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+54For those in their 30s+, where in your career are you vs. where you thought you would be in your 20s?


Hey all, so the question is relatively straightforward. Specifically for monkeys in their 30s/40s, where are you in your career right now vs. where you thought you would be in your 20s? This can include job function (ex. moving from <abbr title="investment...

+53Wilbur Ross "Take a Loan" Comments


Heard Wilbur Ross's comments early about government employees going to homeless shelters/food banks as they are on the eve of missing a second paycheck. Just wanted to hear the finance/"Oasis" thoughts on this matter. For me, on one hand, obviously this isn't right,...

+41Thrown out halfway through interview


Hey y'all, I am just wondering if this has like happened to anyone else before. I was interviewing at a F500 the other day, and halfway through my 6 mini interviews I was interrupted by the HR head telling me the interview was done and for me to exit the building. It was pretty...

+39FYRE Documentary


Watched the FYRE documentary over the weekend (the Netflix one, not HULU). Did anyone else see this? Wanted to see what everyone else was thinking. Mainly, it's crazy how people think they take/scam people out of their money, and also, how people get scammed out of their money. Made me...

+37Balancing relationship and career decisions


Fellow monkeys, Online probably isn't the best place to seek for advice but would like an external perspective regardless. Some background: HYP undergrad, and a current 1st year associate at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> Financial Sponsors Group in...

+37Howard Schultz (former SBUX CEO) Running in 2020 - Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative


I've personally been looking for a socially liberal fiscally conservative candidate for some time (classical liberalism if you will). anti-border wall, anti-deficit, anti-UBI, pro-environment... a couple of faux pas with race while at SBUX, but this sounds promising. what does WSO...

+36Damn these freeloading billionaires!


So Warren called billionaires freeloaders because they paid around 3.2% of their total worth as tax this year while the rest paid 7.2% of their wealth. I think it is f***king stupid that he used % of total worth to say that billionaires are "Freeloaders". But I might be the one...

+27Market Cycle - Where Are We and What Are You Doing About It?


Markets are cyclical, interest rate cycles are inevitable, and even when history doesn't repeat tends to rhyme. So where are we in the market cycle? I have my own opinions but yours are more interesting. Take a look at the chart and weigh in. What's your strategy at...

+21Toughest Job in Finance?

Sonny LoSpecchio

TL;DR: who do you think has the toughest job in finance? It can be an individual person past or present, a specific role, or a general section of the industry. I'm Interested in everyone's...

+15Has anyone famous ever posted on WSO?


Has anyone famous ever posted on WSO? Who is the most successful person to have posted on WSO? Other than Dick Fuld of course.

+14On average how much sleep do you get on a weekday?


On an average weekday how much do you sleep? What's your average sleeping and awake times? How much do you need, do you get enough? I try to get 8 and half hours a night following the advice of Matthew Walker but find its hard to fit in. On average I get to sleep at 11 and wake up...

+13New grad dealing with money requests from family - How to handle


(PLEASE READ MY LAST COMMENT IN THE THREAD FOR AN UPDATE. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR ADVICE!) For the more experienced members on the forum (or just random opinions) How do you handle money requests from family? This is an obvious throwaway account so it can't be traced back to...

+12Why do most people suck at Excel?


Microsoft Excel: the lifeblood of 21st century finance and business. A phenomenal spreadsheet tool used by the lowest level analysts through the most executive tier of management. A wonderful program capable of performing complex mathematics, charting graphs and calculating thousands of data...

+12How did you find WSO?


Just curious as to how other people came across this site and if and how it changed you. Personally I saw an interview with Jamie Dimon where he said that he hadn't paid attention to <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> in a while, so I decided to see what...

+12How Prestigious is Tai Lopez?

Sunshine Funshine


+11UChicago Now Test Optional

UChicago recently became a test optional school, with no requirement to submit ACT, SAT, or <abbr title="accounts payable">AP</abbr> scores. What do you guys think of this move? UChicago is certainly not the first to go test optional, but it is by far the most selective and...

+11What job position has the all around smartest people?


Doctors? Lawyers? Investment bankers? To me it would be venture capitalists. All the venture capitalist I have met are crazy smart

+11So what's your secret? Medication.


Curious to hear what medication the other reprobates on this site use to maintain their high levels of attainment, day-in, day-out. I myself take two 50mg pills of promethazine before bed: I find it helps me get to sleep and isn't so strong that I'm hugely groggy the next morning...

+11What do you get when you take personality tests?


INTP master race. The greatest men in all of history are INTPs. Alan Greenspan, Paul Allen, Larry Page, myself.

+10CFA December 2018 Results


How did everyone do? Background: Undergrad - Finance and Economics - State School Grad School - <abbr title="Masters in Finance">MSF</abbr> - Semi Target Investment Analyst @ Asset Management Firm Scores: >70 - Alternative Investments and Derivatives, Ethics,...

+10Join the Email & WhatsApp groups for your city


Join the email list for your city to receive updates on future <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> events in your city. When signing up you will also receive a welcome email with a link to join your city's WhatsApp group. We created these WhatsApp groups with...

+10Best city for overall quality of life?


Including weather and job opportunities what do you guys think the best city to live in for banking is?

+10What's Your Anthem?


So I was listening to Future's new album today, and it made me wonder.... what's your anthem? What's the one song that's your go to-- for any given occasion? I'll start-- mines "Stick to the Models" - by Future

+10Why not slumlord in South Bend Indiana?


Sure, there are assaults on the reg in these neighborhoods and gang activity but some of the houses are $20-25k asking and would prob rent for $600 a month. Why not lever up and rake in the fat stacks? If bought for $25k and put $5k down, then monthly costs are $135 (mortgage, property tax,...

+9How to Like Wine?

Sunshine Funshine

Is there a way to acquire a taste for wine? Are there some good starter wines you can try to build up your taste? What are your favorite wines?

+9How do I find decent housing in San Francisco?


Hi everyone! I’m a Senior graduating in May and I’ll be moving out to San Francisco around July from the east coast. Housing is absolutely insane. I’ve come across listings charging insane rent for something the size of a closet. I’ve been trying to find decent places through PadMapper,...

+8Most Arrogant User on WSO


For me It’s a toss up between @Isaiah_53_5" and @m_1" but I’m open to other suggestions. Anyone have any opinions on the subject? Who is the biggest douche on the site? I think we could make this annual thing similar to user of the year or whatever

+8Financial Addictions


Is there anything within the financial discipline that you have an unhealthy obsession with? For me, it is using highly leveraged instruments to avoid putting my entire net worth into one idea even though I have blown up my portfolio doing so before due to my excessive level of narcissism....

+8Amazon Pulls out of NYC


The New York Times is reporting that [Amazon is pulling out of New York]( Amazon does not plan to find a new location to replace the New York City...

+8What was the happiest moment of your life?


Happiness to each person obviously can mean different things, but for me I would say one of the happiest moments of my life was when I went hiking in Yosemite with my family up to Vernal Falls. We sat on the side of the riverbank, drenched from the climb, and eating bagels with cream cheese. (We...

+7Top Super Bowl Ad


Some pretty interesting ads happening during the game yesterday. Any favorites? Audi cashew ad was pretty hilarious.

+7Important Career Ideas For 2019


A career-guidance listicle popped up on my feed, and for once it wasn't garbage. [This article, originally by Motley Fool and reposted by Fast Company, ]( discusses six career mistakes to avoid. While the...

+6Any Sailors or Wannabe Sailors?


I have recently found a large interest in sailing and was wondering if there are any sailors in the forums. I am still pretty young and not ready to go out and buy a boat yet. Is there any way I can get sailing experience without owning my own boat. I heard somewhere that buying a boat is the...

+6What Percent of Interviews are Legitimate?

Sunshine Funshine

I saw a post about this guy who hates interviewing millennials. Not sure if he was trolling or not, but he brings up some good points. So I was just curious - most interviews consist of "behavioral" and "technical" questions. With all of the forums/guides/threads out there,...

+6Excited For Taxes This Year?

Sunshine Funshine

How are you guys filing your taxes this year? (H&R, TurboTax, professional CPA)? I'm still in Uni thinking of a tax preparing career. I am wondering how you guys go about tax season?

+6Be honest, how does it feel to be super prestigious?

Sunshine Funshine

A lot of people are in <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> for the prestige and the money. As a college student, I've always wondered - for someone in a top job (i.e. MD, C-Suite, wealthy independent investor, etc) who is drowning in money, how does it feel...

+6How Many Credit Cards Do You Have?

Sunshine Funshine

Title says it all - I'm sure this has been asked before but I was hoping to get some fresh responses/advice on credit

+6What was your undergraduate GPA?

Sunshine Funshine

So I keep seeing all of these threads that basically go along the lines of: "what GPA do I need to be successful" or "what is the minimum cutoff GPA at each firm?" so I figured I'd start a thread to cut through all the grey areas and just straight up ask people honestly...

+6Normal to feel this way?


I am 25 year old and I have a great career outside finance. I know what my passions and interest are. I also know which field to go into long term. The path I have chose for myself I believe gives me the best chance of maximising my success in the field I want to go into. I am very much...

+6Down by the water cooler


I know everyone is a busting their tail at whatever career they are in or trying to get into but I’m curious about the off times and breaks in the day at office. What are some of the funniest, weirdest or craziest water cooler/around the office conversations you’ve heard or been a part...

+6Congratulations to Thebrofessor - 2018 WSO Member of the Year!


We're very happy to announce that <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> super-user @thebrofessor" was voted by you, the monkeys of <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, as the 2018 <abbr title="Wall Street...

+6How to Overcome Extreme Risk Aversion?

Sunshine Funshine

I'm a college student and there's this one stock in particular I've had my eyes on for a while. I feel pretty good about it, and I want to invest in it - the problem is I'm a college student, I'm new at investing and I hate losing money and the fear that the stock price...

+5Been in a bad mentor relationship?


I'm looking for someone in the <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> area who is willing to talk with me (on or off the record) about a mentorship that has gone bad. I'm writing a article for a large newspaper.

+5Does Glassdoor Throw Anyone Else Off Their Interview Game?


Got an interview. Went to look at questions on glassdoor. I see the company has an average rating of 1.7 stars. Reviews have the following consistent comments: cliquey, low pay, unprofessional, lack of training. These reviews made me feel-off even though I am super excited for the shot to...

+5BB&T + SunTrust = ??

John Pierpont

[WSJ Article (Paywall)]( BB&T is buying SunTrust in a $66 billion all stock deal. Combined, they'll create a bank with $442 billion in assets. You west-coasters probably...

+5Credit "hacking" and life

Sunshine Funshine

I saw an ad on YouTube where this 20 years old opened up over 200 credit cards (including a Black Card) and has accumulated over $3MM in credit and basically flies around the world in private jets and stays at fancy hotels for free. Obviously, that's pretty far-fetched for most people,...

+5How much spare time do you really have with a 40-50 hour week / what do you do with it?


Title pretty much says it all. If you're working a 40-50 hour week, what does your schedule look like and what do you do out of work? I know most people see this as a positive, and I feel like I might be a workaholic in the working, but I really see myself bored out of my mind if I only...

+5What’s with 18 year olds telling other 18 year olds what they can or can’t achieve?

Pump and Dump

Also, what’s with these finance meme pages? “Haha bro long $JUUL.” “DB is a BB? Yea right.” “When the bonus hits and you grab the freshest deal sleds.” I find it cringier than my old trolling tbh.

+5Financial education


Evening all! I am undergrad student currently spearheading a community outreach initiative with the purpose of informing less financial savvy individuals about the subject of finance/personal finance. At the moment I'm developing a lesson plan and I'm interested in what topics the...

+5WSO: Changes Observed


So I've participated on these fora now for the better part of 5 years, and I've noticed some significant changes. Some of the changes are easily explainable, while others are not. I wanted to share some of my observations and get some feed back from the community. Joined in 2013 and...

+4A Brief Guide to Unemployment


Hi Everyone, This is my incomplete guide to unemployment. It won't help you get a job, but it might help you manage your time better. It's targeted more towards recent graduates who are fortunate enough to move back in with their parents, but it can be applied to anyone stuck in a...

+4Worst Office Etiquette Stories


Good Day Monkies, I lucked out on missing this polar vortext so I'm bored and decided to stir the pot a little. What is the worst office etiquette story you have? Is it a coworker's habbits or one incident? I'll start... -One coworker flosses his teeth at his desk...

+4Squash in New York


Morning Simians, Anyone here play squash? Other than an old tennis vs squash thread and a non-starter from 2011, I wasn’t able to find anything. I’m taking lessons and find it both a great workout and a fun way to meet people. Putting it out there to see if anyone else partakes...

+4Under What Scenario Can a Non-Target Beat H/S/W/Y/P

Sunshine Funshine

Title says it all - have any of you ever been conducting interview and chose a candidate that went to a non-target school over someone who went to H/S/W/P? I keep seeing all these threads about "is my GPA good enough" or "how can I stay competitive," so I'm curious if...

+4LinkedIn profile headshot: left vs right shoulder/side?


For a professional headshot, is it more symmetrical (better) to have your headshot facing your right or your left side/shoulder? Is there a 'correct' option? Which is the best shoulder/side to face the camera in line with the rest of the profile? Bonus: I have decided to go no...



Quick Question: Is it a bad thing to have multiple college transfers on your resume? I plan on transferring to a different school (semi-target) and would like to stay for a year, then transfer from that school to a target. Thoughts?

+4How Much Do You Drink Per Day in an Average Week?

Sunshine Funshine

Title says it all: how much alcohol do you guys/gals consume on each day in a given week? And also, at what point in your career are you - I'm sure college kids are gonna have a skewed response so just so we can distinguish who's who, lol.

+4Side hustle starting Facebook ads agency for small business?


looking to diversify my career. anybody started a side hustle FB ads agency (contacting small business like dentists, chiropractors, lawyers, etc..and pitching them your service of coming up with FB ads and running them on the business behalf)? How do you go about it? I've been...

+4Best Live Music Bars in NYC?


So the other night I checked out Smalls Jazz Club in Greenwich and really enjoyed the vibe. I was wondering if anyone had any other favorite live music spot suggestions in the city? Boston suggestions also welcome. Thanks!

+4How Much Should I Have in Savings (College Senior)

Sunshine Funshine

I'm a senior in college. How much money should I have in my savings account at this point in my life? (I am just a few months shy of graduation.)

+3What are your policies?


Go: Taxation: Healthcare: Environment: Immigration: Guns: Trade: Drugs: Military: Where we should put our money at:

+3Font Change?


Is it just me or did the fonts/formatting of the site change? Everything looks much thicker now. Maybe it's just my computer but wanted to see if others are experiencing it too

+3Black History Month


Is anyone's company honoring Black History Month? I'm a little perplexed that my organization hasn't put forward more effort other than an email announcing it with a link to more information. In years past we'd have talks, luncheons, and the like which in my opinion were...

+3When Will College Become Obsolete?

Sunshine Funshine

So a while ago, I posted a thread asking people what their undergraduate GPA is. A LOT of people mentioned that they had below a 3.5, many below a 3.0, and some even below a 2.5. So it got me thinking about a number of things. 1. In most, if not all cases, that general-education poetry or...

+3WSO App


The Oasis needs to go mobile. Finance never sleeps, and people need to have access to this great community at their fingertips. Thoughts on this?

+3Accepted a job at a tech company, starts mid Q1 2020, worried about possible offer cancelation

mike ross

hi guys so im a senior at college right now, and i accepted a role at a tech company (FAANG) for my first job i graduate this semester, and have a bit over a year from now before i start the role my parents are a bit worried about the length of time between now and starting the job,...

+3Golfer Matt Kuchar wins $1.3 mil and pays his caddie $5000


The normal caddie couldn't be there, so Kuchar found a local (Mexico) caddie to fill in. Kuchar agreed to pay the local caddie up to $4,000, but ended up paying him $1,000 more than agreed upon. Kuchar's normal caddie would have made $130,000 if he was there instead of the fill in....

+3How come you don't see mass people with sports/expensive cars in Manhattan streets? (Lamborghini/Ferrari/Rolls Royce)


Considering the amount of millionaires/billionaires concentrated in Manhattan and being the financial capital of the world, how come the streets of Manhattan are not littered with Lamborghinis/Ferraris/Rolls Royces? I mean, there are some, but not like in Dubai.

+3How Complicated Are Your Taxes?

Sunshine Funshine

I'm single, I claim the standard deduction, I have no dependents, and the only other things I have are interest from bank accounts and some dividends from stocks. I feel like taxes aren't worth the stress. How about you all - how hard are your returns to get done?

+3Favorite Books?

I am interested in finding some new suggestions for books to read, can be any type of book.

+3Which Was Better: SOTU or Super Bowl?

Of the two recent events, which one was more entertaining to watch, and why? Personally, I would take The State of The Union because nobody took their shirt off at the halftime show.

+3Presentation skills


Hello *Reverse Charles Darwin Creatures*, Presentation skills are probably one of the top skills for a successful career in <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>. What are some of your best practices that help you smash presentations like a boss? More specifically,...

+3Very Lost. Is Applying Online a Waste of Time In My Case?


2nd year Community College student, I've done a search-fund/"private equity" internship at two different places. To be honest, I know search-fund internships are regarded as looked down on but for me, they've filled up my resume with something related to finance and I've...

+3Selby Jennings - Have they improved at all?

Tony's Brother Michael

There are several dated threads (albeit with a handful of more recent comments) warning prospective recruits to stay away from Selby Jennings due to mining for comp data, spamming job boards with resumes, using bait-and-switch tactics, and misrepresenting fund/bank connections, among other...

+3The ancient Greek philosophers disagreed about many things, but they shared a common view of work


The ancient Greek philosophers disagreed about many things, but they shared a common view of work. Platonists, Epicureans, Hedonists, Stoics, Aristoteleans—they all agreed—work is what your slaves do. A man without slaves is in no position to perfect the role of statesman or philosopher, the...

+2Econometrics/Quant Econ Major for Buy-Side out of Undergrad?

Warren's Buffet

Considering this major. Currently deciding between this and Stats. Would be minoring in <abbr title="Credit Suisse">CS</abbr> as well. Would love to hear your thoughts!

+2National Enquirer Threatens to Post Bezos D!ck Pic!!!


Bezos has emails, calls them out for extortion on Medium. Breaking and developing, bring the popcorn! Bloomberg article: Bezos' Medium...

+2Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten

Lloyd BIankfein

For me, it would either be balut, which is hard boiled duck embryo popular in Southeast Asia, or century egg, which is a traditional Chinese egg which has been preserved in chemicals for a long time. Both were disgusting! What kind of food do you fellow monkeys think is really weird? Comment below!

+2Non-Nicotine Vaping Products (Vitamins, Caffeine, Etc.)


Anyone try out some of the non-nicotine vaping products (vitamins, caffeine, etc.) that are popping up in the marketplace? I've been experimenting but most of the brands seem like gimmicks and I'm not 100% sold on the science behind the products yet. IMO the only product that I've...

+2Matchmaking Service


Hello I'm struggling because of my long working hours to set up dates for me. I'm thinking about to use a <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> based matchmaking service, to provide me with quality dates. Any suggestions ?



Well, here we have it. The democratic contenders: Kamala Harris, Pochahontas, Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand. A few warm up...

+2Monthly WSO Meet Ups Around the World: NYC, London, Toronto, Chicago, SF, DC, Boston, LA, Singapore,


<abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> meet ups are being planned every month around the world. To ease in planning, these are held at the same day of the month, same time, same venue. We are still on the hunt for a venue in LA, if you have an idea shoot me a pm. Join...

+2Working in finance & depression


Using a burner account for obvious reasons. Last May I graduated college, one week after that I moved ~7 hours away to a new city, and a week after that I started at a F500 in FP&A. I'm not going to get into the details since it gets dark, but since the move I've had an...

+2WSO needs your help! We're looking for someone to do a site test


Hey all, we're looking for someone to help us do user testing for one hour between 2-7pm et. Possible days: Feb 11, 12, 14, 15. <em>Site testers will receive one month free access to our video library ($97 value) which has all 275+ of our webinars and their...

+2Help a fellow monkey


###Situation: I recently started developing feelings for a friend of mine, but before asking her out and risking ruining our friendship, and maybe even some more considering that we are in the same group of friends, I am trying to better understand if there is a reciprocal...

+2How to Get Through Tough GenEd Electives?

Sunshine Funshine

I have a near 4.0 GPA and as per my college's general education requirements, I have to take an advanced english literature course. I hate it - it's not interesting and the professor grades papers like @EliteStudent11" responds to threads. How do you guys manage to get through...

+2Interviewers: What's the Stupidest Thing You've Heard a Candidate Say?


To all the monkeys that have ever conducted an interview, what are the funniest (and stupidest) things you've heard candidates say?

+2Mentor/Role Model Birthday - What to Do?

Warren's Buffet

Hi WSO! So as some of you might have seen from my previous posts, I was really lucky in meeting someone in the industry and they opened a lot of doors up for me (I am 18, so they have really helped a lot). Well, they have their birthday coming up and I was wondering if it would be weird to send...

+2Most interviews in a row without getting rejected?


What's your longest stretch of successful interviews in a row? One time a girl came into one of my classes and bragged about how she's never been rejected for anything that she has applied for. She had a bubbly personality.

+2When Banks BB & Botique Post Openings fo Immidiate Hire Is That a Good Sign for Applicants?


I just posted about an opening I saw on the <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> forum because I thought it would be an alternative to the traditional process and an alternative to those who missed out; however, I may have over interpreted the word.

+2When Pigs Fly!?

WolfofWSO I don't condone her tone, but I understand. If only she didn't pop off; she would have been relaxing in the rear of the plane and not on blast for fat shaming. I can't find...

+2Telling your seniors you are in therapy?


I am in therapy and I have had a few personal issues recently which have impacted my work. I am getting all my work done but due to certain personal issues my mind has been elsewhere and I am just doing the bare minimum. I am nowhere near working at my full capability. I am in some pretty...

+2If you could go back in your life and change one thing, what would it be?


So pretty basic, if you could go back and change one thing in your life, what would it be? This could be something career-oriented, personal relationships, hobbies/interests, etc. Curious to hear, especially from some of the 30+ crowd

+2Bernie Sanders 2020 run


What are your thoughts on Sanders launching his campaign with a record 5 mil in 24 hours? Does he stand a chance this time around? will the democratic "trend" continue? ponder and share.

+2Meal Prep NYC


Who are you guys using? There for a month or so to work with one of our portfolio companies and I usually just go the meal prep route because it makes eating clean EZ.

+2Do Glasses Make You Look Smarter?


Probably a stupid question, but I'm a relatively good looking guy and I always wonder if people think I'm dumb (even though I have a solid background in terms of college and jobs). Would wearing glasses help with perception when meeting clients and at interviews for new jobs...

+2Meaning of the phrase 'technological innovation' in 1950s America vs modern America


Then: - flying cars - life-extending pharmaceuticals - nuclear energy Now: - Pokemon go - Instagram filters - Netflix

+2Anyone read the Seth Klarman letter?


There are NYT and Dealbreaker articles about it making noise at Davos, but no one else seems to be talking about it. If you’ve read it, were there any decent insights you walked away with?

+2Favourite quote?


Hi guys, what is your favourite and most inspiring quote? I don't know what else to write just filling the remaining characters

+2What's your favorite topic?


I'm sure this has been covered in some way or another on <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, but I'm interested to ask this more directly in a specific post. Essentially, what is a topic that you are passionate about and could 'give an hour long...