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New WSO Logo - Branding / Icon

Fellow Primates - so it's been about ~8(?) years since we've taken a look at our logo/branding and we think it's time for a refresh -- our designers almost vomit when they look at our current icon and we have some major initiatives coming where a refreshed look would help. ...

People making $300k+, how do you spend your money?


Curious about people on this forum in finance who are making anywhere north of $300k. How do you spend your money on a month-month basis? Do you live in a luxury apartment or somewhere cheaper to build out savings? Mortgage? Do you eat out at fancy restaurants every week, still cook, or have...

Should I Sleep With Potential Employers Daughter vs MBA

H.E. Penny Packer

Current situation- it's a long one. Grew up in upstate <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr> in the suburbs working in a country club full of big time ballers and bankers. I generally would keep my head down and perform the job at hand without so much as a glance at some...

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Working abroad- how difficult?


How difficult would it be to work abroad after my mba program for a multinational company? Is it extremely difficult to get a Visa for South America/ Europe/Asia? Thanks....

Dealing with (my own) type A personality


Many people think that I am too intense and I get too stressed out over little/trivial things. It's just my nature that I will go through whatever lengths to make my final results perfect. From what I understand, this type of personality is best for IBD or s&t. But maybe it's not for anything else. ...

Marketing Major


I was sold on finance/accounting from the start and so I have a great understanding of the entry level opps/career progression of these fields, but wanted to learn more about the exit opps for kids who graduate with a marketing degree. To be honest I don't know of a single marketing major going into...

WSO Community Resource list

Name Of Profit

So, I thought that I can spare new users from making new threads regarding what kind of sites they should visit and study from as well as where they can get resources to study for. Anyone is free to add sites and other stuff to this list, just reply in the thread and i'll add your suggestion and you...

Automated Webcam Interview

Pokemon Master

I have a F500 webcam interview coming up and I need some tips. There is a set amount of time per question, I don't know what the questions are until I start the interview, and there are no breaks or re-dos. I have a tough enough time preparing presentations to be exactly 3 minutes (or whatever the ...

How to Inspire Your Team as A Leader


Being a leader is one of the hardest roles to handle. The shoe may just seem to be too big to fill that some leaders choose to take it off of their feet. Pressure in handling the job and the weight of responsibility sometimes makes leaders oblivious of the things around them. As a result, communicat...

Here Are 5 Techniques To Help You Study Faster


As a current University student, I could not tell you the amount of times I had to cram information for a quiz or an exam the following day. This article cites some tips to help you take in and absorb information more efficiently. Stop Saying Words In Your Head Some people try to "hear" words in...

Would you work in Dublin?


In light of Brexit, the London offices of banks will likely have a tougher time accessing the rest of Europe. As banks are now looking at other cities to put their main European offices, Dublin seems to be the first choice for BoA. [quote] Bank of America Corp. views Dublin as its default destinati...

How to avoid gold diggers?


Nowdays it seems like any asshol* is bragging on his instagram or facebook things he can't afford, such as 10 bottles of dom perignon/night, or the expensive boat trip, or the pic on the fast car on 10yrs lease, etc... Am I being paranoid if I try at all cost to hide my wealth and I don't want a w...

Amazon Is Becoming Bigger Search Engine Than Google


According to a NYU professor, Amazon is becoming a bigger search engine than Google. Approximately 55% of all searches relating to shopping now begin on Amazon, bypassing Google. While I think Google still dominates Amazon in other search engine areas, I'm not surprised about the shopping. Personall...

Champions League Predictions?


Hello monkeys, The Champions League semifinals begin today with Real Madrid and Atletico facing each other today and Juventus and Monaco playing tomorrow. In my opinion, the Madrid derby will be a tight affair with Real Madrid beating Atletico 2-0. Imo the Monaco-Juventus game will be tight as wel...

Most unbelievable way to land a job in your field


Okay....location: west coast top 40 non target. I've heard from more than 3 people that... a staff working in one of the university's departments slept her way up (and the position is not that fancy) She also slept with quite a few students. Didn't get the chance to know her name though. ...

JPMorgan Just Had the Most Profitable Year in the History of Banking


Jamie Dimon proved JPMorgan Chase & Co. doesn’t just rely on traders for profits. The bank earned $26.5 billion over the past 12 months, the most ever by any major U.S. bank. While trading results reported Friday were worse than analysts expected, second-quarter net income set a record and the co...