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How Can I Prove that I'm the Biggest Hardo at my Non-Target?


I already have 3 patagucci vests (1 monogrammed, 2 vanilla) with my 1987 thinkpad coming in the mail, my JUUL is custom engraved with "SHORT VIX", and I have "Incoming Interviewer for Goldman Sachs Risk Management Division in New Jersey" on my LinkedIn Premium profile. What...

It Finally Happened...We Got a Resume With a Photo


I honestly thought this was a giant meme, that no one has ever actually done this before. A resume just came across our desk with a *selfie* attached to it. We were in hysterics. The general consensus was that A) this is a horrible idea, and that no one should do this under any circumstances...

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Discussion (Likely Spoilers)


Thoughts overall on the episode? I thought it was absolute trash from a story writing perspective and completely destroyed what the show has been trying to set up and be about for years. Disappoint and anti-climactic. I think once its all over and the legacy discussion comes into play, GoT...

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Amazon Is Becoming Bigger Search Engine Than Google


According to a NYU professor, Amazon is becoming a bigger search engine than Google. Approximately 55% of all searches relating to shopping now begin on Amazon, bypassing Google. While I think Google still dominates Amazon in other search engine areas, I'm not surprised about the shopping. Personall...

Most unbelievable way to land a job in your field


Okay....location: west coast top 40 non target. I've heard from more than 3 people that... a staff working in one of the university's departments slept her way up (and the position is not that fancy) She also slept with quite a few students. Didn't get the chance to know her name though. ...