+1153Dumbest thing you've said in an interview355
+418Hooked up with the wrong person153
+307What were your 'milestone' purchases?237
+266Just Turned 30; Here's Some Life Advice/Quotes 124
+262You know you have "made it" when ______165
+240Ranking the Douchiest People You Will Meet On Wall Street by Where They Went To Undergrad98
+231LinkedIn is Getting Bad Again155
+210I'm an average joe making good money for family and enjoying a chill life. What am I missing out on by not pursuing prestige?171
+203Most uneducated/dumbest thing you have said in an interview?98
+201MD never sleeps (growing suspicious)37
+198OFFICIAL prestige-caller 2018 prestige rankings152
+194Would you pay for a girl’s vacation with you?123
+175Power Couples? 123
+175Investing Strategies as Dating Styles38
+175Google's Ideological Echo Chamber *Updated*223
+175How have you helped your parents after you entered finance and are making $$$?82
+172This is what a student did to get me to forward on his resume36
+170Chicago: The best all-around U.S. city 407
+165Do you hate poor people?241
+159Can we hear some underdog/grinders (stories) who made it to the top?128
+159Most Illegal (or unethical) Thing You've Witnessed on the Job85
+153Finance sucks compared to tech if youre smart183
+147"I can't stand interns who __________"86
+146What is the best career advice you ever received, and from whom?102
+143What's the worst that can happen?126
+143Cringeworthy LinkedIn Profiles100
+141Women in Finance—What's Your Long Term Plan?112
+139Then and Now: @APAE137
+137What are your pettiest peeves?245
+136Burnout / Life Choices106
+136"Alternative Facts"204
+133The PC diversity non-sense is getting out of hand157
+132How much money have you saved?368
+131We eat what we kill.128
+130Take a Knee: Trump, the NFL, and the First Amendment265
+130Coronavirus - How long will this go on? 212
+127Guys, what's your opinion on dating female bankers?123
+125Parents [including celebs and various hot shots] indicted in college admissions test scam180
+125How I’m Navigating The Coronavirus Pandemic97
+123Is anyone else welcoming a recession?154
+123When are we going to be in bars/partying again? 191
+121Mexico ---> illegally entering US ---> VP @ GS196
+121Guys in here without a family or girlfriend, wtf are you doing with your life outside of work?80
+120What would you say if an MD asked you to make him laugh?116
+120Why tech is overrated for MBAs (and why banking is underrated) 149
+119Shut. The F*ck. Up.134
+119GF Broke up w me on NYE147
+117What is your end goal / dream job?173
+115Do You Envy The Rich Kids Who Got A Shot At Their Careers Through Their Parent's Influence?124
+115"Too many people go into finance and law" -Elon Musk170
+113What were the biggest lies you were told during the interview process that weren't true on the actual job?100
+113Biggest professional regret?114
+112What do you splurge on?217
+111Which city has the best dating scene?195
+110Most Elite High-Finance Baby Names141
+110Wall Street Bro Caught on Camera Humping Fearless Girl Statue146
+109Leaving the "successful track"54
+109How to hook up at the gym84
+108Investment Banks as Formula One Teams66
+108Consequences after being caught cheating176
+108What is the most no f**ks given thing you've seen in a professional environment?62
+107What's a Monkey's typical weekend plans?168
+106Dumbest thing you said in an interview?82
+106Most prestigious job opportunity you've ever seen114
+105Smartest Thing you've said in an interview80
+105Is LinkedIn just one big cringefest?81
+105Do you want your wife to work?165
+104Mental Disorder called Liberalism216
+102The students at top schools aren't really that intellectually impressive. 119
+100Models, Bottles, and Playing Hard in Finance 85
+100What is The Meanest Thing You've Ever Seen a Superior Tell a Subordinate in the Office85
+100My Personal Gym Shit List193
+99What's your preferred vice?147
+99Political correctness in Finance 103
+99Refusing to Party with Boss -- Bad Move?90
+99How Can I Prove that I'm the Biggest Hardo at my Non-Target?44
+97What is the meaning behind your username?174
+97Is Finance Really this Lonely?78
+96Luckiest break you've ever gotten?83
+96Has the CFA lost its value? 197
+96HR Salaries... WTF91
+95When Did You Have the Hardest Time Staying Professional?58
+95I'm in college and a millionaire because of crypto. Q&A237
+95Who is your favorite billionaire?211
+94What does it feel like working 40-hour weeks? 127
+94Bonus season100
+94Why Are You Worth Your Salary?120
+94THEN and NOW: 68
+93How do you spend your bonus?61
+92Prestige Skirmish: Lawyer vs. Doctor vs. Investment Banker96
+92The Examined Life - Rethinking Career & Life Goals Post COVID-1975
+92What do you do if you have a thing for your director77
+92Dating: Guys who see themselves "playing the field" after 30? What's your plan?150
+91What is the most shocking level of incompetence you've seen in a workplace?118
+91What Are You Old-Fashioned About?113
+90Is America a Second-Tier Country?161
+90What do you Drive and What's your Dream Car?296
+88Craziest Travel Story80
+88What You Should've Done by 21: a Controversial Guide to a Realistic Outlook129