BlockFi Stops User Withdrawl: Who's Next?

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Our priority has been and will remain safeguarding our clients' interests. At 8:00 PM EST on Friday, cryptocurrency lender BlockFi declared in a tweet. "We are unable to conduct business as usual due to the lack of knowledge regarding the status of, FTX US, and Alameda." This is the crucial part: "Until there is further clarification, we are restricting platform activity, including suspending customer withdrawals as permitted by our terms." What a strong assertion! To safeguard users, why prevent withdrawals from being made?
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I find it really surprising that a cryptocurrency lending site informed users that they would not be able to retrieve their asset via a tweet. BlockFi informed its users of the terrible news in a formal email earlier today at 1:15 PM. Because BlockFi pretended everything was okay earlier this week, people are stunned by this news. Flori Marquez, the CEO and founder of BlockFi, tweeted the following on November 8:

"All BlockFi products are fully operational."

"BlockFi is an independent business entity. We have a $400MM line of credit from FTX.US (not and will remain an independent entity until at least 2023."

"We are processing all client withdrawals in line with our Terms of Service. To date, BlockFi has aimed to deliver all client withdrawals faster than our Terms of Service."

Flori Marquez

Back in June: FTX Rescued BlockFi 

BlockFi Rescued by FTX BlockFi was evidently not functioning properly continuously. It reached an agreement with FTX US in June 2022 regarding loans and a possible takeover. According to a CoinDesk investigation, BlockFi was put at danger due to its exposure to Three Arrows and the wider crypto crash. At the end of June, it went to the cryptocurrency exchange FTX for a $250 million credit facility. BlockFi CEO Zac Prince said that on July 1, business was going as usual and no credit lines had been used.

A couple of hours after the California financial protection agency formally founded an organization, Crypto Regulation BlockFi made the announcement public. Texas, New Jersey, and the SEC outperformed California in terms of examining FTX. The regulator advises investors to be wary of any potential hidden risks connected to cryptocurrency platforms. The past experiences make it obvious that official regulation of the bitcoin industry may happen soon.

Final Reflections

Before it experienced its current problems, BlockFi offered high APY rates to customers looking for passive income on cryptocurrencies. I can only hope that BlockFi users may withdraw their money at this time. because some individuals uploaded their children's tuition and their entire life savings on the platform.

As an investor, I believe that the most significant platform statistic is trust. the fact that BlockFi first sent an email to subscribers before tweeting about it. It is difficult for me to imagine that people will have faith in them once more.

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Nov 14, 2022 - 4:19pm
PrivateTechquity 🚀GME+BBBY🚀, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Every IP backed by FTX during their fake rescue financing spree (in reality they were preventing the forced sale of FTT from those assets collapsing) is going to freeze user funds. Anything anyone has in any of those businesses is as good as gone. 


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Nov 14, 2022 - 4:42pm
amberrrr789, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Quia qui non eum eveniet et. Magnam ratione earum qui architecto optio autem. Magnam sit accusantium animi similique minus. Velit qui ipsam omnis pariatur. Est aut asperiores aut facere.

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