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+29I'm bored: Macro Hedge Fund PM Q&AHowdy folks, this market has me bored to tears [edit: I'm truthfully also just having a harder time getting a read on conditions than at any point in my career, so that is prompting both frustration and introspection], and just for work-unrelated reasons, I have a bit more free time on my...1593 days 13 hours ago
+17I am a Hedge Fund recruiter AMAI work with equity L/s arms of the multi-managers and single managers. A little about me: I don't come from typical financial services major nor have I ever wanted to be an IP myself. All the same, I love my job and don't wouldn't trade it or my firm for the world. Happy to answer...9119 hours 31 min ago
+6Why are previously successful hedge funds failing?I work for a LO manager. I have a little less than five years in the industry although have prior work experience. We do fundamental work and average a two year holding period. I see opportunities to generate relative outperformance in many places. I do not think it is easy but would think...566 days 18 hours ago
+2GPA cutoff for hedge fundsWhat would the GPA cutoff be for larger hedge funds (AUM > $1.0bn) from a semi-target top 15 school? Currently working at a MM bank.233 weeks 1 day ago
+2What background do most hedge fund managers have?What do you guys think the most common background is among most hedge fund managers? (i.e started as traders, analyst, quants etc.)223 weeks 2 days ago
+2New Case Webinars in WSO Hedge Fund Prep PackOver the last 12 months, we have made a big effort to improve our <span class='keyword_link'><a href="//">hedge fund interview</a></span> prep package by bringing to you relevant webinars with...12 months 5 days ago
+1What is a PM's role in a HF?What does a PM do at a hedge fund? I'm going to be interning at a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-a-hedge-fund-HF" rel="nofollow">HF</a></span> this summer but I don't know what PMs do. I know...153 weeks 1 day ago
+1Hiring Market in Hedge FundHey guys, what is the current hiring market like for junior laterals at fundamental hedge funds? I assume pretty bad from weak fund performances you hear about in the news but was curious. Thanks. 121 week 5 days ago
+1"Any fundamental fund that CONSISTENTLY returns 15%+ is doing something shady" - Your thoughts?I saw this in another thread from a verified <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-a-hedge-fund-HF" rel="nofollow">HF</a></span> person. Wondering what other people's thoughts are. As much as I want HF, if it...102 weeks 17 hours ago
+1Fundamental L/S equity analyst to alphacapture product managerI am currently an analyst at a 200m AUM hedge fund working as a fundamental equity L/S analyst. Got an opportunity to interview for an alphacapture product manager role at one of the largest/prestigious quant HFs in the world. Would this kind of move make sense? I understand that quant HFs are...61 week 2 days ago
+1Why are there way more macro funds in London than the US?Why are there way more macro funds in London than the US? Whenever I read about star performers in the macro space, they happen to be London-based managers.61 day 20 hours ago
+1What does it mean to create "processes and process documentation"? I'm applying for an entry level hedge fund job, and one of the questions on the app is: "Please describe any roles where you improved or created processes and process documentation." All rude responses will be reported. Any attempts to gain credit by responding to this question...54 weeks 11 hours ago