+27AMA - Credit Analyst (Multi-Strat Credit Fund) >$5bn Fund


Have been on-and-off <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> for a while now, thought it was time to give back. Feel free to ask away Background: previously in a top <abbr title="Restructuring">RX</abbr> group (PJT, <abbr...

+14Boss/PM tosses heap of personal insults upon resignation


As some of you who have seen my previous posts know, I was looking for a new job after I realized that my current gig (small fund) wasn't working out. I finally found another job and tendered my resignation to my PM / boss this week. During our discussions, unsurprisingly, I was peppered...

+12Feeling lost due to lack of guidance/support as a junior analyst


Couple of weeks ago the 1st year passed since I joined this L/S equity hedge fund, c.a. $100m in assets with global mandate. We're based in Europe. I joined here upon graduation, with some prior experience in private equity/consulting. Day 1, the PM I work with literally told me to find...

+8Pro ball to Pro Analyst


I am going through a career change from professional baseball to investment management. I played for the past 6 years and decided to leave the game and pursue a career in the <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> space this past January. I fell in love with the industry three...

+7Silver Point Recruiting?


Have an interview with Silver Point for a position directly out of school. Saw some threads that mentioned them in the past, but nothing too substantive, What do people think of the firm? Are the people smart? Do you learn a lot? How's it compare to banking or PE? Thanks!

+5Point72 Summer Academy vs Top BB IBD Summer


I was fortunate to receive offers from Point72, and top BB(GS/MS/<abbr title="JP Morgan">JPM</abbr> IBD) for junior summer. What is the best option? I think I want to enter <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> and don't have too much interest in...

+5Best books to read to get me up to speed at a distressed debt hedge fund?


I am about to start working as an analyst at a distressed debt and credit hedge fund. I just graduated from an undergraduate finance program however I was not exposed to much about hedge funds or credit/distressed debt. Just looking for some books, information outlets, or study methods to...

+4What is the most popular software that hedge funds use?


If there are several software programs please post them. I'm assuming that Bloomberg Terminal is #1.

+3Small fund turning into extremely toxic environment


Does anyone have any experience dealing with small funds that have turned into extreme toxic work environments? My current work place is one. If you read some of my older posts, you will know that I have been trying to leave my current employer, which is a small PM-run fund with only 2 analysts...

+3Why won’t this work?


This could be used for many companies, but let’s say Tesla. Say you rent a place and put a camera next to the Tesla factory/factories. As each truck delivering Teslas comes out, you count the number of trucks by later watching the camera recordings. If the number of trucks times the amount...

+3Standard non-competes - is 1 year a lot?


Hi there, Title says it all. I have an offer from a large multi-strat for a quant role. Is a 12 month non-compete (paid at base salary) a lot these days? I honestly don't understand how anyone leaves one hedge fund to go to another if this is standard. Thank you.

+3Multistrat/small HF Networking?


I'm currently in <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr> secdiv on a front office eng/strats team, looking to get out when the bonus hits in January (around my 2 year anniv.). I went to a semi-target and studied math instead of computer science so the big name quant...

+3idea velocity at fundamental or quant funds


Want to hear people with experience in the industry (both PM and analyst perspectives) on what expectations are like for a junior analyst or quant with respect to generating ideas. How rapid should new ideas be generated such that a PM would be satisfied with idea generation velocity?...

+3Platforms with long term, long biased PMs


There was a similar thread a while back asking about which platforms have teams that do long term fundamental investing. Consensus seemed to be Marshall Wace and Point72 did, while Citadel and Millennium didn't. I'm also wondering, does there exist a Citadel-type place for investors...

+2Future of HF skillset

Prospective Monkey in Venture Capital

What do you think the most important skills will be for entry level analyst at fundamental <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> in the future? Would it be helpful to learn Python or take a Data Analytics course?

+2Quant researcher after finance phd


Hi all, I'm midway through my phd in finance at a top3 school and a few internal recruiters at funds like DE, citadel, twosigma, aqr etc have been reaching out for "informational" interviews. how good are those roles? anything like a normal analyst does at a <abbr...

+2Crypto Hedge Fund Startup and Consulting


Hi, I am a college dropout that had setup a hedge fund structure 2 years ago and sold it this year to an ex-manager. He was very happy with my consulting services so I figured that I could do this for a living. I want to know how I can get more clients to offer my <abbr title="hedge...

+2Sign on bonus for PM positions


Hi, Does anyone here have some intel on what kind of sign on packages one can expect for quant PM positions at multi strat platforms? I am quite far in the application process with some of them. The thing is that I will have a one year non compete, of which 6 months may be unpaid. Also in...

+2Consulting/Corporate Strategy to Hedge Fund


Hi guys, I went to a target school, worked in corporate strategy/finance for two F50 companies (1+1.5 years respectively), transitioned into <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> after. Worked there for around a year (liked the money but not the work) and relatively...

+2Hedge Fund Landscape - Picking the Right Shop


Hey all, I'm a second year banking analyst at a <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> shop looking to make the move to a hedge fund this summer. I've found that its rather challenging to come up with a landscape of strong funds **outside of** the top tier...

+2Which experiences and skills are useful to secure an internship at a hedge fund?


Hello everybody!! I am a second year undergraduate currently studying Mathematics with Finance. I'm wondering whether anyone here got the chance of having an internship in a hedge fund and which kinds of skills (mostly quantitative or others like interpersonal, etc.) are those hedge fund...

+2select equity group???


curious about the following firm, in terms of reputation, employee tenure, lifestyle? any info about their intern program would be particularly appreciated

+2Businesses/sectors with both high growth and high ROIC?


Hi everyone: Have you come across a sector that is both high in ROIC and has high growth please? Which sectors exhibit these characteristics? Thank you!

+2What, if any, hedge funds offer internships?


Title says it all. Do you guys know of any hedge funds that offer internships to undergrads? Would love to know the names.

+2Best Postgraduate for breaking into trading


Hi Everyone, I hold a bachelor degree in International Business with a major in Finance and I am currently employed for one of the leading rating agency working in structured credit(2 years exp.). Now, since my real interest and passion lies in Trading and Capital Markets I decided to...

+1Good podcasts

Tricky Triangles

Looking for recommendations on good podcasts (ideally those that recur). Looking for: 1. Macroeconomic update (bonus points if the broadcaster has an opinion either way) 2. Updates, trends, issues on specific industries (interested in everything and anything) Thanks guys

+1HF Interviews NYC


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+1Bonus Structure/Formula Question

Billy Ray Valentine

All- Discussing some new roles which would would allow me to structure my own package. Within the hedge fund world, at the PM level, is there a typical formula (or at least framework) for annual bonus based on performance? % of total P&L? % of profit above a hurdle rate or benchmark?...

+1Test mobile app


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+1Bayview Asset Management Thoughts and Opinions


Hi All, I'm currently interviewing with Bayview Asset Management LLC for the PM analyst role. I haven't really heard much about this Fund, and can't really find a lot online except a bunch of people who were mad at Bayview because they didn't hear back from them when they...

+1Is Kyle Bass just bored?


Is Kyle Bass just bored or does he want to run for office on an anti-china platform? [Edit: Adding useless words here because it wouldn't let me post without achieving the minimum count]

+1Event Trading Volatility


So I'm not entirely sure how to explain this but it seems there is a market for trading volatility around catalyst-driven events. I'm talking central bank decisions, surprising government tweets, natural disasters, corporate scandals... Basically any time things can get out of whack...

+1DE Shaw Fundamental Group

Close But No Sigar

Hi all, I've been trying to find more information on this group but haven't heard much - was wondering if anyone had any insight? Also, is it normal to get an in-person interview almost immediately after the phone screen? Seems like that was the case for some of the canadidates...

+1Switching Industries (Moving to Finance)


I am 23, recently graduated with degrees in mathematics concentrated in Actuarial Sciences and a degree in Finance. I am able to code in Python, R, and am learning SQL. Currently I'm a data analyst for a small firm, but would like to make the jump into the Finance industry. Any ideas of...

+1Any idea how to network in Toronto's Hedge Fund industry?


Hi there, just landed in Toronto. Recently I am trying to find some Hedge Fund managers based in Toronto to network, however, I don't know where to find even the names of the firms, which turned out to be very hard to network on LinkedIn. Any suggestions?

+1Short focused HFs?


Hello all, I am a rising senior interested in short selling. What firms focus on Short Selling? I know Citron, Safkhet, and Kynikos. I know all the Multi-mangers have short focused managers but would like to know if there are any other respected short focused funds.

+1Best way to learn about fixed income/credit markets


Title is pretty self explanatory. I will be joining a credit focused shop soon and hope to become a trader one day. What are the best ways to teach myself about the securities, markets, etc. Thank you!

+1best hf headhunters these days?


Who are your top 5 favorite <abbr title="hedge fund">hf</abbr> headhunters these days? I feel like everyone has an agreed upon top 2, but curious what it is after the clear winners.

+1Marathon Asset Management???


Anyone know their reputation on the street or anything else about them? This is the American credit <abbr title="hedge fund">hf</abbr> not to be confused with the London based <abbr title="asset management">AM</abbr>.

+1WSO Weekly Quiz - Win A Year of WSO Premium (80,000+ Interview and Salary Data Points), $299 Value, for FREE!

Feeling <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> trivia saavy? Check out our new <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> Weekly Quiz for a chance to win a YEAR of <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> Premium free! Our next...

+1Public-Focused Groups of Private Tech Investors (Vista Public Strategies, Sequoia Global Equities, etc.)


Hi all, Is anyone familiar with Vista Public Strategies or Sequoia Global Equities and their investment style (time horizon, concentration, mandate etc.)? Specifically interested in understanding how they complement the well-known private investment practices within each respective firm.

+1Compensation: Experienced Sell Side Associate to 1st Year HF Associate NYC


Hi Guys, What does comp look like on the buyside <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> for a 1st year associate? It is a single manager fund with a 2 senior members and me, the sole associate. Roughly 150MM AUM fund that is just starting. I am 5 Years post <abbr...


Jim Simons

At my firm facetime matters, to a certain degree but I can't ask anyone about it because they refuse to acknowledge it matters. Therefore, I'm asking others at <abbr title="hedge funds">HFs</abbr>, and others on <abbr title="Wall Street...

+1Question for buy-siders on valuation


I'm a sell-side <abbr title="equity research">ER</abbr> associate and one of my connections on the buy-side asked me to interview. The interview is a trial phase over the next x months during which I'll do research on pre-selected stocks and provide my thoughts....

+1Investment Memo Case Study


I'm currently in the process for a multi-manager platform and have been tasked with getting up to speed and submitting an investment memo. After doing some initial research, my gut is telling me to provide a HOLD recommendation given recent business results. Would you folks say its a...

+1Consulting to Research Analyst at a Hedge Fund


So somehow, I ended up receiving a message about transitioning to a Hedge Fund as a Equity Research Analyst for oil and gas. My background (chronological): 2 years of engineering, 2 years of econ/optimization and commodities trading analysis, 1 year consulting - energy I have very strong...

+1Stock market sell off soon.


I discovered a method of cycle analysis that predicts the future. It is posted here for all to see, without showing how it's done. Thank you. USA stock market cycle for SP500, Nasdaq, or Dow. Expect sell off starting in late August or September, lasting into October or November. My work can...

+1Alternative Data


M Science, 7Park, YipitData - main players in the space working with all of the top <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr>/AM's out there. Curious if anyone on here has any direct experience with any of the 3 and overall, what the general sentiment is around the research...

+1AQR CodeSignal Test

Jim Simons

I’ve been asked to complete a CodeSignal test for a Portfolio Implementation Engineer at AQR. Does anyone have insight into this assessment? Specifically what type of questions could it ask and it appears I’m able to use any language even though the posting mentions Java?

+1Strategy Study Currencies


Hi ! I am currently doing a study on major currencies under the form of backtest which respect spread cost and slippage and other parameters. The result of this study on the currencies bellow get an accuracy of 100% on 15 years of data (OHCLV) since 2003 to 2019, by adding all the currency...

+1Hedge fund start up


Does anyone here want to start a hedge fund? I want to partner up and bring my own infrastructure - ready to go. It's always easier when you have a partner or partners, solo hedge funds are extremely rare. PM me if you are interested in a discussion.

+1Why invest in Buffet-like firms?


Probably not the best question asked on this forum, but nevertheless one I just can't wrap my head around. I'm constantly reading about fund managers who admit to copying Warren Buffet's investing approach and fee structure, and yet end up doing very well. How does that work? Why...

+1What is the first step to take to transition from S&T to L/S HF?


I am a first-year analyst in Equity Sales, but I've always wanted and planned on working on the buyside (specifically a L/S fundamental fund - investing side). I know equity sales is not a quantitative role with many translatable skills in terms of modeling, etc. I am not sure what my...

+1when can i remove my gpa for hf roles?


For your first job after a banking analyst stint, you need to show your GPA. I get it - you still need to show your academic credentials because you literally just graduated by the time you are interviewing. But for your second job post banking (4 years post graduation), do you still need to...

+1Breaking into a hedge fund from a professional sports background


Quick background: Graduated from a target school with a STEM degree (shit GPA of 3.0), interned at SpaceX, an NBA team, and Capital One. My friend who works at a prop shop said I would be good as a hedge fund analyst bc "you might not have the raw quantitative skills to work as a quant,...

+1DE Shaw Superday / Generalist Intern


Can someone tell me what exactly the Generalist internship is like / what types of questions they ask for the superday?

+1Are all those market risk/model validation jobs worthwhile or not?


Currently in a quant investment analyst role at a fund of hedge funds - the work is slow as hell so looking to make a move to either an actual hedge fund or the sell side somehow. I get a lot of recruiters contacting me about risk roles (mostly model validation stuff or market risk analyst,...

+1Activist Investor campaigns database

Pan European Monkey

Hi All, Wondering if anyone had a good activist investor campaign database that they use. Bloomberg is great but I don’t always have access to it... Thanks!

+1Hedge fund capital raising opps


Hi there, For background I'm a newly minted graduated out of target, with no more finance experience other than described below. I'm currently interning in a very niche, quite new (less than 4y) hedge fund with just over 50m AUM. I've been working very hard at the fund...

+1Moving from small caps fund to other hedge funds


Being a junior I'm basically forced to take whatever investment management position I can take. Would doing something like small caps at the beginning prevent me from doing emerging markets equities / credit later?

+1How much of a comp difference will you see for a top hedge fund analyst at a $500mm fund vs. a $5,000mm fund?


How much of a comp difference will you see for a top hedge fund analyst at a $500mm fund vs. a $5,000mm fund? According to the SumZero compensation report the difference is apparently fairly small for the median hedge fund analyst (~$30K). Is this really true? If you are at the 90th or 95th...

+1HF Strategies protected from quants


Interested in hearing views on which strats in the future that humans will retain an edge in. I'm thinking merger arb (and other event-driven), distressed sovereign debt analysis and discretionary global macro.

+1Need Your Help - Opportunity in Private Debt or Run a Credit Asset Manager


Hi All - need your help on advice as I'm in between two offers right now: 1. Private Debt Shop - Direct Lender - 1L, 2L, Unitranche deals; sourcing, evaluating, structuring and executing transactions. 2. CLO Asset Manager/Co-mingled Funds - invests in Sr. Sec. Loans; would be evaluating...

+1how much does hedge fund compensation vary by geography like-for-like?


Do hedge funds pay less in regions in Texas with a lower cost of living? On one hand this makes sense, since each dollar goes further for junior employees due to cost of living differences. On the other hand, this makes no sense since hedge funds have the same fee structure (2/20) regardless of...

+1Best books to understand the basics of the credit market


Title pretty much says it all. I will be joining a <abbr title="hedge fund">hf</abbr> that mainly covers the credit market (Corporate credit, EM, Structured, Real estate etc) I don’t have a tremendous understanding of credit securities and how they are traded. Looking...

+1Alpha Capture - Tim Group anybody with experience contributing ideas?


What are some of the other alpha capture platforms, how do you get on, what are the requirements to join, how much can you realistically make there a month?

+11st Analyst Comp BuySide


Hi Guys, What does comp look like on the buyside for a 1st year analyst? It is a single manager fund with a 2 senior members and me, the sole analyst. Roughly 150MM AUM fund that is just starting. 5 Years post <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr>,...

+1Consulting upcoming managers.


Hi, I have provided consulting to a couple of ex-managers to start their own fund and help them setup on their own. The service I provided included drafting of paperwork to form LLC's and LP's. Getting them contacts of fund administrators, auditors, prime brokers and investors. I...

+1Setting work life balance expectations


Does anyone have any advice for setting work-life balance expectations at trading firms/hedge funds? I don't want to fall into the trap of working 60 hour weeks like I did during some of my internships.

+1Should I join a tiny (2-man $12 mm) start up HF?


First off some background about myself. I'm an international student at a non-target in Australia (pretty much no-name for ROW), about to graduate in Dec 2019 and have registered for <abbr title="Chartered Financial Analyst">CFA</abbr> Level 1 in the same period. I had...

+1Sorry please delete



+1Do some hedge funds not like candidates who have worked at another hedge fund?


I think I have heard or read somewhere before that some hedge funds do not like candidates who have worked at another hedge fund, as there may be a perception that they are already shaped into a particular investment style, that may be at odds with that fund’s style. Obviously, I imagine this...

+1Considerations before joining a fund


Hi all, just seeking some career advice. I have worked for about 10 months as an intern in Investment Banking, and have just completed a 3 month internship at a Global Long/Short Equities fund here in Sydney. The fund is relatively small (sub <1b FUM) and almost unknown here in Australia...

+1Citadel London 2019


Has anyone recently gone through Citadel’s recruitment process for the London office and could share some insight about the process? Many thanks!

+1Networking through Bloomberg Chat?


Wondering what you guys think of using bloomberg chat for networking purposes? I have actually had some success with it as far as contacting alumni through chat, and moving on to other communication services, but as an icebreaker it seems to work better than cold emailing and linkedin? ...

+1What parts of the HF industry are experiencing structural tailwinds?


Does anyone have a good sense of what strategies or approaches to investing are experiencing structural tailwinds? For example, I would say US stocks in the 1980s / 1990s were experiencing tailwinds - everyone made money and felt like a genius. Moreover, during that period, assets ballooned....

+1Low-return, low VaR, low vol


Which types of allocators would most likely wish to allocate to a low-return, low VaR, low vol, Macro HF?

+1Hedge Fund Internship in Toronto?


Hi guys, I was just wondering where and how I could apply to or network my way to any (small to large) hedge funds in toronto and if they do offer internships? How would I go about contacting people within these funds?

+1Why do US MFE Programs place better into Funds than their U.K. counterparts?


Any insight into why Princeton, Columbia and Baruch etc place far better into hedge fund quant roles in comparison to Imperial MFE, <abbr title="London School of Economics">LSE</abbr> Applied Math, UCL Comp Finance etc...

+1Prop trading interview questions - de shaw, Jane street, citadel

Prospective Monkey in Investment Banking - Generalist

Any tips on what to prep for a first round prop trading interview at Jane Street and De Shaw? (Hopefully citadel and two sigma too) Should I expect more market related questions or more of the brainteaser sort? Bg on me: studying math and finance and had a small trading internship. Thanks guys

+1AQR Capital


Does anyone know if AQR has a fundamental investing arm like DE Shaw or Citadel? And if so what is it called? Thank you for the input.

0Any thoughts on Woodline Partners?


Is anyone familiar with SF-based Woodline Partners? Any thoughts on team, strategy, investment style would be appreciated! Thanks!

0Newbie! and looking for excitement opportunity!


Hello all, I am excited to join this community. Senior year student-accounting major and working as an accounting assistant (GPA 3.7). I play stocks market a little bit and I like the idea of making money that way. I am looking for working at wallstreet or major firms. Looking for advise where...