+85Luckiest break you've ever gotten?78
+52What makes you happy?72
+50What’s The Weirdest Brag That You’ve Heard?47
+47Big words are for amateurs 46
+46Owning a Gym - Good Business Idea?81
+43Dating as a female IB analyst54
+42Inheritance, descendants and trust fund squandering85
+41Is Anonymous posting ruining WSO?53
+33RANT: Holy shit I'm scared, is Bernie Sanders going to win the nomination?92
+32Crazy stories that happened to you in the finance industry? 34
+28Low Prestige High Salary jobs 93
+25Good Riddance Finance, I'm done!23
+24Just been broken up with - what now?25
+22Pretentious name34
+21Need a Different Car43
+20got cleaned on runescape21
+19Bernie vs Blankfein40
+19If you were to buy a franchise, which one would it be?51
+19What is the coolest finance club I could start at my university? 31
+19Live at home or get an apartment after undergrad?30
+16high prestige low salary jobs54
+15Is dating younger women more prestigious?16
+15The World’s Most Expensive SUV33
+14What Sneakers Are You Wearing?73
+13Too late or Too early???19
+12NYC --> Texas or LA?35
+12Life not lived... What would you do if you weren't doing what you're doing now.32
+12Community service in NYC?18
+12Need relationship advice/ perspectives. Please help14
+11What social programs/agencys would you cut or abolish?24
+11What age did you start going gray?23
+11For those working in London13
+11Dumbest/Worst Product you've ever seen from a company36
+10Gym in the Morning or Night? 50
+10not a good time to move to Asia16
+10Boiler Rooms and Chop Shops8
+10Incoming SA in Tinder Bio?7
+9Lack of Interest in Finance on This Forum + Increase in depressed-type posts10
+9What do you do to keep yourself busy on weekends?28
+8AMA: [Strategy Consultant / Worked in Industry / IB Associate Intern]11
+8Getting into a target school is extraordinarily hard 31
+8Best school for IB31
+7The David Rubenstein story16
+7Age/Cost Prohibitive Hobbies22
+6Not Posting Comments Correctly18
+6non-morning do you wake up early?12
+6Intern Commute Time 10 mins walk vs. 45 mins transit (NYC)13
+6Have any of you moved from NYC/SF/CHI to a lower-cost of living city?11
+5What if you have to serve in military in the middle of your college years?17
+5suicidal feelings /vs/ adulthood ownership9
+4Does this app exist?18
+4CFA Level 2 June 2020, Wiley or Schweser?18
+4Expats in Germany14
+4Hair/Beard in IB at Analyst/SA Level6
+4Who are some C-Level guys under 40 of notable companies?13
+4Prioritizing and Getting Sh*t Done12
+4What to do when you are ill in an interview?7
+4First Confirmed Case of Coronavirus in London9
+3What will be the last car offered with a manual transmission?14
+3How to Start Seeing the Big Picture 2
+3Wilder v Fury II24
+3Do Type A people look like they are working harder than others?1
+3How much money does WSO administrators make?8
+3Productivity Hacks are BS9
+3Investment banking in London..4
+3Larry David moment: apologies or ignoring the incident? 9
+3How to focus at work/give it your all?7
+3Sleep Deprivation and Constant Yawning12
+3Bespoke Suit San Francisco7
+3How not to write a job post. 4
+3How do you maintain a growth mindset?7
+2CFA L2 - take it now or wait5
+2Research Paper on Finance High School6
+2Voluntary work for 3-6 months recommended?5
+2Took CFA L1 in Dec 19; Didn't Get Scores Due to Disciplinary Action; Looking for Advice9
+2Yay or Nay BBG8
+2Where can I buy dip?13
+2Wuhan Virus now at 58% mortality rate in China (170 dead vs 124 cured). We're fucked.21
+2Efficiency at work for a first year analyst 1
+2BO/MO Quant Internships 20217
+2Resistant Finance Jobs13
+2What does your personal real estate portfolio look like? 2
+1NYC drug tests1
+1Upcoming Anatheóresis courses in Spain1
+1Analyzing streaming companies 1
+1Exit Opps - Equipment F1001
+1Is Jim Cramer's stupid voice/accent authentic?8
+1Who decided that plush toys should be cute?1
+1Bloomberg 3rd in national poll at 14%. Announces he’ll double his ad spending1
+1Career Change Outside of Finance1
+1Given Name vs. Preferred Name in Corporate Email2
+1WSO software bug - edit comment1
+1Rolling up our sleeves1
+12020 SA Summer Housing7
+1Single Purpose Reinsurers (SPR)1