+15Sober October


Well boys, my mild-moderate alcoholism is turning into regular moderate alcoholism. Time for a reset. Sober October 5 to November 5 - No drugs or alcohol. Nicotine and caffeine are fine. Who's joining me on this epic endeavor? If nobody is down, someone please bump this thread in a month...

+15Music to listen to while working


Title says it all... What music do you guys prefer while working? Can't stand the silence but can't have something with any words in it. Anyone feel the same?

+15Toughest Person You Ever Met


Have you ever met a particularly tough person? Some one who mental toughness was beyond anything you have ever seen. What did they do and how did they do it?

+15Wall Street Elite: Where do they go for fun


Where do the mavericks of wall street go for happy hour, power lunches, or a good steak? Always wanted to walk into a bar and see a bunch of Patrick Bateman's before they hit the town. Thoughts?

+15Horny Female Gym Teacher Makes $133,000 a year?!


Just ran across this article in the good ol' NYPost... One thing not surprising about it: a teacher sleeping with a student. Read one of these every week. My dad said this NEVER happened...

+15Movie Recommendations


Sup. I am pretty bored and am a huge film lover, and I was just wondering if anyone has any film recommendations for me. Or just wants to list some movies they like. I love pretty much all genres from action/adventure to drama, comedy, and animation (not into anime tho). I used to watch tons of...

+15Space Banking: The future of IB


People might think this is a shitpost but a hundred years from now maybe it will be relevant. With the US Space Force up and running soon, what will be the future of banking? Will there be banks on Mars? The possibilities are endless.

+15Life Insurance Thread


What do you guys do about life insurance? What's your philosophy on the matter? I have a bunch of loans and I'm having a kid, so I want to get life insurance because leaving my wife with all this shit is scary and I'll probably never do better on a physical than now. My objective...

+15How Prestigious is Tai Lopez?

Sunshine Funshine


+15How did you find WSO?


Just curious as to how other people came across this site and if and how it changed you. Personally I saw an interview with Jamie Dimon where he said that he hadn't paid attention to <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> in a while, so I decided to see what...

+15Home Office Set-up?


As an incoming <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> associate, wondering what home office set-up those in the industry use (e.g. monitors, keyboard, laptop, etc.). Any guidance and insight would be much appreciated. Thank you!

+15Help a fellow monkey


###Situation: I recently started developing feelings for a friend of mine, but before asking her out and risking ruining our friendship, and maybe even some more considering that we are in the same group of friends, I am trying to better understand if there is a reciprocal...

+15Train your children for a profession


Is it possible to train your children early with skills like accounting or using finance tools? We see all the time that children are trained to be athletes since they were babies. Sentiments and morals aside, I just want to know if anyone has tried this.

+15Golf Club Recommendations!


Any advice in mid range and high end sets of clubs. Seems like one needs to play golf in order to best network at my current firm. For my first set of clubs, how much should I be looking at spending? Any brand suggestions?

+15Anthony Bourdain. The man who inspired me to live truly free of contraints. Is dead.


I will never forget watching his first episode(s) of Parts Unknown on CNN. This was back in 2013, just around the time when I and my peers were engaged in the drudgery known as the job search. It was then that I knew being in a cubicle would mean certain (emotional and physical)...

+15No-Wipe Dumps?


As the title suggests, how does one obtain consistent no-wipe dumps? Any tips/tricks anyone can offer?

+15People Think They Are In A Movie Starring Themselves


I recently read an article about how Pandora is curating personalized playlists to soundtrack your life so that you can, [quote] “Feel like you’re living in your own private Wes Anderson movie – or Quentin Tarantino flick or, if you’re really into Hans Zimmer, even Jurassic Park.”...

+14I'm lost and desperately need help


I know I will get over it, but I'm feeling depressed and just need to get it out. My Ex just broke up with me and told me that she's seeing another guy, mainly because of my life choices. Let me elaborate on my Background and last 4-year long relationship. I'm the first one...

+14What's your experience with LinkedIn?


If you have one, how often do you use it? If not, why not? Do you actively use it when networking? Do you add anyone who sends you an invite? I've heard stories where people interview with a company and randomly add people from the company and ask for recommendations. Have any of you...

+14Intellectual horsepower- is it born or can it be improved?


As the title stated... curious to see your views on it and how to improve. Any books that’s helped you to improve on intellectual horsepower , see important things faster?

+14Dumb 3rd-rate designations


So I'm confused by those who decide to get random worthless designations. I just saw a comment on a coworker's linkedin post (he's going for an Oxford Ph.D. btw, and lists nothing) from somebody who is a QKA(R), CRPS(R), and CHSA(R). Who puts this sort of junk after their name? ...

+14What are your morning and night routines before and after work?


Finance job is notorious for having no work life balance. I have recently come across the website: and I found it interesting to read through the sort of daily routines different people have. I was wondering what kind of daily routines you guys have to keep yourselves...

+14how to be alpha?


how to be alpha? what are your tips, your stories, your thoughts.................. how to be alpha?

+14Location and happiness

Dances With Newfoundland

I have always believed that location is one of the key determinants of one's happiness, along with health, money, and close relationships. So this study should not come as a surprise. For single men, location may be even more important, as the city plays an important role in one's...

+142018 FIFA World Cup Predictions: Knock-Outs and Final

The Pharma Guy

Since the group stage ( thread was getting a bit messy, let's start over with a fresh one for the knock out rounds and final (updated as the matches progress) **Round of 16** Uruguay v Portugal...

+14Why not slumlord in South Bend Indiana?


Sure, there are assaults on the reg in these neighborhoods and gang activity but some of the houses are $20-25k asking and would prob rent for $600 a month. Why not lever up and rake in the fat stacks? If bought for $25k and put $5k down, then monthly costs are $135 (mortgage, property tax,...

+14WSO: Changes Observed


So I've participated on these fora now for the better part of 5 years, and I've noticed some significant changes. Some of the changes are easily explainable, while others are not. I wanted to share some of my observations and get some feed back from the community. Joined in 2013 and...

+14How do I find decent housing in San Francisco?


Hi everyone! I’m a Senior graduating in May and I’ll be moving out to San Francisco around July from the east coast. Housing is absolutely insane. I’ve come across listings charging insane rent for something the size of a closet. I’ve been trying to find decent places through PadMapper,...

+14Chess for finance

BuySide Bro

I'm a <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> associate looking to further my chess game - currently about 1100 blitz on Teach me chess and I'll share all I know about recruiting, <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>,...

+14Advice for a college kid with a poor social life?


I'm posting this on a throw-away account. I'll try to keep this short and just give a summary. So I used to be a pretty sociable kid, especially towards the end of high school, when I was going out a lot and I was on the soccer team, had a lot of friends. I went to college on the...

+14Cars: Thinking about getting rid of my BMW

Captain Buyside

Hey everyone -- thinking about getting rid of my generic 5 series (2016) and getting a Subaru Outback... seems crazy but there's no maintenance and they seem fairly durable. Wasn't a huge fan of the 5 series and have a 911 already as a weekender. What are y'all's thoughts?

+14Join the WSO Chats for Your City


Join the email list for your city to receive updates on future <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> events in your city. When signing up you will also receive a welcome email with a link to join your city's chat group. We created these Telegram groups with the...

+14Well boys, today I meet with an army recruiter regarding an 18x contract


It's been nice conversing with you all, but I am having a mid-20's life crisis. Friend of mine, who is a Green Beret has been pushing me for years to join up, and more recently another friend of mine who is a Ranger called me out for not doing it either. Yes my job is cool, yes I make...

+14How often do you visit your parents/call your parents?


How often do you visit your parents? How often do you call your parents? I live at home with parents.

+14Where to live in Boston for young people


Anybody know where are the best places to live in Boston for the summer? I will be a rising Junior and working in the Financial District.

+13What jobs have the best social perks?


What are the jobs/companies that lead you to the VIP parties or give you sweet perks like a vacation.

+13Have you ever ghosted/blown-off employer?


The <a href="">article</a> today talks about how employees are turning tables on employers and sometimes ghosting them -- just not getting back to them, or actually blowing off interviews...

+13tinder/bumble opening messages

goodbye sears

best opening line when messaging a woman on tinder/bumble? epic fails? anyone actually ever marry someone they met on the services?

+13Tiger Woods Wins Masters


Tiger winning the Masters is a story of hard work and persistence. He has been such a role model for me; as I am sure he is for millions of young men around the world. This has been a great day for the community.

+13What is High Finance?

Distressed Industrial Buyer

Is this just a made up term? What's middle and low or even atmospheric finance? Can someone define?

+13How much spare time do you really have with a 40-50 hour week / what do you do with it?


Title pretty much says it all. If you're working a 40-50 hour week, what does your schedule look like and what do you do out of work? I know most people see this as a positive, and I feel like I might be a workaholic in the working, but I really see myself bored out of my mind if I only...

+13What's the craziest thing you've ever seen a professor do?


What's the most outrageous thing you've ever seen a professor do? Give everyone all As? Cancel class almost always?

+13Being a Millionarie vs living like one


I occasionally listen to self-help finance guys/read their books (think Dave Ramsey). They always talk about how to get to a net worth o $1mn. My thought is, the glamour for most people of being considered a "millionaire" is living a luxury lifestyle. There are people like Buffet...

+13How Many Hours Do You Sleep? Substances to Stay Awake?


As the title says, how many hours of sleep do you guys in finance usually get a night. The stigma around the crazy hours is known but how many hours of sleep do you need to function properly. Everybody has seen Wolf of Wall Street, but how true is it actually, do you really need anything...

+13Favorite Books?

I am interested in finding some new suggestions for books to read, can be any type of book.

+13Overcoming Inferiority Complex

Ivan Boesky

I am 19, a student and have an insane inferiority complex.. I always feel as if I am behind in some way, that I don't "look" the part, or that I can never achieve X because (insert bs reason here), etc. Basically a bunch of bull shit that I keep feeding myself for idk what reason....

+13Thinking about writing a guide for Tinder


2200-2300 matches, with ability for unlimited swipes because I pay for premium. Pretty high response rate. Not the most matches, but I usually surprise a lot of guys when they look at my Tinder. I have a number or good, original lines that are unused and have a ridiculously high response...

+13How Do You Handle Midday Sleepiness?


Just about whenever I have a night with limited sleep, I run out of energy for about 30-60 minutes in the middle of the day where it becomes difficult to resist sleep unless I am working on something high pressure. For people in finance pulling low/no sleep nights consistently, how do you fight...

+13What Do You Boycott?


As I'm sure you've all heard by now, the[ Nike fiasco.](, people are calling for boycotts left and right of Nike products. Claiming Nike siding with Kap is them...

+13Have you ever been in a fight?


If so, what happened? And did you learn anything (how much can you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight)?

+13Women are only people in a technical sense?


Hey, I just wanted to get a social discussion going. I noticed that men talk a lot of shit about women on these forums- which is sorta a window into the darkness. I can tell that they resent women a lot. They're sort of seen as frivolous distractions, scammers (the whole alimony/child...

+13What should you do when you just can’t move on after rejection?


This [link]( provides a brief background. Anyway, it’s been months since that. I’ve been doing great but I just can't move on. I can't see myself without him. All this time,...



What are you guys working towards long-term in terms of philanthropic goals? How do you typically pick what to get involved with? Anyone sit on boards/get involved in the day-to-day of any charities or do you think it's a better time/value for society by simply donating cash and using your...

+13What's Your Anthem?


So I was listening to Future's new album today, and it made me wonder.... what's your anthem? What's the one song that's your go to-- for any given occasion? I'll start-- mines "Stick to the Models" - by Future

+13Paid Subscriptions that are worth their money/good value?

Name Of Profit

Are you guys enrolled in any paid subscriptions? do you think paid subscriptions are worth it? what kind of subscriptions are you willing to pay for? they don't have to related to news or magazines, you can add music subscriptions or game subscriptions etc. Personally, i'm thinking...

+13When were you the asshole?


We all like to think high and mighty of ourselves but there's always that one instance we should have handled a situation better. I know myself I've had several instances were I came in to situations increeeedibly cocky and arrogant and it'd tend to bite me in the bum more...

+13CFA December 2018 Results


How did everyone do? Background: Undergrad - Finance and Economics - State School Grad School - <abbr title="Masters in Finance">MSF</abbr> - Semi Target Investment Analyst @ Asset Management Firm Scores: >70 - Alternative Investments and Derivatives, Ethics,...

+13Harvard's racism against Asian-American applicants

Dances With Newfoundland

The empirical data supporting the view that colleges hold Asian-American applicants to higher standards has always been compelling. However, a major problem was that we were unable to look at internal data and reports from the schools themselves. But a federal judge in Boston ordered Harvard to...

+13My Politically Incorrect Perspective on Big 4 Culture


I've worked in the Big 4 consulting game for a over 4 years now and I wanted to shed some light on their culture. Disclaimer: my interpretation of PWC and Deloitte is only based on anecdotal feedback from colleagues/ friends who are working there, and my interactions at bidder...

+13Cultural Differences in International Business

Pierre Ortiz

So the basic premise of this question, is about cultural differences in businesses, in particular Europe. I currently work for a large healthcare consultancy and was contemplating international rotations in certain European countries (spain and france). I have lived in Europe before while...

+13Ugly Guys Dating Women Way Out of Their League


Do any of you know anyone (yourselves included) who are really ugly dudes and managed to land dates way out of their league?

+13Talking About Sensitive Personal Issues in Interviews (Sexual Abuse)


Is it ever okay to talk about personal issues in interviews if they are relevant to the question and a big part of who you are? One of my greatest strengths is resilience. This is because I've gone through a lot in the last ten years and the last few in particular. When I was 9 I...

+13Acceptance rates at top universities in 2050


The average acceptance rate for <a href="">top 50 US school </a>is now under 15%, this is crazy. What do you think it's going to look like 30 years from now ? Do you think the...

+13What does your significant other do for a living?

Sunshine Funshine

Title says it all - this one time I saw a thread where the OP dragged on teachers/nurses/women from non targets since they are all not ambitious (his words) so I was wondering what your significant others do for work and whether or not you care, lol.

+13Passive Income Opportunities & Diversifying Your Wealth


In the spirit of overworked bankers & finance professionals who are looking towards the eventual light at the end of the tunnel, let's explore the topic of creating sustainable sources of income outside one's daily W-2 grind. Personally I've given the idea a lot of thought...

+12What's the most impressive academic resume you've seen?


If we're talking just straight schools. Youtube's chief of staff went to Harvard UG, Rhode Scholar afterwards, and then graduated from Harvard JD/<abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr>. I think Mitt Romney did something similar and couple...

+12Faking URM/LGBLT for recuiting?

שמי גולדשטיין

can banks call you out on these things? i figured they wouldn't question it since that would raise more issues for them. just curious though if anyone of you had stories of people who have gotten into serious trouble for doing so. (disclaimer - was never going to try this).

+12Financial Addictions


Is there anything within the financial discipline that you have an unhealthy obsession with? For me, it is using highly leveraged instruments to avoid putting my entire net worth into one idea even though I have blown up my portfolio doing so before due to my excessive level of narcissism....

+12If there was a Mount Rushmore of the most corrupt companies, who would you put on it?


My votes would be: * Facebook * Enron (This site is a huge fan of their former CEO) * Scientology (Self explanatory) * Bayer (Recently acquired Monsanto)

+12Sensitive Interns?


How do you deal with interns and their fragile sensibility? I can't comprehend how they think they have any worth and ought to be embraced like the precious thing they are.

+12Why don't interns pay banks for the privledge of working there?


Experience is all that matters when someone is first starting out, right? So banks should make the interns pay them in exchange for training and the intern experience. Me personally - I'd pay at least $80 to put Goldman Sachs on my resume. The banks could rake in so much f****** dough just...

+12Protein Shake as a meal


Looking for something to substitute breakfast/get good protein after a workout. Never done it before but bought an overpriced shake recently and really liked it (Strawberry, banana and vanilla? protein powder) pretty sweet tbh but something that doesn't taste like crap and has good...

+12Funny Wifi Names


Hey all, Do you guys have any funny finance related wifi names? We'd all like to flex on my neighbours, any ideas? Just straight up <abbr title="enterprise value">EV</abbr>/EBITDA? anything more creative?

+12life hacks / job hacks


Time is the ultimate precious commodity in finance. We never seem to have enough, and no one wants their life to start falling apart. What life tips have you guys found to keep life glued together while working stupid hours? Keen to learn. Some of my tips: * Keep a giant jug of dry...

+12You Know You're Overworked When...


This is something that came to mind reading some of the comments on [this post]( It's good advice to be aware of our limits and to do something once its become clear that we're being overworked past...

+12CFA Institute is a cash cow


After efinancial careers posted an article claiming CFA was "not a profitable organization", I asked them to review the proxy and CFA tax returns. What they found may be shocking to many (the link is at the bottom of this article). Both the absolute level of executive pay, and total...

+12exercise routines


Hey guys, Since we're all super busy finance folks I thought I'd start a thread on exercise efficiency. Before I was getting pretty good results with compound exercises, but then I moved away from gym. Now I'm a bit far, so I'm just working out with...

+12What comp would you require to agree to work an extra x hours per week?


How much additional comp would you require before agreeing to work an extra 10 hours per week? How about an extra 20, 30, 40?

+12Giving to charity instead of gifts

Anonymous Monkey

I would like some thoughts on giving to the charity of other people's choice this holiday instead of giving the gift and the benefits of forgoing material gifts for charity.

+12Billions Dialogue

Paddy’s Pub

Posted about this before and how ridiculous some of the dialogue has gotten and read this review of the episode and wanted to get some thoughts. Copy and pasting from review. I personally agree with Samantha Mathis as her and the investor relations girl at Taylor's company are the most...

+12Single Moms


As I sit down with a stiff Jack and Coke, I thought I would chum up a rough guide for men thinking about starting a relationship with a single mom and what some of the ramifications are of dating and entering into a deeper relationship with a single mom could be. Of course this guide does not...

+12How to deal with the fact that you are not the best


Hey guys, after this recruitment season, I realized that there will always be people who are smarter/more qualified than me. There is always someone who works at a more prestigious Firm/Team or simply performs better. Same thing about University, when you go to Cornell (which is a great...

+12Excel, Google Sheets, and other tools of the trade


Hi Monkeys: So I've been out of finance game in a direct capacity for a few years now (made a transition to software development). I'm assuming the tools of the trade for everyday work are largely the same as they were when I was in <abbr title="investment...



I am a summer analyst and this is my first experience with "corporate america." I have heard numerous buzzwords that make me question how people come up with these. Some examples of things i've heard: *"I have some extra bandwidth if anyone needs anything" * ...

+12Have any of you ever fallen for a coworker? How did it play out?


I’ve fallen for a girl that I’ve been working with for about a year. We’re both in long term relationships, so it’s a tough situation. The feelings are mutual on her end. We’ve talked about it and we’re stuck on how to handle it. Curious if any of you guys have ever been in a...

+12Wall Street Oasis Needs an iPhone App


I was wondering how come <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> has no iOS app? I am sure it would be widely used if it were to exist. I don't know about you guys, but whenever I'm on this site using Safari on iPhone, posting comments tends to be hassle. I...

+12Is Marriage Even Worth It?


[quote] Marriage Is a business contract and can be considered a Merger. Essentially, when considering marriage, you are considering a merger between two people. Just like in any business merger, it's expected from both parts to fully examine the other business' history, direction and...

+12How Many Credit Cards Do You Have?

Sunshine Funshine

Title says it all - I'm sure this has been asked before but I was hoping to get some fresh responses/advice on credit

+12Paying attention to Plumbing


Here is how I found a pure mind, body, and soul synced to the power of oneness. Many of the sites I saw told me that it was important to clean my colon because of the toxins that fester in the lower GI. It all made sense to me. As we all know, or should know, the colon’s main function...

+12Current Favourite TV Series


Hey all, Just curious as to what any of your current favorite TV series' might be. For myself, it's Manhunt: Unabomber - on Netflix.

+12What do you wish you knew before trying entrepreneurship?

Hank Mardukas

Been flirting with/ trying to identify the potential market for a product idea for the better part of a year, and I'm going to go for it and start prototyping and developing my go to market strategy over the coming months, maybe even get a finished product out this year. For all of you...

+11Did You Watch The Oscars?

Wu_Tang Financial

Happy Monday gents, In recent years I can recall watching at least some of the Oscars or whatever 'big' event is on that evening. After discussion with some friends it seems very few watched. And we all have one common reason why- the increasing PC offended culture in media. I am...

+11My Pug is Dying


Hey everyone, As the title says, my pug is reaching the end of his life. He is the black pug in my profile picture. Not really looking for pity- I just want to know a few things. 1) How do you know when it’s time to put them down? Vet gave me a range but not hard indicators, despite me...

+11Will American society head to a stage of extended adolescence past the school years? What could it mean for single men?


I recently talked to an older guy who told me how back in his day, at the age of 22 or so men were married with kids and already starting families. In my generation, it feels like that is not as common at all except for certain conservative cliques and groups. There are studies out there...

+112019 Summer Plans

Nightman Cometh

Out of curiosity, what are you ladies and gents doing this summer? Any exciting plans? I haven't had a single day off since I started with the exception of a funeral recently, and have been told that I can finally put some of that PTO to use once shit dies down during the dog days. I...

+11Best Dating App Opener

The King of Success

What's the best opener you've ever used on a girl? I'm looking for ideas because saying I'm @theaccountingmajor" hasnt worked out very well lol

+11Did my skin color get me rejected from these colleges?

Anonymous Monkey

I got rejected from all semi-target/target schools I applied to. I have a 3.9 GPA, worked through school, supported family, low income, good extracurricular and still get rejected (wrote about all this in my essay). I went through threads on College Confidential and I swear on my life I read a...

+11What Credit Cards Do You Use

Number Crunching Warrior

Monkeys, I know there are other articles on this but they seem to be outdated now that benefits for many credit cards have changed (Amex Gold is almost a completely different card now). What cards do you get the most value from, or use the most? I personally just upgraded my Amex Gold to...

+11Just got my return offer exact time emergency text


+11Gary Vaynerchuck. Yay or Nay


So Gary Vee is definitely a really successful dude, and his motivational speeches can have huge impact on millennials (like me) in making us get off our ass and stop playing around with our dicks. Tai Lopez is also trying to follow the same path as Gary through becoming rich and giving...