+6Why Hotels?


Hey everyone, I have a meeting with an analyst working in the hotel group of a D/E placement firm, think HFF, CBRE, etc. I got set up with this person through networking and have not exactly had a ton of interest in hotels in the past, mostly because I didn't know anything about the...

+2How do B-Piece Buyers Operate?


When a group is looking at buying the b-piece of a CMBS issuance, what information do you receive? How do you analyze whether to buy? What is considered a good yield? What are reasonable discounts to par to buy the bonds? How do you view the different types of risk retention (vertical,...

+1Real Estate Development Associate Comp


I am currently finishing my second year as a development associate at a 65 year development investment firm. I came from a capital markets internship and gained very strong financial modeling skills in excel and Argus. I have been primarily supporting the managing principal in all development...

+1RE Modeling Exam General Questions


I'm going to have to complete a case study/modeling exam for a small repe firm. The firm invests in hospitality, office, condos, and mixed-use assets. I was told the exam isn't very complicated, that i should build a cash flow and be familiar with return multiples, and i don't...

+1Books and resources about international (non-US) REITs


You can find pretty much everything about US reits: books, analyses, online data etc. International <abbr title="real estate investment trust">REITs</abbr> are mostly relatively young and there's much less material. I'd like to read a book about <abbr...

+1Any RE case studies/modeling exams?


I have a case study/modeling exam coming up with a REPE firm. Does anyone have any that they would like to share? Is there a property type that they typically use? I was told it's a pretty simple "exam" and I should know how to build a cash flow and calculate return metrics, etc....