Networking tips - PE without IB experience

Hi all,

Some networking/ career advice would be appreciated.

I've been reaching out to my network wanting to pivot to BB IB from Big 4 M&A.

As fate would have it, my connection from BB IB offered to link me up with their friend at a MF PE shop as they are hiring.

Bit of context, I'm from Australia so the shop I'm at is comparable to a MM IB due to punching above our weight in deal size and volume.

I wanted to work in BB IB to solidify my technicals given we do mostly sell side, and the brand name would de-risk my CV in a sense. I also have a bit of imposter syndrome and dont want to look stupid meeting with these ex BB IB people.

I know people would kill for this opportunity and it is being handed to me on a silver platter - but I dont know if I am ready.

Should I tell my connection this? How would you approach this?

Thanks everyone!

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