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I would like to learn more about PE deals but it seems that information on most deals is extremely limited. Most often it's just something along the lines of "Company X is a leader in industry Y and we are looking forward to partner with them to continue taking the company to the next level of its growth journey". 

Are there sources where I can find more in-depth info on the rationale behind a deal, the planned focus of operational improvements, strategy, angles etc. ?

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I'd imagine this is difficult because in order to understand the rational for buying a specific company, you'd have to have access to the company information memorandum that was solicited by the PE firm and used in the decision making process. These are confidential so it's unlikely you'll find them online (and therefore they won't be made into case studies).

And firms wont share their rational for buying a company because they aren't required too and they'd be giving others their strategy. The only reason you hear the strategy described in acquisitions by public companies is because they're required to by the SEC.

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