Interview question regarding senior role I have coming up


I have a 30 minute phone interview on Monday with a lady in HR. I submitted my application via LinkedIn and received the email inviting me yesterday.

The position is for a director role - AM.

I am 36 years old.

According to the website of the company, the associate director of AM is a 51 year old guy with credentials that blow mine out of the water. He has a CCIM, a MBA, AND a masters. His BA was also in real estate and finance. The schools are all Ivy League.

His work experience is even more impressive. In no world can any facet of my resume even compare in the slightest to his. How he is an ASSOCIATE director I have no clue.

So I am confused.

This would be my first interview for a role as high as director which has been frustrating for me as I have been doing this straight out of college and have an MBA from a non target but still respectable school. And as I mentioned, I’m getting closer to 40 now (at 36 years old) and have been really frustrated with my lack of my progress despite work being my entire life. So I have been really nervous since I received the email for this interview.

But upon discovering this now, that the person who in the role below me is way older and never in a million years could you even compare us - there is simply no way I could ever be this guys senior - well I am just confused.

I initially wanted to ask for opinions on what to expect in this interview - but now I am focusing entirely on this, when I should be preparing.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


You are dramatically overthinking this. If you made the first cut to get a phone interview, someone at the company already likes you on paper - i.e. the various things that you are being self-conscious about. The HR lady wants to vibe check you, and if you pass, you'll talk to someone higher up. You need to get out of this inferiority mindset immediately and focus on the things you are good at so that you can present them appropriately. 

There is always going to be someone smarter than you, someone better educated and credentialed, and hell, in other aspects in life, always someone taller, more fit, better looking, and with a bigger dick. You can't spend your time thinking about that though. You have to go out and live your life. 

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I appreciate both responses I do want to clarify however that I was trying to imply his work experience was even more impressive than his education. That is the main thing that actually raises an alarm for me.

And because the position I am applying for pretty much has to mean I would be applying for a senior position over him according to their company website. Unless “Associate Director” is above “Director”.

So more so than being overly worried which I no doubt am I feel like this problem is sort of, I guess, still unrelated to that - because, it’s just like, how?

I can’t wrap my head around it. Unless the dude is about to bounce or something.

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Maybe he’s comfortable where he is and never wanted to take a step up. Maybe he’s brilliant but socially awkward. Maybe he’s just riding out the next 2-3 years before he retires early. 

You need to approach this positively, not negatively. Maybe if you get the job, he’ll be a badass worker and make your life that much easier. Maybe you learn something essential from him that you carry with you the rest of your life. 

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True true, thank you for the responses. I can’t overthink it and need to stay positive.

The little things are already starting to irk me. Like; it’s schedule for Monday from 2:00 to 2:30. It’s a phone interview. It says in multiple locations in the email and calendar invite “phone interview” and I had to give my phone number when I blocked off the time for it.

But there’s also a teams meeting link. I can click the button that says “join your appointment”.

So, Are they going to call me or am I to click the link at 2:00?



I hoped due to Covid that face chat interviews were done. I am going to work from home on Monday and I have been contemplating what to wear. I don’t want to go full suit to not seem like a desperate thot so just button down I guess? (I care regarding how it looks for my employment not because it’s a female to clarify. I have talked to other ones before and it was fine). And I really want to use notes. I have a ton of notes. But if we are face chatting I’m not using shit.


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