+5how much $ is enough to take a dead-end job


Would you guys ever take a dead-end job? What if the salary was good, and there was little work to do? And how much $ is enough to take this dead-end job? It's not a hypothetical question. I'm at a family office where the patriarch is an old guy who is super conservative. We...

+5Do You Gossip?


Be honest. For everyone's sake and for your own! Are you a gossiper? Are you an instigator? At every job I've worked at people like to say that they don't (of course) and 5 minutes later they are talking crap about someone to me. I get the working somewhere for years can...

+5Proposed LBO of Greenland [Project Melted Iceburg]


Came across this proposed deal today. At first glance it might appear that LBOing Greenland, likely with 100% debt as the strategic [USA] is highly levered, is a bold high risk high return move. At...

+2CFB Who you got ? Tate Martell, Trevor Lawrence, Tua, and more.


Hey guys, CFB is very close.... Who do you got ? Who do you got for the Heisman ? Is OU going to three peat ? Clemson back to back ? What is Tate Martell gonna do ? Lets talk college football monkeys.

+1Your Digital Footprint?

Invest in Real Estate

How big is your digital footprint? In other words, how many websites do you have an account for? (e.g. LinkedIn, e-mails, shopping outlets, social media, <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, etc)

+1 Just want to let you all know how much I appreciate and love you all!


Good morning monkeys! Sitting at my desk this morning and like always logging on to <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> and just thought to myself if it wasn't for this site and all of you guys I would have ripped all of my hair out already! So thank you all!

+1How to finance a gym?


Monkeys, How can I get financing to open a boutique fitness studio / gym? My passion for the past 10 years has been health and fitness and now I am looking to make it my career. I have seen individualsl open successful gyms but I am hesitant to ask them how they financed their gyms while I...