+41Dress Like a Baller for a Fraction of the Price (Brand + How To Guide)58
+21GS new dress code20
+20Go-to sunglasses this summer?49
+15Any watch collectors/enthusiasts here? 91
+12AMA: I am a mens fashion stylist and the founder of a mens custom suiting business 40
+122020 Finance Fashion16
+10your favourite eau de parfum?26
+10Is wearing a £2,000 suit too much for an analyst/associate grade interview34
+8Daniel Wellington Opinions?31
+8Rolex Oyster Perpetual or Tudor Pelagos24
+7cropped pants with brown loafers as an intern8
+7Summer/Hot/Humid Attire Recommendations 16
+6Shirts for built guys14
+6What exactly is "Business Casual" for an interview?11
+6Bag for gym & work?10
+5Suit colour recommendations7
+5Burberry Trench Coat Color Opinions14
+5What shirt? (Charles Tyrwhitt v Brooks Brothers v TM?)19
+5Best Shade of Navy Suit?11
+4Go to bags for work11
+4Loafers other than Gucci13
+4What kind of pants should I buy for business casual attire at a BB? (men)15
+4What pants to buy for IB?9
+4Confused on Pants5
+4Cole Haan Oxford Sneaker Hybrids?9
+4Company Patagonias10
+4Ferragamo ties8
+4Need Help- Budget Wardrobe for Summer Analyst Internship!!!14
+4Including Heritage in your Suit/Attire?15
+4Taking care of your wardrobe7
+4Beard as an Intern6
+4Best Extra Slim Fit Shirts15
+4Shoulder divots on suits8
+4Who is the best dressed finance king pin?9
+3Bankers with sleeve tattoos??6
+3Are These Considered Square Toed?7
+3Where to get Hermes ties3
+3How formal to dress?5
+3LA / West Coast Banking Fashion5
+3Casual Wear Recommendations?19
+3What Is Your Opinion On Express Dress Shirts?7
+3Starting a new banking job - really need advice on what to buy [poor college grad in Toronto]6
+3Do the stripes make this suit look tacky up-close?8
+3What to wear to an informal coffee chat with an alum6
+3Sleds for Women7
+3Dire need of peacoat/jacket for fall (male)6
+3Are steel straps too flashy for a 1st year analyst?8
+3Is wearing a jacket everyday too much?17
+3Best Leather Briefcase (not Tumi)10
+3Where to buy suits? 9
+3Short Tie, Swinging Back: Looking for Solution7
+3Winter dress shoes4
+2How to Buy Suits When You're Out of Shape?5
+2Men's shoes10
+2Canada/TO - Places to buy dress shirts?6
+2Who Makes This Dress Shirt?4
+2Dress code while interviewing for a Tech Position at an IB9
+2Cheap Clothes for College Student - Networking Events - Women4
+2Good quality monk straps?7
+2Another sign formal dress is dying: Prince Harry wore J Crew to introduce his son1
+2Dress code for interview.3
+2Fall casual work wear11
+2Anyone else here a paisley fanatic?3
+2Shoes and Back Pain?????5
+2Tiers of Loafers 9
+2Not your average suit recommendation5
+2New Associate Wardrobe (men's)2
+2Bag for gym/work7
+2Men's Bit Loafers Under $200?12
+260% wool or 99% wool or 100% Wool?5
+2What are your office wardrobe staples? 5
+2Intern in MBB/Big 4 Consulting Where should I get my suits?5
+2Does a Teal Suit Work?7
+2URGENT Need advice for friend in Public Fin-ashion10
+2wardrobe refresh - what are your go to's day to day?4
+1Best Makeup Artist in Gurgaon1
+1Backpack vs. Bag 1
+1Wolf & Shepherd2
+1Prada Wallet Question3
+1J. Crew ludlow vs Jomers vs Hugo Boss Suits4
+1Favorite Athleisure brands/outfits1
+1Recommendations for gym/laptop bag combo?1
+1Need loafer advice2
+1Online Shopping for Latest Clothes in France1
+1Women business clothes - what brands make the right impression?5
+1Fashion Week Internships1
+1Fashion Advice for NYC clubs/bars? (Casual wear)2
+1WSO Podcast: Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui (AUrate New York): Disrupting the jewelry business2
+14th & Reckless | Women's Fashion Online | Stylish Women's Clothing1
+1I have deleted this post1
+1Driver/Loafer Help1
+1Interview Outfits for Women...13
+1Buying individual suit pants (without the matching jacket)?1
+1Best suit pants for thinner frame4
+1Mack Weldon any good?4
+1Who is the best dressed person in your office? 1
+1Good Watch Service in NYC/NJ?1
+1How about colours*women*2
+1Graduating Early, Missing the Recruiting Timeline, and What to Do?1