Favorite "Work-ish Related" Networking Questions?

This is more geared toward junior bankers, but when you're in a networking conversation or even in general, what are some of the kinda work-related questions you like to talk about?

What I mean by this is a range of anything where you may be mindful about work. Two different examples that might help are: 

"Where/When do you catch up on news in the markets, deals, etc.?"

"Have you been to a closing dinner/Which was your favorite one?"

I'd like to know if there are some no-go's to bring up or talk about in this area, too. Thanks.

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Swag King, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Remember, IB expects CONSTANT professionalism. They even expect you to be professional in your free time, no matter where you are or what you're doing. You're always representing their firm. It's a good idea, in general and specifically IB, to keep things extremely objective, non-controversial and avoid any topic that has even the slightest of chance of veering into something political or a hot button social issue

The following are great, non-controversial discussion points:

  • Who is your favorite entertainer to be canceled for sex crimes?
  • Do the poor deserve healthcare? 
    • Okay but what if they are poor SOLELY because they're stupid. Does that change your mind? 
    • So what if they're poor because of socioeconomic factors, granted, but still happen to be assholes?
  • What would you do if I told you I wanted to use the women's restroom from now on? 
  • Do you feel that the CEO's last compensation committee findings were valid? 
  • What is something your boss does poorly that you know you could do better? 
  • Does the IT Network guy always dress like shit? 
  • How proficient are the boomers at Zoom? 
    • How do you justify paying someone $1M a year who can't work a Zoom audio? 
snailtail, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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