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+385 What do you wish you knew when you were younger?8815h
+272 Is college supposed to be this unenjoyable?1451d
+203 What splurges have you made that were worth the money?1923h
+185 Clubbing was such a terrible idea. Don't recommend. Solitude rocks791d
+176 U.S. inflation rises to 5.4%. Meat prices +10%, gas +42%1276d
+155 I miss non political elitism in WSO - What happened to this place?522w
+131 Those who had bad childhoods/rough start in life, how did you succeed despite of it?475h
+129 Update on Arby's Boys212w
+118 Cute girl on campus - need advice721w
+107 Whats the happiest you've ever been?851h
+90 Searching for a girlfriend - process launch283w
+88 Miami is paradise........ or is it?871w
+87 What do you guys think about the current problem of the debt ceiling?1003w
+87 What do you love about Japanese Anime?751w
+87 What's the point of honest, hard work?979h
+80 Ever feel you're not super smart enough but also not dumb enough to start a really successful business?471d
+79 How much Coffee do you Drink621w
+78 Jon Gruden fired931w
+67 Frugality vs Life482w
+67 Is it even possible to beat mental illness?331h
+59 Will Inherit Upwards of 25m, what should I do?461h
+57 What are your hobbies, and how do you manage them?222w
+57 Can someone talk to me im not in a good place 345d
+57 Wall Street Oasis 12-Week Internship for Financial Writers121w
+52 PE AND IB SUCK: my experience.242w
+50 Would you date a girl in finance522w
+47 WSO turning into Bumble?762d
+46 Future of Finance in jeopardy?303w
+45 Squid Game465d
+44 Will the next market crash be worst due to FIRE/crypto/entrepreneur/influencers?222w
+42 Male insight needed: Personalities of female bankers312w
+42 Ode to Softness, or How I Find My Strength in Weakness112w
+41 Dave Chappelle: The Closer322w
+38 How to transfer to Europe? 792w
+38 Spending or Bureaucrats? Choose your poison 272w
+36 MBB vs. Technical Sales283w
+36 Hang in there college students, you’re almost there33w
+36 Brandon542m
+35 WSO 2021 Fall-Winter Internship 114w
+35 Should I ask HR where I can buy company's fleece vest?253w
+35 Would Lebron be able to land an IB position once he retires?181w
+35 Is this the right track to build net worth? 321w
+35 Dating a Coworker - Yay or Nay?284d
+33 How to Break Up with Friends232w
+32 how do I get rid of pimples?265d
+30 Do you think lack of labor will force automation?284d
+29 Depressing life freshmen fall 341w
+29 Jon Gruden Resignation (NFL)261w
+29 Easiest way to make $100M, wrong answers only355d
+29 Has anyone else who's really attractive never been approached by a girl543h
+28 Who would win in a fight, Goldman Sachs vs. Morgan Stanley?141w
+28 Moving to NYC – How's my budget?371w
+28 Need some tv shows to watch (preferably not well known)574d
+28 Therapy for non American in America, will it work? 185d
+28 Tips for attending my first "professional" dinner?172d
+28 Internet frustration175h
+27 How much for my parents to retire?23w
+26 Get relocated to London, any recommendations on where to live?341w
+25 2022 FT Roommate Thread 141d
+25 The Great Resignation121w
+25 The most diabolical figure in history of finance - J.P. Morgan the demon himself111w
+24 Girl I dated was super rich.203w
+24 This is fucking hilarious183w
+24 depressed/lonely/addictions181w
+23 Moving to LA265h
+22 I feel lonely and miserable173d
+21 Food at Morgan Stanley?133w
+21 Craziest Las Vegas story?181w
+21 Losing My Hair (23yo)306h
+19 Rank popular WSO commenters on the political spectrum163w
+19 Rich kids, what’s your relationship with your parents?232w
+18 Petition to Start a Daily T30 vs Drumpfy Thread?163w
+18 Anyone ever drive Uber for fun money?712h
+17 Got Fired From a University Board 123h
+16 MD wanted me to drink 282w
+16 How frowned upon is taking a year off?112d
+15 Is TL;DR ok in a work email if degrading yourself?14w
+15 Who’s the most successful person you personally know ?343w
+15 Do You Truly Enjoy The Work You Do, or Do You Not Really Like Your Job, but Do It to Make a Lot of Money and Enjoy Personal Hobbies / Pleasures?61w
+14 Should I become a lawyer?163w
+14 Middle-Schooler looking to learn more about the industry62w
+14 Amazon Logistics66d
+14 An Englishman on Wall Street71d
+13 How do you read books?191w
+13 Dinner with SA team vs movie with friend?181w
+13 Explain to someone who barely passed all his finance and econ courses in undergrad something61w
+13 Anyone want to start a business editing investment banking tiktoks with me?14d
+13 NYC: greatest city in the world?432d
+13 They banned bottombuckethardo142d
+12 CorpDev out of Undergrad81w
+12 Imposter Syndrome112w
+12 Which is a Worse Situation: the Sixers with Simmons or the Nets with Kyrie12w
+12 Psych majors, if any: why am I so entertained by WSO?12w
+12 I just found out I qualify as diversity, should I put it on my apps?166d
+12 whats the best way to get rid of eye bags172d
+12 Epic vs. Ikon 1214h
+12 European monkeys, what football teams do you support?1414h
+11 Utterances of a Disgruntled Self23w
+11 How to get busy? What should I do?42w
+11 Pay Off Student Loans or Wait?83w
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Career Advancement Opportunities

October 2021 Investment Banking

  • Lazard Middle Market (= =) 99.6%
  • Evercore (= =) 99.3%
  • PJT Partners (= =) 98.9%
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch (▲02) 98.5%
  • BMO Capital Markets (▲09) 98.2%

Overall Employee Satisfaction

October 2021 Consulting

  • Bain & Company 99.4%
  • Cornerstone Research 98.7%
  • McKinsey and Co 98.1%
  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 97.4%
  • Oliver Wyman 96.8%

Professional Growth Opportunities

October 2021 Consulting

  • McKinsey and Co 99.4%
  • Bain & Company 98.7%
  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 98.1%
  • Oliver Wyman 97.4%
  • Strategy& 96.8%

Total Avg Compensation

October 2021 Hedge Fund

  • Vice President (19) $498
  • Director/MD (10) $359
  • NA (5) $306
  • Portfolio Manager (7) $297
  • Manager (4) $282
  • 3rd+ Year Associate (19) $272
  • 2nd Year Associate (28) $241
  • Engineer/Quant (51) $237
  • 1st Year Associate (64) $187
  • Analysts (193) $166
  • Intern/Summer Associate (17) $122
  • Junior Trader (5) $102
  • Intern/Summer Analyst (213) $82