+123Net Worth and Goals by Age139
+103People who fall off the map professionally90
+34How is anyone getting deals done?48
+22Why Not Start Your Own Shop?58
+21Does Prestige in Commercial Real Estate Development Exist? Google/Blackstone/McKinsey equivalents?47
+20Lunch & Learn - Hotel Industry & Hotel Development37
+20How do you become assertive/confident?23
+15Amazon HQ2 Update66
+14New Real Estate Development Shop AMA10
+14"Why was it built this way?"22
+13Scaling my RE Business as a Principal29
+13Best high-paying career if I want to start my own multi-family commercial business in 6-8 years?14
+12MSRED/MSRE Megathread 202034
+12Please tell me why I'm wrong16
+11Looking for Multifamily model with Loan Sizing Constraints26
+11What is your go to font for Excel models?25
+9Leaving after 6-7 months13
+9Fam Office Compensation?15
+9Value creation in different RE property types19
+8UW Madison - MSRE15
+8What is with these “Promotions” at Private shops?14
+8Refinancing no equity left19
+8If You Had To Start Over18
+8Why Investment/Development to Capital Markets?22
+8How Can Individual Investors Compete With Established Firms?40
+8Stuck at Current Firm20
+7Has the Wooden Skyscraper Revolution Finally Arrived?9
+7Personal Investment/House Hacking Process12
+7Real Estate Podcats10
+7How to break into a CRE brokerage 10
+6CMBS Originations Comp13
+6How do I do a watefall model for only the sale proceeds, while the operating cash flows are always pro rata?12
+6MRED (development-focused grad program) or MRE (broader real estate degree) for someone with design background11
+6Current Underwriting Assumptions14
+6MAI designation and becoming a Developer's Associate22
+6Has any switched from REPE to IB? Coming up on 3-years in REPE and despite promising future losing interest.17
+6Transitioning into RE7
+6How do Tax abatements make projects feasible?21
+6Buying a multifamily17
+6Careers that translate to property ownership6
+6Starting a side-hustle as an independent broker?8
+6RE PE -> RE IB?19
+6NYC broker fee ban effect on market16
+6What was your path to a Real Estate Private Equity job? Looking for advice12
+5Class A MF Development at this point in the cycle7
+5Need HELP (got f* up on my bonus)12
+5PREITs and how they raise capital19
+5Is it possible to work from home?8
+5Building relationships as a broker w/ acquisitions guys on calls19
+5LPs sharing pursuit costs8
+5Best roles if you want to learn to be an owner?15
+5Advice for hopeful CRE monkey10
+4"Good Cause Eviction" mandating maximum 3.0% annual rent increases looking more and more likely6
+4Sustainable RE Investment Groups17
+4MSRE Benefits3
+4Textbooks for Industrial Real Estate6
+4Development Question; How much do architect drawings cost?5
+4What does it mean to underwrite pools of Freddie Mac loans in K-series securitizations?6
+4AKS Capital Partners (Aaron Appel) bought by Walker & Dunlop12
+4real estate training materials?10
+4ORIX Real Estate Capital19
+4How do I land a role at a commercial firm (JLL, CBRE, etc.) from scratch at 26?9
+4Construction Loan Interest Reserve5
+4Next Generation of CRE leaders4
+4Going from big firm -> small firm10
+3ARGUS Certification AE Enterprise7
+3From Real Estate Debt to PE8
+3Sports Stadiums/Arena Valuations10
+3Real Estate Recruiter Suggestions 8
+3How do I use the P/E side of my company to help with brokerage?11
+3Northmarq Analyst7
+3Georgetown MRED with irrelevant experience2
+3maximize value for RE developer as undergrad4
+3Job Title Help19
+3Jamestown Compensation5
+3Why would a multi-family developer look to sell a project prior to stabilization?5
+3What's the hottest/most lucrative property type to be getting into right now?8
+3Acquisition Associate Recruiting12
+3Real Estate Investment Sales - Associate, Multifamily Interview Help5
+3Bullish or Bearish: Retail-Investor Oriented Real Estate Investment Managers (Fundrise, RealtyMogul, Cadre, etc.)6
+3Institutional vs Regional Developers5
+3OpCo Valuation3
+3What would you do? Career advice 5
+3Modeling Growth6
+3LP shops that invest in just the GP equity piece15
+3What's in a REPE financial modelling test of ONE hour?10
+3Where do you go from Agency Underwriting?15
+2Firms in Austin9
+2LifeCo Lenders1
+2What should I expect for an Investment Sales/Equity Sales interview at Eastdil?7
+2Link Industrial Properties?11
+2First time Multifamily Investment 3
+2Steady vacancy ---> absorption & new supply cancel out????3
+2GS CRE Merchant Banking Analyst 2
+2How do you calculate annual returns?2
+2WhyHotel the company. Thoughts?8
+2what are the hours like for investment analysts in NYC5
+28% Discount Rate5
+2Help with Real Estate Investment Interview2
+2Best Headhunting companies for Dallas?5