+355A Must Read for Current Undergrads and Interns (Your first job doesn't matter)40
+125Why do Notre Dame grads wear ND gear and tell everyone where they went to school? 108
+104what's your actual dream job?160
+91What is your marriage timeline?183
+82A vaccine won’t save America from COVID-1998
+62Don't live with your SO until marriage 82
+59In all honesty, how were your high school reunions? 60
+56Have $100k in liquid assets, where to invest?64
+53The more I think about life, the more it disgusts me 60
+49What's the most selfless act you've seen someone doing in finance?40
+44Convince GF to pursue different career?31
+44What are the demographics of WSO?36
+42where is all the diversity 58
+42Best Decade of Music72
+40Hottest people in Finance? 74
+39Current Favorite Drink?85
+39Dad Died29
+39Ultimate Finance Movies/Series List 42
+30What's Austin like for a young guy in finance? 41
+27Do you have jealous/resentful family members?45
+24Are we ruining Education?44
+22Do you agree with Dave Ramsey?57
+22Where else would you live?53
+19How to Have Stronger Opinions on Things?28
+19I did a kitty surprise yesterday to my parents16
+19Go to sayings/quotes/hardo advice? - Ex: "Be good, or be good at it."49
+18Would you let your gf live with you during wfh/online classes?35
+18Any triathletes here?20
+18Did I make a mistake going to Notre Dame?35
+18Was it easier for you to date in college or after you graduated?34
+18Long term waterfast 78
+17Baseball’s back 54
+17Exhaustion from Internship? Advice 44
+17If you could be a pro in sports - what sport would you pick? 61
+17Can I bring my own Chair into the Office. 19
+16The Future of College48
+16what do guys think about gen z 47
+16Fundamentals of Debate45
+16Topic for my bachelor thesis: Vegan + Finance?42
+15What kind of watch do you have? 67
+15Grizzly Pouches / Long vs Copenhagen Pouches / Long 39
+14Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine still targeted for September rollout - why is this not being covered?44
+14Spending money on others makes me happy15
+14Atlanta (Buckead), GA24
+14Feeling burnt the f*** out57
+13What books do you keep on your desk?46
+13Running Shoes46
+12Tryna Play Warzone at work instead of doing these comps6
+12Fuck buddies with analyst in same group10
+12Here and Now9
+12EDM: missing the old days41
+122 choices - which do you choose?34
+11rude people in finance 20
+11How did non-coder entrepreneurs launch companies?25
+11How hard should a parent work for their child?14
+11Cold Approach Pickup Success Stories24
+11Where to go for September & October?25
+10Are electric vehicles truly growing in popularity?29
+10How do you keep a fresh breath throughout the day?22
+9Tips to starting content on YouTube?18
+9I am extremely humble but I make everyone jealous3
+9When to Buy Vacation House?16
+9Auditor Responsibilities 25
+9How are your investment portfolios doing? 38
+9What drives you in your career?13
+9How to thank your parents11
+8Scumbag roommate situation21
+8Dealing with jealousy/insecurity from friends. 22
+8Speaking Skills - CNN's Kaitlan Collins23
+8Does being Childfree/DINK have an impact on professional life?16
+8Americans moving to London18
+8Professionals, is college life better or post-college life?16
+8(Allegedly) Deutsche Bank assasinates Federal judge's son15
+8Why almost everyone on WSO underestimate the importance of REAL connections2
+7We need to leverage Off Topic19
+7Which schedule would y'all prefer?22
+7Best NYC Neighborhoods for Recent Graduates21
+7What does surfing feel like?24
+7I Think I Got the COVID11
+6Do people give each other presents on their birthdays in IB?13
+6Looking for a roommate (NYC - West Village)13
+6How to "Focus" while working out?21
+6Menlo Park Banks - Where to live?17
+6Snapping Out of Depression - Any advice or Personal Anecdotes? 21
+6Sometimes I just want to be a blacksmith12
+6COVID Tax Implications - NYC14
+6Do you kick ice cubes under the refrigerator? 9
+6How many of you who work in NYC own an apartment?23
+6Insufferable LinkedIn Posts9
+6Best ways to follow financial news as an undergrad.14
+6Leaving Home6
+5Free stuff from portfolio companies?9
+5Am I crazy to consider moving to Chicago right now? 26
+5How much does it matter to you that your SO makes (or doesn't make) money?12
+5How Long Will WFH Last?15
+5Analysts/Associates own a dog?9
+5What were/are you like in college?26
+5Garmin held ransom for $10 million in cyberattack7