+167Would you pay for a girl’s vacation with you?119
+131Finance sucks compared to tech if youre smart163
+124Parents [including celebs and various hot shots] indicted in college admissions test scam177
+123Is anyone else welcoming a recession?154
+118What would you say if an MD asked you to make him laugh?116
+109Which city has the best dating scene?195
+106GF Broke up w me on NYE138
+104How to hook up at the gym84
+103What is your end goal / dream job?171
+98How Can I Prove that I'm the Biggest Hardo at my Non-Target?44
+97Is Finance Really this Lonely?78
+96Ray Dalio: Capitalism Needs to Be Reformed174
+95Has the CFA lost its value? 198
+93Bonus season100
+91Dating: Guys who see themselves "playing the field" after 30? What's your plan?149
+89What do you do if you have a thing for your director77
+85Happiness and Reason for Living147
+84What is the most no f**ks given thing you've seen in a professional environment?46
+80Is it ok to be a "finance hardo"? 47
+78Who are the hottest senior women on the street?138
+77People making $300k+, how do you spend your money?108
+77Thanksgiving in this industry sucks54
+77Most Arrogant User on WSO120
+76New WSO Logo - Branding / Icon122
+73Best city for overall quality of life?207
+72What does it mean to be conservative/liberal in the current political state? 128
+71Jonny Kim is a Navy Seal, Harvard educated doctor, and Astronaut. Who are some other people that have really impressive resumes?73
+70What’s the most limiting belief instilled into you as a child that you’ve struggled to break free from as an adult?82
+70What is your LEAST favorite country that you've visited and why? 186
+70Weirdest thing you have seen a Co- Worker obsessed with?118
+68Juul Ban133
+67Don’t put non-IB people down45
+65What Daily Habits Do You Have That Have Improved Your Life The Most?90
+65What was the happiest moment of your life?109
+65Are State Schools Better Than H/S/W/P?99
+65Record Number Of American Men Not Having Sex117
+65Living in a bubble41
+62Wuhan Corona Virus 104
+62Should I Sleep With Potential Employers Daughter vs MBA52
+61Michael Bloomberg is officially running for president159
+60Using Nepotism68
+60What do you look for in your other half?56
+58The 2010’s decade will be over in 4 months. What do you think people will remember this decade for? 108
+58Depressed - Don't want to live anymore70
+58Firing the bottom 20%53
+57Why are kids so entitled?92
+57A $4 billion dollar tweet165
+56Post Breakup Revenge or Career Pivotal Point66
+55What’s a CRITICALLY Important Concept That Most People Get Wrong?88
+55Yeezy raking in 1.5 billion....... Kanye is always growing103
+55EATING OURSELVES TO DEATH: the obesity crisis 96
+55Is this site slowly dying or is it just me?132
+55"We need to transform this economy"151
+54Very depressed 35
+54What are your goals for 2020?97
+54Why do most people suck at Excel?70
+51Investing in Yourself - How do you do it?60
+51Amazon Pulls out of NYC98
+51BlackRock Puts Climate At The Center Of Its Investment Strategy92
+51What makes you happy?71
+50It Finally Happened...We Got a Resume With a Photo45
+49Top Rap Verses of the 2010s?124
+49What’s The Weirdest Brag That You’ve Heard?47
+49Youtube too big to fix?109
+48SAT to Give Students 'Adversity Score'102
+48My Official 2020 Presidential Endorsement22
+47Just left Walmart89
+47Take Care, Finance and WSO. It's been a good run. Thank you.32
+47Wedding Called Off - Now What?85
+46How many previous partners would you ding a potential girlfriend for having?83
+46What's your view on illegal immigration?108
+46Big words are for amateurs 46
+45Owning a Gym - Good Business Idea?78
+45If you could go to 1 company for the sole purpose of learning, where would it be?60
+44What is your "at bat" song?89
+44What’s Worse, Facebook or LinkedIn?40
+44Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Discussion (Likely Spoilers)111
+43Planning a Wedding - What are Some Wedding/Honeymoon/Bachelor Party/Groomsman/Etc. Tips?86
+43What conspiracy theory do you believe in?121
+43AMA: 21 year old finance student 30
+43Life Restart Regardless of Money100
+41Monkey to Millions [APPLICATIONS OPEN!] - New Show & Podcast Coming - Free Mentorship + more68
+41Why does everyone hate accountants? 51
+41School Shootings ( Another One Today) - Emotional/Psychological Impact91
+40Jeffrey Epstein Commits Suicide107
+39The End of the 40 Hour Work Week?74
+39Prestige Around the World73
+39Severe disability diagnosis and next steps27
+38Millennials, porn addiction and erectile dysfunction97
+38Guys in here who don't want the family life or a wife, what's your plan?62
+38Emotional numbness 79
+38Favorite quote?92
+37The biggest sh*t talker ever41
+36Mexican Fisherman and Investment Banker53
+36Paying College Athletes120
+36How can you justify eating meat?104
+36Death Row Inmates and Capital Punishment98
+36ELEVATE your urination experience with WePee!15