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+14Calling everyone...Biggest 2018 Takeway


What has been the biggest lesson you learned this year in your RE career? Has anything surprising occurred or any interesting moments/events/trends you’ve come across at work and witnessed in the estate field? How other players are reacting to the market? 1st year at your current job or...

+8Trailer Parks & Un-Sexy Investments


Would love to hear some experiences/stories on investing anything considered un-sexy. Think tailer parks, billboards, Section 8, tax liens, etc.

+8Deal of the Era

Red banana Wagon

I was reading about JMB Realty and how they had the defining/biggest deal of the 1980's real estate boom (Cadillac Fairview for $2.6 billion). It got me thinking, what has been the biggest or lost defining deal (or development) of this real estate cycle? The book mentioned how deals in...

+4Breaking into REPE/development from appraisal


Wondering what exit opps would be available with 1-2 years in appraisal with an <abbr title="Masters in Finance">MSF</abbr> w/ RE focus from a decent university would land me? Assume that the appraisal gig would have good flow with good properties (MF, office, retail)....



Is it just me or is this firm moving and at a rapid pace which in my opinion may not end well..they are only 7 years running and in that time they have went from their core business of office coworking, to building a fund, elementary school and now are possibly going into retail and hospitality?...

+3Is CBRE HR a dead end?


Reached out to multiple brokers at CBRE. Two (in different cities) have offered to connect me with HR, as well as reach out to other brokers I can talk to. Is their HR a dead end? They've reached out in one city and asked for resume, cover letter, linkedin and see what openings they have....

+3Getting a FT job by May - Critique my plan


Hey guys, I'm graduating in May of 2019 - and have been searching for a full-time real estate job. **Some quick details:** - Moving to a different market right after graduation (from a smaller market --> to Toronto) - Finance Major, 3.3 cumulative GPA, 3.6 Major GPA - 2 real...

+3Careers in Real Estate


I'm currently in my sophomore year of undergrad, and I'm interested in a career in real estate. I'm familiar with a few different career paths (development, REPE, etc.) but I'm interested to learn more about other options in real estate. What are some companies/jobs I should...

+3What RE Field Would This Position Fall Under?


I have worked in <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr> for about four years, but a close family friend has been pushing me to leave...

+3Company decided to push back filling position for 60-90 days. What should I say?


This is after a phone interview with a small debt/equity broker. They said they'll check if I'm still interested then. Anyone ever heard of this? Would you advise trying to meet him for coffee in the meantime?

+3Private Bridge Lending Business


Hey guys, so my boss is looking to start a private bridge lending platform (basically going 50/50 with someone who already has one in a different city), but I am really looking to be aggressive and help originate as many deals as possible. I am curious to learn.....what type of...

+3Anybody interested in being a CMBS originator in Southern California?


Hi <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, Does anybody here know an experienced commercial real estate professional who would be interested in working exclusively as a CMBS originator in Southern California? I am a CMBS production analyst for a Canadian Bank. Our...

+2Pearlmark Real Estate firm overview?


I’m interested in roles there, what’s the quality of the firm compared to say Harrison Street or Walton Street? I’m looking to send in my application, but I’d like to learn a bit more prior to doing so just to be certain. My end game is REPE and deal flow is my top priority.

+2Trammel Crow - Senior Dev Manager comp?


I am currently in a development role. Cradle to grave responsibility with $150m currently under development delivering this year. I have come to concede that my shop is not paying anyone out soon (in terms of anything other than a salary). I think I'll be stuck in a PM position long term...

+2FT REPE Opportunities out of Undergrad


Hey everyone, I’ve been reading <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> for a while now but first time posting here. I am looking to pursue a career in REPE out of college (previous internship experience in RE) and wanted to know what good full-time opportunities...

+2Issuing bonds for real estate financing?

Red banana Wagon

Forgive me for this isn't thoroughly thought out, but would it be reasonable for properties to issue bonds for financing? Ever? I was reading that LLCs cannot issue stocks, but they can issue bonds. Would a bank ever go for this (ie, not lend on the property, but raise/sell bonds for it)?...

+2RE Acquisitions at MF vs. IBD at BB


Hey guys, Am an undergrad considering RE Acquisitions at a <abbr title="megafund">MF</abbr> and <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr>. After doing research on RE in...

+22 yr - 10 yr Treasury: Why does this indicate a recession?

Debt From Above

Fellow monkeys, I currently work in brokerage where our financing professionals are constantly preaching about the spread between the 2 yr and 10 yr treasuries (and have been for some time now). I understand that the yield curve inverting is supposed to indicate a recession in the future, but...

+2Adventures in CRE Accelerator Program


Came across this Modeling program hosted by Adventures in CRE today and wanted to share. Have always been a fan of their models & videos so this seems like it could be a good deal, especially at the Initial Launching...

+2property financials verbiage


Not a wholly important topic..but coming from <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> into REPE investment, I always hear "property financials". Why do people in the industry always say "property financials", which is technically impossible...

+2Bridge Lending Fees - what should I get paid?


Like I wrote last week, my boss (I work as an acquisitions analyst for a small REPE firm) is starting a bridge lending/hard money lending platform soon which I'm very excited about. He is a very reasonable guy and we have not yet discussed how I would get paid on origination. What do you...

+1Interview at CRE Brokerage


I have an upcoming interview for an entry level position (Retail Analyst) at a <abbr title="commercial real estate">CRE</abbr> Services firm and was looking to gain insight into what this role might involve and what to expect in the interview. Between school and past...

+1Real Estate Portfolio Management Questions

Ricky Sargulesh

for all these questions I am particularly interested in multifamily: 1) Could any RE PMs opine on their day to day work and what are the most important aspects of being a good PM? 2) Any textbooks or other reading material suggestions for learning more about RE PM? 3) Any suggestions...

+1How Long is Long Enough


Currently working as an analyst with an investment sales team. Pay is solid, decent deal flow but I would like to transition either to a brokerage working on larger deals or somewhere on the buy side. I've only been with this group for a short time so I'm wondering how long for it to...

+1REPE Modeling Test


Hi All, I know there are multiple outdated threads with excel REPE tests. But was wondering if anyone had examples, tutorials, etc. into others. This one in particular is 90 minutes. In advance, I'm well aware of REFM, BIWS, A.<abbr title="commercial real...

+1Non-Target -> MSRE


Hi all, I've been an avid reader of <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> for easily 2 or 3 years now. With that said, I haven't posted before as I can generally find whatever info I am seeking by looking at previously posted threads etc. I have a more...

+1Berkadia Transaction Analyst


Anyone have past experience with this postion and have any info in terms of culture, deal flow, and comp? Havent heard much about Berkadia in my area and was wondering if this role was more of an operations/research based role or eventually would lead to a producing role?

+1Cool Boutique Developers


Let's get a list going of very cool, boutique (or larger) developers. Always think it's cool to hear about these shops of just a handful of guys doing really badass projects. I'll start with a few: Scott Gillen (Malibu, CA) Plus Development Group (West Hollywood, CA) Aby...

+1why choose real estate finance?


What are the advantages in real estate finance? Why do people choose this field over the typical fields in finance? How do you break into real estate finance? Are there any exit opportunities?

+1What is your compensation in Real Estate Finance?


I cant find much in the way of compensation for real estate other then the summary page from the HR consultant that is floating around here, so I thought maybe people will be willing to describe what they do, their market, and what their compensation looks like. Industry: Real Estate...

+1Things you need to consider when buying to-let property.


Buying Edinburgh property to-l **** et seems like a good investment, but before making this investment, you need to consider the following things: **1. Understand what you’re investing in** You need to research when buying a to-let property and also prepare to comply with the obligations...

+1Harvard MDes - real estate


Does anyone here have any experience or thoughts on the Harvard real estate program? I know it is technically a Masters of Design degree, but it appears you can take courses in the business school, law school and at MIT which is interesting. Just wondering what the placement is like out of the...

+1Looking to Hire REPE Associate


Over the years I've found this forum to be a great sounding board for different ideas and thoughts about projects, returns, structure, markets, costs, etc. In return for all the knowledge I've gained here I would like to provide the opportunity to give back. My firm is looking to...

+1Real Estate Masters Programs Recommendation (Georgetown vs NYU vs UC Berkeley)


I have been accepted to Georgetown, NYU, and UC Berkeley's real estate masters program. I was wondering if someone can tell me those schools' pros and cons. I have total one year experience in architecture firm as a project coordinator and I would like to pursue my career in real...

+1CAIA Level 1 exam in Feb/March 2019- doable?


I'm thinking of doing <abbr title="Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst">CAIA</abbr> level 1 in Feb/March 2019, and wanted to check how feasible it is if I were to start studying now. My background is that I graduated with an undergrad finance degree 7 years...

+1Best RE Analyst Programs


Hi Monkeys, I am currently in a consulting practice with sector coverage real estate and alternative investments. The day to day is very far removed from the asset (developing concepts, IT strategy, etc.), and I am looking for hands on experience with deals. I am interested in real estate...

+1Move from Europe to US - help/advice needed


Hi all, Am looking to make a move to the US to satisfy my urge to work abroad and clear out of the UK before Brexit and Labour (you know they're getting in at the next election) kill the country for a few years. Aiming for <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr> as have...

+1Real Estate Acquisitions exit opps at a Pension Fund


Hello all, I recently started my first job out of undergrad in an acquisitions role at a large pension fund (think calPERS). Although I like the position, down the road I hope to leave get into REPE where I can do more intensive due diligence. So I'm just wondering what level of REPE I...

+1Easiest Metropolitan Areas to Develop?


The Managing Director from Tishman Speyer told us that San Francisco was the most difficult city to develop in. Even harder than New York. I've been wondering what metropolitan cities around the country are generally easier to develop in?

+1Morgan Stanley CMBS Originations


Does anyone have experience with MS in the CMBS originations group? I'm interested in learning about the culture, deal flow, hours, comp (analyst/associate level), etc. I've looked through past posts but haven't seen anything too recent or detailed. Thanks in advance.

+1RE Development Costs and Yields


Hello all, Curious what you all are seeing with regards to yields on cost in different types of development projects given fluctuation in commodity costs. Which property types/markets are people getting the highest yield on cost? Any change in construction cost estimates given recent...

+1NYU MSRE- Anyone take Accounting with Dan Crowley?



+1Real Estate Masters Programs (Georgetown vs NYU vs UC Berkeley)


I have been accepted to Georgetown, NYU, and UC Berkeley's real estate masters program. I was wondering if someone can tell me those schools' pros and cons. I have total one year experience in architecture firm as a project coordinator and I would like to pursue my career in real...

+1Let’s talk REPE Comp


Always found REPE compensation info to be spotty so looking to share. Market: <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> Experience: 7 years Role: Acquisitions Firm Size: $7B AUM Salary: $150k Bonus: 70%-100% of Salary Carry: N/A Hours: 45 hours/week

+1Similar Publications to Wharton Papers


I've really liked Wharton Papers and some of the papers on there. Couldn't find any other links here, anyone know any that have good, intelligent reading material on different RE topics besides Wharton Papers.

+1Move from RE to Equities


Hi all! I am currently working in RE <abbr title="asset management">AM</abbr> (at first I though it was a <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> firm however it ended up being an <abbr title="asset management">AM</abbr>, the...

+1Interview at CBRE and have to take test, advice?


Hello, I have to take a test for an interview as a financial analyst at CBRE. Does anyone have any advice on what is asked in the test? It's a "real estate and finance" test, while I'm comfortable with both areas, this is a very broad description and I was hoping someone...

+1Going Buyside to Sellside


Hey guys so I had a couple of interviews with a well known debt/equity shop for an Analyst position and I think I will be getting an offer. I have around 3 years general RE and pretty much zero deal experience and only experience on Office. Team I would be working with does everything...

+1Biggest Opportunities in Today's CRE Market

Debt From Above

What are the most undervalued opportunities in commercial real estate? If you were the GP of a fund interested in value add deals (regardless of deal size, or asset class) what deal characteristics would be of interest to you?

+1Thoughts on AirBnB friendly luxury apartments?


What are you guys thoughts on AirBnB friendly luxury apartments? For more background, check out Niido's company page. They currently have one property in Nashville and Orlando, with one more rumored in Austin. Essentially the idea is to juice rent dollars by having tenants...