What Exactly Is Helium (HNT3S)? Learn with MEXC Blog

A decentralized, open, and distributed network of long-range wireless routers for Internet of Things (IoT) devices called Helium Cryptocurrency (HNT3S/USDT - you can trade it on MEXC) was introduced in 2019. The HNT coin's full name in English is Helium. To reach network consensus, the Helium Network uses a HoneyBadgerBFT-based technique.

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How Does Helium Work?

The Helium blockchain is in charge of keeping an unchangeable log of all network transactions. It determines the actual coverage of access points by confirming their position using a brand-new Proof of Coverage (POC) method. Through a process known as PoC Challenges, the program constantly pings routers using radio waves in order to assess the network's quality. After one season, Hotspots who take part in PoC challenges can receive HNT as a prize.

The Helium consensus system, which is built on HoneyBadgerBFT and used by the blockchain, enables groups of nodes to agree on untrusted connections. A 16-member consensus group is chosen every three months under the Helium Consensus Protocol. Election to the consensus group is open to all currently operational access points. Although members are chosen at random, filters are used to make sure they are geographically distinct.

Use Cases of Helium

Any suitable device can connect to the Internet using the Helium network. Users are able to control network-connected devices and do data analysis through the Helium console. There are numerous uses for these operations.

Real-time location tracking is one use case. By sending sensor data to the network through Helium-enabled devices, users or organizations may keep track of the whereabouts of people, things, and vehicles. bicycle and scooter rental service The Helium network is used by Lime and GPS monitoring provider LoneStar to track their smart and active vehicles. Helium is used by other businesses to track people's health, including wearables manufacturer CareBand.

Agriculture is another application area. The helium network, for instance, transports information from fields and transmits instructions to automate irrigation tasks. Devices can transfer data immediately to an app or dashboard through the Helium network, allowing users to check the weather at any time. The Helium network is also used by sensors operated by environmental monitoring firms including Conserv, Airly, and NOWI to track temperature, air quality, and water usage.

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