+36Paying College Athletes120
+36How can you justify eating meat?104
+36Death Row Inmates and Capital Punishment98
+35People who say they're in finance but aren't32
+35"40% of Americans unable to come up with $400 to pay for an emergency expense"83
+35Should we outsource jobs or keep them here in the US?94
+35Is Western Civilization in decline?101
+35Is Uber the next WeWork?74
+35Los Angeles envy97
+34Did WSO become worse with the annonymous submissions?30
+34The Unserious President and His Federal Reserve Board Hacks91
+34Going out on your own61
+34Attempts to be friends with/be in a relationship with a model?46
+34Prestige is regional - Choosing Walmart over Goldman Sachs36
+33Facebook Continues Social Media Censorship74
+33What's the sweetest job you know someone got right out of school?62
+33Does Wall Street add value?57
+33What's it like at a high school reunion?39
+33What's Your Favorite Place You've Been To?78
+32NBA Playoffs '19112
+32How can you ever afford to buy a home in the Bay?63
+32Love at First Sight37
+32F**k Zucc: the case for ousting Mark Zuckerberg 71
+32Andrew Yang- Opinions?90
+31What's this forum's stance on unpaid internships?93
+31What's your walkaway $ number?76
+31Dating As Financial Professional52
+30What's your dating strategy?63
+30How Do You Relax?56
+30I have the shittiest time dealing with HR.59
+30Where to go in Africa?88
+29Has anyone regretted studying for the CFA?78
+29What Are Your Vices?43
+29What to do on weekends? I'm bored42
+29Goodbye, New York, California and Illinois. Hello … Where?61
+29Goldie's Latest WSO User Guideline Violation12
+28I see some of you so frequently posting this forum, when do you actually work?29
+28Goldie has breakthrough, replaces hate in his heart with love, creates softest and longest post to date15
+28Am I allowed to make jokes on LinkedIn?59
+28Low Prestige High Salary jobs 93
+272020 Stock/Market Strategies?46
+27YOUR Personality Type? (Myers-Briggs/16 Personalities Edition)72
+27Is 5''7'-5''8' too short to succeed in high finance (male)?38
+269/11 Memories17
+26The Story of Igor: Daddy Issues, Addiction, & How Goldie Stole His Pills50
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+26When do you want to retire?45
+26Canceling Student Debt58
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+26What are the people you knew in high school doing now? 90
+25Hot (obvious) take: Elon Musk does dumb shit on purpose39
+25GoT Season 8 Episode 5 Discussion [SPOILERS]68
+25Good Riddance Finance, I'm done!23
+25I’ve always heard that fundamental analysis and hence, active fund management will become obsolete, will this render CFA useless70
+25Do schools stop you from actually learning?74
+25NFL PLAYOFFS 2019101
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+25Ex consulting partner now make 70K a year AMA39
+24The cologne that changed everything....15
+24So you want to buy a business...18
+24Money $$ or Self-respect?38
+24Future of WeWork?50
+24Wasted Talents at Non Targets going towards Back Office IT Jobs in Wall Street.39
+24Can we have the Dr.(M.D) vs Dr.(PhD) debate, please?59
+24If American Psycho were about Programmers25
+24Do you play videogames?88
+24Are we running out of options?44
+24Google Your Search Is Over (Part 2)24
+23How to deal with not fitting in at work?24
+23What is YOUR go-to drink?81
+23Why I left a leading Chinese tech company (think BAT - Baidu / Alibaba / Tencent) after one year21
+23Should Executive pay be capped?45
+23How to blow my fat sign-on bonus26
+23Games of Thrones S8 E6 Series Finale Discussion [SPOILERS]51
+23Notre Dame fire - When probability of 0 becomes 161
+23What time do you get off work?39
+23Seeking Advice, am I ruining my career? What would you do?50
+23BEST Finance Movies?63
+23got cleaned on runescape22
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+22Google: Your Search Is Over (Part 1)14
+22Pretentious name34
+22Confused 18 y/o girl needs advice 51
+22Social depression24
+22A great Sunday....13
+21I don't plan on saving money as an analyst and I think that's ok48
+21Who do you think is the most intelligent person in Congress?60
+21Best TV shows to watch76
+21How to be loyal53
+21Billions Dialogue50
+21Being Well-mannered?57
+21Is it more important to be liked, or to be respected as an investor24
+21Need a Different Car43
+21Got rejected from a club and start doubting myself39
+21What are you reading right now?55
+21Help! I've been in the SF Bay Area for a year and HATE IT64
+20Would You Want Paternity Leave?36