02020 Full-Time IB Recruiting *DECISIONS* Megathread4
0Does anyone actually think that finance is interesting?10
0What are some other jobs for people who decide that finance ain't it?4
0Any regrets on how you spent your earlier years working???2
0Having half a page on my resume, auto ding?10
0What programming language do you know?2
0What is data science3
0Zoom phone intro1
0What's the cringiest thing you hear finance guys say or have heard a finance guy say (about finance)3
0Is entitlement a bad thing? 3
0Your daily system/ routine 2
0Doing good work but being fired for personality reasons8
0The Ethics & Philosophy of Clocks in Bathrooms3
0Is there a higher percent of left handed people in finance than normal?3
0Pikers in Finance 1
0RenTech PhD Intelligence Level1
0When does college no longer matter to others?2
0ritalin + alcohol5
0Climate Change Policy in the West5
0If you were President of the United States, who would be in your cabinet?1
0Time Management Tips for IT Leaders1
0NASA Black Hole Actually A Photo Of Ops Department5
0Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?5
0Would someone be willing to look over my resume?1
0Business Knowledge 2
0The end all be all definitive absolute answer (and best way) to break in2
0Who is the most prestigious troll on WSO (in 2019)?1
0The Investment Fund Game1
0Manager being Passive Aggressive. 1-1 gone bad!!5
0Soho House auto-rejects every banker and consultant?2
0Become a data scientist2
0Is Banking becoming too casual?15
0Minorities on Wall Street2
0Lehman Brothers 2020 SA Thread2
0Which Bank IS Best For Investment?1
0Is this one of the best resume youve seen .Opportunities with resume like that .16
0How do I get to have a normal conversation with my ex for once? Better yet, how do I even get him to talk? 13
0Have you cheated on your significant other? Is it a normal culture in your office?5
0Plight of Uighurs as Described by a Retarded Pentagon Bureaucrat7
0Dilution of Talent in Finance?9
0Losing your virginity 1
0IB or Military?12
0I've noticed a new "trend"2
0If this post gets more SBs than MS, I will retire from posting on WSO1
0Let's be real, the CFA is piss easy.22
0what bank do i have to work at to be considered the 1% of the 1%7
0triggered about graduating with low gpa13
0Hedge Fund Job Out of Undergrad Pays +$300k2
0AMA - Sunshine Funshine10
0Thoughts on this story from reddit?19