+12Parents Disown Children to gain Scholarship Money

FutureBankTeller As college acceptance becomes increasingly competitive, and college costs continue to rise, some parents have found a "technique" for their children to gain...

+12Spinoff: How fucking crazy will it be when assault weapons are eventually confiscated?


I hold the unpopular opinion that OJ being found NOT Guilty rather than GUILTY would have been better for our society. Following the Ronnie King verdict, the LA riots happened where 63 people died and damages over $1 billion+ including truckers smashed in the head with bricks and Korean stores...



Time and time again, I feel invincible riding an adderall and corona buzz and I think one more drink couldn't hurt on a work night. Then I die the next day. Pls help

+9Ridiculing Ex-Employees

Jim Simons

I’ve noticed that a manager only on the trading floor ridiculing ex-employees. Comments like “John was a f* idiot how did he get hired” or “I hated working with John he was always...”. At what point is this too much? I’m trying to figure out where the line is. Caveat, John...

+9Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+ bundle for $12.99 ... Netflix killer?


Just released yesterday by Disney that they would be bundling their new streaming services they've acquired over the past couple of years for $12.99 ( ... As of right now Netflix alone cost from $9-16. Want to gather thoughts on this...

+8Air travel SUUUUCKS


Is it just me, or has air travel gotten unbearably bad lately. I'm stuck on LGA tarmack as I write this. Landed over two hours ago. Trip was from <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> to Boston and both outbound and return flights delayed over an hour. LGA isn't...

+7What is your go to form of nicotine?


I'm curious what everyone's go to form of nicotine is? Cigar, Cigarettes, Dip, JUUL, Vape, Gum? How long have you been consuming nicotine and if you JUUL or Vape do you do it in the office?

+6I don’t think my boss likes me. Should I say something?


Hi guys, I’m interning at this <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> shop and I don’t think my boss doesn’t fuck with me. He ignores all my emails and texts. When he asks for suggestions he doesn’t listen to mine, but if an intern makes the same suggestions he...

+6What can be done about guns in America?


So what can we really do about guns in America? Alone among developed nations, the US is a haven for guns and gun-related deaths. I've never been able to understand America's love of guns, or why any society thinks it is at all safer with guns on the street. I think this...

+6Londoners, need your help (accomodation related)


I'll be staying in London for roughly a month for work. Any area I should particularly avoid to look for accomodation? I'm on a short-term notice so I can't be too demanding, I just want to avoid a negative experience.

+4What's the main driver for everyones desire to go into IB


Is it the get rich quickly factor that matters the most? Why not have a job that pays less with less hours and gradually advance your career?

+3Jobs for ADD people?


I genuinely do have ADD, and it affect my work - and therefore my ability to hold down a job. The ADD is not hyperbloe - I had extra testing time in university and grad school, I've had meds prescribed but the sideffects are too great. I genuinely struggle to keep present and...

+3IWC Portofino vs Omega De Ville Prestige vs Baume My Classima


Hi all, I'm looking at purchasing a watch, and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on the following models? IWC Portofino ( Omega De Ville Prestige...

+3Tom Steyer


I'm starting to see Tom Steyer rise up in the polls. If he were to win the democratic nomination, would any of you flip from Trump to Steyer? If elected I think he would be our first "business, business" President. Trump is obviously a businessman, but he's gone...

+2When to retire?

Ball Don't Lie

Given that many on this website are ambitious sub-65 year olds, what's your goal for when/how you want to retire?

+2is derma a superior option to ib?

quantitative depression

i know there are other threads regarding finance vs med school and thats been hashed out and done to death, but i havent seen them focus on overall quality of life and derma specifically. If we go by this sites average reported all in comp for all the positions and assume the standard time...

+2How do you make a PowerPoint regarding a proposal? What is the structure to it?


I am designing a presentation on Proposal. Can anyone tell me the structure of the presentation. What topics I should cover in proposal presentation?

+2Continuing Education Certificates


I have an undergraduate degree in finance. I had previously considered the MBA route, but in my late-20's on my current career path I don't see the upside in taking on the debt. That said I have been looking at continuing education opportunities online which is apparently being...



Any of you <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> people work out here? Keep seeing articles about it in businessinsider, etc since they opened their new LA location. Look cool but very pricey $$$

+2Do you work remotely?


Working from home is a large trend especially for those who work in tech. There was a recent study done by the Boston Globe saying that there is no definitive answer to whether allowing employees work from home is beneficial or detrimental to a company. For those of you who do work remotely,...

+1Team/Company Gear/Swag Suggestions


Monkeys, I once again was fortunate enough to be the closest intern to my MD when they decided it was time to re-up on company apparel. This time, they decided to put it in the hands of their (incredibly well dressed and good looking) 21 year old intern. They said they're an open book and...

+1At crossroads in career, what should I do?


So I studied an accounting degree and stayed with big 4 as audit associate for an year. Then I transitioned to deals advisory at <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> firm the Middle East (valuestrat), mainly doing <abbr title="mergers and...

+1Banking operations


<p>Just testing mobile operations, so ignore it allllllllllllllalalalalalalalalalaallalalalalalalallalalalalalalalalallalalalalallalalla</p>

+1What's your favorite conspiracy *theory*?


My favorite is the Unabomber origin, the story goes like this: The CIA wanted to experiment with using psychadelics/other drugs for interrogation purposes. This project was called MK Ultra. One of the test subjects for the experiments is Ted Kaczynski. He undergoes psychologically stressful...

+1MBA vs. JD for Oil&Gas


I am currently working in a corporate finance department at one of the major midstream Oil & Gas companies in Houston. I started working about 3 months ago after graduating with a finance degree from a top ranked liberal arts school. I completed 4 internships while in undergrad including 2...


Pierre Ortiz

Hey All Currently working in healthcare tech right now at one of the big EHR vendors (Epic/Cerner). Have been here for about a year. I didn't want to do an AMA because I consider myself still to inexperienced (23 yr old) to talk about the industry by in large, but did want to start a...

+1New Logo has been updated- Thank you WSO!


Just noticed that the new logo for <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> has been updated to the website. The font is SO much better lol and gives that prestige look. I was initially skeptical when I saw the initial proposals on the other thread, but the palm tree in...

+1Which target school should I attend to be a data scientist?


I have the option of going to community college in California and then transferring to any target school provided I maintain my GPA. I am looking to be a data scientist on Wall Street and/or at a hedge fund, so I know I have to major in something like applied math. Which target school well help...

+1Testing the app


<p>Just testing the application. Please ignore it lalalalalalalallaallalalallalalalalalallalalalalallalalalal</p> Test test

+1HR interview - feeling sad


I had a phone screen with a HR from a very large hedge fund. I just graduated from college and I'm from a non-target, so unfortunately I only worked for small companies, but learnt a lot by having more responsibilities. The HR lady kept digging into my previous companies, like size of the...