+108Men's Fashion Hacks125
+102Worst aspect of finance fashion?103
+66The Banker's Guide to Watches271
+62An Introduction to Suits - Welcoming the Analyst Class66
+53Most ridiculous or inappropriate fashion attire you've seen at work among SA52
+53What watch do you wear and What's your Dream Watch?214
+53The American Psycho Haircut 49
+47I'm nervous about ring for her35
+42New To Formal Fashion? Start Here. PT172
+41Dress Like a Baller for a Fraction of the Price (Brand + How To Guide)58
+40"Project success but don't be flashy"43
+37Dress Like A Man: The Anti-Douchesuit53
+37Wearing Deal Sleds or Loafers as an Intern36
+34Best Non-Fratagonia Vest 62
+34What wallet do you use?95
+31Where can you find the best-dressed bankers?36
+30What are your thoughts on changing dress code?53
+29Bag to work141
+26Slacks for Men with Big Buts, Big Hips, and Big Thighs58
+26Injured both of my legs, what should I do about pants for the next 4-6 weeks?36
+26Most Common Fashion Mistakes139
+23What Was Your First Watch?61
+22What do you think about classic hats? Fedoras, berets, newsboys, etc?64
+22My husband hate the way I dress28
+22Most underrated brands63
+21GS new dress code20
+21Go-to sunglasses this summer?49
+21Do you guys wear you work clothes to bars or clubs?35
+19Helpful fashion cheat sheet 56
+19Wearing your work clothes to upscale lounges?46
+19What's on your desk ?238
+18What Not To Wear70
+18Best White Shirts?68
+18Wrist tattoo in investment banking?21
+17Earphones - Wireless vs. wired?45
+17Choice of cologne?83
+16Best Place to buy suits for IBD Analysts?63
+15Any watch collectors/enthusiasts here? 91
+15Do beautiful/attractive people have a competitive edge in their careers? (Superficially speaking)115
+15Official Eyeglasses for IBD Thread62
+15Hermes tie as an intern43
+15Gucci Loafers with the Gold Bit vs Silver Bit51
+15Rain and Shoes27
+15Should You Always Wear a White Dress Shirt?93
+14Leaving Shoes at Work28
+14Casualisation of Office Dress Codes38
+14To wear make up or not 55
+13Wearing Cheap Suit Versus Expensive Suit To a Job Interview - Will it affect salary offered?22
+13Thoughts on Cheap Suits from H&M23
+13Where do you buy clothes from?81
+13Winter is almost here - What Non-Suit jacket are you wearing for warmth?19
+13Want To Wear Polos To Work? JP Morgan Approves25
+12Favourite Tie Knot28
+122020 Finance Fashion16
+12Interviewing: Young Bald Men and Facial Hair?32
+12Gym bag to work? 13
+12What Watches do You Wear?371
+12AMA: I am a mens fashion stylist and the founder of a mens custom suiting business 40
+12Lululemon Dress Pants39
+11Going Out Clothing127
+11Hair Products...for Men!33
+11your favourite eau de parfum?33
+11Pinky Rings65
+11Ask a former Brooks Brothers employee anything55
+11Oliver Peoples' glasses. Are they worth the money?18
+10girls internship attire 5
+10Female intern clothes30
+10Is wearing a £2,000 suit too much for an analyst/associate grade interview34
+10What do you wear on vacation?42
+10Where do you buy your shirts/suits/shoes? Online preferred103
+10Is Louis Vuitton too flashy?43
+10Best "Performance" Dress Shirt46
+10What is the Best Banker Hairstyle? HELP!217
+10Need suggestions - fashionable dress boots23
+9Supreme, BAPE, Off-White, or Y3 in the Workplace?16
+9What types of cologne do you guys wear? 211
+9What type of watches do you guys wear?123
+9Jeans in Office?39
+9Where do yall get your jeans345
+9Suit shopping26
+9Watches for IB Internships?17
+9Wearing a Backpack vs. Briefcase to the Office130
+8Help with watch purchase 24
+8Best Price to Quality Non-Iron White Dress Shirts?23
+8What is your deal with square-toed shoes?165
+8Junior Banking Dress Shirts21
+8Bespoke Suits and Shirts in Bangkok or Hanoi22
+8WTF do you do if your weight changes constantly?28
+8Daniel Wellington Opinions?31
+8Are watches necessary?22
+8Help Simple As Increase His Preftige130
+8Help finding a good dress shirt46
+8Definitive Finance Vest Rankings12
+8Rolex Oyster Perpetual or Tudor Pelagos24
+8Initial shirt line-up for a new hire27
+8Any recommendations for leather laptop/messenger bags?29
+8Wall Street Fashion for the Girls196
+8What tie width is acceptable?20
+7Summer/Hot/Humid Attire Recommendations 16