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+8Studying abroad places


Am currently at a target school and am planning on studying abroad in two semesters (Spring semester 2019). To the people on here who studied abroad in college, where did you go? Already have an internship locked up for next summer so I'm just looking to blow off steam and have...

+8Long Distance Relationships or Sacrificing Career Abroad


<strong>Mod (Andy) note:</strong> Good forum thread below on choosing between a relationship / location / career I am going to be doing <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> abroad this summer, and assuming I like it, I hope to stay abroad full time...

+8How do you plan to retire?


Though the daily life of bankers is a rollercoaster some days and a horribly boring one for others, eventually we will all retire (stop working a regular job) at some point in our life. How do you plan to allocate your saved capital once you retire? Also, how do you see yourself spending the...

+8European Banks. What's Wrong With us.


As the title says, when will the European banks work their way to the top? Will it ever happen? European industry still relies mostly on American banks for cap raising. What can Europe do? Since the crisis <abbr title="Royal Bank of Scotland">RBS</abbr> is just fucked,...

+8Have any of you ever fallen for a coworker? How did it play out?


I’ve fallen for a girl that I’ve been working with for about a year. We’re both in long term relationships, so it’s a tough situation. The feelings are mutual on her end. We’ve talked about it and we’re stuck on how to handle it. Curious if any of you guys have ever been in a...

+8Just got my return offer exact time emergency text


+8How do you deal with uncertainty?


I want to start by thanking the folks who gave input on my other post. My boss did leave and I was moved to a different role, a trading role actually. It is a cash trading role for those in the industry, my limit is 14 days ahead. More of an asset management role IMO, but that’s here nor...

+8exercise routines


Hey guys, Since we're all super busy finance folks I thought I'd start a thread on exercise efficiency. Before I was getting pretty good results with compound exercises, but then I moved away from gym. Now I'm a bit far, so I'm just working out with...

+8Who Was Your Biggest Influence?


Title says it all. Who was the person who influenced you the most whether it be in your career or personal life (or both)? What was your relationship with them and how did they influence you? Positive and negative influences both apply.

+8Enough is enough. What is the best coffee?


I've been hearing all sorts of different brands being thrown out there talking about the best coffee. The usual Starbucks, Dunkin, etc. Which do you guys think is best to get your morning started?

+8Greatest/Most Impressive thing you have done at work that went completely unnoticed?


Title says it all, was reading a couple comments from a previous post, figured I'd ask. Tell away and scare me.

+8Be honest, how does it feel to be super prestigious?

Sunshine Funshine

A lot of people are in <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> for the prestige and the money. As a college student, I've always wondered - for someone in a top job (i.e. MD, C-Suite, wealthy independent investor, etc) who is drowning in money, how does it feel...

+8How tough would it be to compete with a college kid at a party school when it comes to social life?


Given that you're out of college and no longer college age (18-25) for most typical colleges that fit the mold of a "party school". Lets say you have made it financially to where money is not that big of a concern, are in good health and don't have a family/significant...

+8Amazon Pulls out of NYC


The New York Times is reporting that [Amazon is pulling out of New York]( Amazon does not plan to find a new location to replace the New York City...

+8How do we Feel About Girls Riding Motorcycles?


So I meet this girl for drinks this weekend, and she pulls up... ON A MOTORCYCLE. I don't mean on the back of a motorcycle, I mean it's HER motorcycle and she's driving it (do you even "drive" a motorcycle? That doesn't sound cool or right). In any event, it...

+8Domino's and Pot Holes


Domino's (DPZ) is going around this week and fixing potholes in the name of pizza. They have fixed 40 potholes in 10 hours on 10 roads. They have also conveniently branded these potholes with the Domino's logo. Does anyone else thing this is a one off thing, or if corporations...

+8Are there any long-term and high paying jobs out there?


Hey everyone, I've been thinking about this for a bit and while this question may be dumb, I'm going to ask it anyways. Generally, when you think of the typical high paying careers it's either: Finance, Law, Medicine or Tech. From what I've been reading here, it seems...

+8How do I get my little brother to raise his standards in women? He's in college


I know I sound like Steff in Pretty in Pink -- "if you got a hard-on for trash don't take care of it around me, pal" -- but it boggles my mind why he's with dirt when with just a little effort he could easily pull smart and fit 7s and 8s. I guess to understand the...

+8Buying your own company's stock


Joined a new company on Tuesday--a large regional commercial bank as a senior analyst in their credit group. They have a stock purchase program. It's kind of mediocre--basically you can automatically purchase company stock out of auto deductions from wages. The main benefit is that there...

+8Why don't interns pay banks for the privledge of working there?


Experience is all that matters when someone is first starting out, right? So banks should make the interns pay them in exchange for training and the intern experience. Me personally - I'd pay at least $80 to put Goldman Sachs on my resume. The banks could rake in so much f****** dough just...

+8Looking for a Friend


Hi all, I'm reaching out to look for advice from someone who has been in a similar situation. I know there are multiple discussions about this sort of situation all over but I'm looking for more specific advice. So about me: I'm a senior (graduating early in December) at a...

+8Gary Vaynerchuck. Yay or Nay


So Gary Vee is definitely a really successful dude, and his motivational speeches can have huge impact on millennials (like me) in making us get off our ass and stop playing around with our dicks. Tai Lopez is also trying to follow the same path as Gary through becoming rich and giving...

+8Family Office investor database


Hello fellow chimps- After seeing the other thread on <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> for interest in family office lists, I've compiled a number of family office databases which I'm willing to offer to those in need of a good list. I worked in a...

+8Advantages of Debt


Hi, why is having a certain amount of debt being preferred to having none? I get that interest expense is tax-deductible but isn't my net income always lower when having debt as opposed to having no debt?

+8UFC Turning into WWE


What the heck even happened after the Khabib-McGregor fight? Ever since his fight with Mayweather, McGregor has been embracing that WWE lifestyle. Look, he's got banter and it's funny to hear him take a laugh at his opponents but he's been taking it too far as of late. I mean...

+8Do any bankers take steriods?


As we all know, a person who is jacked is much more respected (by females, goldman sachs, hyp) than someone who doesn't take care of his body. Appearance is everything. But when considering the arduous workweeks, it seems like a banker wouldn't have enough time or energy to remain in...

+8What makes a good boss?


What qualities/attributes has your favorite boss had and can you name specific examples that make you enjoy working more where you currently work? How much of a pay cut would you take to have a great boss?

+8Why haven't we gone BACK to the moon?


Okay so after the first time Neil and Buzz went up, there has been like zero more attempts to send a manned mission back? Why is this? Is there just no point doing something thats already done? No point setting up a space station? No valuable materials up there? Is it just financially...

+8Poor People are Finance Experts?


Not everybody out there in the world is financially well-off. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that - it's just an objective observation. While lots of people on this website are easily clearing six figures a year at prestigious companies, there are a lot of people...

+8Tesla stock on fire


I know Tesla’s stock has been on fire, but with one of their actual cars bursting into flames, does anyone else see tremendous downside in this stock? I mean, Elon’s a genius and all, one of the best out-of-the-box thinkers of our generation and gets tons of chicks, but the guy doesn’t...

+8Modeling as a side hustle


One of my friends said she has a side business building financial models for tech start-ups in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr>. Does anyone know actually do this themselves or know anyone who does this? I would think most places would have someone on staff who...

+8How would you rank these in difficulty?


Lightning round, how would you rank these from easiest to hardest? -Becoming MD at <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> -Making Partner at <abbr title="McKinsey, Bain and BCG">MBB</abbr> -Making Partner in <abbr title="private...

+8Financial Addictions


Is there anything within the financial discipline that you have an unhealthy obsession with? For me, it is using highly leveraged instruments to avoid putting my entire net worth into one idea even though I have blown up my portfolio doing so before due to my excessive level of narcissism....

+8Best place outside of NY for finance?


Most people agree that <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr> is the financial hub of the world, but what is the second best? I'm an American expat who grew up overseas and want to work overseas again at some point. I wanna hear everyones opinion and why. All countries are...

+8Just want to step in front of the Q train



+7How did you handle moving to an unfamiliar city (not NYC)?


Lateraled into <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> from a non-IB job and I consider myself very lucky. Excited about the the new opportunity, but I am becoming more and more nervous about the move to a big city (Chicago, LA, Houston) where I don't have any close...

+7Single Moms


As I sit down with a stiff Jack and Coke, I thought I would chum up a rough guide for men thinking about starting a relationship with a single mom and what some of the ramifications are of dating and entering into a deeper relationship with a single mom could be. Of course this guide does not...

+7Does Your Degree Matter?


I found [this interesting Forbes article]( that outlined 6 reasons why your major doesn't matter. 1. Your degree is a prerequisite for the competitive workforce; the topic...

+710 years on, I’m doing ok, I think..


So about 10 years ago and many years after that I always wanted to break into banking but never could. I still feel a bit aggrieved by it, but looking back I don’t think I would’ve lasted 5 weeks with all those hours. Although I also tried to get into Corp banking but would always just get...

+7What’s your breakfast?


Per the title. What do you eat first thing in the day? For the IF crowd, what’s your first meal? I see all kinds of shit on the trading floor. The guy with a Diet Coke on the regular, the fat chick who is obviously fat because she can’t stop eating whole omelettes for breakfast, the lean...

+7How Many Credit Cards Do You Have?

Sunshine Funshine

Title says it all - I'm sure this has been asked before but I was hoping to get some fresh responses/advice on credit

+7Coolest Inventions in Our Lifetime


There are so many amazing inventions that have already been invented or are set to be invented in the next decade or so. One thing that has been huge is the self driving cars that have become increasingly popular in the last few years. 50 years ago we would have never dreamed of sitting in a...

+7Which countries have the best wife materials? (or wish you were dating)

Jamie Dman

To anyone who has foreign girlfriends or have done a decent amount of travelling: Which countries have the best wife materials? I'm planning to take a year off before starting my MBA; date girls way out of my league.

+7Are you passionate about your profession?


Hi, whenever I try to boost my discipline by watching motivational videos about the people I admire, there is especially one topic that remains in my head - passion. They all describe their, in some way obsessive, passion about what they do and repeatedly cite this as one of the keys to their...

+7A way to read paywalled articles


If you want to read an article that is paywalled on a site like WSJ, type in front of the URL and you'll be able to access it in a form that looks like a Medium article. For ex,,...

+7What businesses to start in college?


have a bit of free time now. What are some good businesses that college students can start nowadays beside e-commerce ?

+7Live in NYC on 85k/year? Best locations to live

mike ross

Sup guys Senior in college here who just got their first job offer (woo!!) The total comp is ~85k in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr>, and I'm looking for the best place to look for an apartment I'm looking for: - somewhere with a decent (30-40...

+7Who is the best Jewish rapper - Drake or Mac Miller


Holla at me with your answers. I’m gonna say Mac I guess. Could have thrown matisyahu in their but he’s not really rap I guess. RIP Mac

+7How did WSO decide that the website would have a monkey theme?


Was there any intense analysis done behind the decision? Or did the founders just decide that bankers are like monkeys and run with it?

+7How do you actually sell?

Name Of Profit

A lot of verified members mention that sales is the way to go if you want to make big bucks and that sales is the skill you need to succeed. If sales is the path to big money then how exactly do you sell a product? I mean, if you work with clients that know what they're doing, how do you...

+7Best Coffee Shops in NYC and London?


Do you guys have any sweet spots you go to before or after work to get that daily kick? Please do share your recommendations. What drinks are your go-to? Mine has got to be portico coffee shop in london, soooo f**king good. Disclaimer: Starbucks doesn't count you basic white girl.

+7Do you feel duped by what Trump's campaign reveals on public manipulation?


Without time to constantly follow the story, I've been checking into the Trump investigation for periodic updates. So far, it ebbs and flows with what new revelations say about collusion. But what is becoming apparent is that whether Trump is guilty or not is not even the real meat of...

+7Why is (even the notion of) altering the human genome/artificial breeding so taboo?


Sometimes I wonder if humans are actually destined towards a path of self destruction. And I don't mean extinction, but rather, towards a cess pool of genetic mish-mash that will drag down those with superior fitness and raise the feeble. (In essence, a reversion to the mean, a world of...

+7Marathon running


Anyone training for a marathon? In my case I have run 17 marathons in little over 10 years, 2:54 <abbr title="private banking">PB</abbr> (from 2010) and aiming for 2:55-2:59 this october. I run 10 miles M-F (commute...most days but not always) and try to hit 50-70 mpw

+7What's the most important thing you've learned in the past year?


“The most valuable habit I’ve acquired is using pain to trigger quality reflections. If you can acquire this habit yourself, you will learn what causes your pain and what you can do about it, and it will have an enormous impact on your effectiveness.” ― Ray Dalio, Principles: Life and...

+7WSO Caption Contest - May 22nd... Collect Silver Bananas and Win a Free WSO T-Shirt


<abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> Caption Contests are back! You guys know the drill, all you have to do is leave a comment in this post with a caption you think is most fitting for the cartoon posted below. The winner will be determined by the community based on...

+7Associate + VP Hate Me -- What Do?


I work in sort of a family office advisory shop where we do transactional work for corporates -- currently doing sell-side work -- been here for almost 2 years now and while it started off decently and I got along well with my hierarchical superiors, now they basically can't stand me. This...

+7Workstation Ergonomics Discussion - Monitor stands, shit like that..


I have a question for myself, but also, I think it would be nice to have a thread where we discuss our workstation setups, accessories you like, monitor setups, etc. My thing is I can't find a monitor stand that has a good amount of elevation or ability to travel up and down a good bit....

+7What Credit Cards Do You Use

Number Crunching Warrior

Monkeys, I know there are other articles on this but they seem to be outdated now that benefits for many credit cards have changed (Amex Gold is almost a completely different card now). What cards do you get the most value from, or use the most? I personally just upgraded my Amex Gold to...

+7Best Burger - NYC


I need a solid burger joint to try. Pretty straightforward. What's the best burger in NYC? (Not talking bout shitty little Burger King burgers.)

+7How hard is it to get in an Ivy for econ?


I am a prospective high school student aiming for finance. My reason for creating this post is hearing different shocking stories Here are two: 1) Uber-smart Indian nerd with 4.83, 1600, 36, IBO/IMO competitor, USACO gold competitor, managing editor of high school newspaper, Key Club...

+7Poll: Does Joe Rogan look like a potato?


Banana = YES MS = NO

+7Man Wins $289 million in lawsuit, will get roughly $20 million after taxes


So Dewayne Johnson, who got cancer, alleged it was caused by Roundup and sued Monsanto. He won $289 million dollars as a result. Good for Dewayne..... but he gets to keep roughly one-tenth of that amount after taxes. Why? Because America is a Corporatocracy. The math is provided below: ohnson...

+7How to conceal the devil

Johnny Peppers

Gentlemen (ladies, turn back now…), I’ve come back to <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> for your advice on a serious, and what I presume to be a common issue. First, a bit of background. I’ve recently joined a <abbr title="private...

+7The most dangerous question in the world - "Why?"


For if you ask it enough times (towards any "fact"), repeatedly and relentlessly (dozens of times if necessary), the conclusion you arrive at is often (almost always) dark and controversial. Yet almost always, it is the absolute truth. Never let bullshit and "political...

+7Standing desks?


Hey all - do any of you use standing desks in the office? If so, how did you get one? I have one set up at home and I'd really like to ask HR to get one. Not sure if it's something they would be open to or if it's okay, as no one currently besides one MD on the floor has a...

+7For bankers that have been around, is banking pay today really that good?


There is an interesting piece in New York Mag from this weekend. It talks about the hole left in 2008 in the economy. The first movie in the Dark Knight trilogy aptly has a scene where Rachel Dawes takes Bruce Wayne underneath the highway, to the road in the dark, where poverty littered the...

+7we're building China's first healthcare REIT, can you help?


This is a chance to do good in the world, save some lives, and make an impact. 4 years ago I and a couple partners created a private hospital company in China. We acquired our first hospital, and then last year, acquired the second hospital. We raised and invested about $100mn. Now...

+7Top Super Bowl Ad


Some pretty interesting ads happening during the game yesterday. Any favorites? Audi cashew ad was pretty hilarious.

+7Where will Amazon have HQ2? Any updates beyond the top 20?


I've heard its between Austin, DC, Boston, Raleigh, and a couple others. Has anyone heard differently?

+7Billions Season 3


Enjoy, <a href="">here's</a> the first episode: Billions, Season 3, Episode 1: Tie Goes to the Runner. Chuck gets a mandate from a new boss. Axe braves a difficult choice following his indictment. Taylor generates a monster strategy....

+7Sensitive Interns?


How do you deal with interns and their fragile sensibility? I can't comprehend how they think they have any worth and ought to be embraced like the precious thing they are.

+7Is accounting part of the financial industry?


Is auditing and tax accounting part the "financial industry"? Or is it its own thing like consulting?

+7Automation estimates are overblown.


Been browsing a lot of Reddit out of boredom recently and I've realized that almost everyone there thinks that in 20-30 years we'll have working robots serving as doctors, lawyers sometimes even mentioning financial careers like <abbr title="investment...

+7Undergrad: Michigan (Ross) or UChicago?

Anonymous Monkey

I find myself saying Ross is a no-brainer -- fun, strong GPA is somewhat assured, defined paths to great internships. Yet literally everyone is telling me to go to Chicago. I'm surprised I got into Chicago, safe to assume my GPA there isn't going to be stellar, but maybe the brand is...

+7I Have No Goals


And I don't want any. I think the hyper-focusing on goals these days is short-sighted and irrational. I'm listening to Tim Ferris #329 with Jason Fried and he said the same shit. I thought I was alone. Why I have no goals: -We don't know what we don't know -The best time...

+7What is community banking?


So I have an interview coming up and it’s for consumer and community banking, but I’m not sure what that means. My research usually turns out results for retail banking and commercial banking. I just want to make sure I have a good understanding of what it is... so when they ask me “why...

+7What's on your desk?

The Original Mark Hannah

What's on your desk? During my visit in one bank I passed through funny and interesting desks... So just out of curiosity, what's on your desk?

+7Commercial Banking forum

John Pierpont

Commercial banker here. I would love a commercial banking forum on <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>. There are a lot of intermixed comments on CB in the other forums because they don't have a home for them. I saw a thread topic from 2012 on the idea of...

+7How much of paycheck do you actually save?


I know it's pricey living in places like <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr>, San Francisco and L.A. ... but when you guys got your first <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> jobs, did you actually make/budget enough to save any money? Or in...

+7Screwed up today (summer intern)


Hey all summer intern here who fucked up today. Worst part was that I feel like I let my boss down. Any advice on how to go forward? I fucked up copy and pasting some values over into a spreadsheet and it throw off our power point. I had to go back and redo everything. Had a long day.

+7How Do Some People Get a Lot of Followers on Instagram?


**Other than celebs (small scale or A-list) and insanely hot girls that is. ** I know of guys who have over a thousand Instagram followers, get tons of likes on their photos, and seem to have an overall appealing account on there. It isn't like they are purchasing phony followers from...

+7Worst Qualities in a Boss?


What are the qualities in bosses that have made them miserable people to work for? Ever quit a job because of your boss?

+7Blackstone "The Office" Holiday Party Video

SketchyFinanceGuru Blackstone put out a parody of "The Office" on their youtube channel... actually pretty well done.

+7Which jobs in finance will disappear or shrink greatly in the next 20-30 years?


Automation is inevitable and I've seen multiple forum posts about "Is so and so job dying?" or "Will so and so die in the next few years?" Does anyone know which jobs will become obsolete in the next few decades? Which jobs aren't worth pursuing currently due to...

+7Why do people live in cities?


So 100 years ago, it made sense (and was forgivable). Horses were difficult to maintain, alternative transportation lacking, slow, and inadequate. And the only real way to comminucate was face to face. Then they invented the telephone, internet, and smartphone/apps that are more powerful...

+7Effect of celebrities?


Was just scrolling through twitter when an article about Rihanna causing a $800mil slide on snap's stock popped up. Turns out an ad on snapchat took the piss out of her domestic abuse case and in turn she told people to delete snap. Kylie Jenner apparently also sent a tweet before dissing...

+7Elon Musk. Love or Hate?


As the title says, you either love this guy or hate him. To me, he’s gotta be the funniest/cheekiest CEO of our time. The amount of cheeky, snide comments he makes is just hilarious and he ends up roasting interviewers through his sheer intellect. Some people think this is D-bag behaviour, but...

+7Which credit cards are you guys using?


Right now I’m only using my Uber card (4% back on dining is insane) and my Discover IT. Looking to add a travel card. CSR may be alittle too ballin for me. Contemplating the Citi Thank you Premier or looking at the new Marriott card since I stay there a bit. What do you guys use?

+7Tesla - Elon's Crumbling Field of Dreams


Key points of the short thesis are as follows: (i) Tesla are not good operators and are not good at manufacturing cars which will hamper their ability to scale; (ii) Autonomous driving is a potential threat to all OEMs; (iii) Electric Vehicles have structural medium-term cost impediments; (iv)...

+7Would you rather be an Accounting Partner or a Law Partner?


Out of curiosity, which would you rather do? Law partners earn more but they work more Accounting partners earn less but they get way more free time during the summer. Thoughts?

+6Parents are visiting Chicago for Christmas - Recommendations


Hey all, My parents and sister are coming in town to visit this weekend before I head back home with them for the holidays. Any recommendations on restaurants, tours, things to do in general? We have been here quite a few times as a family before I moved out here full-time, but this is the...

+6How come I can't give out bananas?


New here and trying to figure out why I can't give out bananas and how I can get/earn the ability to do so.

+6Morgan Stanley Leaves Morgan Stanley

I'm actually a squirrel

Would you name your child after a firm? Would you rather name your child Morgan Stanley or LaShondranika Stanley? *Morgan Stanley Leaves Morgan Stanley. Yes, You Read That Right By Sonali Basak (Bloomberg) -- Morgan Stanley just left Morgan Stanley. No, really. The fixed-income trader,...

+6COD: Black Ops 4 ?


I like pubg but at the same time I was watching some streamers play black ops 4 during the beta test and I'm kinda hyped for it. Is anyone else planning to get it?

+6What's this forum's stance on unpaid internships?

Pump and Dump

I've read quite a bit of users on here saying that asking for an unpaid internship shows hustle, and the experience is going to help. But here's what I don't get. If the work you're doing as an intern is meaningful, and adding value then how can the firm not find a way to...

+6Must Interns Excel at EXCEL?


Have you found interns’ modeling proficiency to be mostly interchangeable, or do interns’ Excel skills vary a great deal? And can this impact the decision as to whether an intern eventually gets a <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> offer?

+6What’s with 18 year olds telling other 18 year olds what they can or can’t achieve?

Pump and Dump

Also, what’s with these finance meme pages? “Haha bro long $JUUL.” “DB is a BB? Yea right.” “When the bonus hits and you grab the freshest deal sleds.” I find it cringier than my old trolling tbh.

+6How F*cked Am I?

Sunshine Funshine

How fucked am I if I'm trying to get into Big 4 accounting, they recruit at my school, I have almost a perfect GPA, majoring in accounting, but I spent my past 2 summers working at a restaurant waiting tables?

+6Cheapest ways to fly?


Hey Monkeys, Just got back on a long distance relationship and it seems like I'm going to be flying quite often. Was wondering if one of you could share tips on flying cheaper. I already have a CSR to get some points but would be nice to know if there are other options that pays off...