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+2REOC MF to REPE or Pension Fund?


Back in the job market after working for 4.5 years at a small REOC. Specialized in <abbr title="megafund">MF</abbr> as an Associate in acquisitions and asset management. Primary market was <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr>. Daily responsibilities...

+1Need Help Deciding Between 2 Real Estate Job Offers


Hi Everyone! I was hoping for some insight regarding two job offers I have. I am a finance major and will be graduating in May. I need to select an offer by this Monday. My ultimate goal would be to end up in acquisitions or be a self-employed real estate investor/developer, and would like...

+1MSRED worth $95k in debt?


Let's cut to the chase, is an MSRED (MIT/Columbia/Cornell) worth the substantial price tag? $95k+ and cost of living. Does it pay off? It seems like RE is so relationship driven, it would be more worth my time to work hard, make connections and hustle my way to the top?

+1Argus functions


What are some of the major functions of Argus? How is it different than Excel? Is it simple to learn?

0HFF Debt Analyst functions


What is the purpose of an HFF Debt Analyst? I know it involves reaching out to insurance companies and pension funds for mortgages, but how many tranches of debt are involved in a normal acquisition? Do private equity shops hire HFF for private placements?