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+23Cars You Would Never Get


What car would you never consider getting? I know many people that won't get luxury cars because they are depreciating assets. Nothing wrong with that but I'm looking for opinions on cars you wouldn't get because they're cliches or just plain bad.

+23I Knew Finance was for me When...


As the title says. When did you guys decide "yep, I wanna be banker, crunch numbers and have no sleep". Was there any moment that pushed you towards finance or did you come out of the womb spitting valuations in the maternity ward?

+23Best City To Live in is...


What's your guys' opinion? Where is the best city to live in and why? Of course it depends on a ton of stuff: age, job, preference, etc... Mine is London but that's biased af because I spend most of my time there, if I visited <abbr title="New York...

+23Living a Serious Life


I was recently watching Chappaquiddick and there was a line that stuck out to me “You can choose to live a serious or non-serious life but if you choose to live a non-serious life I won’t have much time for you.” Joe Kennedy to Ted Kennedy as a youth. That being said, what are some of...

+23Why are senior bankers so tall?


I've noticed that directors and managing directors tend to be taller than average people When bankers get promoted, do they grow an extra inch or two? Is the added height included in senior bonus packages? Do <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> guys get the same...

+23Is it weird to like working 100 hrs a week?


I always preferred to work over 14 hrs a day and always felt the 40 a week is not enough. Since my job requires a lot of analysis and research, it is quite enjoyable to work all day. I recently saw an [article...

+23Where are the Diced Bankers?


Hey guys, so I’m a non target who recently got an offer at a (Blair,Lokey,Jefferies) for 2019. I wrestled in high school and have always loved lifting and staying in shape. I’m a little worried about what my banking schedule is gonna be like next year and where I’ll be able to fit lifting...

+23What are you surprised is still around in the year 2018?


Earlier this month, I asked what you guys thought would <a href="">be obsolete ten years from now</a> It got a shit ton of responses so going off of that, what do you are you surprised is still...

+22mrsdowjones internet troll


Does anyone follow mrsdowjones on instagram? She tried to give me financial advice and was annoyed I didn’t take it... As you can see she hasn’t worked a day in finance ****<img...

+22Exercising on the job


I've never met an Analyst in banking that is overweight....or even portly for that matter. With how much you all work, when/how do you find time to exercise?

+22Lying on your resume -- experiences, ethics, and strategies

Jake Paul

This might not sit well with a fair amount of people on here, but I've found this interesting since I've heard a few financial professionals say that this is an okay thing to do (to an extent). Has anyone else here made a small lie on their resume? (director of bullshit club,...

+22Stereotypes of your industry?


So every industry/job has its own collection of stereotypes, Some right off the bat: * Software engineers are nerds who wear flip flops to work and enjoy craft beer * Lawyers are sleazy liars who wear nice suits * Accountants are incredibly promiscuous people with wild sex...

+21Thoughts on Mumble Rap?


What do you guys think of this generation's rap? Since its inception in 2011, mumble rap has taken off like crazy. Migos, Future, MGK, Lil Pump, Lil Xan, Lil "*insert random name*" and all these other "rappers" these days just don't give a damn about their...

+21What will be obsolete in 10 years?


Some of my thoughts: Facebook, 99% of crappy cryptocurrency and ICOs, my virginity, etc. On a more serious note, what industries, technology, jobs, practices, etc do you think will become obsolete?

+21Most hated people in finance?


Who are some of the most looked down upon people ever in this industry? Martin Shkreli immediately comes to mind, but who else?

+21How Hard is College?


For any current college students (or former students who remember their college years), how many hours during the week do you dedicate to studying/doing homework for each class? Also, as a side question, do you feel as though college has gotten easier or harder over the last, say, 10 years,...

+21What are two conflicting viewpoints that you hold?


One of mine is that I believe people should have the right to associate (example: do business with, date) with who they want, but I also believe that to discriminate against a person because of something they have very little to no control over, such as ethnicity, is wrong. What are some of...

+21Children and Demanding Careers


The more I look around, the more I realize I’m an anomaly in private equity. I’m married, in my late 20s and have two kids below the age of two. I’m managing the work hours and traveling quite well, but I was wondering if others on here are in a similar situation and how you guys manage...

+21Toughest Job in Finance?

Sonny LoSpecchio

TL;DR: who do you think has the toughest job in finance? It can be an individual person past or present, a specific role, or a general section of the industry. I'm Interested in everyone's...

+21Anyone else miss school?


Hey guys, I've been working for about a year now and have realized that I kinda miss going to school. Anyone else feel that way / don't feel that way? Curious to hear thoughts.

+20Would you still do it?


Hey all, I was just curious. If <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>/<abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr>/<abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> didn’t pay so good, would you still do it? If money is the only desire,...

+20How did you learn to think high level?


I’ve been reading bios of a few prominent executives and have found the trajectory each takes to get to their current seat to be really fascinating. This is not to say that many or even any of these paths are straight line or replicable, but what each has in common is that at some point the...

+20If you could live in any city long-term, which city would it be?


If you could land your dream job in any city you wanted, where would you like it to be? A city where you could live in for the next 20 years and be as happy as a clam in. Where would this be and why would you choose it? I'm gonna specify that it has to be a city, not a surrounding...

+20Women and Social Signaling

Mostly Random Dude

I just had an interesting conversation with a friend about social signaling in the context of dating. A common friend of ours just bought a McLaren. I recon that car is not cheap (Google did not seem to help - 100k? more?). Not that he can't afford it (he's a quant trader at a...

+20Small Changes That Make A Huge Difference


Recently, I have been interested in small changes that make a huge difference to your life..anyone got suggestions? A few of mine are: -stopped eating sugar - was addicted. Now I feel unbelievable -set up a direct debit from current account to an investment account every month.

+202019 Race/Competition Goals?


I know a bunch of people on here compete. What are your goal times for next year for your events --- 5Ks 10Ks, Marathons, Tris, etc etc etc? Whats your big race of the year? This is what I am thinking so far... Plan to do: Jan 50K (registered) - just want to finish / have fun (its a...

+20Forego the Facial Hair?


I’m not gonna lie – I’ve got a pretty sick beard. None of the scraggly B.S -- we’re talking thick, we’re talkin’ rich… like if Jack Dorsey and Bryce Harper and a baby that was a beard. (before, of course, Bryce shaved). But when I watch CNBC, other than the...

+20DAMN. Wins Pulitzer


Kendrick Lamar received a Pulitzer Prize for the rap album DAMN. So, now all you rich, preppy, ivy-educated finance nerds have a reason to go out and listen to it at least once. Report your critiques, dislikes, or praises of the decision here. Seriously interested in thoughts, though.

+19so... what's the greatest rap song of all time?


so... what's the greatest rap song of all time? And is there any that you've patterned your life after?

+19Best Conspiracy Theories


We have all heard at least one conspiracy theory in our lives. Some completely ridiculous ones with no backing and evidence. I'm talking about flat Earthers. They are dumb, period. There are some theories that make us wonder and actually might have some backing. At the end of the day, we...

+19F this industry


I can tolerate late nights but this is one of the first things to make me viscerally mad. Bunch of wanna-be (or in some cases, actual) hardos. From <a...

+19Meal Prep Ideas

Nightman Cometh

What's Up All, So I'm kind of a big dude--definitely built but also have a somewhat noticeable gut that I can't really get rid of. I attribute part of this to the fact that I eat out for lunch and dinner every day, and am not making the healthiest choices. So, I have...

+19Do you even lift bro?


No explanation needed for this forum the question is simply simple. Do you even lift bro? Do finance bros lift?

+19"Self Made"


Simple question. Can you really consider yourself "self made" when your parents dropped $100,000+ on a public or private education for you? I hear people claim that their "self-made" but yet they went to a $200,000+ private school completely on their parents dime. Interested...

+19Thinking of quitting my job and pursuing military (18X or AFSOC) - Experiences?


Long short about me: Age-26 Job- Real Estate Development/Acquisitions Compensation: Base of $110k w/ bonuses (performance & deal related) about $170-180k this year (I made about $140k last year Problem: I am bored as fuck and the path forward is lucrative but I feel like I need to do...

+19How can I get girls?


I don't want to date girls from work and, due to multiple business commitments, I can't be arsed to drag myself to a club or bar often. What is the best way to get girls? I hate online dating such as tinder. I full of messed up, average looking women. I am thinking about...

+19Millennial Side Hustle


So some of the zips that work on my team continue to toss this buzz word around as if Peter Drucker coined it himself in his most recent <abbr title="Harvard Business School">HBS</abbr> Case Study. What is the deal with this 'gig economy' I keep hearing...

+19Whats the coolest perk you've gotten from work?


We've all heard the war stories of private jets, booked clubs and models and bottles. It seems like the 'good-old-days' may have come to an end but I was curious of any recent cool experience you guys have had? Ex. Closing dinners, relationship management etc

+192018 WSO Member of the year Nominations


Update Jan 18 - poll is up: Previous winners include: @Lloyd BIankfein", @fear the bulge", @Dingdong08", @DickFuld" , @BlackHat" , and @IlliniProgrammer" Vote...

+19In Home Essentials/Must-Haves


Happy to report that with any luck I will be closing on my first house this week (thanks in no small part to the <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> community for the job that's paying for it!). Was wondering for those of you with homes (or apartments that are...

+19"What do you want for Christmas"


Hold off on the jokes, for now. Every year my family and significant other inevitably asks me what I want for christmas (early/mid 30's). Every year I have no ideas to supply them with outside of token fluff as I would have already purchased it if I wanted/needed it. That said, my...

+19Ideas for Healthy Snacks


Lately, I've been getting tired of snacking on granola bars. I consume a variety of fruits throughout the day, so what I'm looking for here is some direct substitute for granola bars. Any ideas on light and healthy snacks that you enjoy eating?

+19Feeling Scattered at Work

Mike Tyson

I am an Analyst at a <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> boutique. Lately I've been really scattered at work - my brain has not been functioning as quickly as it used to and I am always tired. This has been apparent since I worked for about 36 hours straight a...

+18How to not be cheap??


Believe it or not, I'm actually being sincere here. I need your help. I am extremely cheap. I can't stand spending any more money than I have to. If I'm spending in myself, for things like deodorant, food, beverages, gym membership, car payment, etc, I have no problem. But I...

+18Should there be a cap on how much you can get on a divorce?


Bezos got divorced. Apparently his wife has the right to half his assets. Would like to hear some opinions on this.

+18Do you entertain/host ?


Looking to find out what are some of your epic parties. But more specifically, can someone with experience in this (from the small warmers for colleagues/networking to extravagant all out bashes on a beachfront), talk about your dos and don'ts or general rules of thumb for the...

+18Against Institutionalism


I had a conversation with a close family member who was looking for my perspective on office politics / career. Through our conversation and for the first time, I realized I have an anti-institutionalism perspective on career. This perception of career / work / organization has served me well...

+18What is the Holy Grail of Finance Jobs?


Of course, a Goldman Sachs job is seen as near the top of prestige, but I’ve heard others say getting into a top <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> firm out of undergrad is even more impressive. Assuming you are an extremely hard worker, attend a target school, and...

+18condom split, what would you do?


Say you were having sex with a girl and the condom split, what would you do? Assume the girl has slept with 1000+ guys. Cheers.

+18What is the longest amount of hours you have worked in a week?


What are the longest amount of hours you guys have worked in one week. What was it like after you had finished that week or that task.

+18Am I in okay shape as far as how much I've saved at age 27?


So I work in an industry that is very niche. I graduated magna cum laude from a top target school, did management consulting for awhile, and then moved into something in sales with somewhat low hours, pretty minimal travel, and when I do travel, unlike in consulting, it's usually...

+18Travel Suggestions – Looking for Experiences


TL;DR: If you had 6 months to travel and had never been outside the US, where would you go and what would you do to have/create unique experiences? Hi guys – current college senior in my last semester (graduate December). I worked in <abbr title="investment...

+18Are There Dumb Kids at Target Schools?


I'd guess most of you guys on here have - at some point in your academic careers - been the smartest guy in the room. Especially in high-school, or even gen-ed classes, and most definitely at lower-tier state schools, etc. We've all looked at certain people and asked ourselves...

+185'7"? Too short for a man?


Okay everybody knows the stigma that surrounds short dudes, me being one (don't worry I feel fine being short). One question that has always run through my mind, is it just a psychological aspect that people prefer taller humans? And guys are perceived as being more masculine when they are...

+18I am a finance professional with a disability. AMA.

Bateman Begins

What the title says. I've been on this website for quite a while now and having just finished business school, decided to actively post again. I don't know if this topic would be of help to anyone, but I know I would've found it useful so putting this out there for anyone else...

+18NFL Preseason Predictions


The NBA may be months away, baseball is unwatchable, and EPL games are always on at ungodly hours, but football is right around the corner. NFL preseason games kicking off recently leads me to wonder what everyone's way-too-early predictions for this season are. Any breakout teams,...

+17Food you can't stand


What food do you absolutely hate? Is there anything you would never touch in a million years? How did you come to hate it?

+17Ever busted for sneaking out early on Friday?


It's Friday. Summer. None of you wanna be there at work. What's the protocol for sneaking out a little early on a summer Friday, maybe right after lunch? If the boss is gone, is it doable? Or just too damn risky?

+17Urgent: Would you pay $1400 in rent for 9ft x 9ft bedroom with almost nonexistent living room in Midtown?


Roommates and I are very close to locking down a unit in Herald Towers. It's a 1br flexed into 3br so we'll have a strip measured 3ft x 9ft for a common space that will probably fit a loveseat and a coffee table and nothing else. I'll have the smallest room in the apartment,...

+17Explain Your Job to a Child


If you had to explain what you did on a day-to-day basis to someone who had no idea about your industry, what would you say? Mine would be: Read the news, Type numbers into a computer, Talk about those numbers.

+17Will the Tech industry take over?


Had a question for you guys. The tech industry is the type of thing that seems too good to be true but actually turns out to be true. I have three main reasons to believe the most talented students will move in droves to the tech industry unless something changes. 1) Automation is set to...

+17Obnoxious Email Signatures


"Sent from my mobile device, please ignore typos" "**Insert random inspirational/spiritual quote**" "Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail" "**Disclaimer:** ....... " and proceeds to add 5 lines of useless words that hold no...

+17Anyone else feel like you've lost your touch?


I was valedictorian of my HS, got into an Ivy league school, graduated with honors there, and got into a <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr>, but found that the real world is kicking my ass. I've always felt like I could take on any challenges, but can't seem to...

+17I don’t feel like I have anything to live for anymore..


I go to what’s considered a target school, and, because of some personal issues, ended up dropping my original major, and I’m now majoring in what many would consider a stereotypically easy major. My GPA is just above a 3.6. It used to be higher. I have lost almost all motivation in life.....

+17Have you ever been called out on non-PC things you have said in the office?


I'm pretty PC in most situations, by context. You know who to tread lightly around, in terms of words said. Has someone ever called you out on being non-PC in the office? I've only been called out once. That I can remember. I think I was about 6 weeks into my first job after...

+17As a summer Intern, I LinkedIn-endorsed my associate in Microsoft Outlook and nothing else, now he seems upset at me?


Last week of internship, my associate endorsed me on linkedin under the skills section in Excel, financial analysis, and commercial real estate investments. In return I endorsed him in microsoft outlook as a joke. Now he won't give me any good quality work to do? Earlier today I asked if...

+17"F-You, I Quit!" Burning Bridge on Way Out


So in the "New York Post" today, there's an article about a sell-side analyst who uttered the aforementioned title -- "F*ck you, I quit" -- to his boss before pouring champagne all over the floor and leaving. While it'll make for a cool story and all, is there...

+17Does anyone know why bodybuilders use steroids?


This may be the wrong forum, but I want objective views (not a tirade with a hidden agenda to defend its use), on exactly the title question. I watched some football this weekend (American football, not those skinny wimps kicking a ball around), and I noticed these guys are incredibly fit,...

+17Do You Have Time for Breakfast?


I am a college student and often wake up 30 minutes before my morning class starts which usually gives me enough time to prepare myself and rush to class. For the most part, I have a small bite or just skip breakfast altogether. What is like for you guys working in IB? I know some people...

+16What is your office culture like?


Monkeys, How would you describe your work environment in terms of office politics, political correctness, company policies, other employees, freedom to talk freely, and overall culture? Please be specific if you're at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr>,...

+16How to become well spoken?


Hey guys, I know this is a weird question but here goes nothing. I've recently been watching a lot of Bill Ackman videos and see that he is extremely well spoken. He has a certain composure and elegance when he speaks. How does one learn to become like that? I was raised in the french...

+16Can I bring up declining another offer in my year end review?

Jerome Powell

Monkeys, With year end reviews coming up, I'm wondering if I can tell my boss that I denied an offer to leave my current job. I denied an opportunity to get a ~40% raise, so I feel like I could potentially get my current employer to pay me more or at least get brownie points for loyalty....

+16Spotify Playlists for Grinding

futures trader man

Post your favorite Spotify playlists for grinding throughout the day that make modeling and putting together backups a little more bearable. At the moment I am utterly sick of the playlists that I have and am curious what everyone else jams to throughout the day. Cheers.

+16Awkward Phone Call Moments


What are the most awkward phone call moments you have been a part of? Whether it was your fault or the other person's fault doesn't matter. I'll start. I was on the phone earlier this week with an academic program manager to learn about their prep courses for the <abbr...

+16Best Part of Working in Finance?


Doctors love helping people, engineers love seeing their work come to life, teachers love enlightening the youth, and the list goes on and on. What is the best part about working in finance?

+16What's the worst typo you've ever made?


What is the worst typo you have ever made or seen someone make? Was there any outcome from this typo?

+16R.I.P. theaccountingmajor - Finally Banned

Sunshine Funshine

Hello everyone, the accounting major has finally been banned from this website. This is a sad day for the community.

+16Eagles have the best problem in sports (Wentz vs Foles)


Any other Philly Eagles fans on this board? What are your thoughts on this looming Wentz-Foles situation? Personally, I think they should keep both. But after 2019, they need to pay Wentz something like $30mm a year which drastically changes the current cap space from where it is now. My...

+16Workhorse guy vs Fixer


What would you say is a better signal of a healthy career (one that will grow or lead to dependence on your activities for decades): **Guy 1:** Learned a few skills, but the most important one is the ability to just grind. He grits his teeth, you hand him more and more of the same shit,...

+16Work Life Hacks?


What little things do you guys do to make your lives way easier? I'm talking tips and tricks you guys use on a daily basis to speed up efficiency, be better, or even just enjoy life more.

+16Parents [including celebs and various hot shots] indicted in college admissions test scam


Ouch... prestige attempts done the wrong way AND caught no less! Prosecutors filed charges against 33 parents, accused of paying between $200,000 and $6.5 million to get their children into elite universities. Those indicted include actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman [actress and...

+16Los Angeles Finance People

Ed Chambers

Where do you live? I hate there are so few high rises in LA unlike <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> and other big cities. Any thoughts?

+16What do you think of delayed gratification?


Hello, monkeys. For those of you who do not know what delayed gratification is, I'll leave you the Wikipedia definition "Delayed gratification, or deferred gratification, describes the process that the subject undergoes when the subject resists the temptation of an immediate reward in...

+16Should I live in San Francisco or Santa Monica/West LA?


Hi all, I got a promotion at my management consulting gig, for which they want me to move to one of our California offices. I can choose between San Francisco and Santa Monica. | I'm currently living in the D.C. suburbs in Northern Virginia. I like being around people who are smart,...

+16I just bought a new Maserati. Suddenly everyone on the road hates me.


So after picking it up this weekend and putting ~300 miles on the car, I am rather surprised at the amount of (negative) attention this thing gets. My old car was actually more expensive when new, but it was "just" a Mercedes. It was red. My new car is white. I'm the same...

+16What is your biggest fear?


**My biggest fear is not being able to visit all the places I want to see before I die. Or visiting all of them (about 60% done already) and having "no where else to explore."** But at that point the logical next step would be launching off a canyon edge sans parachute, so...

+16How much does your body cost per year?


Like to operate and maintain - to get your hair and nails did and everythang. Excluding clothes... whats your number?

+16Top 5 books you have read


First time poster and avid reader here. Just out of curiosity and to build my personal library a bit further, what are the top 5 finance related nonfiction books you have read? Looking forward to your responses.

+15Your Biggest Weakness?


I'm in the middle of Ray Dalio's "Principles". He aggressively seeks out people's personality baselines in order to have more effective communication- i.e. put a detail-oriented person with a big picture person to stay on track but produce quality work, but have them...

+15Weed, Shrooms, What's Next?


[Canada's had medical marijuana for a while.]( [Atai is funding American studies for psychedelics to treat...

+15Do you think you have a high IQ? Why or why not?


Do you think you have a high IQ? Why or why not? I don't think I've seen a topic on this; curious to yalls input and discussion.

+15Dallas Life + Social Scene


Couldn’t find much from the past few years on this so figured I’d toss out a question. I am moving to Dallas soon for work. I only know a few people down there. Could anyone who knows the city tell me about what it’s like to live in Dallas. Would be great to know where is good to go out...

+15The 20% of Americans still have no savings


A recent report says Americans are unwary when it comes to saving or investing money. According to the latest survey by Bankrate, around 20% of the US working population is not in the habit of saving money, despite the boost in the economy. Why does this happen and when did this trend emerge?

+15Most Overrated CIty?


What is one city that you specifically think is overrated and doesn't live up to the hype? For me it would definitely have to be Nashville. I've been there 3 time snow at differing times of the year and I just don't get the hype. The city is much smaller than you would expect,...



Let's bring the crazy discussion over here. Just curious on the <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> community's thoughts. I'm wondering if this just doesn't apply as most finance bros already don't give a shit about what society (women and...

+15Interested in a girl who's into BDSM (and I'm not)


As I write this, I am very unsure of what to do. And so, naturally, I turn to <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> to solve my problems. Here's the situation. I've gone out with a girl a couple times (we are both in college, she's a senior,...

+15Whats the Least Impressive Thing Someone has Told you


We have all heard the interview question about our proudest achievement, or about some dude gloating about the chicks he has railed. But out of all these moments, what was the least impressive thing that someone has told you. It just made you pity the fool and want to throw him out the window?

+15Personal finance?

Mostly Random Dude

Can we kick-off and keep afloat a thread about personal finance for non-dummies? I would love to be able to discuss intermediate-beginner issues like basic tax optimization, best services for moderate-net-worth individuals etc. For starters, who do you bank with and why? I have been with TD...

+15Has anyone famous ever posted on WSO?


Has anyone famous ever posted on WSO? Who is the most successful person to have posted on WSO? Other than Dick Fuld of course.

+15Los Angeles vs Dallas vs Chicago


Currently based in <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr> and our team have a large presence in those 3 cities (LA, Chi Town, Dallas) -- if you had the opportunity to relocate to one of those cities, which would it be? Putting all other circumstances aside, let's put...