+44How I did my own development


I just did an [AMA on becoming a RE developer]( This is a follow up post to how I did my own deal as an analyst... ####They laughed and told me “sounds great, good luck”. Searching loopnet on a...

+36Work/Life Balance - Hours


I have an opportunity to move to a position in my company that would be great experience and provide a career progression opportunity that I've been looking for. This post isn't necessarily about the position, because I've networked and talked with enough people on the current...

+27AMA - I used to be a CRE Broker at a Firm that used to be Top-Tier


In honor of this [disappointment](, I thought the community could step up to the plate a bit. I used to be a CRE Broker (office leasing, mostly on the landlord side) at a firm that people will debate about below! Ask...

+25AMA: Non-target Career Changer to VP of Development

luv2speed" has been invaluable to me since I decided 5 years ago to make a career change into commercial real estate (from non finance) so its my turn to give back. I hope my story can help some people. ####Background * Extreme non-target school (undergrad and MBA) *...

+22AMA - Real Estate Syndication


Hey guys - this group was very helpful to me 10 years ago when it was 2008 and I graduated and was looking to be an analyst from a non-target school in Texas. I started as an an investment analyst for a REPE fund. Fast forward - I found my niche in real estate syndication and have now: 1. ...

+13What are you all wearing in your markets?


SF office leasing broker here and we typically wear business casual (chinos/jeans with tucked in dress shirt) and a lot of guys rock the vest. More than half of us wear a Patagonia jacket because SF is one of those cities that even when its nice out it can get cold real quick. Ive noticed in...

+13Snipping Tool Travesty - Real Estate Related


Like everyone else in real estate at one point or another, I, am highly dependent on the snipping tool. It has disappeared from my Windows 10 computer and have tried various iterations to get it back to no success. Has this happened to anyone and have they been successful in giving it mouth to...

+12CFA in REPE? It doesn't seem very common, worth the work? Input appreciated.


I work doing acquisitions, and I have recently considered applying for some Development Associate positions. Some postings at larger shops list <abbr title="Chartered Financial Analyst">CFA</abbr> on their requirement lists, and I believe this could be the...

+12Has anyone gotten an interview with Blackstone REPE yet?



+11The Real Estate Job Hunt - Mid Level


Was wondering how everyone's job search is going, especially those with 5 to 10 years of experience. I'm currently an Associate (acquisitions & development) at a boutique investment shop in a major non-NYC east coast market. I have 6 years experience including 2 years at a...

+11Starting a Development Company


I am an undergraduate student studying Real Estate and Urban Economics. I am going into my junior year, and am currently in my first internship, working at a development/capital firm directly underneath the Asset and Property Managers. I know that I have a long way to go in my career before...

+11An Overly Simplistic Approach for Some Pretty Complicated Assets?


Does anyone ever find that real estate investing is overly simplistic, a bit elementary. Slap a 3% market/expense/rent growth rate, pull a sometimes arbitrary list of lease and sale <abbr title="comparable analysis">comps</abbr>, +50-75 <abbr title="basis...

+10Am I Misguided In My Belief That I Would Rather Transfer out of REPE and Into Capital Market Brokerage?


I've always really been interested in the financing side of real estate more than the operating/building /physical DD side of real estate. Brokerage sounds a bit sexier to me in that you spend more time arranging financing, building models, studying capital markets and meeting with clients...

+10Mid-Level Titles in Development


I work for a smaller development firm where basically all the senior front-office folks are principals (they had a long hiring pause post-recession). I started as an analyst and am now being promoted, but since there isn't much precedent for my position I'm in the unique position of...

+9When should a rising senior start applying for full time jobs?


Hello all, I have been a long term lurker on the forum but just recently decided to create an account. I am about to be a senior in undergrad majoring in real estate finance and was curious when it would be acceptable to start applying for full time financial analyst positions at companies like...

+9Multifamily Rent Per Square Foot vs. Rent Per Unit


Curious to get thoughts on how to look at multifamily rents. I find that rents per square foot per month aren't always the best when comparing assets. I find comparing per unit rents is more informative. What do people think about this? I definitely do not feel this way when it comes to...

+9Advice: Quantifying Every Element of a Decision

stay thirsty my friends

My CEO has tasked me with quantifying certain esoteric deal making decisions and I'd like to know if anyone else has done the same. Sounds somewhat Bridgewater-esq and I'm sure it's been attempted so opening up the conversation for advice. Example - In the past we have not made...

+9AMA - 1st Year REIB at Top Firm

Over-levered Monkey

<h4>My Background:</h4> I'm a Navy vet (4 years) and just graduated from a semi-target (Texas school that places okay in IB). I did 5 internships from sophomore year till graduation. <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> > Loan Portfolio Analytics >...

+8Commercial Real Estate Appraiser job outlook, and salary


How much do <abbr title="commercial real estate">cre</abbr> appraisers earn and what's the job outlook like in the future? What do some of the top earners in your firm do? Working as a trainee and trying to get a guess of what's out there in this field. Light at...

+8Snubbed for promotion - What would you do?

Chicken Pot Pie

Hello All, Long time lurker, but I've had an event at work happen and would like to hear what others would do. I work in a GSE underwriting/production role In the late fall of last year, my manager of 3 months was let go. I wasn't sure of the reason, just that my big boss asked...

+8AMA - CRE Broker at a Top-Tier Firm


<h4>About me</h4> Been working at a top tier Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Firm in New York for 7+ Years which makes me an old geezer. Ask anything you want about the industry, happy to answer and help guide you. Separately, I worked for three years at a proprietary trading...

+7Sam Zell - Am I Being Too Subtle?


i have just read this and will share some quotes: - "I have always believed that every day you choose to hold an asset, you are also choosing to buy it. Would I buy our buildings at the price Blackstone was quoting? Nope." - "I thought I’d have no trouble finding a job with...

+6Sophomore: Architecture to Real Estate


Hey guys :) I'm a rising sophomore getting a bachelors of architecture degree. I'm looking to possibly go into Real Estate, particularly development and other sectors that are more on the buildy/architecty side rather than the finance side. I have a few questions: 1. What...

+6Gym/Fitness REIT

God Emperor Doom

You see REITS for all sorts of things and sectors but I've yet to come across a Gym <abbr title="real estate investment trust">REIT</abbr>. I know Lifetime Fitness was thinking of doing one but other than that I haven't heard alot about anyone else doing it....

+6San Diego CRE Companies


I'm currently looking for an internship for during the school year in San Diego and would appreciate any recommendations people have on companies in the region. I'm pursuing development in Los Angeles after college, but am open to any types of companies that could provide me with...

+6Debt & Equity groups with the best exit ops to Institutional Acquisitions?


Currently about to end my first year as an Analyst with an Investment Sales team in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr>. My group is pretty well regarded and will finished the year anywhere from 4-7 in the city in $ volume wise and will sell around $2 billion in 2019....

+6Seeking LA Development Analyst

Ricky Rosay

Hey guys. I am seeking a qualified development analyst to join our young development shop in west LA. This is an opportunity to join a group at the ground floor with long-term prospects for growth, and eventually equity participation. Given the very small size of our company (currently two...

+6Blackstone networking event



+6MIT Commercial Real Estate Analysis and Investment Online Course worth it?


MIT has an online course called for commercial real estate analysis and investment. A six module course (modules listed below). It price is $2500 for the entire 6 week course. You get a certificate from MIT's real estate school and its taught by David Geltner (Faculty Director) and W. Tod...

+5Companies with Internal Capital Markets Team


Do you know of companies that have an internal capital markets team that essentially act as the in-house D/E broker? Any insight on how a role like that compares to being a D/E broker or lender at a balance sheet/CMBS/lifeco/agency lender?

+5RE Thesis 2019 - Any suggestions?


Hi everyone, I hope that you are fine. I'm writing to you because i need to do a master thesis during my end-of-studies internship. I'm actually doing it in a small shop in real estate private equity. I was considering to write on the following subject : "what are the...

+5Investment Sales Sucks


As the title states, I-Sales blows. Been an analyst in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> for a while and have been trying nonstop to find the positives but this experience has shown me that there is no way i could do this for the rest of my life. Curious to hear others...

+5Development Debt Impact on IRR


I am about a year into the job at a large London based developer. My role is focused on modelling acquisitions and JV's on land we already own. I am posting here to learn more about how borrowing tends to work at other developers, as I feel that my firm might be a bit conservative/not...

+5Buying property all cash or mortgage?


There have been some other threads about this, but wanted to start up a new one given the recent rate cut. Looking to buy a place around $500K, can pay all cash, but given the recent rate cut and rates <3%, should I be taking on a mortgage to capture some of that sweet sweet leverage?

+5Argus: What actually gets used?


I have very minimal knowledge of Argus so far, but it seems like a huge package that has a few features that provide most of the value. Are there any modules/features that everyone uses? Or that no one uses? I'm trying to figure out what to focus on.

+5SBL Underwriting

George Costanza

I'm looking at an underwriting analyst position with a team that does Freddie Mac SBLs. I've seen some older topics on this, but they didn't necessarily answer all of my questions. Did anyone on here personally start in a role like this or know someone who has? If so, what are...

+4Military Officer Breaking Into CRE

Real Grunt

First post on here. I transition out of the military early next year. Prior to my transition out (approx. 4 months before I am out of work), the military has given me the opportunity to have an internship while still receiving my military pay (this internship would be winter/spring timeframe...

+4Transitioning from Buyside AM to CRE--Any Good + Free CRE Investment Primers Out There?


I recently received and accepted an offer to be an acquisitions analyst at a RE Dev firm, focusing on hotels / hospitality. This is a big transition for me as I was previously a research analyst at a buyside <abbr title="asset management">AM</abbr> firm covering...

+4Bank Multifamily Originations


Hi All, I've seen some posts cover this topic over my time perusing this site as well as a few that pop up when searching, but not many as of late so I'd like to get some feedback from those who are willing to lend their insights. I work in <abbr title="commercial real...

+4Development AM vs. Acquisitions


Hi all - I have an opportunity to join one of the top notch developers in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> in one of their <abbr title="asset management">AM</abbr> teams, however I've always had an interest in moving over to REPE /...

+4Consulting to RE Acq/Dev


Hi all, I am currently a b4 consultant working for RE, doing some strategic work as well as your typical process improvement / back office interfacing projects. I'm interested in transitioning to the RE acquisitions or development side soon (1-2 years out) if possible and would...

+4Sweat Equity Partnerships ?


In this discussion I'd like to receive others perspectives on "Sweat equity partnerships". After speaking with an attorney last week, he mentioned one of his clients being only eighteen years old and owning twelve income producing <abbr...

+4Working for a development firm located in primary/secondary market vs. tertiary/frontier markets?


Hi WSO! First off, I recently discovered this re forum and have been lurking for about a month and WOW it has been so useful for me, so thank you for that! To my question: I am trying to decide which location to launch my career in real estate development. I am wondering what the...

+4How to find Off-Market CRE properties?


Thought this might be a useful discussion. I'm looking for multi family investment properties in particular. When it comes to finding properties there are plenty of listings online, but what about "off-market" deals? - What is the best way to find these properties? - What...

+4Fruitvale/Bay Area

Ricky Rosay

Guys-- I'm starting to dig in pretty closely to a small multi-family deal in Fruitvale. I don't know the area very well, and am being sold on the location as a 15-minute BART ride from downtown SF and a going-in per door basis that definitely has some future growth wiggle room on a...

+4Developer Fee Contributed As Equity


I am having a hard time understanding the logic of allowing developers to count their fee in required equity. Conceptionally, all equity should go in before the senior debt. Allowing them to put in $1-3MM as non-cash effectively increases your risk profile with no offset. How are teams...

+3Jamestown LP


Have been reading about Jamestown LP recently. Anyone have any insight into their analyst program? interview process? salary? exit ops, etc?

+3Debt & Structured Finance Vs Investment Sales MF


Hello everyone, I’m currently interning at a national brokerage ( JLL , CBRE , CW ) in appraisals . I have growing interest in these two lines of business and have established a relationship with both teams. I have potential to return the next summer. Can someone provide information on 1st...

+3Careers in CRE


Hello. I am a “career-switcher” currently enrolled in a top 25 <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> program. I am currently taking a class in Real Estate Development and have really enjoyed it and am considering a career in Real Estate when I...

+3Single Tenant Net Lease Exit Opps

Forex Swings

Hi guys, Just wondering what your thoughts are on single-tenant net lease sales. This would be for a group in a large city with significant flow and I would be coming in as an analyst. Since I am not too familiar with single-tenant transactions, i assume the modeling is much more...

+3Questions about Hines?


I'm currently interested in interviewing at Hines for an Analyst position. I'm at a rising senior at an Ivy with a pretty decent GPA with <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> experience. I had some questions about the firm and it's analyst role, and...

+3What makes a good property management company?


While every community has its own unique needs, and every residential property management okc company has a unique way of serving them, there are a handful of qualities that any great company should have - if they don’t, steer clear.

+3Greysteel - DC

Forex Swings

Does anyone know much about the Greysteel team in DC. Looks like they focus on B and C class with significant deal flow, but would love any insight on the culture and firm, not much is available online. Thanks,

+3Blackstone Real Estate roles


Hi All, I am a undergrad in London and I have been notified that Blackstone's RE acquisitions team are interested in interviewing me for an upcoming <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> position next year. I was hoping someone with any knowledge could give...

+3Modeling Question - Rental-Condo Hybrid Development


I am trying to model a mixed use development in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> that has ground floor retail and a 70%/30% breakdown between condo and rental units in the other floors. I have no experience with condos, and I am unsure on how to build the residential...

+3Value-add profit split


If you had value-add deal which is currently structured at 95/5 equity contribution between LP/GP with a flat 70/30 distribution structure (no waterfall) after debt service. Now if say the GP then contributes 40% of the equity, how would you say the deal would change?

+3Best Resources for Starting a Micro PE / Flip Fund in RE


Looking to start a Micro <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> / Flip Fund in RE with a few partners and looking to find some resources on thinking about structuring the vehicle and raising capital for each acquisition. Any experience on this from anyone currently in...

+3Real Estate Fund Structuring Primers?


Hi All, Does anyone have any real estate fund related primers? Looking to get a quick overview of fund structuring between SPV and Holding Co.'s etc. Anyone have any good sources they can share? Cheers & Happy Monday!

+2Looking into firms


What are some of the ways you monkeys perform due diligence on a potential employer? Looking to do a deep dive

+2How to ask if re internship is paid?


Hi, so basically I received a verbal offer from a small re firm that I think is very aligned with my career goals which I accepted. How should I ask if it’s paid or not? Also, should I be worried about no formal offer letter? Thanks!

+2Is this job a career pitfall?


Hi all, I live and work in an 18-hour city and just started working at a large RE asset manager in an acquisitions/asset management hybrid role. I have past experience at a small-medium REPE firm with several asset classes, but decided to leave to get promised experience on different asset...

+2I was fortunate enough to receive a job offer. Now what?

Level 100 Magikarp

Hi all, Background: 5 years experience in <abbr title="commercial real estate">CRE</abbr> as a broker, <abbr title="Chartered Financial Analyst">CFA</abbr> charter, semi-target BBA undergrad I have 2 potential job opportunities. I have an offer...

+2No word 1 month after superday


I interviewed with a firm for an associate position about a month ago. I was interviewed by 15 people. I'm assuming they gave someone else an offer but I never heard back from them and I''d like to receive a formal rejection before accepting an offer anywhere else. Should I leave...

+2Job Relocation


How many of yall have relocated for a position, and how did it work out? Where did you move from/to (if you're willing to disclose). Is it easy to move for a year-a few years then move back with some experience? I graduated in May, considering moving from a Texas city and applying to pretty...

+2Real Estate Company Insight Days (Diversity Day, ect.)


I have tried searching the forum and cannot find anything about real estate company diversity days. I searched on google and found one ( but cannot find any other US based ones. Anyone know of any real estate companies that do these and when the...

+2MSREI SA Interview


Anyone have any information about summer analyst interviews for this position? What kind of technical questions might be asked etc.

+2RE Waterfall Case Study


Hi guys, Hope you are fine. I'm actually a student in a good school (but no Ivy League) and I'm doing my end-of-study internship in a little shop where they finance a lot of real estate projects. After a long time of networking, I have passed the first round of a good <abbr...

+2Real estate in a Big 4 for a future career


Hi all, I'm gonna soon start a gap year internship in Real Estate in a Big 4 in Europe and I wanted to know a few things. According to the offer, it will be <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr>, strategy consulting, fundraising and debt advisory, so...

+2Will Pay for Tutorial on Building Ground Up Apartment Model From Scratch


Reaching out to see if anyone can has some time over the weekend to guide me through building a ground up multifamily development model from scratch. Will pay a fair amount to make it worth the time.

+2Future Debt Funding for TI/LCs and CapEx on Value Add Deals

Debt From Above

Im looking at a deal that involves future debt funding for TI/LCs and CapEx. Lender is obligated to pay call it 50% of future TI/LC's and CapEx up to $10MM, upon which the Sponsor is on the hook for the remaining TI/LCs and CapEx, total cost is $15MM. $10MM Lender funded and $5MM Sponsor....

+2Affordable Housing Loan Origination Analyst


Anyone have any info on exit opps/career path starting in this kind of role? Had a phone interview today that went really well and was pretty much told on the spot I would get an in person interview. Also was told there would be an Excel test. What can I expect for that? Thank yall. edit -...

+2Acquisitions Analyst - MOB/Senior Housing


Hi Everyone - What are your thoughts on a REPE acquisitions analyst role specializing in medical office buildings OR senior housing? In your opinion, are these property types too niche? Do they have the potential to limit future exit ops to a firm specializing in traditional office or...

+2Where are we in the market cycle ? (Commercial Multi-family/Retail)


In my limited research, what I have personally found is that the current real estate market cycle seems to be in a state of hyper supply. It comes to my understanding that a complete cycle happens approximately every sixteen-eighteen years and this happens in four stages: recovery, expansion,...

+2Advice on a position (CRE debt brokerage startup)


This is a pretty unique situation and would like some advice. I have the opportunity for an underwriting position for an originator in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> that recently begun a startup (1-3 employees I believe) a little over a year ago. He has a family...

+2How many investment professionals work in REPE?


Does anyone have any stats on this? By investment professionals I mean basically Acquisitions, Asset Management, and Portfolio Management I'm almost positive I read somewhere on a finance blog that there were ~2,000 REPE investment professionals working in the US. It seems low, but I...

+2Remote Analyst: How much would you pay an analyst to work MTW, Thursday remote, and Friday off?


I work for a super-lax cultured, boutique capital markets brokerage with 5-guys in my office. All I do is farm markets for emails, get <abbr title="comparable analysis">comps</abbr>, write-up parts of OMs, and manage our database of capital sources and sponsors. They...

+2Opinions on REFM or BIWS RE course?


I wanted to get peoples opinions on both of these courses. I have done some research online and found that these two were the most recommended. * Is one superior than the other in regards to total content? * Which one is better for learning to underwrite commercial investment...

+2Changing careers to RE (PE/AM or both)


Hi All, I currently work as an Associate in <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> Capital Markets covering Fixed Income Institutional clients on the sales side. Over the years I have gained a strong appreciation for real estate (through a little bit of capital...

+2ARGUS Debt Financing Question


I'm doing a case study and unsure how to go about these inputs. I have a 12M purchase price with a 80% LTV to be financed for 300 months at 7% interest for the first 2 years and 6% thereafter. The loan is to be interest only for the first two years. How do I go about doing this? This...

+2Underwriting Exit Caps


Hey gang — was wondering how those who work in asset underwriting predict their exit cap rates. Obviously there’s a number of ways to go about it, but none I’ve heard of are very scientific because of the fact that such a metric is typically 5+ years out. With that said it is one of the...

+2Where to find construction pipeline information?


Is there anywhere online that one can find construction pipeline data for different metros? I know this data is accessible through services like Costar or REIS, but is there any other place one might be able to find this information?

+2Deciding between two job offers


I'm currently starting my career in real estate straight out of undergrad and deciding between two job offers. Not the most glorious start but considering I haven't done much prior, a start nonetheless. The first is a full time internship opportunity doing valuations for a CBRE, JLL,...

+2Route from LIHTC Syndication to Real Estate PE


I graduated undergrad and took a position at a LIHTC syndicator as an acquisition analyst 2 years ago. For anyone unfamiliar, we provide equity to developers to build and/or rehab apartment communities using an assortment of tax credit programs. I spend most of my time creating our initial...

+1Madison Realty Capital


Anyone here have an opinion of MRC (reputation in the business, good shop to work for, etc)? Saw that they just raised $1B+ for latest debt fund, assuming these guys are in the same peer group as Mesa West etc? I am based in LA and saw that they opened a small office here last year, but looks...

+1Corporate RE to Commercial RE


Hi everyone, I'm currently interning with a F500 company in their Corporate RE group where I'm doing a lot of work related to acquisition and disposition planning, restacking, facilities management etc... the typical corporate real estate stuff. Before this internship, I also...

+1From Residential Construction to Real estate analyst & or development


Hello Monkeys I'm currently working as a project manager for a residential construction company in a major midwest market. I'm looking to transition to an analyst position or work to become an associate at a developer. Do you have any recommendations into some things I should do...

+1Goldman Sachs Realty Management Analyst Salary?

Anonymous Monkey

Does anybody have any idea how much the Goldman Sachs Realty Management group in Irving pays their first year analysts? This site shows their salaries being super low atleast for H1B...


Malta Monkey

+1Poor Property Management Companies in Class A Buildings


Posted this as specific to Quadrangle but opening up to the broader group. How can you develop a Class A space and then let it go to hell with poor property management. At the end of the day, I suppose if you have occupancy in the 90s and you're making money, who cares. But seriously, why...

+1Rent Regulation Reform - NYC - What are the potential loopholes?


So obviously with the new laws regarding rent stabilized tenants has hurt many multifamily landlords in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr>, and future upside in these buildings are much more limited now. My question is with the new laws, are there any ways to still...

+1NYC Young Real Estate Professionals Networking Group


Hello Everyone, I want to create or join a Whatsapp or Facebook group with members that are real estate professionals operating in New York City. I'd specifically like to talk about local real estate news, events, and meetups. Does such a group already exist or would anyone be...

+1REPE Acquisitions technical guides?


Beyond basic cash on cash, cap rate, equity multiple and <abbr title="internal rate of return">IRR</abbr> questions - what are some other quick technical concepts/questions I should expect in an in-person Acquisitions interview? (I.e. if I have x debt yield and x cap...

+1Brookfield Strategic Initiatives Group?


Anyone know about this group? Seems almost like in-house <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr>/Corp. Dev? Do they work with funds (e.g. Brookfield Strategic Real Estate Partners III) or no?

+1Community Space


We are looking into a development right now in the <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr> Metro area with a significant community space. We are looking into a Charter School or Medical Complex. Does anyone know where we can best obtain <abbr title="comparable...

+1Debt for a part-time MSRE?


I’ve got 4 years of <abbr title="commercial real estate">CRE</abbr> credit underwriting experience and I just made the jump to the equity side of things doing acquisitions and <abbr title="asset management">AM</abbr> in a rapidly growing secondary...

+1Sources to learn expense costs for different asset classes and property types?


Finishing up by first year out of college as an Analyst with a <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> IS team. Want to know if there is any source available where I can basically learn how much everything "costs." Is there any website or other source where I can...

+1First Job Opportunity

George Costanza

Hey everyone, I've just been offered what I view as a pretty good job opportunity, but I'd definitely like some input from others on <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>. The job title is "Portfolio Asset Manager". I would be working for a...

+1Underwriting Analyst vs. Acquisition Analyst


Hello, I have an interview coming up for an underwriting analyst position and want to know what I am getting myself into. The description states that the acquisitions team is looking for a buy-side analyst, but the title being different I wanted to ask. Are these positions the same? Will...

+1Appraisal Intern


I know this topic has been covered but i am looking for more specific information. I am currently a summer analyst for a small family repe shop. My end goal is to stay in acquisitions. when I go back to school in the fall I have an opportunity to work for the county doing appraisals (this is ab...

+1Cain International REPE (Los Angeles)


Came across an Analyst job posting for Cain International. They're opening an office in Los Angeles and they currently have an office in <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr> and London. Anyone know anything about Cain? It’s a “partnership-centric firm that focuses...