+72Is it ok to be a "finance hardo"? 45
+64Happiness and Reason for Living123
+58A $4 billion dollar tweet165
+54What is your LEAST favorite country that you've visited and why? 167
+40What does it mean to be conservative/liberal in the current political state? 92
+40Why does everyone hate accountants? 51
+39Severe disability diagnosis and next steps27
+39Prestige Around the World73
+36Life Restart Regardless of Money91
+36ELEVATE your urination experience with WePee!15
+35Why are kids so entitled?60
+31Dating As Financial Professional52
+25I’ve always heard that fundamental analysis and hence, active fund management will become obsolete, will this render CFA useless70
+22Who are the smartest people?61
+21I don't plan on saving money as an analyst and I think that's ok48
+21Wasted Talents at Non Targets going towards Back Office IT Jobs in Wall Street.36
+20Told I Cannot Get Promoted Because I Am Not a Good Speaker20
+18Guys in here who don't want the family life or a wife, what's your plan?32
+18Is it advisable to send your ex one final text message?42
+18How does one deal with jealousy in a relationship? 42
+18What time do you get off work?33
+17Goldie's Latest WSO User Guideline Violation13
+17Favorite/Most Underrated Comedian?51
+17Money $$ or Self-respect?28
+16why did my metabolism die in mid 20s?23
+15What’s your favorite or least favorite airport?38
+15Kanye West: Born-Again Christian or Cult Leader?25
+14Most expensive fashion stores?26
+14Slipping MD drugs19
+14Adam Neumann's back being a Billionaire. Cold or Cool?35
+12Recession... Anyone feeling it?24
+12RIP To The Fallen Heroes of WSO38
+12What percent of your paycheck do you spend on rent?65
+11What is with the "..." in business communications17
+11No Nut November: Who's doing it? 28
+11Is Golf Dying?18
+10Burntout - should I take a break?12
+10Korean Student here. What comes to your mind first?49
+9WSO Caption Contest - Oct 18, 2019... Collect Silver Bananas and Win a Free WSO T-Shirt22
+9Need to pay off a large medical expense for family member. What can I do to make a small side income?34
+9J.D. in finance?27
+9Should I buy a Car for Leisure?37
+9Personal Moral Dilemmas?26
+8Where do I put my money?21
+8What Happened to IBM?19
+8Best blue-light glasses to get for work?18
+7Firing the bottom 20%16
+7Deciding Factor of what field you wanted?8
+7Bitcoin's biggest drop in over 6 months! Should I buy?10
+7Good Business / Finance movies? 37
+7Moving to Dallas Soon 25
+7Best workouts 13
+6Job you have Hated Most? Job that was misadvertised?17
+6Would you ever consider a PhD?9
+6WSO Caption Contest - Oct 31st... Collect Silver Bananas And Win A Free WSO T-Shirt9
+6WSO Caption Contest - Oct 21st... Collect Silver Bananas And Win A Free WSO T-Shirt13
+6California Fires! Should you evacuate? How bad is it?6
+6Ye or Nay - Jesus Is King11
+6Business frat fucked over Freshman pledges and took their money. How do I get revenge?19
+5Why Nepotism? Isn't it unfair?29
+5Suggestion: Creating a forum for quantitative finance10
+5Would you want this life?7
+5LinkedIn sucks8
+5World Series 201912
+5If you had 6 months before starting a full time job...?7
+5Side Income Help14
+4Trick-Or-Treaters - Pesky Seasonal Beggars5
+4Where to get a really big picture frame online6
+4You gotta make the money first10
+4Mentioning my standup in an interview11
+3Same-sex harassment/ unwanted attention at work or in life in general?6
+3Strange but Positive Walmart Experience6
+3Don Draper in Real Life?10
+3insomnia - work-related6
+3What are you grateful for?2
+3"Patriot Act" on Netflix and other Political news shows3
+3Recommendations for Nashville trip?17
+3Buying a New Computer - Help8
+3How to structure an internship in Commercial Lending targeted to a Community College population5
+3has anyone had work done for Gyno?10
+3Favorite country to visit?14
+3Apple Music vs Spotify8
+3Milton Friedman 1980 Free to Choose PBS Show 5
+2IMC/Optiver vs Bridgewater for Internship?5
+2What's the deal with the craze for Bananas?5
+2Boxing Gyms in NYC - Preferebly below 30th St. Around East Village for work7
+2Do you guys have real dishes in your apartment?3
+2Investing your savings at Market Highs? 4
+2Is finance the most ethical career choice?3
+2Biggest D Bags/Most annoying people you have worked with?4
+2Importance of reading comprehension and speed3
+2Explain Corporate Banking3
+2Have you ever had a career crisis where you feel extremely unmotivated?14
+2boar on the floor4
+1San Francisco Neighborhoods/Roommates2
+1Study partner.1
+1Worthwhile to add Data Science skillset?1
+1Computer Programming 20.2gh1