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+7Depressed - Don't want to live anymore


This is a different account that I just made. I made this to avoid using my main account, as I'm well respected, I think? But.. I'm at the point where I just don't want to live anymore. I recently got laid off as a prop trader.. Fuck trading, family, friends, bills, child support...

+7What's your dating strategy?


I want to hear stories of pick up artistry, streaks (of success or droughts), or even just unexpected love stories. Mine is, I usually do a lot of sitting by the bar with some staring, drooling, and wimpering like a sad and needy puppy. Edit: for those not convinced this topic is somewhat...

+7What are the best business documentaries?


How about we include biopics as well. Watching the theranos documentary right now and it's awesome (guy with the messed up eye seems kinda baller). What are some other business documentaries to check out?

+5Do schools stop you from actually learning?


Thanks to the generosity of my company's founder, I am able to work full-time while still being allowed to go out of the office during the day to take classes and try to get a second degree (Government). Lately, I've been noticing that most of my REAL learning comes from me just...

+5How important is height when trying to get a job in high finance?


How important is height when recruiting for high finance? I bet the only reason why I can't land anything prestigious is because I'm 5'7. Should I get leg lengthening surgery to become 6'+, hopefully, and improve my chances of getting a front office banking job?

+5Life Insurance Thread


What do you guys do about life insurance? What's your philosophy on the matter? I have a bunch of loans and I'm having a kid, so I want to get life insurance because leaving my wife with all this shit is scary and I'll probably never do better on a physical than now. My objective...

+5Opening Day - Any Baseball Fans Out There?


Today is opening day and the season seems to be starting earlier every year. I am a Mets fan but I will also root for my local team, which is the Phillies. Any predictions? The Mets have improved by acquiring Cano, Diaz, Ramos and Lowrie. As a result, they may be able to complete a...

+4Why does this forum use acronyms so much? Is it how the industry communicates, really? I searched!


Currently entering junior year in college for finance, and I see the emails from this forum, just wondering, why all the acronyms? They seem extremely annoying, it reminds me of old police dept's using 10- codes. Every time I see an email that says "stresses of working at an <abbr...

+4If You Could Live Anywhere In The World - Where Would You be And Why?

Latvian Analyst

Question was asked back in 2014 and as we all know community slightly changed here. Therefore I am wondering where modern wolf of wall streets want to live.

+4What do you wish you knew before trying entrepreneurship?

Hank Mardukas

Been flirting with/ trying to identify the potential market for a product idea for the better part of a year, and I'm going to go for it and start prototyping and developing my go to market strategy over the coming months, maybe even get a finished product out this year. For all of you...

+4Received this expected value brainteaser today. No right answer but curious for everyone's thoughts.

Jimmy Buffett

I have a box that either has zero or $100 in side. Each outcome has a 50% probability. It costs $20 to open it and find out. I only have $10 so I need someone to invest another $10 with me. If there is nothing inside the box, we both get zero. In the event that there is $100 inside the box,...

+4What's it like at a high school reunion?


I'm not far off into my career to have gone to one, but to those who have, how was it? I'm assuming it's a lot of dudes flexing about their corporate success. Do you think that's a fair assessment? To those with experience, any other insights?

+4Ray Dalio: Capitalism Needs to Be Reformed


Bridgewater's Ray Dalio [wrote a post about "Why and How Capitalism Needs to be Reformed,"]( claiming that the outcomes of capitalism are no longer consistent with the system’s...

+4Music to listen to while working


Title says it all... What music do you guys prefer while working? Can't stand the silence but can't have something with any words in it. Anyone feel the same?

+3What do you do if you have a thing for your director


Associate in my mid-late twenties, my director is amazing - I just really like her. Maybe I'm telling you all because I can't tell anyone else.

+3Who do you think has the coolest sounding name in the capital markets space?


Im talking about ______ Capital type stuff. .

+3Target School Candidates Who Bombed an Interview

The King of Success

I keep hearing all about English majors from H/P/S getting <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> roles - have you ever interviewed a student from a target school who bombed an interview and gave awful answers? What were some of them?

+2Finance iconography


What is some iconography that is central to finance? Symbols, physical items, sayings, other shit, trying to come up with a list

+2Why are law types snobbier than finance types these days?


The stereotype, which I'm guessing originated before my time, had the finance guy as a huge, always on the phone shouting, mercedes with the roof down driving, bespoke clothing wearing, machiavellian prick. There are definitely a lot of pricks around here, but honestly most of them are...

+2Best Office April Fools Jokes

Sham Wow

What are the best April fools jokes you have seen in the office? I guess you could also talk about out of the office but work related April fools jokes as well.

+2Cat breeder in NYC, any recommendations?


I am trying to get a kitten for my girlfriend as birthday gift. I don't have any experience with cats nor do I know who to ask for advice since my friends don't have cats... She had mentioned that she wanted a Russian Blue or British Shorthair. Any recommendations? Thank you!

+2Location apartment summer internship GS London, budget: 4k PS


Hi, Will be interning this summer at <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr>, which is located at Fleet Street. I am using RightMove to find single bedroom apartments. My budget is 4k PS and I am wondering what the best place near would be in terms of commute to Fleet...

+2Hiring Diversity through AI: Do Algorithms Help or Hurt Applicants?


Inspired by @NovemberRain" post in the less-trafficked JOB forum. [quote="NovemberRain"] In a Bloomberg article last week, <abbr title="JP Morgan">JP</abbr> Morgan announced that it will begin using online behavioral science-based games to recruit college...

+1 How to be a data scientist

Rajeev Sharma

If you want to become a data scientist, there are many things that are necessary. Along with hard work and skills a good training institute. Knowledge regarding various components of data science like R and python can be included. One can learn one of them and even both. Online training...

+1Premier League Fantasy Football


Alright, fellow monkeys, here's the deal: There are six games left of this season's Premier League (2018-19). I'm currently sat second in my company league and have put in a respectable effort to date. Top of the league is my boss and one of the firm's partners,...

+1You should not let your children play OSRS gold games


You should not let your children play OSRS gold games with an M rating until they are old enough to be exposed to violence. The majority of consoles can be adjusted to stop kids from playing adult games, but doing so on a computer can be much tougher. Know how to monitor your kid's...

+1Hamilton College: semi-target?


Now that an alum is the CEO of <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr>, what tier would Hamilton College be considered a part of? Has it become a semi-target?

+1Best personal budgeting apps?


Hey guys what are the best personal budgeting apps that you use if at all? just want something to better keep track of expenses. Is there one that links to your cards and you can enter in say I only want to spend 1,000 a month and it tracks it?

+1Background Check at Morgan Stanley



+12019 Summer intern Thread!


Hey y'all, who else is interning in <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr> for this summer? Looking to meet new people and make friends - I'm interning at a mutual fund with a small intern class and I've never been to <abbr title="New...

+1Citi Onboarding Question


For anyone who is an incoming 1st year at citi, have you been asked for your transcripts yet? Do they ask at all? Official or unofficial? I have already done my drug test, finger printing, and ID badge but not got asked for my transcript yet. The reason I ask is because I currently have a...

+1My Complaint About a Sunoco Gas Station


I had a little time to kill so I was walking around in a Sunoco gas station. This Sunoco is located in Morristown, Tennessee. An employee ran me out of the store. I wasn't bothering anybody or doing anything wrong. What was done to me was rude and I believe it was wrong. If I had been...

+12018 NY Intern Summer Thread


Hey y'all, who else is interning in <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr> for this summer? Looking to meet new people and make friends - I'm interning at a mutual fund with a small intern class and I've never been to <abbr title="New...

+1College Choices Relating To Tuition


Hi <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, This is yet another post on college decisions, but with a personal twist that I was unable to find answers for. I recently got into UPenn Engineering (SEAS), Columbia College, Cornell Engineering, Duke Trinity College of...

+1Should I go to Kelley


Hello everyone. I am just wondering if it is worth it to go to Kelley with a likely double major in computer science or mathematics. Additionally, what are the odds of getting into the IBW? Additionally, with a good GPA at Kelley, what are the odds of transferring into IVYs?

+1Mini Bonds?


I'm American. My startup is in the physical commodity trading space. We originate goods in third world countries. Our "edge" = the contacts/contracts we have in origin countries. I need to raise <$1mm but we have no real assets or revenue to borrow against. Seed...

+1What is the Value of Studying Abroad and Learning Another Language?


Currently, I'm studying Chinese and I'm curious as to what the potential benefits are. I am considering studying abroad in China but I'm wondering if taking the time to do so for a quarter or so will be worth it compared to getting an internship during that same span. What are...

+1What constitutes a golden child?


How would you decide if some candidate is a "golden child" or not? Is it an elite academic record, strong ties with the industry or they just have an 'aura ' of clear superiority over others?

+1What is the dress code where you work?

The King of Success

Pretty self-explanatory, what do you guys wear on an average day to work? T-shirt? Jeans and button up? Full suit? What does your company allow?

+1What was your first experience trading contracts?


I was going to purchase a contract on a stock for a certain retail/ hobby company that is not doing so hot and hasn't been for a while . It is a bit beyond the budget I gave myself so I am thinking it a bit more while I learn how to exit the position and avoid eating shit if I am marked as...

0When does college no longer matter to others?

The King of Success

Let's say you weren't one of the cool kids in college. You grinded out to get a dream job in <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>. Will the women who were hot and cool in college give you the time of day in post-grad life, or do they still go for the...

0What are some other jobs for people who decide that finance ain't it?


What could you do with a college degree in finance, other than work in finance? Asking for a friend, of course.

0I just realized I can't work in finance

don't be scared homie

I hate pretty much all of the people that post on this forum. How the fuck am I going to function in a workplace environment filled with fuckers like you guys?

0Is there a higher percent of left handed people in finance than normal?


Curious about this since according to some "research" left handeds are smarter than average and finance has smarter than average people. So, who's in finance and is left handed? (or know a lot of lefties)



A salary slip, also known as a payslip or a salary receipt in certain organizations, is provided to employees to brief them of their monthly pay and allowances. Salary slip is an important legal document that every employee is designated to receive from their respective employers. It serves as a...

0How to prevent siblings from being losers?


Question to people here with adult siblings. How do you make sure that your little brother/sister don't become complete parasite who are dependent on your income?

0Let's be real, the CFA is piss easy.


The concepts are honestly only as hard as high school level mathematics at the absolute most. The volume of content can seem a bit daunting but overall it's a bit of a joke really isn't it.