+91Worst aspect of finance fashion?


What is the one part of finance fashion that you would like to see gone? Gaudy loafers? Thick pinstripe suits that should be relegated to the 80s?

+43I'm nervous about ring for her


I'm looking for where to buy a ring and found this (redacted spam). What do you think of it? Whether you are deceived there or have you heard something about it? Tell me, you've already gone through this. I'm nervous!

+39"Project success but don't be flashy"

Mostly Random Dude

I got a bunch of meetings coming up, some in a casual setting and some in a more formal setting. I was told to "dress and accessorize appropriately" and when I asked what the fork is that supposed to mean, the response was "project success but don't be flashy". So let...

+38Dress Like a Baller for a Fraction of the Price (Brand + How To Guide)


Hopefully this guide will save monkeys some money and avoid the fuckups I made. Basically, you can score expensive $$$ clothing for way way less than what you would think. This doesn’t mean cheap, but it does mean you should be able to find $8000 suits for ~$700 - $1200 by the time you finish...

+23What Was Your First Watch?


Looking at watches, curious to see where everyone else started. I know there are plenty of posts on entry level watch recommendations but I’m more interested in what people actually bought and their thoughts on that.

+20GS new dress code


As some of you may know by now, <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr> just announced their new "casual" dress code. So i was wondering what would you consider wearing into the office? Also, do you think it is a good idea to change the formal suit attire...

+19Go-to sunglasses this summer?


Curious what you're wearing to protect your eyeballs this summer, looking for a new pair. Thinking about rocking [these]( for the clubs

+17Wrist tattoo in investment banking?


I have a tattoo on my wrist - it is a Heart about 1.5 x 1.5cm It is too high up for my watch to cover it and is evident even if I wear long sleeves eg when my elbows are bent on a desk. Is this something I need to 'declare' at the interview stage? Could it potentially turn...

+17Earphones - Wireless vs. wired?


For context, I am starting a new job in REPE in Midtown, but have been working for a smaller shop for the last few years where fashion was not as important. I am in the process of buying a new pair of earphones. Do you think it is a fashion faux pas to wear wired headphones in this day and age?

+15Any watch collectors/enthusiasts here?


I have found myself getting into the watches in the last 6 months. My current collection consists of a Tissot Le Lecole Powermatic 80 and a Fredrick Constant Index Automatic. I am learning as much as I can before I make my first big purchase. Anyone else here into collecting watches? If so...

+14Gucci Loafers with the Gold Bit vs Silver Bit

Nightman Cometh

Hey so I've been working for a while and I figured that the time to get some really nice loafers has arrived. I like the black Gucci horsebit loafers with the silver bit a ton - I see em everywhere and the people in my office recommend I get them. However, Gucci's website only lists...

+14Casualisation of Office Dress Codes


It seems ever since 2008, the finance industry has loosened up their dress codes dramatically. No longer are power suits and red ties the norm. Now it seems to be all Midtown Uniforms with gray Patagonia vests. What are your opinions on the loosening of office dress codes?

+13Wearing Cheap Suit Versus Expensive Suit To a Job Interview - Will it affect salary offered?


Lets pretend there are these 2 candidates for a specific job position. Everything about both candidates are the exact same. The same resume, the same age, the same gender, the same school. The only thing different for these 2 candidates is that 1 is wearing a cheap suit (>$200) to the job...

+12Interviewing: Young Bald Men and Facial Hair?


There is literally nothing on this topic anywhere on the internet, but the questions is, is it appropriate to interview with facial hair if you are bald? A lot of the clean shaven advice is given to people with full heads of hair (which looks nice most of the time), but as someone who is young...

+12Winter is almost here - What Non-Suit jacket are you wearing for warmth?


So I know this topic is kind of taboo - every shop is different in what they wear. For us, its basically everything except a suit jacket if you are just in the office, and then we throw on the jacket for meetings. If I am in the field (development guy) I even run with jeans and a jacket with...

+10Is wearing a £2,000 suit too much for an analyst/associate grade interview


I just stupidly bought another Saville Row suit in preparation for upcoming recruitment in Asset Management at the associate level. I am just thinking from previous experience that I was maybe too dressed up when wearing similar suits and applying for analysts positions. I get the impression...

+8Junior Banking Dress Shirts


As an Analyst or Associate, what style dress shirt should one be wearing? Is it acceptable to wear lightly striped/patterned dress shirts such...

+7First Year Analyst Shoes

Future Goldman Owner

Hey guys, What are some shoes that are appropriate for first-year analysts (sales and trading)? I have a pair of walnut 5th avenue Allen Edmonds. Love them. Looking for an appropriate pair of black loafers now. Are loafers ok for analysts? Guess Ferregamo and Gucci are out the window

+7Hair wax/gel suggestions


After deciding to keep my hair long this fall, I'd like to know which hair wax or gel you guys use No wet look if possible, just to fix them Something available in UK/London or through Amazon Cheers

+7Do You Care if Your Clothes Are Made in America?


WSO favorite [Allen Edmonds’s recent marketing campaign is championing the fact that their shoes and other apparel are made in America.](

+7Summer/Hot/Humid Attire Recommendations


As the summer season is quickly approaching, figured it was about time to get this thread started for newbies. Whether you are in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> with humidity, San Fran with perfect weather or down south where things can get swampy; what are your...

+7cropped pants with brown loafers as an intern


I'm an incoming SA and I'm wondering if it's ok to wear cropped pants (navy and charcoal suit) with brown loafers. ![Cropped Pants with Loafer][Cropped Pants with Loafer] <!-- Images --> [Cropped Pants with Loafer]:...

+7Best Value (~$200) Bit Loafers?


Any suggestions for good quality brown bit loafers around $200? I love the Gucci and Ferragamo styles, but I'd like to get a similar look for less. I've ordered and returned a few pairs at this point (Mezlan, Magnanni, Cole Haan) and can't find exactly what I want.

+6Appropriate Attire for Company Visit


I am currently a first year university student. I got selected to go on a trip to <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> to visit investment banks and network. I only have a plaid navy suit. I've had it for a year, and I got it tailored. Would this be appropriate?

+6White Cotton Button-Down Oxford


Title. Any brand recommendations that make them in numbered sizes? (16.5 35) Preferably no logo or pocket

+6Bag for gym & work?

Anonymous Monkey

Anybody have any good recommendations for gym bag that can be used for work as well? I'm tired of lugging around two bags - gym / work. Would really like a nice duffel that has a laptop sleeve and enough room to keep a change of clothes + gym shoes + lunch. Haven't found much...

+6Gloves for freezing office


Hey Monkeys, I sit below the ac and it is getting a little intolerable. My hands are fckin freezing and I am having hard time typing. Do you think people will think its fckin weird if I wear gloves? Also, any suggestion for gloves?

+6Peaky Blinders Haircut

Yung Metro

So I'm thinking of trying out a new haircut, but I'm not sure if its unprofessional or not. Don't want it to effect any internship prospects. Was thinking about getting the same haircut as Tommy in the Netflix show Peaky Blinders. What do you guys think?

+6Black Suits for Women?


I think it goes without saying that wearing black suits to the office is a no-go for men, but what about women, especially for interviews? I've noticed from my on-campus recruiting events that men are generally wearing navy or charcoal suits, but it is not uncommon for the women to be...

+6Fashion Businesses? where are you?


Hey guys, I'm new here in the Fashion For Business Forum but all the discussions here are about fashion advices. Which is great but I'd like to talk about fashion businesses. Let's start here! Tell me about your businesses if you're in the fashion industry.

+6College freshman help: I destroyed new Allen Edmonds loafers wearing them in awful weather?


Got a $400 pair of AEs over break for date parties, career fairs and presentations. Wore them last night for first time to event on campus: 20 degrees, sidewalks here are covered in rock salt and there were light flurries (although no real snow on the ground). Now the bottom sole and sole edge...

+5Is Wearing Ed Hardy any good?

Anonymous Monkey

Hi, Startup Hedge Fund Manager here, I have been particularly fond of Ed Hardy as a brand and their designs. Any sufggestions if it's good to wear it in a Hedge Fund setting?

+5Clothes for first internship


Hello all, I am looking for reasonably priced pants for a summer analyst position at a debt fund. They dress business casual but I am looking for something that I could possibly wear in that setting, and if I decide to recruit for Equity Research at a <abbr title="bulge...

+4Need Help- Budget Wardrobe for Summer Analyst Internship!!!

Bario Mros

**Brief Intro**: Junior in Undergrad starting my Summer Analyst internship in June. It is for a front office role at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr>. **Dilemma**: Need to buy clothes for internship but 1. Don't know anything about business/wall street...

+4Taking care of your wardrobe


How often do you guys dry clean your pants? Do I ask my guy to press my pants or always go for dry clean? Interested on hearing some tips on taking care of suit pants and jackets

+4Blue leather?

John Pierpont

Saw [this article on WSJ]( saying that blue leather is coming into style for men. **My Thoughts:** I'm not a fan. I feel that it's more of a statement since I have yet to see...

+4Bespoke Suits in NYC


Just looking for suggestions for anyone's go to for custom/bespoke suits. Looking to stay somewhere under $1,000 per suit if possible. Anyone have a great suggestion in NYC? Thank you.

+4Hermes Belt


Hi fellow monkeys, I've recently purchased a Hermes belt (black and brown reversible & silver buckle), and I was wondering how it is perceived in the US? I am planning on using the belt for weddings, christmas party at the office or for a special occasion. Thanks.

+4Best Extra Slim Fit Shirts


Can’t find a decent dress shirt <$100 with slim enough sleeves - everything I’ve found is relatively baggy. What do you guys wear?

+4Luxury sheets and blankets


This isn't exactly fashion related, but I was wondering if any of you guys have a fantastic set of sheets and/or a comforter that help you maximize the quality of your rest. Bonus points if you've received compliments on them from any lady friends.

+4Shoulder divots on suits


When you guys wear suits do you get shoulder divots or shoulder dimples? Every time i try on a suit the padding on the shoulders bunches up, however the rest of the suit fits just fine. Anything i can do to fix these shoulder divots?

+4It's snowing and you don't want to mess up the loafers....

Captain Buyside

With winter almost here .... What's your best choice for boots? Hunter? LL Bean? What are you guys doing?

+4Gucci Princetowns for Work


Hey all, I'm a 1st year analyst at a small-desk <abbr title="asset management">AM</abbr> firm with ~3b AUM. Only about 7 of us in total. I was wondering how professional or unprofessional the Gucci Princetowns are (they are the Gucci horsebit loafer slides (i.e. no...

+4Best Shade of Navy Suit?


Which is the best shade of navy suit? Is it the dark navy one? The lighter one? Or does it not matter? Interested to hear...

+4What kind of pants should I buy for business casual attire at a BB? (men)


Starting as an analyst at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> in a non-client-facing division. Interned last summer, and dress code is standard business casual. Typical attire for men is dress shirt, pants, and oxford/loafers. I have plenty of dress shirts and some nice...

+4Cole Haan Oxford Sneaker Hybrids?


I am wondering what people think of wearing the Cole Haan Oxford/Sneaker hybrids at work when not going to client (or other important) meetings? For those that do not know, these are oxford uppers mated to subtle sneaker soles. Here is the more subtle one:...

+4Ferragamo ties


Why are Ferragamo ties so iconic and revered in Finance? Neither the quality or design is necessarily extraordinarily and most definitely does not compete with other brands such as Charvet etc. Also, the little animals are tacky as fuck

+3Charles Tyrwhitt Spread/Cutaway Collar shirts???


Anyone familiar with their spread/cutaway collar shirts? I have been stocking up on CT classic collar shirts in the super slim fit cut. Looking to get a couple new designs and I am out of options with the classic collar. Are the spread/cutaway collar shirts fine to wear without a tie?...

+3Sleds for Women


What’s a good pair of sleds for women? I know there are some tiers below Gucci and Ferragamo for men like Jay Butler and was wondering if there were good brands for women.

+3Bespoke Shoes.


Have anyone have experience with bespoke shoemakers before? What do you look for in a good cobbler? It's hard for me to wear store-bought shoes because my foot size is weird.

+3Beard as an Intern


I'm currently in recruitment season for a winter <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> internship,and really don't want to get rid of my beard as my face looks substantially better with it. I maintain it fairly regularly (see picture to get an idea of how it...

+3Best Coach Outlet Bag Recommendations


There are a lot of bag brands out there in the market, and Coach has always been one of my favorite brands. Whether you are looking for Coach outlet crossbody bags, shoulder bags, tote bags, or backpack bags, you can find one that fits you perfectly. So what bags would you recommend?

+3Is wearing a jacket everyday too much?


I cant afford to dry clean my shirts and would like to minimize the time spent on ironing. Unfortunately, I also own non-non-iron shirts,

+3Building a SA wardrobe


What are some essentials for ladies? The cheaper, the better obviously but I want to avoid compromising on quality as much as possible. How many outfits/shoes to shop for? I love more fashion-forward pieces and I'm curious about how to integrate my style in my work wardrobe without being...

+3Short Tie, Swinging Back: Looking for Solution


I have a favorite tie that is rather short compared to my others. When I tie my tie, the back--drawstring part--is a tad bit short and does not reach the loop to keep it tucked in. Occasionally, the drawstring part swings out and looks a bit foolish. Does anyone have a solution to this?...

+3Charles Tyrwhitt Suit vs SuitSupply Suit


Which one do you guys prefer? Obviously SuitSupply suits are "higher-end" and offer great quality but I was wondering if Charles Tyrwhitt Suits are any good given that they are pretty affordable. I only own SuitSupply suits and Charles Tyrwhitt for shirts only.

+3Bankers with sleeve tattoos??


Love the idea of getting a tattooed sleeve, could it impact promotion or exit options to a fund? Have you ever worked with someone who was dinged for having a tattooed sleeve in IB/PE/HF | CFO/CEO @ start-up? Is wallstreet more accepting these days? or am i a generation too...

+3Are These Considered Square Toed?


Trying to decide between these and the Connaught. Are these acceptable? Also seems like Connaughts are harder to find in the...

+3Go to bags for work


What do most people use for bags going to work. Backpacks? Briefcases? Something else? Any opinions appreciated!

+3Where to get Hermes ties


Hi all, where can I get Hermes ties most cheaply? I'm based in London but also have an upcoming trip to <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr>

+3How formal to dress?


With the increase workplace casualisation in terms of dress codes, what are your tips to making sure you are the correct formality, especially as a junior employee. It seems one would not want to be the most casual in the office but do not want to seem out of place and dress like a senior banker.

+3Loafers other than Gucci


Looking to pick up some loafers. Im sick and tired of tying my shoes. Part of me wants to splurge for Gucci, but I'm just starting my second year as an analyst so I don't wanna be "that guy". Gucci too flashy for analysts? Any good alternatives you guys are wearing? Thx

+3Casual Wear Recommendations?


Anyone have any recommendations for good places to look for high-quality non-work clothes? Any advice for nice-looking t-shirts, polos and weekend wear that looks professional? Looking to step up my non-work clothes game.

+3What Is Your Opinion On Express Dress Shirts?


What do you guys think about Express dress shirts? Do you think they look professional? I have two, and I'm wondering if I should get some new shirts to replace these? Thanks!

+3Best Site for EBITDA Shirts/Hats/Accessories


Stumbled across Bull And Bear Clothing when searching for an "I <3 EBITDA" shirt for my hardo boss. Surprisingly good quality stuff lol. Ended up getting a "EBITDAD" hat for him too which he keeps in his office.

+3Field coats/Barbour


What's up, folks- I'm moving to Boston later this fall to start in equity research at a pretty sizeable asset manager and am wondering whether or not a field coat like an Orvis or a Barbour would be frowned upon as cold-season outerwear. Nobody in Birmingham gave me shit for it, but...

+3Should I buy a blazer as an intern?


Hi everyone, I want to know if I should buy a blazer for my internship at the FRBNY starting February. Based on what a recruiter told me, the program will be business casual with some business formal situations. I'm aware that business casual generally consists of slacks and a dress...

+2Heel too high?


I have heels that are basically identical to the Abigail Grand Pump (85mm) from Cole Haan in black. (Can't post links, easily searchable, sorry.) I was wondering if you think they're too tall for an everyday look? Past threads seem a little ambiguous. Just wanted a second opinion....

+2Italian Suits


Where is a great place to get an Italian suit in Milan without paying crazy money. Looking for something unique but still good

+2Shoes and Back Pain?????


Hi everyone, This is completely random but I want to see if anyone else has experienced this. Lately, my lower back and legs (especially my knees) have been sore and hurting pretty badly. I suspect that it may be my shoes. I wear lace-up dress shoes every day and none of my pairs have that much...

+2Should I shave my beard *completely* for interviews even if I have a baby-face?


I'm about to begin interviewing for <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>/<abbr title="asset management">AM</abbr> internships for Junior year summer. I have always had a baby-face, and if I shave, I look a solid 5 years younger than the 24...

+2Tiers of Loafers


Was wondering what are everyones tiers of loafers would be. Thinking of buying a couple new pairs because of the ease to wear

+2New Associate Wardrobe (men's)


Joining a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> in London soon. Recent <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> grad. Thinking of buying 2 suits, 12 shirts, 3 ties and a pair of shoes. How much should these items be? Is a 300...

+2Female Dress Code - Corporate IB


I’m about to transition from a fairly casual office environment (think: jeans) to a <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> office <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> on the corporate side. I’ll be coming in as a mid level employee. Q1- What...

+2Bag for gym/work


Fellow Monkeys, I’m Looking for a bag for gym/work Best value for money (budget ~100 GBP) Advices? Cheers

+260% wool or 99% wool or 100% Wool?


Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy some dress pants. They come in 60% wool, 99% wool, or 100% wool. The 100% wool will be ideal but are the 60% wool and 99% wool okay too?

+2Ticket Pocket?


Hey all, what are your thoughts on a ticket pocket on your suit? I recently got this suit from suit supply and was wondering if anyone really cares about the ticket pocket and if you feel I could wear it to an interview? [Suit...

+2How to dress for back-office/middle-office at a BB


I start tomorrow at a BB's regulatory department in the South. Should I ditch the blazer (navy along with pants BTW) and stick with a dress shirt+tie? Do the pants have to be navy? I feel like I look better with the blazer + no tie, but this isn't acceptable, right?

+2Best Golf Apparel That Can Also Be Worn Casually / In the Office

Ricky Sargulesh

Any recommendations for good golf apparel that can also be worn off the course? Specifically interested in half/quarter-zips that can be worn to the office, but other suggestions welcome. Not interested in anything overly expensive or with a giant logo on it (don't want to stroll into...

+2Intern in MBB/Big 4 Consulting Where should I get my suits?


So I start work in a few weeks and currently only have one suit that I can really use (dark navy blue joseph about). I was wondering where I should be getting my suits from given my industry. Obviously I don't want to drop $1500+ per suit because I don't have that cash and I'd...

+2Does a Teal Suit Work?


Pretty bad with my formal wear knowledge. This isn't my first suit and I dont plant to use it for interviews but do plan to use it for business purposes. This is a really dark shade and I just wanted to see if it still works

+2Men's shoes


I'm planning to get two pairs. One of them is probably going to be AE Park Ave (according to what I've read here). What should the other one be?

+2Canada/TO - Places to buy dress shirts?


Any recommended places to buy shirts for Canadians? Price range between the 50 - 100 range, collar made for wearing ties (i.e. no CK shirts), etc.

+2Who Makes This Dress Shirt?

Warren's Buffet

Does anyone know what kind of dress shirt Bob Iger wears? As in which designer? It's a button down and it just looks really nice. Not even that big of a fan of Iger's but I saw him on CNBC and thought the shirt looked good. I see other button downs but the collar is usually much...

+2Leather Briefcases in Buenos Aires


Hi guys, Currently in Buenos Aires and looking for good leather briefcases to bring to work (IBD BB). Any suggestions on good shops / brands at affordable prices? Thanks!

+2Dress code while interviewing for a Tech Position at an IB


The position is a back office position and I'm not too keen on wearing a suit. Can I get away with a >Dress Shirt > Tie > Slacks > Cashmere Sweater

+2Thoughts on wearing big brands during internship?


Hey, So I'm starting my <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr> internship at BNP CIB in one of the smaller offices in Europe, just wanted to get your thoughts on what to wear as an intern. Gucci loafers, Salvatore ties, Patagonia fleece etc a bit...

+2Bag color


for a first year analyst at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr>, recommendations on messenger bag color. I would want something that goes with all. I'm deciding between black, darker brown, cognac (around that lighter shade). Thanks

+2WTF is the deal with all these guys wearing sneakers all day?!

Captain Buyside

Work for a hedge fund and see a bunch of guys walking around in nikes or all birds. What's the deal? When did this become okay?

+2Ladies - Interview Attire?


Have a commercial banking super day coming up - looking for advice on interview attire. Have already been to a couple <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> CB super days that didn't work out.. and while I'm sure my choice in heels wasn't the reason I...

+2Another sign formal dress is dying: Prince Harry wore J Crew to introduce his son

kakaman Back in the day it would have been impossible to see a royal not outfitted by Savile Row. Now you have Prince Harry shopping through the discount rack at the local J Crew. God save the Queen

+1Need Advice About Wearing Contact Lenses on Job


I love changing eye colors and planning to get a pair or two, contact lenses to wear them in working hours. But don't know if fashionable contact lenses and colored contact lenses are preferred to be worn. Right now there are 2 brands sclera-lenses and mesmereyez who offers fashion contact...

+1Spring Outerwear?


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+1Good Online Clothing Stores for Women?


There are so many option you have if you are looking for online clothing stores, but my personal favourite is Crazy Cat Shop. If you want to buy trendy and fashionable themed dress according to me your perfect destination can be Crazy Cat Shop. From there you can be all types of women apparel...

+1Favorite white shirt


Where is everyone's favorite place to get white shirts? I know Charles Tyrwhitt is very popular, but was wondering others.

+1Quality Gloves w/ Touchscreen Capabilities


Does anyone have any quality gloves with touchscreen capabilities? Looking for something reasonably comfortable / warm / good looking, but any recommendations are appreciated. Looking to get ahead of the coming winter.

+1Best Companies from which to Order Group Apparel


What are the best companies from which to place team orders for custom apparel? I know Patagonia is the most iconic, but are there other companies that have fresh selections of fleeces, jackets, vests, etc? Which companies are the best quality and have the best group rates/deals?

+1Hermes tie patterns


Hey guys, getting my first couple Hermes ties? What should the patterns be like? I really don't want to be the joke of the office. If you could post links to acceptable styles/colors

+1Allen Edmonds - Extra 40% Off Clearance / Factory Seconds


Use code PLUS40 during checkout for an extra 40% off most clearance items and factory seconds: [Clearance]( [Factory Seconds]( You can get Park Avenues or Fifth Avenues for $178, or...

+1Gucci 1953 in Brown?


Anybody have these in brown? On Gucci’s website they look pretty much brown all the way around. However, on other sites like Mr Porter and Bloomingdales they’re black on the toe around the front. How severe is it in person and does it fade over time? Thanks