+20The Unfortunate Truth


I see a lot of people writing inspirational stories of networking and I just want to be honest with all the users on here. Those stories, are RARE. Everyone in my group goes to a target school, knew someone within the group, and/or has an insane story. Also, the group likes to recruit from its...

+10AMA: Sell Side Equity Research to Software Engineer


<h4>About</h4> I’m a software engineer who used to work on Wall Street in equity research. My background encompasses both finance and computer programming. My first job out of undergrad was at an investment bank in New York City, but I have since moved into more technical roles...

+8Destroy my resume - ER FT


Hey everyone, Rising senior at a non-target looking to recruit <abbr title="equity research">ER</abbr> full-time and was looking to get my resume shit on. I'll also be sending it to a few <abbr title="investment banks">IBs</abbr> that I have...

+6BEST Job You've Ever Had? What Made It Great


What was the BEST job you've ever had and WHAT made it great? Vacation days? Work life balance? Coworkers? The actual work? Your boss? The pay? The list can go on. We all value different things so at times it can be hard for employers to know which to honor to get the happiest...

+5Advice for a Banker Who Kind of Hates It


I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. The mindless number crunching, logo resizing, PowerPoint formatting and endless pitches have not exactly won me over. For some context, I’m entering my second year at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr>...

+4Which job in finance will provide the best exit opportunities in tech?


Current college student hoping to eventually have a long-term career in the tech industry. Which job in finance will give the best transferrable skills, connections, and look most attractive to those hiring in the tech industry? I greatly appreciate all input!

+4Post-MBA bankers - where do they generally leave for, in 2 years?


With the <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> route (most likely_ closed, what are the most preferred exit options for post <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> bankers? Do they prefer corp dev / strat or VC? Or have startups...

+4Ask the Chief - New WSO Podcast Episode Type

Launching a new type of super-short podcast episode (on the [WSO podcast]( called **Ask the Chief** to see how it goes... **Super simple: You ask me any questions you have about careers/interviews/life/anything and then...

+4Wall Street Jobs with least emphasis on articulate ability and social skill?


Hi. I am still in highschool and considering whether to try for the most coveted Wall Street positions. Since I will be put back $300k at ivies/t20 schools, while I can get full-rides at other universities, I am wondering if I even have the capability to get one of these jobs. I used to have...

+3In which career (law, investment banking, consulting, or private equity) would there be the greatest chance to hit 7 fig comp?


I am currently a rising senior in high school. Before, I thought that I should pursue a career in law as I saw how partners in the AM50 are making good 7-figs and the career is relatively stable (once you are an associate, most will not be let go during the first 7 years, then a lot are asked to...

+3Is it worth getting your CPA


Hi Everyone. I will graduate this December (2019) and have a full time offer in BVal for one of the Big 4 accounting firms (I am an accounting major). I am working on making the transition into more finance type rolls, hence the BVal position instead of audit/tax. My question is, my start...

+3High school senior interested in finance. How would I go about getting any sort of finance internship for the summer?


Before you all start flaming me, I get that I'm probably not going to land anything because I have 0 connections. And I'm fine with that, I'll just get a normal teen job and rest up before college. However, I'm still pretty undecided on whether I truly want to pursue finance...

+3Would a S&T offer be good for leveraging a boutique IB offer?



+3Just Curious... which do you think is a better starting point


If you had to start in public accounting (Big 4), which do you think would make you look better/prepare you better; 1. Going from Audit to Finance 2. Going from Tax to Finance I know Finance is a general term, but just throwing this out for discussion.

+3Career Choices - PIMCO or Ares?


Hi all, It's nice to finally work up the courage to start posting on here. I'll admit that there's a part of finance talk that intimidates me but there's an underlying exhilaration about it that I can't kick. And that is why I'm here asking for your...

+3Second follow up/reiterate my interest?


I had an <abbr title="equity research">ER</abbr> superday last Monday. I thought the interview went very well. Part of the interview was a discussion on a writing sample/case study I submitted before the superday. All three senior folks commented on how polished my work and...

+2Non-Target, But Can I Do Better?

What Should I Do With My Life

Hello, I have a pretty open-ended question because I don't really know what direction to go in. I'm headed into my senior year as a finance and economics double major at a non-target school. I've maintained a 4.0 (big flex, I know) so far and just finished a summer at a <abbr...

+2Resume Review Rising Senior


Hi all. Rising senior here. Just updated my resume and I wanted to know what you all think. Thinking of applying to <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> and <abbr title="asset management">AM</abbr> after graduating but my real goal...

+2Medicare for All - Is it a bad idea to specialize in biopharma?


I'm watching the democratic primary debate, and a big topic of conversation seems to be upending "big pharma" and the current healthcare industry. With Biden supporting hard caps on pharmaceutical prices, Sanders & Warren supporting Medicare for all, and Kamala Harris...

+2Follow-up Again after Interview


I know it's case-by-case first of all... I had my second round interview with a bank in New York City around mid July. I sent out thank you note with four interviewers right after the interview that day. And I followed up with HR last week and he said he needed to check with the...

+2How do I prepare for shadowing


I'm a rising senior completing my final summer internship in <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> (got the return offer) but trying to lateral to a better firm through <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> recruitment. Long story short, an alum...

+2Advice for non-target school liberal arts major.


Hello good morning and good night from wherever you are, I am seeking some advice. I am an incoming history major at Pepperdine University, how do I find an investment banking or finace internship with a relatively easy major from a non-target school. Even though I am really passionate about...

+2I'm lost trying to network


I'm at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">bb</abbr> as an intern back office, there's nobody at the location in front office. Now, heres the thing. I've been sending out random LinkedIn requests and managed to talk with a few <abbr title="investment...

+2A few months in and I really dislike my job

2nd Year Associate in Investment Banking - Industry/Coverage

After spending about a year at my previous place, I landed a "slam dunk" buy side investment role at a large fund. However, it has been very stressful so far. My co-workers are passive aggressive and managers like to yell at me for little or no fault. I feel dumb all the time and...

+2Starting University at 22 will this be held against me?


I’ll be starting university at 22 due to having to drop out of school after my mother dying. I’m hoping to get a job within financial services. I will be going to Imperial College London, will the fact I’m behind the curve compared to others my age not make this a viable career for me.

+2How to follow up to a cold email that was never responded to?

3rd+ Year Associate in Research - Other

Pretty self-explanatory. I don't want to be disrespectful and continue bothering these people but would still like to send a follow-up email just to say "Hi XXX, I realize you are very busy but would appreciate if we can talk sometime in the next couple of weeks. Thanks,...

+2Credit Risk analyst @MS


Hi fellow Monkeys, I’m having an interview for credit risk @MS. Any tips on how to prep? 2h long. Ta

+24.0 at Harvard but zero financial background


Hello! I never thought I would be posting on here as a strictly humanities type, but on a whim I started researching summer analyst applications and realized I would actually really enjoy the work experience and environment. I'm a rising sophmore at Harvard with strong research, data...

+2Final round interview with HR - what does it mean?


Hi chimps, need your take on my current situation. Couple of weeks ago, I applied for an investment management graduate position, and was fortunate enough to be called for 2 rounds of interviews with senior portfolio managers and the CIO. A week after the interviews, HR calls to schedule for...

+2I'm a rising senior who struck out on recruiting at an undergraduate B-School. What are my options?


I am entering the final year of my undergraduate education at a respectable business school (think Villanova/BC/UMich), and have no real path in sight. I was passed on by essentially every bank or Big 4 that recruits on campus, and am weighing my options. The current front runner is to shoot for...

+2Compensation Ladders Across IB/PB/PE/HF/S&T/ER/etc.


Never really found a place that compared side by side the all-in compensation ladders for <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>, <abbr title="private banking">PB</abbr>/<abbr title="private wealth management">PWM</abbr>,...

+2JP Morgan CIB Credit Risk Super Day - Plano, TX


There was an in-house recruiting Super Day event for <abbr title="JP Morgan">JPM</abbr> Credit Risk from Aug 6-8 this year. Has anyone heard back? And does anyone know how <abbr title="JP Morgan">JPM</abbr> goes through the recruiting process...

+1Which is Which


Hi everyone, I am going to attempt to make the transition form accounting to finance. (Have had several accounting internships, and am graduating with an accounting major soon). I was wondering if someone could advise me on which would be a better starting point as I have offers from...

+1job question school





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+1At a Career Crossroads...looking to do PE


Background: Graduated in Finance with a 3.0 at a non-target school, currently working as a Analyst in Commercial Lending at a small community bank. Recently had an brief unpaid internship in a local RE investment company. Could send my resume at request. I ultimately am looking to work in...

+1Going into an interview with limited info


I was approached via LinkedIn a week and a half ago by the VP of HR from a privately held (PE backed) company in the sector I work in about a new Corporate Development Manager position within their company. We set up a call last Friday which was your traditional screening call, however she could...

+1Potential for Pigeonhole


I have seen an interesting job posting for an analyst spot at a trading firm in a very specific sector. I'm wondering how the skills and knowledge gained would translate to other sectors. Would you be pigeonholed in your ability to only find signals in this one sector, or would the broader...

+12020 Commercial Banking - Corporate Client Banking & Specialized Industries Summer Analyst Program


Anybody got any insight on this Commercial Banking intern summer analyst position with <abbr title="JP Morgan">JP</abbr> Morgan? I filled the application out about a month ago, did the games and I just got my invite for the video interview via HireVu (or whatever its...

+1RMD GS - London - What's it really like?


Hi, I've been reading a lot of the previous threads discussing the <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr> RMD division, however was wondering if anyone has any experience with the London office? I'm really interested in this division and was wondering if it's...

+1Internship opportunities in Houston


Hey everyone I’m a freshman at a university in Texas. I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any internships offered to undergrad freshmans by <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> investment banks or any consulting firms, specifically in Houston. I would appreciate...

+1Which quant prop shops/ hedge funds offer summer internships?


I'm a rising junior at a target for quant work, and I'm looking to apply to proprietary trading firms and quant hedge funds in Chicago and <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr>. I have a list of some places I'm interested in (in no particular order): 1. ...

+1Career Switch? RE --> Finance


Should I stay with a RE Developer or make a transition to finance? I've worked in RE for 2+ years, first in financing, and more recently at a prominent developer. Since joining the developer (6+ months), I have been chronically underworked and have not learnt as much as I anticipated. My...

+1What's the best route for a career in Fintech?


Current sophomore in college looking to get into the financial technology (fintech) industry. What's the best route post graduation? IB? going straight to a fintech company? <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> seems the most attractive due to skills and...

+1Recruiting for Consulting One Year Post MS Degree


I want to recruit for top consulting firms in this coming cycle and I'm looking for some advice on how to accomplish this. Quick bio: I studied finance at a non-target undergrad. Worked one year as an analyst with a private wealth shop then did my MS in analytics at a top 10 B school...

+1Sophomore Year Plan


Hello, I am an incoming sophomore at a target school majoring in economics with a 3.9 GPA. I was a premed chemistry major last year and upon doing further career exploration I decided that a career in finance/consulting is what I want to pursue. (I'm not dead set on a particular...

+1Do I send an email yet??


Newish to <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> - not a troll I've managed to line up an internship with a start-up company this fall. When I spoke with them in early June, they said that we would reconnect near the end of August, closer to when I start...

+1Resume as a College Freshman


What should you put on your resume as a college freshman, especially in the beginning months when you haven't done anything in college yet? - what do you do for the education section with no GPA, just include coursework? - without any college work experience, do you put relevant...

+1Mutual fund quant role vs Quant trading role

Intern in Other

I have a job offer at a <abbr title="megafund">MF</abbr> (good aum) for a quant based role ( mostly multi asset and macro strategies ). I also have a trading firm offer at a quant prop shop ( relatively small). I really need to decide between them in less than a month or...

+1JP Morgan Hirevue technical interview questions


Hi, has anyone had any experience in JPM's technical video (Hirevue) interviews? I applied for their corporate analyst, tech connect and software engineer 2020 programs, and have so far received video interview invitations to the first two. I have good experience with SQL querying and...

+12020 S&T Full Time Recruiting Timeline...


Hi, Does anyone have any insight into <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> recruiting timeline for BB? I saw that <abbr title="JP Morgan">JPM</abbr>/UBS/<abbr title="Goldman...

+1If you could take off six months (don't worry about the details) to work at any nonprofit, which would it be and why?


Title says it all. Don't worry about the finances, assume you can do the function you want in a reasonable lateral (e.g., not the CEO tomorrow) and just assume you can return to your current job when the six months is over. In a nutshell: don't worry about the specifics, just think...

+1Middle Office switch to University Endowment Analyst


I currently work for the world's largest Custody Bank. I am in an accelerated college recruit program at this bank. I specifically work in a Project Management/Change Management role for a Projects group that is embedded to a Middle Office Securities Trading Processing Team (Trade Capture)....

+1LinkedIn BLP


Just got an interview for LinkedIn's Business Leadership Program and wanted to see if any monkeys had any info regarding the program. Seems very sales-heavy, so I'm not too interested but maybe I'm overlooking a cool gig. My other options would be to be back to T2 strategy...

+1Perspectives on Career Path with Capital Markets Analyst Position


Howdy Yawl, Just another kid looking for some advice on what to do with his life. I'm a recent <abbr title="Masters in Finance">MSF</abbr> graduate from a semi-target school currently interning at a small boutique buyout fund focusing on healthcare <abbr...

+1Advice for Corporate Banking


Hey all, been doing some research and found out my "why" lies within corporate banking. Currently, a chemistry graduate working in pharma halfway through a finance <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr>. What advice would you have to make the...

+1No response after final interview


I interviewed for a <abbr title="venture capital">VC</abbr> analyst position last Wednesday, got an email from the MD asking for references on Thursday and I sent those in Friday. He responded last Friday fairly quickly to that email saying he wouldn't contact them...

+1Finding the next job / job search advice

N/A in Other

I was recently laid off working for a large financial institution due to a reorganization. I need advice in regards to connecting with new companies in different cities to land my next job as simply applying on company career websites no longer works.

+1Finding Summer Internships Starting In July


I'm a rising junior and I'm going to be in Australia for a study abroad this summer. Since school starts in early March there I would not be able to come back to the United States until late June. Since I do not have any formal finance experience beforehand I was wondering if there...

+1Equity Research at MS vs Mckinsey Business Analyst


I'm a university student who has an offer at MS for <abbr title="equity research">ER</abbr> for a summer internship, however I am considering applying to Mckinsey too. What would you say is more competitive? if you were to assume a perfect hypothetical world where...

+1Valuation/boutique IB/CorpDev for PE later on?


Hi Folks, I recently finished with my <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> in Finance from a top 30 school. I have multiple offers and need help in selecting the best role that'll help me land into <abbr title="private...




+1Remote finance job for a 20 year old?


Hi there, I'm 20 years old from one of the lesser-known (and developed) European country. Right after I turned 18 I've established a company in the US completely by myself - all the paperwork & other stuff, I even had to go personally to the US open a bank account. It was meant...

+1Clarification of incorrect technical answer during interview

Intern in Investment Banking - Mergers and Acquisitions

So the situation is, the interviewer asked me how to get equity value from enterprise value, as basic as it was. I was a bit nervous and said something like "to get EQUITY VALUE, you sum up EQUITY VALUE and cash and subtract debt" I could sense the interviewer must be like...

+1Which jobs have 40-50 hrs per week and what would salary look like at the 10 year mark?


Just started my masters in stat and planning on going down the actuarial route. I went to an Ivy but due to some life/health issues my gpa's terrible. The masters and my post bac work is all I can do at this point. I spent some time ironing out those issues, and now I'm back on track...

+1Does UBS sponsor work visas?


I’m a UK citizen and graduated from UK uni. What are my chances I am considered for UBS <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> program in NY?

+1Wells Fargo FAP Corporate Banking Energy (Exploration and Production)


Has anyone been through this program or a similar one with <abbr title="Wells Fargo">WF</abbr> Corporate Banking? I've seen some similar threads about <abbr title="Wells Fargo">WF</abbr> FAP but a lot of them are dated. Can someone whose been...

+1Post Amazon Finance Internship next steps


I'm a rising Senior at UC Berkeley (Haas undergrad) finishing up my financial analyst internship at Amazon this Summer. After much reflection, I realized I may not like working in excel all day on boring metrics. I am having somewhat of a change of heart and I am no longer sure what kind of...

+1Stuttering and Interviewing


I’m entering my last semester of undergrad and have been networking in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> all summer. I definitely feel like I’ve been making progress in terms of making connections and have begun the full time recruiting process (first phone screen...

+1Right Next Step and Level: Director Corporate Strategy to either VC or PE


Background: IT consulting (4+ years )--> Top European <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> --> Strategy Consulting internships (10 months) --> Big 4 Consulting <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> (~7 months) --> Top...

+1Recruitment agencies


Hello All, I'm Paul. I'm from Los Angeles. New to this awesome website. I'm an alternative investment professional. Went to a top economics firm. I've worked on deals in private equity and investment banking. I'm looking for full-time work in <abbr...

+1Let go as a 1st year IB analyst; 8 weeks to find a new job


I just completed my first year at a small investment bank and was recently told that I have about two months to find a new job. Due to special circumstances, the firm was willing to help me out and will continue to say that I am employed at the firm for the next two months. What do you all...

+1Career Dilemma


Hey guys just want your advice and input I recently go two offers from two large publicly traded corporations in my country(Canada) one is an internship offer for the treasury department while the other is a back office position(not internship) for commodities hedging working directly with the...

+1Career after B com


Since we all know that a b com/graduate fresher has to struggle a lot in order to get a job. Industries, nowadays giving priority to the experience or to one who has some skillset. So all you graduate folks out there if you are planning to get a job after graduation, you need get few skillsets...

+1Interviewing for Elliot Partners new insurance business, whole loan and reperforming resi mortgages case study


Hi All, I am about to interview for a position with Elliot's insurance business and there will be a whole loan purchase or reperforming loan purchase case study. I believe we will be focusing on residential assets. This will be in London. Any case studies or materials people could share?

+1Recommended statistics books?


Can anyone recommend any books for statistics. Ideally something that explains the intuition as well as the heavier maths? Many thanks

+1When does Fall recruiting start for positions left vacant by those who just left for PE shops?


I am specifically talking about those who have completed their 2 year stints in banking. I imagined it would be August but i haven't seen that many positions open up just yet.

+1Looking for teammates to solve product management case challenges


I'm an incoming part-time <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> student at NYU, and looking to go into product management. Worked in investment banking for a couple years, but now interested in tech. And given my limited (self-taught) coding...

+1FT recruiting - lost senior


Hi all, I'm feeling nervous as hell about <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> recruiting. I go to a non-target and didn't get a return offer from the firm I interned at this summer (1/9 did for my group). My parents are on my ass now and want me to take whatever...

+1What's your biggest bias?


When interviewing candidates, what's your biggest bias? Can be pro or con any element of a profile... Personally, and this is petty I know, I always ask STEM students (incl. economics and finance) why they want to go into trading and how exactly they think their academic experience will...

+1Help - How to leverage past work experience and pivot? AM Equity Research to?


Looking to leverage past work experience in equity research <abbr title="asset management">AM</abbr> and pivot but not sure how to do it. I was part of a fund restructuring and joined a fintech company to scratch my entrepreneurial itch but i'm not happy with the...

+1Big 4 Audit vs. LMM Boutique Finance


I was fortunate enough to receive two full-time offers and am a bit stuck on which one to choose. I am attending a semi-target with a business undergrad graduating next year. One of the offers is your typical audit staff accountant position with a big 4. The other is with a boutique <abbr...

+1Drug Screening at Credit Agricole


Hi Everyone, Does anyone know if Credit Agricole does drug screenings for incoming associates in the US? I have a final interview coming up and i'm a occasional cannabis user so just want to make sure that ill be ok if i receive an offer. Can't find substantial information on...

+1BMO Trading Products 2020 NYC


Wanted to start up this thread. Was wondering if anyone heard back yet from last week’s round of interviews?

+1Can I apply to sophomore/junior year internships as a rising freshman with extra AP credit?


To keep it simple, I'm ahead of my school curriculum by a bit more than 3 semesters (almost 2 years) because of <abbr title="accounts payable">AP</abbr> credit. But, I'm still staying in school for the whole four years. With that in mind, would I be able to say...

+1BIG4 Deal Advisory Cover Letter - Crush it


Ok guys, so I am currently applying for a position and need honest opinions. Go fot it! To whom it may concern, I would like to express my interest in obtaining a (Junior) Consultant position with XXXXXX in XXXXXX. I became very interested in the position after speaking to XXXXXX, an XXXXX...

+1sending previous examples of work / portfolio


Hey monkeys, How do you guys deal w/ showing previous examples of work? Most of what we deal with is confidential. But I also feel actually SHOWING what you've done is more powerful than hand-waiving and describing vaguely your previous work. I really wish I could just email...

+1"Leadership experience in undergrad"


Cleaning up my resume, and was re-thinking if 4 years out of undergrad if I really need this. Potentially I could use up this space to talk about some specific things I did at my prior job. Would love to hear your insight - would taking it out just look awkward that I didn't do much in...



With the end of summer, offers have already or going to be handed out soon. So, how was the summer? Did you get the offer and if not what is your plan? If offers aren't out for your firm, what do you think the outcome will be?

+1Middle-Office Role at Prestigious Endowment Fund Exit Opportunities


I'm currently interviewing for a valuation analyst role at an endowment fund and was wondering if someone could give me some insight on what the exit opportunities would look like. Since i'm coming from a non-finance background, would a middle office role help my chances of pivoting...

+1Big 4 tax to FP&A


Hi All, Im looking to switch out of the tax industry into the FP&A world and trying to determine the best route. Facts: Worked at a top 10 <abbr title="Certified Public Accountant">CPA</abbr> firm for 4 years in tax in financial services. I took a lateral move...

+1CS or Econ for Aspiring Economist?


I am about to start an Access to Higher Education course which will enable me to attend university (upon successful completion) at the start of the 2020/2021 academic year. I want to work within the field of economics, and am unsure of which university course would give me the best chance of...

+1Moving from academia to the real world


I am currently enrolled at a non-target school in the southeast as a master of science in finance candidate. Through undergrad, and even now, my work ethic has been impeccable. I have earned several merit based scholarships for both finance and real estate. I completed undergraduate majors...

+1How to Word Emails Asking Someone to Put in a Good Word for Me


I'm about to start as a freshman at a semi-target in a major city in a few weeks, and I know I'll need to start looking for an internship soon next summer. I've been reaching out to people the last few months and have made a few connections at a <abbr title="bulge...

+1Breaking into IB as a Student in Unrelated Field

Other in Accounting - Tax

Hello everyone, I was just wondering how often you come across someone with an unconventional background that has been successful in navigating and securing a job in <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>. And if not <abbr title="investment...

+1Direct Lending SA 2020


Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of any direct lending firms that have <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> programs and what their recruiting timeline looks like? Thanks for the help. -New <abbr title="Wall Street...

+1Doing IB while a PT student


Hey Folks, As I'm nearing my graduation from my <abbr title="Masters in Finance">MSF</abbr> program in December, I have started applying to <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> jobs. I am pretty much done with all the interesting aspects of the...

+1How to phrase emails for trying to obtain a freshman internship


I'm about to start as a freshman at a semi-target in a major city in a few weeks, and I know I'll need to start looking for an internship soon next summer. I've been reaching out to people the last few months and have made a few connections at a <abbr title="bulge...

+1Recruitment Consultancy in Hyderabad Training and Placement Companies in Hyderabad


Here Lots of great information regarding recruitment and it is very useful for people who are searching for this type of services. Happiness at Work is our motto and the inspiration behind the name. We are a young staffing company with a primary focus on Permanent, Contract & Flexi hiring....

+1One year work experience since graduation, what next?


Hi guys, I've been reading lots of posts from this community and found very helpful and tons of tips and insights of this industry so it's a pleasure to do a first thread and hopefully will help others too in a similar position. I need some advice regarding my next steps. I'm...