+10Is Real Estate "Asset Management" Considered Back Office?


Just curious as Blackstone recently came to campus to recruit for the role. I did my <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> stint at a Big 3 bank and will be going the Corp <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> route out of undergrad, but I was...

+10Can we get an AMA for Real Estate Advisory?


Looking to learn more about what's the average day like, the type of work you do, the salary and the type of exit ops you have afterwards. There's a few posts about Big 4 RE advisory but I'd love to more about JLL/Avison Young/Colliers advisory or diff between Big 4 TAS RE and...

+10Lender/Debt Fund Modeling vs Broker Modeling

C.R.E. Shervin

This is a bit early but still curious, I'm looking to make the transition out of brokerage roles to lender/fund side. What are the differences in modeling required? I am used to making a 10 year <span class='keyword_link'><a...

+10MRE / MRED programs


I am a junior at a public state flagship university (definitely non-target) in the midwest. Double major in finance and accounting, 3.92 GPA. I am very interested in going into real estate development or possibly real estate finance. Internships at State Street Real Estate Services, a <abbr...

+10GP/LP structure - friends and family capital JV structure


Would kindly appreciate folks sharing some deal structures they have seen in the market place for LP capital on one off transactions. The structure I am familiar with seems fee heavy but want to know what others are seeing in the market place. Below are terms I have seen a syndicator use for...

+10**What would you do**


What would you guys do if you were in my situation? I'm currently working for CBRE/NKF/CW in my home state, but just got done with my final interview in <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr> for another position at another firm. I have always wanted to move to <abbr...

+10Am I Misguided In My Belief That I Would Rather Transfer out of REPE and Into Capital Market Brokerage?


I've always really been interested in the financing side of real estate more than the operating/building /physical DD side of real estate. Brokerage sounds a bit sexier to me in that you spend more time arranging financing, building models, studying capital markets and meeting with clients...

+10How did your acquisitions career evolve?


Hey guys, as I start to progress in my career I am starting to think about more ways to add value beyond the analyst level to the acquisitions team at my shop (MF developer). What did you do to start taking a more active role on the acq/deal sourcing side? Currently I do everything, but...

+10Mid-Level Titles in Development


I work for a smaller development firm where basically all the senior front-office folks are principals (they had a long hiring pause post-recession). I started as an analyst and am now being promoted, but since there isn't much precedent for my position I'm in the unique position of...

+10Promote Question


If a RE firm raises a fund from a group of investors and invests that money as GP alongside a larger LP, how does the RE firm itself typically get paid promote? I understand the basic promote for the GP/LP where the GP and LP are pari pasu up to a pref return and then the GP gets a bigger...

+10Monte Carlo Method in CRE Models


Anyone here ever incorporate Monte Carlo methods into their models? If so, what are some positives and negatives you've encountered in doing so? Anyone willing to share a few spreads would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys,

+10Success with Selectleaders

Don Johnson

Hi all, I most recently came across select leaders and wanted to see if anyone has had any success landing a job from any of the posts. I've applied to a handful of companies on there but haven't really heard back but from 1 or 2 companies. Any success stories?

+10Waterfall structure out of whack?


A developer just proposed to me a structure as follows: * 7% pref * 7-12% (overall return to equity) 50/50 split * 12-17% 25% to LP, 75% to GP * 17%+ 10% to LP, 90% to GP As well, 5% development fee for GP, invested into the equity of the deal. Does that seem unusually GP...

+10The highest paying entry level position with a MS in real estate


What’s the highest paying entry level position for someone with a business degree and a masters in real estate?

+10How are cap rates used?


I know it's NOI/Value, but how can it be given? How can people say, "cap rates are really high right now" or "we're underwriting it at a 6 cap, building to a 7 cap, selling at an 5 cap." How is it anything more than a ratio?

+10Personality Tests etc...

C.R.E. Shervin

Has anyone been made to take one of these(or more) that my multiple choice tell the potential employer something about yourself. These things are infuriating, although I believe in Myers Briggs, some of these questions and comparisons are ludicrous. E.g. would you rather gather information or...

+10Blockchain Technology & RE


WSO, I'm sure everyone has heard of the recent Bitcoin craze or made a few bucks dabbling in it. Outside of Bitcoin, blockchain technology does create some disruptive opportunities. Specifically in real estate it could create a quasi-crowdfunding market. Check out the article below....

+10Mid 90's was the wildest lending I've seen


Anybody here that's about my age (39) and older will remember the mid to late 90's resi lending as being far more aggressive than the 2000's. In 1996, at age 19, after working for a large consumer finance lender (similar to TransAmerica), I got in the mortgage business. Times...

+10Who the fuck is Keith Rubenstein?


So I've been trying to figure out who owns this particular office building in DC that I'm affectionate for, 1801 K Street, and I finally found out - a company called Somerset Partners that I had never heard of. I was checking out their principals and one of the co-founders is this...

+10Lets raise a WSO Fund


I mean with some of the people out there raising funds, why couldn't we do it? Also, hotels are not part of the real estate industry. They are a service industry pretending to be cool.... like tgi fridays pretending to be an in n out burger.

+10What is the travel portion of your job like for RE guys?


After years of working in real estate, I still haven't gotten tired of the travel. It's actually one of my favorite parts of the job. Wondering what its like for everyone else. How often are you traveling for work? Do you travel to fun cities? What kind of expense account are you...

+10Would I get hired after graduation?


I have a year left at a state college (Texas State University) and would would like some input yall think I would have any issue getting hired after college. I'm thinking either analyst or appraisal for a few years and save some money and become a broker. Facts/assumptions: - Age:...

+10Los Angeles Real Estate Development Companies


<abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, I found out today that my fiancée may be relocated to Irvine in January and I want to get to networking sooner than later so I'm not caught flat footed. I have been to LA exactly once in my life, so I am looking for any...

+10Commercial Real Estate Development Career Path and Comp


I don't see a lot about real estate development on here and the career paths that you can take as well as the pay offered at each stage. From what I've read the most money can be made in development. Also for those who chose development why did you do so over brokerage/acqusitions? Can...

+10Why commercial real estate?


As I'm graduating Spring of 2019, I'm preparing myself to answer the common "why CRE" interview question (while I'm also trying to answer the question for myself). Currently, I don't have a great answer, I just know this is what I want to do for my career. I like...

+10Does Georgetown Masters offer better ROI than other RE masters programs? Tuition comparisons

5 million

Georgetown's tuition is substantially lower than other programs. Obviously, there are far more factors in ROI calculations other than just tuition cost, but Georgetown looks a solid option, if you want to work in DC area. You could intern part time during masters, land <abbr...

+10Need to bang out Argus, how long will the certification take

stay thirsty my friends

Hey guys - I accepted a new position and have some time before I start. As a condition for taking time off in between, I agreed to get certified in Argus. I'd like to maximize my travel time but need to book flights, accounting for the time it will take to complete the...

+10How do I respond to people asking for my resume while networking?


I've been reaching out to people in the industry to network with and talk to about what they do, how they got there, etc. How do I respond when they ask to see my resume? Yesterday, I had a guy on the phone and he said I should send him my resume so he could pass it on to his MD. Now,...

+10Is CBRE HR a dead end?


Reached out to multiple brokers at CBRE. Two (in different cities) have offered to connect me with HR, as well as reach out to other brokers I can talk to. Is their HR a dead end? They've reached out in one city and asked for resume, cover letter, linkedin and see what openings they have....

+10Extremely unhappy at my current job. Feel Stuck


Hey everyone- I don't really have a mentor in the industry and so you guys are really all I've got to go to for this. I am extremely unhappy with my job. To give you guys some background, I work for a smaller development shop in a secondary market and handle leasing and...

+10Opportunity Zones


For all developers / value-add investors on the forum, have you looked at any opportunity zone deals? Given pension funds are not taxed on gains, high net worth LPs seem to be slated for the greatest benefit to these types of deals. Has anyone studied the relative “hit” to LIRR/EM an LP...

+10Quit indefinitely or wait it out?


Current role is unfulfilling with no growth and an all around depressing environment for myself that I'm willing to quit with nothing lined up. I've got resources to support, should I be without a job (family and savings). However, I'm wondering if there is value in continuing in...

+10What websites, newsletters, literature, etc do you read on a daily/weekly basis?


I am tired of the fluff pieces on real estate where real estate is always going up and with only watching 3 episodes on HGTV your grandma can flip a 20 unit apartment building with 0% down. Market reports from brokerage firms, articles on Reuters and Forbes, etc are all just mouth pieces for...

+10Debt and Structured Finance Brokerage Exit Opps


I am currently about 6 months into my first full-time role working as an analyst on a debt and structured finance brokerage team in a major metro area. The group has relatively robust deal flow and my day-to-day responsibilities include performing due diligence on potential transactions, as well...

+10Opportunity Zones - Next Big Thing or Government Boondoggle?

larry david

Fellow RE Monkeys, Wanted to hear everyone's thoughts on Opportunity Zones. Personally, I'm very skeptical this program will work for 3 reasons: 1) Required Hold Period - material tax advantages only kick in after 10-yr hold period. For anything shorter, basis step-up is nice,...

+10Development role directly after undergrad with no experience?


How hard will it be to break into a <abbr title="real estate investment trust">REIT</abbr> after undergrad this May? Does anyone know much about this?

+10More Conduit Shops out?


There's more and more chatter about more CMBS shops going under heading into risk retention. Who have you guys heard so far?

+10It Took 18 Hours to Pour San Francisco’s Biggest-Ever Concrete Foundation


When I was in San Francisco for the ULI Fall Meeting I had the pleasure of attending a lecture on and a tour of Salesforce Tower, a joint project by Hines and Boston Properties that will be the tallest building west of Chicago upon completion. It was an incredible presentation and tour and the...

+10CRE Salary Progression


How did your salary progress/change throughout the course of your career? I think it will be interesting/helpful to see to show younger guys what's realistic. EX: Acquisitions (Dallas) **Year 1**: 60k + 10% bonus + $5k signing bonus **Year 2**: 67k + 20% bonus etc.

+10Support Staff at Major Brokers


My friend is an independent commercial real estate broker (she literally rents her own office) who does investment purchases and sales, and tenant and landlord leasing representation across most asset types and classes, although about 50% of her business is retail tenant representation. Rather...

+10Do I work in REPE?


I am in charge of doing due diligence on all acquisitions/refinances for a company that buys and sells strip malls on the west coast. We are the GP on all of our deals and our LPs consist of HNWI and sometime partner with institutional investors on larger deals. Is this considered REPE?

+10New Analyst Struggling with Argus


Hey guys - I am a first year analyst straight out of college working in real estate <abbr title="asset management">AM</abbr>. I started in late June and for the first month that I was on the job basically had very little responsibility. Recently, the team I am working with...

+9Clemson MRED Program

Trunk Yeti

I got my acceptance to Clemson's MRED program about a month ago, but have been hesitant to pull the trigger on it. My main concern is the cost (55k for 18 months). I'm just not sure if I can justify taking on that much debt without having a better idea of what entry level pay is. ...

+9Career Path - Development or Investments/Acquisitions

Toronto CRE Mandem

Hi all, I recently graduated from a top-business school in Canada, and have final round interviews next week with two companies. I believe I have a pretty good shot at getting offers from both (as the final rounds will both be my 4th interviews with the companies, and the HR Representatives...

+9If you had $100mm to invest, what would you invest in? Market? Debt vs Equity? Product-Type?

The Duke of Wall Street

This is a question commonly asked in interviews and would be helpful to this forum. Plus, it would be interesting to hear the opinions of the members of <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>.

+9Retail IS/Acquisitions: What should you know?


Monkeys, I have been told that retail "is its own beast" by a few family friends who work in <abbr title="commercial real estate">CRE</abbr>. Assuming this is true - 1) Are there any materials, links, references, tips, war stories, etc.... that could make...

+9Advice: Quantifying Every Element of a Decision

stay thirsty my friends

My CEO has tasked me with quantifying certain esoteric deal making decisions and I'd like to know if anyone else has done the same. Sounds somewhat Bridgewater-esq and I'm sure it's been attempted so opening up the conversation for advice. Example - In the past we have not made...

+9REIT Compensation at the Analyst level?


What would be a good estimate for compensation for an analyst at a major metro REIT? Specifically on the acquisitions/development side of things. a) are bonuses a thing? b) what can be expected in a base salary? c) if it is on the low end of the range, should I counter - will I be...

+9Condo Deconversion


I have seen many discussions out there of condo conversion, but I am wondering if anyone knows anything about turning a condo into multifamily units. The condo I had in mind is an eye sore in class A location and it is pretty clear that the HOA is broken. There is always the slow option of...

+9Real Estate Investment Banking

Up n coming

Incoming Senior at Target Non-Ivy looking to enter REIB. What are some groups that should be on my radar, whether it be RE groups at <abbr title="bulge brackets">BBs</abbr> or more boutique firms. Relatedly, if my end goal is REPE, is REIB the most logical first step or...

+9Carlyle Real Estate Associate Compensation


Does anyone have an recent comp data for Carlyle RE? Also, what are the hours typically like? Thanks in advance!

+9Am I crazy to turn down a chance to work on luxury high-rises?


I'm a project manager with an opportunity to work on luxury high rises for a relatively small development shop, and they have a line up of towers I could work on for the next 5-10yrs. These guys are shaping the skyline of my city (2-3 million population). Base pay is 25% less than what I...

+9Internship in acquisitions at a local developer vs. more well-known REIT


Hi everyone, I am an underclassman at a top 25 school on the west coast, and I need some advice on what type of <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/guide/wso-internship-guide">summer internship</a></span> I should take if I want to end up in...

+9Modelling Test - Please tear it apart :)


Hi all, I currently have a modelling test lined up and I suspect it will be a development model. Most of my experience is investment/income producing assets so I haven't really modelled much development in my time although I think I understand most the concepts.... I found the...

+9RE Mezzanine Debt


Can someone give me a rundown on mezz debt? 1) What term will mezz lenders do? 2) Is it always interest only or do they also amortize in some circumstances? 3) Are there ever holdbacks in the loan? Is it always fully funded upfront? What if it is for construction? 4) What total DSCR, LTV,...

+9RE Debt | Managing the due diligence process

hard assets

I'm fairly new to the world of private debt. While I feel fairly comfortable building out a model, I find I have been struggling quite a bit with all of the due diligence. How did you all learn to go through this process? Or what is the process for due diligence at your...

+9Career Path to become a Real Estate Developer


I'm thinking about getting a Real Estate Development Certificate that my school offers. It's four extra classes and wouldn't delay my graduation. The only downside is I pay an extra $2000 for tuition, and it might hurt my already fragile GPA. I'm also thinking about...

+9Real Estate Career after MBA


Hello everyone, After a couple of years working in RE and about to start a top <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> program I am very very confused, so I hope to find some advices and ideas from you guys. I am Italian, 29, I worked one year in RE...

+9San Francisco vs NYC


I'm in final rounds w/ two REPE firms (acquisitions). One is in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> and the other is in SF. Nothing is set in stone yet. I'm hoping to hear from people who have worked in one or both cities - why did you decide to move there, and...

+9Likelihood of a Recession by 2018


I'm interested to see what the consensus is here on whether we'll be hit by a recession by 2018. If not by 2018, then when? Would also be interested to hear what people think will be the catalyst.

+9Georgetown Online Master's and Other Online Graduate Programs


Well, it's now 2019 now and online graduate degrees are getting more diverse and accepted. What are your thoughts on the Georgetown "Master's in Real Estate" program? Do you believe this program is on par with online MRED programs? What it boils down to is that I am 5...

+9Manufactured/Mobile Home Investing


Curious if anyone has any experience in this asset class, seems to be fairly niche similar to affordable housing, but is the general underwriting at all similar to multifamily? I'm assuming it;'s more yield driven due to property cap rates, locations, etc?

+9Does Marcus & Millichap have the best training?


As some of you may know I am a recent graduate trying to break in to <abbr title="commercial real estate">CRE</abbr>. I've been networking pretty heavy and reached out to an alumni that gave me the following advice: "Get a job at Marcus and Millichap as they...

+9AMA - 1st Year REIB at Top Firm

Over-levered Monkey

<h4>My Background:</h4> I'm a Navy vet (4 years) and just graduated from a semi-target (Texas school that places okay in IB). I did 5 internships from sophomore year till graduation. <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> > Loan Portfolio Analytics >...

+9Will RE firms cover or help to subsidize your travel expense for interviews?


What's your experience interviewing with firms out of town? I found a role through a recruitment agency but its not in my area. I'd need to move several hours away to be at this job. So far the recruiter has pushed my resume/info to the firm and they've shown interest in me and...

+9MRED/MSRED Questions


I'm currently working in real estate development at an associate level with a non-business background and am planning to apply to masters in real estate programs with the goals of broadening my understanding of real estate development (interested in shifting from a single asset class to...

+9Acquisitions Folks - How active is your current pipeline?

Gentleman and Scholar

Wanted to touch base and have a discussion regarding deal pipeline. How active are your groups? When was the last time your group closed a deal? If not very active, what have you been doing in your downtime? Would be helpful if you could list: 1. Are your deals debt or equity 2. Main...

+9Staying in my development role vs investment sales analyst position?

Mountain King

I am currently working as a development associate (it is an entry-level role) with a very cool, smart, agile developer on the smaller side in a major US city (not <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr>/SF). I am learning a very great amount in my current role, enjoy my team, etc....

+9Why a lack of advanced modeling techniques? Anyone who uses probabilistic modeling justification for this?


From what I have seen, real estate modeling (at least on an asset level) seems to be relatively rudimentary in comparison to almost all other financial sectors, could anyone possibly speak to why very few firms utilize advanced modeling techniques and probabilistic modeling in real estate? Or if...

+9Most Innovative Real Estate Projects and Companies


As I sit here at my desk procrastinating by flipping through Urban Land magazine, I'm peppered by images of Boston Properties/Hines' Salesforce Tower, a top ten list of buildings with technologies that add versatility and conserve resources, and a description of how Related's...

+9Why/how did you end up in the type of real estate you're in?


First thread! Undergrad looking to get into real estate here. There are so many different kinds of real estate--retail, multifamily, industrial, hotel, office, etc. All of these types can be vastly different in terms of how they function, how they're analyzed/valued, basically everything...

+9Brokerage vs REPE Asset Management


Hello All, I'm currently a senior in college at a North-Eastern semi-target school deciding on two offers for my full time job. My long-term goals would be to work in acquisitions at a top real estate private equity fund / hedge fund but was unfortunately not able to break in out of...

+9Life as a Real Estate Operating Partner - 4 Observations


There was a question in the forums a few weeks ago about what life is like working at operating partners for Private Equity firms. My current firm specializes in land development and we often do JV’s with real estate private equity firms. In these deals they provide the majority of the capital...

+9Credit Analyst in CRE


Will be reaching out to a SVP at a bank (10B+ AUM) that told a family member of mine to do so. Apparently he has some connections in <abbr title="commercial real estate">CRE</abbr> and wants to help me out. After looking into his bank, I saw that they have a credit analyst...

+9How to invest in a city you don't live in?


I'm, admittedly, still comparatively new to real estate, so I apologize if this is a dumb question. I'm interested in starting to invest in cities I don't live in (especially since the city I do live in is insanely expensive). I'm, at the same time, a bit unsure of where to...

+9Could commercial real estate (retail) collapse?


With companies like JC Penney and Sears having done progressively worse over the past ten years, a large number of department stores have closed in the past year, with plans for more to close in the near future. Since most malls depend on one or more of these stores to bring in customers, it...

+9single big deal comp


hey guys, I need to find stats on single-deal compensation. Hope you can advise. My co-worker just closed a deal that netted our firm (a large family-owned real estate developer/owner) about $12mn without us putting any money at risk. Basically he found a big deal, and since...

+9Investment Sales Sucks


As the title states, I-Sales blows. Been an analyst in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> for a while and have been trying nonstop to find the positives but this experience has shown me that there is no way i could do this for the rest of my life. Curious to hear others...

+9Post MSRED Positions/Salary


I am currently working on figuring out my finances and how attending the Columbia MSRED program plays into it all. There isn't much data out there in terms of positions and salary/compensation for post-MSRED. Any information regarding positions and salary/compensation (especially post...

+9Commission Schedules - What have you been seeing?


Deal guys specifically - what commission rates are you currently charging/seeing in west coast markets? Brokers, what are you asking, and acquisition/disposition folks, what are you agreeing to pay? I'm trying to get a feel for the different rates in different markets across the west for...

+9Math behind pricing a CMBS loan


Hi guys, I have been working on sizing loans. While I work on <abbr title="comparable analysis">comps</abbr>, cash flows, pre lim underwriting, I dont get to work on structuring/pricing a loan. So, I am trying to learn how CMBS loans get priced. We have a break even...

+921 Years Old: Looking to rent property to college students


First off, I want to thank all of you for providing me with a plethora amount of responses and discussions to read and learn from. A little about myself, I am 21 years old, <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> Candidate at a <abbr...

+9Modeling ground lease payments into a pro forma


I'm currently modeling a development scenario where the developer would either sign a ground lease with the landlord or acquire the land for a specified price. While the legal and market value-related aspects require some further thought, I came up with an issue regarding how to model in...

+9Favorite Podcasts


What are some of your favorite real estate/investing podcasts? There seems to be a lot of garbage podcasts out there when it comes to real estate mainly for retail investors trying to do build their own small portfolio. There aren't that many podcasts that I have been able to find with...

+9Where do you think we are in the cycle?


I would love to hear different people's opinions on this topic. I have talked with several different people recently and many seem to think we are approaching the end of this cycle (maybe less than 12 months until a pullback). The markets are flooded with capital chasing deals and yield....

+9How to decide if Development is for me?


Hey all for those in development or who have been in the development side of things before.. how did you ultimately decide that was where you wanted to be or didn’t want to be and how can one decide if that is the right path for them?

+9How to say I have connections?


Hi, So basically I'm an undergrad now set to graduate next semester and trying to get a job at a brokerage firm in the area. My Dad is a developer and owns A LOT of land, however is making me figure out things on my own before he will help me out in this industry. He said he would let me...

+9When should a rising senior start applying for full time jobs?


Hello all, I have been a long term lurker on the forum but just recently decided to create an account. I am about to be a senior in undergrad majoring in real estate finance and was curious when it would be acceptable to start applying for full time financial analyst positions at companies like...

+9Breaking into commercial development

Rex Grossman

Hey guys, I have about 2 years exp. out of a top tier UG in the Arch/Eng/Construction industry (mech. eng), and am starting a MSRE at Georgetown next semester. Is it likely that the route I am taking to get a MS in Real Estate will help me break into an associate/asst. pm position at...

+9Using 100% equity for a project - does it ever make sense?


Just wondering about this, does it ever make sense to not use any debt for a real estate project? Say for example, you're having a difficult time deploying capital because cap rates are super low, but you've found a decent investment. So you want to deploy as much of your equity as...

+9How much Finance should you be comfortable with in the real estate world?


How much finance should I be comfortable with? I am in the verge of registering for <abbr title="Chartered Financial Analyst">CFA</abbr> Level 1 Exam. Should I rather spend my money and time going thru Real Estate Financial Modeling course or Argus certification? I...

+9Ground Up - Refi'ing Out Most Of Equity


I recently spoke with a Principal at a family office and he mentioned that it's not uncommon to refi almost all or at least close to the equity outlay put into a deal on his ground-up <abbr title="megafund">MF</abbr> deals. How common is this? I am not well versed in...

+9Argus DCF


Through my real estate MS program, I've been granted access to Argus <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-a-discounted-cash-flow-DCF"><abbr title="discounted cash flow ">DCF</abbr></a></span> for...

+9Where are you now versus where you thought you would be?


Like the title suggests, I'm curious to see what kind of path you had envisioned for yourself versus where you are now. I think it would be interesting to get some insight from the more seasoned guys, this way we can get an understanding for how spontenous the market and expected career...

+9Multifamily Rent Per Square Foot vs. Rent Per Unit


Curious to get thoughts on how to look at multifamily rents. I find that rents per square foot per month aren't always the best when comparing assets. I find comparing per unit rents is more informative. What do people think about this? I definitely do not feel this way when it comes to...

+9What are some reasons that make sellers want to sell their investment property?


Obviously there are many transactions that occur each day. I am just curious to why all these "smart" people in the industry would sell a property that they think is "good." Based on your experiences, did your firm ever question why a company was selling a particular...

+9How much do your bosses make per year?

The King Bert

A majority of us are analyst/associate level. I've read through the salary thread on this forum and most of the postings are from junior level. I thought it would be beneficial for most of us to see what jobs down the line are making. Obviously, these are not going to be spot on and be...

+9Fannie / Freddie

Paul Allen8

Can anyone tell me what Fannie Mae calls their originators? I know Freddie calls them them Producers but haven't really been able to find the position title for the same role at Fannie.

+9AMA: Real Estate Acquisitions Analyst. Uni -> BO -> Mtg Financing -> Acquisitions


Graduated 2017. Had opportunities in consulting, commercial banking, and real estate. Gambled on real estate route by starting in back office role. After ~2.5 months in <abbr title="back office">BO</abbr>, transitioned to more "front office" analyst role. Did that...

+9Relationship among Cap Rate, IRR, Discount rate and NPV

CMBS Monkey

Seeking a high-level explanation to explain the relationships among cap rate, <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-internal-rate-of-return-IRR"><abbr title="internal rate of...