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+5Thrown out halfway through interview


Hey y'all, I am just wondering if this has like happened to anyone else before. I was interviewing at a F500 the other day, and halfway through my 6 mini interviews I was interrupted by the HR head telling me the interview was done and for me to exit the building. It was pretty...

+3What are your policies?


Go: Taxation: Healthcare: Environment: Immigration: Guns: Trade: Drugs: Military: Where we should put our money at:

+2Under What Scenario Can a Non-Target Beat H/S/W/Y/P

Sunshine Funshine

Title says it all - have any of you ever been conducting interview and chose a candidate that went to a non-target school over someone who went to H/S/W/P? I keep seeing all these threads about "is my GPA good enough" or "how can I stay competitive," so I'm curious if...

+1Why do most people suck at Excel?


Microsoft Excel: the lifeblood of 21st century finance and business. A phenomenal spreadsheet tool used by the lowest level analysts through the most executive tier of management. A wonderful program capable of performing complex mathematics, charting graphs and calculating thousands of data...

+1What do you do with your old college notes?

Sunshine Funshine

Title says it - when you guys finish classes or even graduate from college, what do you do with your old notes from all your random classes, like English or even History? Throw them away? Burn them? Save them?

+1How I messed up my career...and then got it back on track


A little mini rant/story about how I messed up my career but have finally (I hope at least) gotten it back on track. I started off on a Big Four graduate scheme. Initially in audit but then moved over to the transactions side. Great learning experience, worked on big clients, but not exactly...

+1Anyone have any experience with GoBuyside after already being on the buy side?


Seems like the existing threads focus on using them from an <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> analysts perspective. Has anyone tried to lateral from fund to fund via GoBuyside?

+1Too competitive?


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+1FB page for Summer 2019 NYC interns!


I just made a group! Don't know if I'm allowed to post it so comment or PM me! Hoping the group is useful for networking over the summer season.

+1Most interviews in a row without receiving an offer?


I'm 0/10 can anyone beat me? And why is it suggested that my speech and behavior are inadequate upon learning that I have been rejected so many times in a row? What if society is the problem?

+1How Many Credit Cards Do You Have?

Sunshine Funshine

Title says it all - I'm sure this has been asked before but I was hoping to get some fresh responses/advice on credit

+1Market Cycle - Where Are We and What Are You Doing About It?


Markets are cyclical, interest rate cycles are inevitable, and even when history doesn't repeat tends to rhyme. So where are we in the market cycle? I have my own opinions but yours are more interesting. Take a look at the chart and weigh in. What's your strategy at...

+1Damn these freeloading billionaires!


So Warren called billionaires freeloaders because they paid around 3.2% of their total worth as tax this year while the rest paid 7.2% of their wealth. I think it is f***king stupid that he used % of total worth to say that billionaires are "Freeloaders". But I might be the one...

+1So what's your secret? Medication.


Curious to hear what medication the other reprobates on this site use to maintain their high levels of attainment, day-in, day-out. I myself take two 50mg pills of promethazine before bed: I find it helps me get to sleep and isn't so strong that I'm hugely groggy the next morning...

+1A Brief Guide to Unemployment


Hi Everyone, This is my incomplete guide to unemployment. It won't help you get a job, but it might help you manage your time better. It's targeted more towards recent graduates who are fortunate enough to move back in with their parents, but it can be applied to anyone stuck in a...

+1Non-Nicotine Vaping Products (Vitamins, Caffeine, Etc.)


Anyone try out some of the non-nicotine vaping products (vitamins, caffeine, etc.) that are popping up in the marketplace? I've been experimenting but most of the brands seem like gimmicks and I'm not 100% sold on the science behind the products yet. IMO the only product that I've...

+1Where do you find those "wifey" types that will stick with you forever?


Since most women in clubs are just looking for one night stand/brief flings and <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> girls have superiority/feminist complex. So where do you find those other wife type girls?

+1Paying attention to Plumbing


Here is how I found a pure mind, body, and soul synced to the power of oneness. Many of the sites I saw told me that it was important to clean my colon because of the toxins that fester in the lower GI. It all made sense to me. As we all know, or should know, the colon’s main function...

0BB&T + SunTrust = ??

John Pierpont

[WSJ Article (Paywall)]( BB&T is buying SunTrust in a $66 billion all stock deal. Combined, they'll create a bank with $442 billion in assets. You west-coasters probably...

0What do you get when you take personality tests?


INTP master race. The greatest men in all of history are INTPs. Alan Greenspan, Paul Allen, Larry Page, myself.

0Has anyone famous ever posted on WSO?


Has anyone famous ever posted on WSO? Who is the most successful person to have posted on WSO? Other than Dick Fuld of course.

0How to Like Wine?

Sunshine Funshine

Is there a way to acquire a taste for wine? Are there some good starter wines you can try to build up your taste? What are your favorite wines?

0Non-Target schools are a joke


Im currently an exchange student at a shitty state school in the west coast. I'm originally from a top European target (HEC/HSG/LSE). At my home University we would sartistically make fun of people at Big 4. While accounting majors at my exchange school don't even know of the big...

0How come you don't see mass people with sports/expensive cars in Manhattan streets? (Lamborghini/Ferrari/Rolls Royce)


Considering the amount of millionaires/billionaires concentrated in Manhattan and being the financial capital of the world, how come the streets of Manhattan are not littered with Lamborghinis/Ferraris/Rolls Royces? I mean, there are some, but not like in Dubai.

0Worst Office Etiquette Stories


Good Day Monkies, I lucked out on missing this polar vortext so I'm bored and decided to stir the pot a little. What is the worst office etiquette story you have? Is it a coworker's habbits or one incident? I'll start... -One coworker flosses his teeth at his desk...

0Howard Schultz (former SBUX CEO) Running in 2020 - Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative


I've personally been looking for a socially liberal fiscally conservative candidate for some time (classical liberalism if you will). anti-border wall, anti-deficit, anti-UBI, pro-environment... a couple of faux pas with race while at SBUX, but this sounds promising. what does WSO...

0Normal to feel this way?


I am 25 year old and I have a great career outside finance. I know what my passions and interest are. I also know which field to go into long term. The path I have chose for myself I believe gives me the best chance of maximising my success in the field I want to go into. I am very much...

0FYRE Documentary


Watched the FYRE documentary over the weekend (the Netflix one, not HULU). Did anyone else see this? Wanted to see what everyone else was thinking. Mainly, it's crazy how people think they take/scam people out of their money, and also, how people get scammed out of their money. Made me...

0For those in their 30s+, where in your career are you vs. where you thought you would be in your 20s?


Hey all, so the question is relatively straightforward. Specifically for monkeys in their 30s/40s, where are you in your career right now vs. where you thought you would be in your 20s? This can include job function (ex. moving from <abbr title="investment...

0What's the most impressive academic resume you've seen?


If we're talking just straight schools. Youtube's chief of staff went to Harvard UG, Rhode Scholar afterwards, and then graduated from Harvard JD/<abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr>. I think Mitt Romney did something similar and couple...

0How do "day-trading gurus" like Ricky Gutierrez make their money?


If you haven't heard about this guy (I didn't until recently-saw a youtube ad of his), he's this 22 year old guy with a youtube channel where he basically discusses his day to day trades and gives advice on positions to people. I saw a few of his videos out of curiosity, and its...

0What car should I buy?


OK, so according to my parents I "still have my communion money" (I do, minus what I lost on Global Crossing) My GF recently blew up the tranny on my old Jeep. That means I need a new car. Prestige is a non-factor (thank you Manhattan) I Take the train to work, what should I buy for...

0Best / worst administrative staff?

Layne Staley

Happy Monday everyone, Thought I might lighten the mood and ask about everyone's best or worst experiences with their administrative staff. I've spent most of my career in smaller firms, which has meant that the good admins are swiss army knives who prepare for meetings you...

0Any Podcast Recommendations?


I have been listening to a few that have been pretty great: -How I Built This - NPR -Alphaville - <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> Want to find something like the Netflix Series "Dirty Money" - but haven't found anything similar so far...

0Dumbest thing you've said in an interview


Curious about the dumbest things you've ever said in an interview that make for a funny story. I had a coffee meet with associate/vp today (family friend). I have f'd up couliflower ears from wrestling/mma. The associate was a wrestler and commented something along the lines of...

0Why Do People Hate on Frats & Preppiness in General?


Nowadays there seems to be this overall hatred amongst the majority of people (more so millennials) for people who are in frats and for people who dress 'preppy'. A lot of people seem to look down upon those in fraternities and make generalizations about those in frats such as being:...

0LinkedIn is Getting Bad Again


Viewer discretion advised. This is mostly a rant and I apologize in advance. But hey, sometimes <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> gets a little dry so we gotta spice this up a bit. Love y'all btw. 1. Recruiters can lick every inch of my ball$ack....

0$50,000 what business would you start?


Hi <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, I summon your collective minds to brainstorm on this idea!! If you have $50,000 and you can start any business what business would you start and why? -$500 monthly stipend for food/gas/cell phone -couch is free...

0Goodbye WSO!


Fellow monkeys, I've been active in <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis ">wso</abbr> since about 2006, and it's been a great experience. I've learned a lot from the various posters, made a few friends, and really enjoyed the contents. I sincerely hope that...

0How Does Models and Bottles Work?


I keep hearing the phrase models and bottles, and basically, if a guy has the cash to bottle service girls, he gets laid. But, I've never actually understood how the entire mating ritual known as models and bottles works. Now, where do these girls come from? Are they just randoms you...

0Help a fellow monkey


###Situation: I recently started developing feelings for a friend of mine, but before asking her out and risking ruining our friendship, and maybe even some more considering that we are in the same group of friends, I am trying to better understand if there is a reciprocal...

0Single Moms


As I sit down with a stiff Jack and Coke, I thought I would chum up a rough guide for men thinking about starting a relationship with a single mom and what some of the ramifications are of dating and entering into a deeper relationship with a single mom could be. Of course this guide does not...

0Why they aren't more women in X field


I'm about sick of all the damn women (and virgins) complaining about how there aren't enough women in INSERT_CAREER_FIELD_HERE. This argument is made about minorities as well, which is similarly irritating. I'm writing this article to (brutally) highlight the things that women do...