B-School?I know that mega funds regularly send people to H/S/W, but how do people from their credit arms do? (i.e. distressed/direct lending/mezz/etc.) Are they considered comparable to their <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> peers? How would top B-schools view Ivy -->...1
+1Can I get a scholarship for MSc in Finance at Bocconi?Hi there! I want to apply for MSc in Finance at Bocconi (starting in 2019). The university is my first choice and I would be really glad to receive an offer. However, even if I got admitted, I probably wouldn't be able to pursue the program without a scholarship. **My profile:** -...1
+1Master in Europe and Job in UK - Post BrexitLet's say you do your master or <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> in for example Bocconi or HEC (an EU school), assuming all the other factors remain unchanged, after Brextit: 1) Would you still have the same chances of securing a job in...2
+1Imperial Economics & Strategy for Business VS Bocconi Management in EnglishHi guys, what would you choose between these two options for a master's degree? (My goal is not necessarily London afterwards)3
+1 Personal MBA Coach’s Top 4 Pieces of Advice For MBA HopefulsAdvising MBA candidates is my life’s passion. Over the last 11 years, I have given countless applicants advice through one-on-one consulting sessions, blogs, e-books, webinars and in-person presentations throughout the world. Reflecting back on the tips I have provided again and again, I...1
+1HELP in determining MBA ROI for non-finance person Best comprehensive way of determining <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> ROI (website links, XLS models, all options welcome)? <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> friend recommended I do <abbr title="discounted...1
+1Percent right on GMAT?I know that due to the algorithm this isn't really an easy question to answer.... but what level of percent were you getting right on everything before you starting to get scores into the 700s? I'm using 3 sources... Manhattan, Magoosh, and The OG Guides. On the OG Guide and Magoosh...5
+1Going from Tier 1 -> Tier 1.5 School for Msc FinanceI'm graduating this year with a humanities BA at Oxbridge. I decided quite recently that I'd rather be rich than work for the UN (don't we all), and therefore am applying to Finance/Management Masters in Europe. I've ruled out the UK for financial reasons (almost certainly...1