+23WeWork: The Bull(ish) Case


I’m working on a mammoth multi-part Google post and WeWork ties in nicely with the overall theme. *(To be clear, I have no opinion on WeWork as an investment - and I have zero knowledge of real estate - but I saw [this...

+13AMA on the WSO IG tomorrow with @CRE


@CRE" will be hosting an AMA on the WSO Instagram tomorrow ( He will start answering questions around 11:00 AM ET, and you can start sending in questions tonight around midnight. His background: - Real Estate Development Manager - Poli...

+8Best Asset Class to Start Out in, in Real Estate


Been giving some thought to this lately as I'm at a point in my career where I'm starting to think about the next move. I'm still at the analyst level but getting to the point where I ought to start thinking about where I ultimately want to specialize in. My main considerations...

+7If you were to design a development internship program, how would you structure it?


Still a sophomore in undergrad but have the task of helping design a RE development internship program for a company that does not have a formal one. In my situation how would you all structure it and what aspects of development would you want students to experience and what skills would you try...

+5Summer Valuations Intern CRE?


I just got an offer from a large <abbr title="commercial real estate">CRE</abbr> (think JLL, CBRE, Cushman). for its Valuations dep. What can I expect to be working and how and what should I prep for? I bought some real estate modeling courses online what else can I do?

+5Surviving Your First Year In CRE Brokerage


Just curious to hear everyone's stories as to how they survived their first 1-2 years in brokerage, specifically when it comes to lack/inconsistency of income. Also, did you end up staying in brokerage or transition into another role after the 1-2 year mark? Thanks!

+5Real Estate Job Market 2019


Curious how others perceive the current real estate job market? Little surprised to find I'm getting less interviews and looks with 2 yrs of experience than when I was in my senior year of college with 0 experience. Would love to hear how the market is treating others.

+4MSRED worth $95k in debt?


Let's cut to the chase, is an MSRED (MIT/Columbia/Cornell) worth the substantial price tag? $95k+ and cost of living. Does it pay off? It seems like RE is so relationship driven, it would be more worth my time to work hard, make connections and hustle my way to the top?

+4Principles; What Are Your Main Governing Principles in Navigating Life and Your Career


Always good to reflect and share the collective wisdom gained on this site. Really just looking for what people feel like their main takeaways and principles to abide by are, while navigating this jungle. Try and keep it to your top 3 in bullet point format for a user-friendly read. Threads on...

+4When to Use Cap Rate, or Price Per SF?


Under what circumstances would you use a cap rate to value a property and when would you use price per square foot to ascertain a valuation?

+3Joint Venture with a bank and a debt broker?


How common is that? I work for a bank focussing on CMBS originations. Few years ago, Walker & Dunlop launched a CMBS origination platform and formed a joint venture with a fund managed by an affiliate of Fortress Investment Group. The benefit to Fortress was the robust deal flow resulting...

+3Cheapest Cost of Capital


What's the cheapest cost of capital in the market? Cost of capital essentially drives deal flow so I am curious to hear who has the cheapest capital out there.

+2Debt Funds & CLOs


I work at a debt fund, and we are beginning to get asked more and more how we are financing our position when we provide a quote. Obviously a lot of lenders have gone the CLO route in the last year or so (my firm hasn't), which has had a clear impact in lowering the cost of capital/spreads...

+2Real Estate Valuation Methods?


I know for investment banking the valuation methods for companies involve precedent transaction, comparable company and <abbr title="discounted cash flow">DCF</abbr> analysis. What are some valuation methods for properties?

+2Co-GP structure!


Any one have any insight on co-GP structures? For example, $100M deal with 60% LTV. You go to a <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> firm to raise $35M of JV equity and co-GP puts in $5M. How do you structure this amongst the co-GPs? how are fees split? Do you...

+2Goldman Sachs GSAM Private Real Estate


I have an interview coming up with the Goldman Sachs Private Real Estate group for the analyst position. Any insight into the group/interview process would be much appreciated. Any idea how to prepare for the excel modeling exam assuming I have one? And should I expect a lot of technicals?

+2Carrying contingencies in the development proforma


Had a couple of basic question relating to how to work the contingency line items in a typical development budget/proforma. Assuming both a hard cost and soft cost contingency, if a GMP contract is utilized, once the contract is executed, shouldn't the hard cost contingency effectively...

+2Goldman Sach RMD Asset Management - Dallas


I have an interview set up for GS's RMD Asset Management. I am wondering if someone can talk to me about their culture, lifestyle, hours, base+bonus (Associate level), exit opps/promotion opportunities, etc.. I know they recently switched offices to Downtown Dallas. I've seen...

+2Networking While Employed - Real Estate Buyside Positions


I currently work in <abbr title="commercial real estate">CRE</abbr> capital markets at a Tier 2/Tier 3 brokerage shop. I am looking to make the switch into a buyside position, but have not been having much luck cold applying to online posts. I know networking is the...

+2Acquisitions -> Lending -> Acquisitions?


Hello, Started my real estate career working on the acquisitions team at a large pension fund. Although I am gaining exposure to a lot of deals, I am looking for a little more hands on experience in sourcing and underwriting transactions as a lot of the modeling/underwriting of our equity...

+2Real Estate firms in Miami


Aside from Starwood and Related, anyone happen to know who are the big institutional REPE/Operator's in Miami? Do any investment banks in town have a RE Principal vertical - trying to compile a list.

+1Oaktree Real Estate Group

average intern 43

Hey Everyone, When comparing Oaktree to some of the other megafunds, how does Oaktree rank? I know they're renowned for their success in credit, but I don't know much about their real estate platform. Can someone tell me a bit more about this firm's real estate group? Thanks in...

+1Situs for CMBS

Forex Swings

Hey guys, there isn't much on the company as a whole on this site, what is there is a little dated. From what I understand, Situs is used to outsource grunt work or "consult" with to get off the book employees in the CMBS/underwriting space. My questions, for someone that has...

+1Creative Ways to get a deal to Pencil


I am working on a <abbr title="megafund">MF</abbr> development deal in Brooklyn and the numbers are tight. Other than alternative means of construction and increasing leverage, and 421(a)/Affordable New York, are there any other programs that could help us get over the hump?

+1"Lease Modeling Test"


I've got an interview coming up at a major <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> real estate services company (CBRE, JLL, C&W) for their consulting practice. I have been told I'll be taking a "lease modeling test" during my final round. Anyone have...

+1Overall reputation of Brokerages, REITs, REPE


I recently changed careers from working at <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr> as a <abbr title="fixed income">FI</abbr> trading assistant to real estate. I’m now working at CBRE Industrial Brokerage. I have a background in finance but know I have...

+1Argus Test - Best Option


As the title suggests, I have an Argus test coming up for one of the brokerage firms. I have not used the software since undergrad and have not used it on the job yet either. I am planning on buying one of the packages Argus has before the test so I can brush up a bit. Haven't committed to...

+1Preparing for investment sales interview


I have an upcoming interview with an investment sales company that focuses mainly on STNL/NNN and expanding to multi-tenant retail shopping centers. I have done a phone interview with them already, now I am meeting with two people from their HQ, then if I make it past that interview I will have...

+1Mega Fund Joint Ventures


I am currently looking at a firm that does a JV with a megafund. The firm specializes within the region hence their involvement. How often do megafunds partner with smaller shops on separately managed accounts? In this case the firm is the GP and the megafund acts as the LP but the terms are...

+1Should I stay in real estate or move to tech?


I graduated from college 1.5 years ago and was doing front desk work at a corporate bank for almost a year (I hated it, was way too intelligent for it, but it taught me to speak on the phone). I have always had an interest in real estate, and I finally just started a position being an assistant...

+1JLL Capital Markets assessment


I have an interview coming up for an analyst position on JLL capital markets team in a big market (NY, Chicago, Boston) the recruiter just called and informed me that there would be a two-hour assessment before meeting the team that required me to have my laptop and a graphing calculator. Does...

+1Networking in Kansas City, MO and Dallas, TX


Hi everyone, I'm headed to Kansas City on May 12-14 and Dallas 15-18 if anyone is interested in meeting up and discussing the real estate environment there i'd love to meet with you! Thanks everyone!

+1NPL Case Study


I was curious if anyone has a solid RE backed non-performing loan (NPL) case study worth sharing? I am trying to prep for a final round interview and trying to find a good one worth looking over beforehand.

+1career change?


Hey all, Another twist on a topic thats been brought up.. I had been working as a commercial appraiser mostly for myself as of recent. Part of me has always wanted to transition to asset/management/management/acquisitions. Wasnt successful in finding something in my current location. Well,...

+1Investment Sales: How to pick an area to start out in, NYC. Explain process from start to finish (canvass, call, meet)


Interested in investment sales in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr>. Trying to figure out the process, how does one pick an area. For <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> let's say you want to do multifamily investment sales how do you...

+1CMBS Capital Markets Exit Opps


I've seen a number of threads about CMBS origination exit opps, but haven't seen anything about capital markets. Let's assume that I'm working within CMBS Capital Markets at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr>. Has anybody heard of anybody...

+1Brookfield Property Partners (BPY) - culture / rep?


Anyone able to shed some light on these guys, esp the acq team? Have a few informational interviews set up with alums that work there. I know that they do a lot of large coastal mixed-use projects, both ground-up and re-dev, and via <abbr title="real estate investment...

+1Advice on Getting into RE IB?


First-time poster here, so we'll see how this goes! I am looking for some pointers on breaking into the RE <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> industry post-grad. I am a current <abbr title="Masters in Finance">MSF</abbr> candidate at a...

+1Development Analyst interview


I have an interview for a large scale developer and then afterwards on same day, I have to complete a 1 hour Excel modeling test. Should I expect anything different than say a typical REPE test with a stabilized asset and creating a model after given rent roll and assumptions? I have zero...

+1Invest in residential VS REITS.


Which one is better? I am currently an student and thinking about make my first investment. Can someone tell me their pros and cons?

+1Transaction Agency Question


California broker here. I am sure many other brokers here have been in similar situations so I’d appreciate any feedback or advice... - I am the landlord rep at a building - I have been working with a potential tenant for the space for a while - I have provided the tenant a reasonable...

+1The Process of buying a property


Can someone explain in detail the process of what needs to go into buying a property? From submitting an LOI to the closing. For example, let's say it is a 6 unit multifamily property. Thanks!

+1Incorrect amortization calculation on 'Adventures in CRE'? (Urgent)


Reference; adventuresincre (dot) com/advanced-amortization-table/ If you enter an amortization period of 360 mths, 36 mths and term of 396 mths, the loan should fully amortize out evenly over the entire term (you need to extend the list downwards to go further than 360, but that's not an...

+1CRE Tech


What are you guys thoughts on PropTech? Been getting more interesting in the field as I love RE but also tech.