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AMA: F20 Strategy Director at 25 Y/O


Overly caffeinated and procrastinating on some technical writing that needs finishing. My path: * Top 25 Undergrad with concentrations in Management Information Systems and Supply Chain Management with a 3.2 GPA but strong work experience * Four years of grinding through a blue chip...

Anyone actually like their corporate development job? (Post -IB)


I know most people exit to <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr>/<abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> (coming from my firm) and maybe 1-2 in each analyst class exit to corporate development. I myself also plan on exiting to <abbr title="private...

What companies gives RSU for below Director position?


Which companies especially in Bay area give RSU to fresh <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> to manager level? I am from top 10~15 <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> went into corporate finance. getting...

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Limiting myself


I am currently in the trenches at Capital One Auto Finance managing a group of 16 risk associates (collectors on bad car loans).While CapitalOne was just named one of the top 10 places to find leaders, I have been struggling with the prospect of shorting myself by staying at Capital One for the nex...

What's more important? Company or position?


I’ve been working at a Fortune 500 company now for almost six months. It’s a successful, highly profitable, high-growth company with a very strong domestic and international brand. I like working there, I like telling people that I work there, and I’m proud of being a part of the success story...

Good Questions to Ask a Bank COO?


Scheduled to grab lunch with the COO at my current MM firm (think Stifel, Jefferies, Baird, etc.). We connected because we went to the same school. I’m a recent college grad, currently in a LDP rotational type of program, and simply grabbing lunch for networking purposes. What are some good questi...

How to set myself up for a career in Corporate Finance?


How to set myself up for a career in corporate finance (preferably FP&A) as a rising junior? Seeking Career Abroad (Native of India). Suggest Some Career Paths as m Just a Student with BBA degree!...

Internal Transfer/Application - How soon is too soon?


Currently working in a supply chain finance (i.e., cost accounting) role for a large manufacturing company, about 5 months in. I do some variance analysis, material costing reviews/updates, and some month end close tasks. I really like the company I'm with, and would like to stay here for some tim...

Repricing Employee Options


Hi everyone, I had a question about repricing employee stock options, here it is, 5. Patriot Corp. compensates executives with 10-year European call options which is granted at-the-money. If there is a significant drop in the share price, the company’s board will reset the strike price of the ...

Deal Size Matter in Real Estate?


Is deal size crucial in terms of experience quality in underwriting properties? I am assuming it is much more preferable looking at larger, sexier properties rather than class B - C properties in tertiary markets, but does it make a huge difference in terms of future opportunities in underwriting po...

Treasury Interview Crash Course


So I networked/lucked into an F500 treasury phone screen/first round interview. I'm a military academy guy still on active duty, so I really haven't been exposed to these types of positions before... Any basics I should cram in the next couple weeks?...

Moving from back office to corporate development/strategy


Hi all- I recently joined WSO and was a former Associate at a hedge fund in CT, working in the back office for the derivatives group. After approximately 4 years, I decided to leave the firm to pursue a new career path. I am interested in corporate development and corporate strategy, and have been l...

Roadmap to CFO


Currently I am a college freshman and have been really interested in accounting and investing in general for 3-4 years now. My end goal is to become a CFO and I would like to start in accounting preferably at a big 4 firm to build from. After a few years I would like to go back to school and get an ...

Is it worth to go to a start up in early stage of career?


I have an interview with a start up (which actually has taken majority of the market share of its industry and it's growing fast) as a FP&A analyst. I have finance background and some related experience but not actually FP&A role. I'm interned in FP&A but a little worried is it a good thing to sta...

CF vs. Corporate Banking / Asset Management


To each other, how would these jobs compare in term of: 1. Specific jobs as junior/analysts 2. Pays, bonuses, and progressions. Is hierarchy as rigid as one in IB? 3. Hours. I think CF would be around 40hours/week, but how about CB or AM? Do these careers enable you to live a life? (...

New product adoption rate assumptions


When analyzing a new business development opportunity, how do you guys make the growth rate assumption completely new product? I've done plenty of these in the past, but they were always for an existing product where I already know what the predefined market is. This is a first where I need to ass...

Disney Corporate Strategy / Corporate Finance / Decision Support?


Hi all, I know a lot has been said about the strength of Disney's corporate strategy group in terms of exit opportunities, business school placement, buyside, etc. However, I'm a little confused about the actual layout of the firm. So at my school they recruit for: - corporate finance - Decision S...