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+7So who's doing well right now?


Keep seeing article after article about what big name did poorly in October and November and I am just curious as to who's doing well? Are there any strategies that have been thriving in this volatility or at least had gains large enough to survive it? Personally, I know there are a...

+3What portion of junior hedge fund employees are compensated primarily as a function of PnL instead of as a function of age?


My general impression is that many large hedge funds (employees > 5) actually compensate junior employees on the basis of age and not really on performance. My impression is that this applies to hedge fund employees with less than 3-5 years of hedge fund experience, unless the team is small...

+3ExodusPoint Capital Management


Hi! New user here. Does anyone know anything about ExodusPoint Capital Management as far as for pay, culture, reputation, etc?

+2Macro Hedge Fund Trader/PM - AMA


Hi all - long time reader, first time poster. This website was helpful to me when I first started my career so I thought I would give back while I am in between gigs. Brief background - 10 years of experience in the industry - started my career as a trader at a bank before moving to a hedge fund...

+2AMA: Multi-strat HF Analyst


Multi-strat <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> analyst focused on public equities. All opinions are my own, any views on specific funds are purely anecdotal, will not answer anything too detailed on my background or specific funds, but happy to speak to broad industry...

+2IB Necessary?


All of the following is assuming that I want to take the <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> route long term. Is it helpful to take the <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> analyst at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr>...

+2Point72 Canvas FRG


Is anyone familiar with the canvas fundamental research group within point 72? Nature of the work, comp, hours compared to front office, etc?

+1Would you work for a family office?


3 years into my current gig at an equity L/S fund (started out of undergrad) that's getting hit with redemptions so I'm looking to get out ASAP. I am weighing a few options at the moment: (i) <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> <abbr title="private...

+1what should i invest in if i can't invest in stocks?


let's assume you can't time the market but you believe the specific asset selection is a core capability you have. let's also say your fund doesn't let you pick stocks for your own portfolio. what other ways can i exercise my investing ability to pick specific analyzable...

+1R vs. Python in a fundamental equity HF?


Hey guys, so I'm stuck between learning R and Python, and I'm in a fundamental equity research role. Interested in learning 1 of the 2 (could learn both, but honestly I have way too much to learn outside of coding and don't have the time do learn 2 languages on top of...

+1Switching from credit HF to equity HF


Hi all, I have been working at a credit <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> for just over a year, focusing on leveraged loans (private lending, stressed credit and par loans). Before that I was at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> bank in...

+1Exclusive Slack Group for Hedge Funds


Hi Folks, This is a link to join an exclusive slack channel for hedge funds. Use this link below to join the group.

+1Switching From Equity AM To Credit Shop?


I've been working at a big long-only fundamental shop (like a Wellington) for a few years and before that I was at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> bank in an industry group. I'm thinking of moving to the credit market because I think large-cap. equities is...

+1Bridge Loan On Commercial Land?


Hey there, I'm a mortgage broker and real estate broker. I landed a borrower looking for $8M refinance loan on his commercial land and completed a full due diligence to underwrite the deal. My lender though backed off the last day and I'm lacking the fund now. Which hedge fund or...

+1My Quant Hedge Fund (Crypto and Digital Assets) Finally Launches in 2 Weeks


After over 8 months of preparation, formation, operations construction and meeting with prospective team members, my quant hedge fund is finally launching. It's being led by myself as well as a former 15 year Goldman alum. Been a pretty longtime lurker on <abbr title="Wall Street...

+1First Major Career Move, Ops to Front Office - Need Advice


Hi All, Long-time lurker, wanted to share what I'm going through right now and see if I can get some feedback on how I'm thinking this through. I have spent the last year and a half as an Middle Office Analyst at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> bank,...

+1Duped Thread Deletion



+1GoldenTree Asset Management


Does anyone know anything about GoldenTree Asset Management? They seem to be a hybrid firm split between more traditional opportunistic <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> strategies and safer <abbr title="asset management">AM</abbr> strategies. Is that...

+1I'm a hedge fund recruiter. AMA!


Howdy all, I work at the largest private search firm in the world that only does financial services. I focus on the fundamental, bottom up investing space of the hedge fund community, however we cover the full gamut of products on the buy and sell side. It's been quite a year for the hedge...



Hi, I am a year away from Uni graduation , and I am looking for opportunities. I was lucky to get an internship in a <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> (good size, think 2-3 Bn) and I like the team and the strategy. They focus on distressed and corporate credit. I also...

0Hedge Fund Intern Pay


Currently talking with a small $200-300M L/S fund about an internship and the fund wasn't looking for an intern until I reached out. Fund manager basically asked me what I was expecting in terms of compensation, and I'm not super sure what market rate would be. $20-25 an hour? Or would...

0Point72 Accelerated Recruiting


Did anyone else get the invite to do accelerated recruiting for Point72's Academy program? I got it, did the Hirevue, got the second round. Responded to HR's email about scheduling a time for the second round on Friday, but still haven't heard back? They're doing second...

0How do generalists produce alpha?


Any generalists out there, how do you produceb alpha when you don't even have expertise in an industry or lots of experience in that space? How do you narrow down on an investment that would deliver long term returns?

0What type of hedge funds do you see succeeding in the future?

Joseph 8493

There's been a lot of discussion about typical L/S being crowded out as more investors move towards passive investing. So, this brings the question - what strategies in the hedge fund world do you see succeeding in the future? I think we can all agree quants will be very successful, but...

0Strategies that will continue to flourish?


Hi all, Curious on your thoughts.. what type of strategies do you envision to be sustainable and successful over the next couple of years? People have talked about how the quant strategies have started to degrade a lot of the alpha from the L/S shops. But what about other discretionary...

0Distressed Debt Analysis - Moyer


Hey Guys, Anyone have a pdf copy of distressed debt analysis by stephen moyer they'd be willing to send me? I am very interested in the distressed space and want to learn as much as I can. If any are willing, it'd be much appreciated.

0Distressed Debt Interview


I have a first round interview at a distressed debt fund. Any thoughts on what first rounds look like? I'm currently an analyst in a restructuring group at a bank with some decent deal experience, so I assume I'll get asked about what I've worked on, and I have a credit idea...

0Best Industries to Specialize In


Am interested in learning the community's thoughts on what are some of the best industries to start off in for equity investing at a hedge fund? Is it advantageous to start in cyclicals (e.g. chemicals) vs growth (e.g. tech)? What about highly specialized industries (e.g. O&G or...

0AMA, I'm the head trader for a Multi-strat HF


Went to a top 25 undergrad program, been <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/trading-overview">at <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> trading</a></span> for past 10+ years, ask me anything. been at same...

0Where would you rather work: D.E. Shaw or Point72 for Junior Summer?


Between the Point 72 Academy Internship Program and D. E. Shaw's fundamental analysis teams where would you rather spend your junior year summer with the intent of working at a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-a-hedge-fund-HF"...