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+3AMA - Corporate Development & Strategy


Hi everyone. There have been some recent threads on corporate development and strategy, and I thought I would share my own experience through an AMA and give back to the community. My background is fairly mixed, and I graduated with a technical degree from a non-target/semi-target three years...

+2AMA - F500 Director of FP&A


I've been asked to do an AMA a few times over the past few months and it's dead in the office so I figured I'd open myself up for questions. Brief background: - <abbr title="balance sheet">BS</abbr> in Accounting from no name college with 3.0 - MS in...

+1Financial & Managerial Accounting Books


I am interested in strengthening my Financial and Managerial Accounting skillet. Which book would you recommend for each subject? Also, i prefer you recommend non-classroom books, which are 800+ pages and no one ever read or finishes, and instead focus on "informative" books, max 400...

+1Banking-like experiences at McKinsey


Haven't been able to find much information on the more technical finance work that it seems like McKinsey in particular does, especially through their <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr> office. Looking at their website and LinkedIn, they do a lot of corporate finance...

+1Best practical readings to prepare for a career in FDD


Hi, I'm a MSc student with experience from Big Four audit that just accepted an offer for a TS position at another Big Four firm and I've been looking around for readings (books, articles etc) that could provide a solid knowledge on how Financial Due Diligence is performed in a...

+1Servicenow Corp Finance Internship : Turn into F100 FLDP


I received an offer for the Corporate Finance internship at ServiceNow. It's a new program but the offer was good, it gives me CF experience and ServiceNow is quickly growing. I believe it has a solid chance at becoming fortune 500 soon. I was wondering if this opportunity would give me...

0The Other Road: Corporate Development Associate Fielding Questions


<em>Mod note: <strong><a href="// ">Click here</a></strong> to see all of our q&a's and interviews</em><P> Given the...

0Feeling down about post-Big 4 options


I'm a Big 4 audit intern, just finishing up for the summer. Going into this, I was really pumped about my career prospects post-Big 4 (I know its kinda soon to be thinking of an exit strategy, but I'm playing the odds here). At my school, Big 4 audit is just about the best thing you...

0Career Choice - FP&A

Michael Jefferson

Hi, I would like to give me your opinion about career choice I have to make the next two days. I hava bachelor in Accounting and Finance and master in Finance. My goal is to work in FP&A department of a firm. I have two offers. One is from PwC for auditing department and the other an...

0What are the most annoying things your coworkers do in the office.


Regardless of industry every office has its own quirks and annoyances. Whether you be in banking, real estate, marketing, if you're in corporate America and on a floor that consists of 50+ people then it is certain that there will be some fucking whack jobs sharing the space along side of...