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+12 How many of you have been to China?513h
0 Do You Think It's Easier To Become An MD of An Emerging Markets Group - APAC, LATAM, AFRICA?15h
+5 Let's Talk Bitcoin1434d
+2 Will Hong Kong remain the main financial hub in Asia?121w
+47 If You Became an MD, or PM -- Would You Really Care If Your Group Was Diverse?812w
0 AI in Finance Conference?12w
+47 Arranged Marriage1052w
+4 Economics33w
+4 At the start of my career, trying to deal with the cast of characters at my firm13w
+26 Anti-Asian Racism is out of control in the US1351mo
+7 Asian American Attacks511mo
+1 White-shaming is pathetic561mo
+2 Asian Century and Future of World Economy201mo
+2 WFH Post Undergrad61mo
0 RFQ To Supply Large Asian Company11mo
+29 I wish I was an airline pilot 571mo
+3 Travel the world391mo
+1 @International's, What Do You Think About Global Heads of APAC, or LATAM Not Being From Those Regions?22mo
+4 Countries still open to Americans for vacation? 242mo
+9 Lying about race and another diversity discussion322mo
+7 Q&A: 4 years in S&T Asia102mo
+16 not a good time to move to Asia233mo
0 Feeling depressed working 4 years with no exit (Asia)33mo
+2 So You Want to Work in IB in China?594mo
0 What to do with 750 GMAT score? 34mo
0 Elite high school worth mentioning?305mo
+17 WTF is a "white ally"?276mo
+56 To All the People Debating Who Has It Harder916mo
+17 How to NOT let COVID derail my dating game? 786mo
0 Outgoing Indian Envoy Makes Farewell Call On Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina16mo
+1 TOEFL vs IELTS for working in Asia06mo
+42 Most Underrated Vacation Spots?1746mo
+1 Is World War 3 inevitable 276mo
+97 IB is still a disgusting amount of money...1116mo
+2 Why has meeting like-minded people gotten so hard...207mo
0 "Blind" Recruiting167mo
+35 Surge in Hate crimes against Asian Americans during COVID487mo
+2 Should I let my parents access my college email?547mo
+1 Diversity Student And Apps question48mo
+7 Online dating success stories?218mo
+36 Affirmative Action Crackdown [That whole Yale thing]678mo
+4 3 Months Off - How to spend time?158mo
+10 Watch recommendations for intern348mo
+14 anyone play warzone?328mo
+42 The Cases For & Against Affirmative Action628mo
+3 Associate has doubts about my character / integrity38mo
+1 Morgan Stanley Industrial Placement18mo
+21 Are Middle Eastern & Arab people considered diversity?1308mo
+6 Why are Asian students used to target other racial minorities and AA?318mo
+47 where is all the diversity 559mo
+8 Why almost everyone on WSO underestimate the importance of REAL connections29mo
+15 American Table Manners259mo
+21 Honest views on Houston419mo
+44 Any questions on life in finance in Hong Kong? Q&A829mo
0 If you're a poor white/Asian person, maybe you're just stupid369mo
+2 Brown MS Data Science Vs LSE MS Finance Vs UTokyo MPP79mo
0 Dont give up ! FAS -> Laid off -> Product Manager Offer79mo
+15 Ask me anything… I'm a Private Equity Analyst in Shanghai789mo
+10 How Do You Overcome Feeling Shitty409mo
+6 Asian Segregation1310mo
0 Racists supporting BLM, the Liberal Paradox310mo
+4 Most inspirational life stories 710mo
+1 Reqirements off210mo
+2 Investment Banks As Rappers3410mo
+110 Leaving the "successful track"5410mo
+19 how did going to all-boys school affect your personality?2110mo
0 Vodafone in Talks With Verizon Wireless to Sell 45% Stake to Verizon Communications010mo
0 Would You Want A Higher Salary But A Smaller Bonus?610mo
0 A peasant revolt for lunch510mo
+14 Are Americans less collegial and open?3011mo
0 Things to make fun of and are unprestigious7111mo
+11 How do you deal with the heat and humidity?2911mo
0 To all Asian bankers and bankers-to-be:311mo
+1 FF News; "Pandemic Pain," hits markets says The Wolf of Wall Street?211mo
+2 Did Adam Neumann Start an Investment Bank? "Success-Based Compensation"511mo
+2 Give me some advice211mo
+29 USA: 50 Things I Miss & Love5511mo
+1 WSO Weekly Wrap-Up (4/16-4/22)011mo
+29 Congratulations to the 2015 WSO Forum Member of the Year: DingDong082011mo
+5 10 Benefits of Working/Living Abroad, Part 14311mo
+1 The Lexington Group Tokyo New York Asia Financial Services - Stretching IRA assets 311mo
+1 Cities to visit with minimal travel2911mo
0 Leaving the US due to Racism711mo
+1 Parents giving me ~$5mm to help them invest. Any suggestions?2011mo
0 Apple Returns to the US711mo
+1 Thoughts on Outsourcing in Finance3611mo
0 All future/ex military read this. So true.611mo
0 List of English-Language News Sources011mo
+1 Hobo's are better predictors than the Nikkei index. 1111mo
+4 Holiday vacation1211mo
0 Fracking Is Back in the Haynesville Shale111mo
0 The Microsoft Excel World Champion Is a 15-Year-Old English Girl1211mo
+1 smart, cool businesses (not necessarily in finance)111mo
+1 Pearl Harbor: 75 years later (tidbits and interesting facts)011mo
+147 Burnout / Life Choices10611mo
+1 Rent budget in Chicago / America411mo
0 CMBS Market and Trends: Ranieri: US securitisation industry at ‘crossroads’211mo
0 What is wrong with the US1411mo
+3 Is Facebook Use Declining in North America?2011mo
+66 Living in a bubble4111mo
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Career Advancement Opportunities

April 2021 Hedge Fund

  • D.E. Shaw 98.7%
  • AQR Capital Management 97.4%
  • Citadel Investment Group 96.2%
  • Point72 94.9%
  • Two Sigma Investments 93.6%

Overall Employee Satisfaction

April 2021 Hedge Fund

  • D.E. Shaw 98.7%
  • Citadel Investment Group 97.4%
  • Two Sigma Investments 96.2%
  • Blackstone Group 94.9%
  • Point72 93.6%

Professional Growth Opportunities

April 2021 Hedge Fund

  • AQR Capital Management 98.7%
  • D.E. Shaw 97.4%
  • Citadel Investment Group 96.2%
  • Point72 94.9%
  • Blackstone Group 93.6%

Total Avg Compensation

April 2021 Private Equity

  • Principal (7) $694
  • Director/MD (16) $593
  • Vice President (63) $371
  • 3rd+ Year Associate (66) $267
  • 2nd Year Associate (127) $250
  • 1st Year Associate (269) $224
  • 3rd+ Year Analyst (24) $164
  • 2nd Year Analyst (60) $136
  • 1st Year Analyst (172) $117
  • Intern/Summer Associate (18) $71
  • Intern/Summer Analyst (191) $60