MEXC Research: Investment Analysis of Unreal Engine 5-Based Age of Zalmoxis

A General Introduction

Age of Zalmoxis (KOSON), a third-person massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) built on the Elrond blockchain, was produced using Unreal Engine 5. The dungeons and endless missions that make up the game's ancient fantasy environment were inspired by European folklore. Characters are created by players, who level them up through combat, quests, events, crafting, and other activities. By creating a fictional version of the kingdom of Dacia, it has become one of the most well-liked AAA games.

Characters and gameplay
There are now two ways to create characters in Age of Zalmoxis. NFT characters come in two forms and are available on the market or in guilds for no cost to players. Players can develop their virtual characters by taking part in battle, creating various stories, winning competitions, crafting, and other activities.

The game's two narrative models are adventures and organic content. Players are instructed by the adventure story to grow their characters and gain rewards in accordance with that growth; other players create original new content using the game's newly generated material.

Players can also build additional structures, such castles, by gathering a certain amount of land plots. To create the tokens that drive the game's economy, they can be used during gameplay or staked.

NFTs in the Economy
Players can now swap NFT assets such as heroes, gear, resources, weapons, and more using EGLD or the game's native token, KOSON, on the game's Marketplace.

Players who have two Origin Souls can summon The Summoned, a second Soul, who is the first NFT character.

Summoning a soul costs EGLD and a few KOSONs, depending on how many times it has already been summoned. Per player/NFT, a maximum of six summons are permitted.

It's crucial to remember that souls of the same element will summon other members of that element. Additionally, when all six components are present, the seventh Mystic Element can be called forth. The summoning tokens for KOSON will be burned.
koson token burnThe Summon table above displays the price. The six Origin Elements can call forth the seventh Mystic Element once.

Age of Zalmoxis has five different geographic kinds (or biomes): continental, steepe, panonic, pontic, and alpine. In these biomes, people have the option to purchase land, and those who do so can build things, provide services, hire labor, and produce content like role-playing games and stories.

Landowners can choose to harvest first or to give other players a commission portion so they can acquire materials that spawn on their property. The size and type of resource output are determined by the number of plots.

Assessment of the Token Utility

Examples of applications for KOSON Trade Can be used to pay for the purchase of land and other NFTs.

  • Upgrade: This can be used to defray the cost of recruiting new heroes.
  • Breeding: You may use this to cover the cost of breeding horses.

Advantages: Unlike other games, players can access Age Of Zalmoxis for free. You can play the game for free in two distinct ways: either by using a Dream Soul and the Demo version, or by sharing gaming winnings in exchange for a character loan.

  1. Age of Zalmoxis works in conjunction with the Institute of Archaeology in Iasi to base the game's narratives on real items and historical information. Because it is based on an actual, old map of the Dacian empire, the game is more creative than others.
  2. Due to the usage of Unreal Engine 5, the game's graphics and soundtrack are of a respectably high standard.
  3. Age Of Zalmoxis and VictoriaLand have joined forces to impart historical and ecological knowledge to the community.
  4. In addition, VictoriaLand is providing Origin Soul NFT users with a real-world replica game in historic castles all around Europe.
  5. With the project, companies like Isengard DAO, Moolorian, Bware Labs, and others have partnered.


The circulating supply of KOSON, the game's native token, is 267,429,979. Distribution is done as follows:
26.8% of the budget is allocated to Staking Rewards, of which 14.8% are used for KOSON Staking, 7% are used for Land Chest NFT Staking, and 5% are used for Origin and Summoned NFT Staking.

  • Progressive unlock with 21% for the Wenmoon Studios Team after 72 months.
  • The percentage of play to earn is 20.8% with a vesting period of more than 4 years and 6 months.
  • 72-month linear unlock for the ecosystem at 10.9%
  • Ten percent for metabonding and a two-year progressive unlock
  • 10% of the tokens from the private sale will become available all at once, and the remainder tokens will become available linearly over the following 24 months, at a rate of 3% each time.
  • Delivered typically every three months over the course of a 24-month period, 1.7% for Seed Round.
  • 0.6% goes toward the open bidding and a one-time unlock.
  • 0.8% for Burned.

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