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+100Investment Banking Resume Template - Official WSO CV Example<img src="" alt="Investment Banking Resume Template - Official WSO CV Example" /> <p><b>Attached to the bottom of this post, you will find the Wall Street Oasis Investment Banking Resume Template...156
+56How I Broke Into Goldman IBD From a Non-TargetHello Everyone, I am a senior at a non-target school in the northeast and have recently accepted a <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> offer in <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> at <abbr title="Goldman...47
+39Bad HabitsWhat bad habits (besides lack of sleep) have you all developed since you started at a bank? For example, I started biting my nails after a month on the job but had never bit them before and a friend began to mumble random finance terms in her sleep.50
+23Marriage?Are you investment bankers better off marrying a girl who’s also working the same job in investment banking? I feel like they would understand the obscene workload and long hours. And the combined income could also reach up to a million for the family in the long run. Or would you prefer a...56
+20So what's December like for you FO guys? It's interesting in BO . . .As I've posted here before, I'm <abbr title="back office">BO</abbr> at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr>, and generally having a great time with it. I even did an AMA on managing my Summer Analysts if anyone wants to look up my post...29
+18Why does every 2nd IBanker want to transition to PE?I've done research and spoke to a lot of people in the industry and it seems like the hours aren't that better at all from <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> and the all in comp is roughly the same as in <abbr title="investment...52
+15Greatest Acquisition of All TimeLong time listener, first time caller. Searched through the forums to no avail. What do you consider the greatest acquisition of all time? Can be corporate, government, whatever. A few that come to mind. - Google purchasing Youtube in 2005 for $1.65B (Valued at $160B earlier this year -...24
+13GS Veterans Integration Program (VIP) 2019I'd like to start the 2019 Veteran Integration Program thread this year. The application just opened up and I plan on applying in the next week few weeks. Taking this content directly from last year's post - In past years the application entailed an online resume screen, followed...48
+13Rothschild = Goldman Sachs of EuropeI would like to hear opinions on Rothschild in London/Europe. I heard in America they are not that good, but they are top notch in the City. From what I heard from bankers in the City, they are the most prestigious place (one of), and are basically Goldman of Europe. They rank no.1 in multiple...26
+12Best Groups at BBs, Best Banks for certain Groups RankingJust wondering about street perception on ranking the bulge brackets/elite boutiques across the major industry and product groups: (As in which firms have the strongest groups for some of these) <abbr title="mergers and...41
+11Interview with Piper JaffrayI'm interviewing at Piper Jaffray for Diversified Industrials and Services Investment Banking, can someone shed some light on how the interview process is like? Anything about this group at Piper Jaffray will also be helpful.52
+11People wondering whether they should quit their IB job to join the militaryThis post is inspired by a recent thread in which someone mentioned wanting to leave his cushy <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> position at 26 to join the military as a junior officer. Apologies if it's in the wrong forum, moderators. As someone who...1
+11Stupidly low bonus. Should I jump ship?Quick summary: graduated 12 months ago, been working at this 5 man <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr> boutique for around 8 months. Was promised quarterly bonuses and a split on execution fees. Base salary was low @ $50k but still took it. Fast forward...36
+10Any other targets get screwed by this year's Summer Analyst recruiting cycle? What are your plans now?So I went into the summer recruitment process pretty confident coming from a target with a 3.8+ gpa and a relevant <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> internship at a boutique under my belt, and so far no opportunities have materialized. Had multiple phone screens...37
+10Bible of FinanceWhich of the follow do you think is like the bible in the field of Finance? Investment Banking - Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts and Mergers & Acquisitions (Joshua Rosenbaum, Joshua Pearl) Principles of Corporate Finance Brealey Myers Books on Corporate Fiance by Damoraran Financial...25
+9What level do I have to be at to get a trophy wife?To be more specific I want a supermodel wife. Those with internships, did your MDs have banging victoria secret angels as their spouses? What about the VPs? Do I need to be the CEO or the manager of a hedge fund to get one? If not supermodel, I'll take the next step down and do a...10
+9Financial & Valuation Modeling Boot-Camp<strong>Financial modeling</strong> is a skill that any investment banking analyst will have to master. Although the majority of investment banks and other financial firms now have formal training programs, many students and prospective finance professionals are choosing to enroll in...52
+9Baird lifestyleHey guys! Can anyone here speak to the analyst lifestyle in Baird’s Milwaukee office (hours/weekends/etc.)? Much appreciated.37
+82018 Investment Banking Report: 8 Trends in the Industry<center><img src="" alt="" /></center> <br> Wall Street Oasis (WSO) released a detailed <a...1
+7Client meeting etiquette rules as an AnalystWill be attending meetings with clients soon. What are some basic etiquette rules before/during/after the meeting as an Analyst apart from taking notes?11
+7IB Best Offices - Updated 2018Hi all, More of a fun one: Hoping to get a list going as to the best/nicest office buildings for investment banks (ideally in NYC) and why you think they're desirable (amenities, layout, artwork(?), etc.). I'm aware that a similar question has been asked before, but figured...18
+7Tattoos in IBD/HF/PEIs it a problem to have tattoos (not wrist/fingers) in these industries? (For instance if in the forearm you should not roll your sleeves, right?)12
+7Can't help flexing on everyone.I feel kind of an inner voice which tells me to flex on literally everyone, even on people who earn much more than I do. Lmao, even on my parents. I ball so fucking hard that I can't even save a pound. I squander all the money on Gucci, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton and other shit (bought a new...10
+6Giving back to those who help youHello everyone, I have been in contact with an VP at an investment bank who has been helping me. I have done a few informational interviews with him and he has helped me with a few other things. I am just looking for something that I can do to sort of "re-pay" him for the time he has...14
+6Top Banks for Leveraged Finance?Hey monkeys I’m looking to lateral into Leveraged Finance. What are some of the top banks for Levfin? I would imagine it is those with larger balance sheets, yet Goldman has a <abbr title="leveraged finance">Levfin</abbr> team too. Any insight is...10
+6King of the shortlists but can't get an offerFor the past two summer recruiting cycles I have been able to interview my way to the final rounds of <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr>, but was unable to get an offer. I thought all of...10
+6Oil&Gas interviewHi! What can be asked? What the most difficult technical questions you were asked? Thanks in advance!16
+6Joining LevFin and FSG at this point in the cycleGot an offer from a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> and I will have to choose my team soon. Their LevFin/<abbr title="Financial Sponsors Group">FSG</abbr> is the top one, however, would it be dumb to join one of these teams at the moment given...25
+6Rank the Banks!Hey everyone, I threw together some league tables for the banks. I grouped them as, Bulge Bracket, Balance Sheet Banks, Elite Boutique, and <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr>. The data is completed deals YTD for all sectors. I then ranked each bank in the category...12
+5What's the most Prestigious thing to own?Bank, Museum, Charitable Foundation, Research Institute, Technology Company, Space Company, a Country etc 22
+5How bad is Deutsche Bank these daysHow bad is DB these days particularly for ASOS starting and career trajectory and pay. A lot of articles about people and teams leaving before bonus season. It sounds bad from the outside. If you have any other choices should you forgo DB at this...7
+5Diminishing ROI for Banking?Most people here obsess over "prestige" and staying on "the path." Yet the traditional route of undergrad -> <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> -> <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> is well trodden, and the ...2
+5Too many quality games too little time Hi guys, Would not really consider myself a full-time gamer, but do enjoy playing the odd game of FIFA, cod, PUBG overwatch etc. However, I'm sure anyone as who a owns a console since September is well aware of the quality releases out as of lately (spiderman, RDR2, assassin creed...30
+5Had a "fit" interview with MD of ECM...Takeaways and ConcernsEdit: Thank you everyone for your response. Now I'm just writing to fill up the space and use up the minimum character limit.28
+5Do I need BIWS/WSP if I have the Rosenbaum book?Just was curious as I have the Rosenbaum book but wasn't sure if it would be worthwhile to purchase the BIWS or WSP course as well. 22
+5New Case Webinars in WSO Investment Banking Interview Prep PackOver the last 12 months, we have made a big effort to improve our <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/guide/investment-banking-interview-prep-questions">investment banking interview</a></span> prep package by bringing to you relevant webinars with...5
+4Investment Banks in 10 years - RankingHi guys! How do you think the landscape will change in the next couple of years? Will the Bulge Bracket be reduced to the US banks? Will the Europeans merge? How will the <abbr title="elite boutiques">EBs</abbr> be positioned? Which might fall from glory (as...25
+4Negative Net Debt in an Acquisition Hi Guys, Hi have a have a couple of questions that confuse me: 1) If I am going to acquire a company with negative net debt, should the price I need to pay be tied to the equity value or I buy the company at the Enterprise Value (i.e paying a lower price)? What I mean is, when the Equity...9
+4Why is investment banking still attractive to younger generation if 40% of comp is stolen by the big theif aka the government?Suppose your all in comp is 200k-40%= 120,000. That isn't so attractive anymore especially if you're living in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> or SF. You might get a refund but that's still very high36
+4What can I do in high school to get into HYPSM?As you all know, top targets are incredibly competitive, and they reject so many people who are obviously geniuses, I'd like to study finance and go into ibanking, and then switch over to hedge funds. Problem is, I'm a sophomore in high school, no idea what to do to improve my...50
+42019 Investment Banking Analyst Program - JP MorganI have just finished my HireVue questions for 4 different positions and they all appeared to be the same: 1. Explain why are you going to be a good fit for the analyst position at <abbr title="JP Morgan">JP</abbr> Morgan. 2. Describe a time when you were a part of a...12
+4BAML LevFin and FSG Placement this CycleDrawing inspiration from the on-cycle recruiting page, how did <abbr title="Bank of America Merrill Lynch">baml</abbr> <abbr title="leveraged finance">levfin</abbr> and <abbr title="Financial Sponsors Group">fsg</abbr> in <abbr...14
+4B Riley FBR / Very small I-bankI am a Big 4 portfolio valuations manager (recent promote) and was just offered an associate position at B Riley FBR in there I-banking division. Whats the word on this firm or switching from big 4 to very small I-banks in general?? I am also applying to top B-schools (not admitted yet) - is it...12
+4Pursuing Olympics 2020 instead of IB job...How to stay relevant?Hello all, I decided to take a professional contract for track and field instead of trying to pursue a job in <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>. Idea is to go for 2020 olympics then pursue an opportunity in <abbr title="investment...15
+4What makes JPMorgan special?Hi Guys, I have a HireVue interview with JPMorgan coming up and I suspect they'll ask me: why JPMorgan? I have my own reasons, but my perspective is limited as I'm basically an outsider - an undergrad. To widen my perspective and get a better grasp on the firm: what do you...12
+4Upper BB PWM or Corporate Development Internship at $1-5 billion firmI'm a sophomore at a semi-target looking to use this internship as a stepping stone to recruit for investment banking next year. Which one would investment banks think of as better? <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> <abbr title="private wealth...16
+4What are the similarities and differences between Corporate Development and Sell-Side in terms of experience?There are countless articles regarding the buy side vs. sell side in terms of similarities and differences. What about between corp dev and sell-side? Corp-dev meaning that you work on deals for the company itself and underwrite your own deals and sell-side where you represent clients. My...8
+4When is the slowest time of the year? Do you get extended time off?*How much time do you get off for the holiday season? Christmas? A couple days? A week?* *Are other times of the year less busy, and thus, can you take off a few days off? If so, what time of the year is that? Is Labor day (weekend) particularly slow?* Assuming these answers are highly...9
+4IB Boutiques that are still hiring for SAHi <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, I'm a sophomore pursuing a Summer Analyst position. I understand that I'm very late for <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> recruiting but I understand that many boutiques are still...11
+4Rosenbaum or Damodaran?I want to prepare for <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> interview. Which is Books is better Rosenbaum Investment Banking or Damodaran on Valuation?7