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+65Men's Fashion Hacks


Does anyone know some good fashion hacks to make us monkeys' lives a bit easier? I've heard putting your dress shirt in the dryer with an ice cube can replace ironing, is this true? Has anyone attempted this?

+54An Introduction to Suits - Welcoming the Analyst Class


As we welcome the 2017 Analyst Class, I have some knowledge sharing for the incoming monkeys. <h3>Suits come in three different constructions:</h3> 1) Fully Canvassed 2) Half Canvassed 3) Fused __________________ <h3>What's the...

+39New To Formal Fashion? Start Here. PT1


<em>Mod Note (Andy) - We're reposting the top discussions from 2015, this one ranks #14 and was originally posted 6/14/2015.</em> I spend a bit of time in this part of the forum and consistently and constantly find repeated questions from individuals coming out of college and...

+36What watch do you wear and What's your Dream Watch?

Real Marcus Halberstram

I've seen the car topic, now let's start with the watches. I'm a watches maniac. Currently wear: Rolex GMT Master ref. 1675, Rolex Submariner 1680 red write. Next: <abbr title="accounts payable">AP</abbr> 15300 Dream: Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712

+35The American Psycho Haircut


The slickback is without a doubt the most iconic Wall Street haircut ever worn. Patrick Bateman was the first to unleash it on an unsuspecting world, and Jordan Belfort brought it to a new generation of aspiring bankers and financiers. This isn’t the generic businessman combover, or even a...

+35Worst aspect of finance fashion?


What is the one part of finance fashion that you would like to see gone? Gaudy loafers? Thick pinstripe suits that should be relegated to the 80s?

+33The Banker's Guide to Watches

The Pharma Guy

Slow bank holiday night, so I figured I would go into this. After having followed watch brand for some years and having had countless conversation with fellow consultants and banking friends about why you don't spend your first bonus on a fucking mixed steel-gold submariner, I figured a...

+31Most ridiculous or inappropriate fashion attire you've seen at work among SA


What was he or she wearing? Did anyone mention it to them? What happened? Any funny stories? Just curious

+27Dress Like A Man: The Anti-Douchesuit

Fear The Bulge

I have had a lot of interns ask me where I get my clothes. This isn't surprising, since I look great all the time. I tell them, "I don't get all my clothes in one place, idiot." And then I tell them some version of the following: If you're a male in his early 20s who...

+23I'm nervous about ring for her


I'm looking for where to buy a ring and found this (redacted spam). What do you think of it? Whether you are deceived there or have you heard something about it? Tell me, you've already gone through this. I'm nervous!

+22"Project success but don't be flashy"

Mostly Random Dude

I got a bunch of meetings coming up, some in a casual setting and some in a more formal setting. I was told to "dress and accessorize appropriately" and when I asked what the fork is that supposed to mean, the response was "project success but don't be flashy". So let...

+22Wearing Deal Sleds or Loafers as an Intern


Would love to rock some this summer. Also any recommendations or guidelines in regards to the ankle hair? Trimmed? <h3>Can I Wear Fancy Shoes as an Intern on Wall Street?</h3> As a rule - you should be conservative when selecting your shoes as an intern. Even if junior analysts...

+21Best Non-Fratagonia Vest


Guys, I look around and there is Patagonia everywhere. I need a new vest but I refuse to look exactly like every other guy in finance on a casual day. What are your suggestions on the next best vest? Thx

+20Injured both of my legs, what should I do about pants for the next 4-6 weeks?


Hey guys, I managed to hurt both of my legs on a labor day weekend trip with my cousins and older brother. We were doing our annual labor day trip to the lake house upstate and I came up short while jumping off of a cliff (think 10-15 feet above the water) into the lake below. Both of my legs...

+19Slacks for Men with Big Buts, Big Hips, and Big Thighs


Boys, Can you recommend some pants that fit someone with muscular thighs, wide hips, a big ass, and small calves/ankles? I played hockey and golf growing up and everyone always told me I had the stereotypical hockey/golf butt. I didn't understand what that meant until a few years ago...

+19Where can you find the best-dressed bankers?


Apparently, if you want to be the new "George Clooney of finance" (remember Mark Carney?), BNP Paribas is your place to be! [quote]Research by Emolument suggests nearly 40% of BNP bankers are still wedded to formal dress at all times, compared to just 20% at J.P. Morgan. [...] In...


Real Marcus Halberstram

Looking forward to buy new deal sleds. Advice about where to buy different ones? Which brand? Disclosure: man, already have the Gucci's one, don't like LV

+18Helpful fashion cheat sheet


See inside the post... <!--break--> <a href=" .jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photo"></a>

+17Most Common Fashion Mistakes


Hi Monkeys, What are some of the most common fashion mistakes you see in your office on a daily basis? For me, I see guys who's belt is a different shade of brown compared to their shoes. What fashion mistakes do you notice? Maybe some of us are committing some fashion sins yet we...

+17Bag to work


what kind of bags do you guys carry to work?

+16What are your thoughts on changing dress code?


Basically, I think this sensationalizing of modernizing workplace attire is just getting corny. It's just like people find the ugliest jeans and sneakers possible, and seem to be competing on who cares the least and who's more laid back than everyone else. And, tech CEOs or others...

+16What Was Your First Watch?


Looking at watches, curious to see where everyone else started. I know there are plenty of posts on entry level watch recommendations but I’m more interested in what people actually bought and their thoughts on that.

+16What wallet do you use?

Fetty VWAP

Title says it all. Of course, this isn't a watch, pair of shoes, or tie; likely nobody will recognize or care what wallet you have, but it's something you touch every day and should last a while, so it's nice to have a nice one. What brand? How long have you had it? Is it...

+14What Not To Wear


Hey guys, So I have read and heard that SA's shouldn't wear loafers, so what are they supposed to wear? Thanks.

+14My husband hate the way I dress


"Are you sure you're wearing that?" These very words from my hubby make me uncomfortable and he is starting to get into my nerves and it is affecting my self-esteem. I used to have no problem with office attire, and I never changed my style. I am confused and don't know...

+14Most underrated brands


What are your thoughts on this? Was thinking about Uniqlo. Any other brands that offer decent clothing quality at affordable prices?

+14What do you think about classic hats? Fedoras, berets, newsboys, etc?

My Name is Jeff

Apart from the common tropes on reddit about fedoras being for loser nice boy types, what do you guys thinking of wearing fedoras in everyday streetwear? Would you don one? Oh, and please, I mean strictly fedoras. Not trilbies (which are often associated with the PUA scene). I was...

+12Wearing your work clothes to upscale lounges?


<abbr title="summer analyst intern ">SA</abbr> here considering saving some money by wearing some of my more business casual shirts out to upscale <abbr title="New York City ">NYC</abbr> lounges instead of buying separate shirts. Off course I have my...

+12Best Place to buy suits for IBD Analysts?


Hey all, I will be working as Investment Banking Summer Analyst at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> in the <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> office. I was wondering where some good places to buy reasonable priced, slim fitted suits are...

+12Best White Shirts?


Looking to stock up on basic white dress shirts (for men). What are some good brands that are slim fit and affordable?

+12Choice of cologne?


What is your choice of cologne? I personally fancy Jo malone blackberry & bay with a note of Oud & Bergamot. I know jo malone is unisex product but i dont see many men wearing it. is it gay for a guy to sport that shit?

+11Rain and Shoes

C.R.E. Shervin

So given it's supposed to be a monsoon in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> this week I wanted to poll everyone on what they do when it rains, specifically what do you do to not ruin your shoes? I have galoshes, but I also have a pair of rain shoes that I wear...

+11Do you guys wear you work clothes to bars or clubs?


When you get out late, do you guys go home to change or go straight to the bar or club? I'm asking because I wouldn't want my work clothes to get stained.

+11Do beautiful/attractive people have a competitive edge in their careers? (Superficially speaking)


The world is full of diversity. Some people are just amazingly beautiful/drop-dead gorgeous and some people are just the opposite. Do you think it is easier for the more beautiful/attractive people to get jobs/climb up the corporate ladder than the rest? Just how far do you think your looks can...

+11Wrist tattoo in investment banking?


I have a tattoo on my wrist - it is a Heart about 1.5 x 1.5cm It is too high up for my watch to cover it and is evident even if I wear long sleeves eg when my elbows are bent on a desk. Is this something I need to 'declare' at the interview stage? Could it potentially turn...

+10To wear make up or not


Off topic question for the handful of women on here (and to guys - wouldn't mind if you chipped in with your opinion on this as well) - Do you wear a full face of make up to work? (FYI for guys - full face of make up means primer, concealer, foundation, bronzer/highlighter, blush,...

+10Want To Wear Polos To Work? JP Morgan Approves


This post is a bit late, but seeing as no one has commented on it yet, I'd like to discuss J.P Morgan's new business casual dress code with everyone. To those who haven't heard yet, Jamie Dimon was well and truly impacted upon his visits to various Silicon Valley firms, and as...

+10Should You Always Wear a White Dress Shirt?


I always see on television, movies, shows, the Internet and sometimes the newspaper that the men in suits almost always have a white dress shirt on and I am wondering if that is really the norm for the work force. I have a bunch of dress shirts in different colors but I am not sure if white is...

+10Leaving Shoes at Work


Question: How many of you leave a pair of shoes at work? Reference, I have a 45 commute to work via public transportation with some decent outdoor walking involved. At the point I've invested in several pairs of Allen Edmonds but continuously run through pairs (quicker than most I'd...

+9Best "Performance" Dress Shirt


July in Texas has me actually succumbing to the marketing power of the bro-startup companies that are hawking sweat-wicking dress shirts. I've occasionally seen users mention mizzen+main, twillory, state and liberty, etc. I don't trust the reviews of these things on their websites,...

+9Interviewing: Young Bald Men and Facial Hair?


There is literally nothing on this topic anywhere on the internet, but the questions is, is it appropriate to interview with facial hair if you are bald? A lot of the clean shaven advice is given to people with full heads of hair (which looks nice most of the time), but as someone who is young...

+9Hair Products...for Men!


One of my biggest insecurities is my hair. I think it could be decent looking I just don't know how to get it cut or how to/if to style it. I think it looks good coming out of the shower but then once it dries it gets all poofy. And I'm always afraid of trying something new. guys...

+9Casualisation of Office Dress Codes


It seems ever since 2008, the finance industry has loosened up their dress codes dramatically. No longer are power suits and red ties the norm. Now it seems to be all Midtown Uniforms with gray Patagonia vests. What are your opinions on the loosening of office dress codes?

+9girls internship attire

Anonymous Monkey

what to wear for an <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> internship & recommendations for places to shop at i.e. what bag to carry, heels or flats?, where to buy dresses pants etc

+9Favourite Tie Knot


I'm curious as to what everyone's favourite tie knot is. Personally, it has to be the Windsor knot. What's the worst tie knot you've ever seen?

+9Gucci Loafers with the Gold Bit vs Silver Bit

Nightman Cometh

Hey so I've been working for a while and I figured that the time to get some really nice loafers has arrived. I like the black Gucci horsebit loafers with the silver bit a ton - I see em everywhere and the people in my office recommend I get them. However, Gucci's website only lists...

+9Thoughts on Cheap Suits from H&M


For many college students, it is sometimes hard to put together some money to buy designer suits. Recently, I bought a couple of suits from H&M for really cheap; they look good, but still, they are from H&M. Is this considered careless or is it acceptable? I hear a lot of bankers like to...

+9Lululemon Dress Pants

Ed Chambers

Work for a <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr>/<abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> that's fairly relaxed. I started wearing Lululemon pants to work... real game changer! Let me know your thoughts.

+9Hermes tie as an intern


I own a few Hermes ties, but Ive read a lot of conflicting stuff vis-a-vis what is acceptable to wear as an intern at an ibank. While obviously, I can rock the fuck out of these ties, I can empathize with someone who actually has a job at the bank, thinking "who does this prick think he...

+8What type of watches do you guys wear?


Just a quick question, anywhere from what you wear on a casual day to fancy meetings. Love talking about watches and would like to see people's opinions and collections.