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+9Career Path to become a Real Estate Developer


I'm thinking about getting a Real Estate Development Certificate that my school offers. It's four extra classes and wouldn't delay my graduation. The only downside is I pay an extra $2000 for tuition, and it might hurt my already fragile GPA. I'm also thinking about...

+9single big deal comp


hey guys, I need to find stats on single-deal compensation. Hope you can advise. My co-worker just closed a deal that netted our firm (a large family-owned real estate developer/owner) about $12mn without us putting any money at risk. Basically he found a big deal, and since...

+9Am I crazy to turn down a chance to work on luxury high-rises?


I'm a project manager with an opportunity to work on luxury high rises for a relatively small development shop, and they have a line up of towers I could work on for the next 5-10yrs. These guys are shaping the skyline of my city (2-3 million population). Base pay is 25% less than what I...

+9How do I get that experience that you are requiring for your job?


I am a college senior and have been actively looking for a career in real estate. I have found that most of these positions require at least 1 year of experience. Well, how do I obtain this experience if every job requires it? All and any advice is appreciated.

+9Is Real Estate "Asset Management" Considered Back Office?


Just curious as Blackstone recently came to campus to recruit for the role. I did my <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> stint at a Big 3 bank and will be going the Corp <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> route out of undergrad, but I was...

+9Manufactured/Mobile Home Investing


Curious if anyone has any experience in this asset class, seems to be fairly niche similar to affordable housing, but is the general underwriting at all similar to multifamily? I'm assuming it;'s more yield driven due to property cap rates, locations, etc?

+9Using 100% equity for a project - does it ever make sense?


Just wondering about this, does it ever make sense to not use any debt for a real estate project? Say for example, you're having a difficult time deploying capital because cap rates are super low, but you've found a decent investment. So you want to deploy as much of your equity as...

+9Modelling Test - Please tear it apart :)


Hi all, I currently have a modelling test lined up and I suspect it will be a development model. Most of my experience is investment/income producing assets so I haven't really modelled much development in my time although I think I understand most the concepts.... I found the...

+9Rules of the office?

Anonymous Monkey

Can someone provide some general rules of the office? I am at my first full time gig. I find it hard to find balance between being a prick and not saying anything and getting too comfortable with my colleagues. I also find it hard to fit in. I didn’t want to be over the top initially...

+9MRED/MSRED Questions


I'm currently working in real estate development at an associate level with a non-business background and am planning to apply to masters in real estate programs with the goals of broadening my understanding of real estate development (interested in shifting from a single asset class to...

+9Acquisitions Folks - How active is your current pipeline?

Gentleman and Scholar

Wanted to touch base and have a discussion regarding deal pipeline. How active are your groups? When was the last time your group closed a deal? If not very active, what have you been doing in your downtime? Would be helpful if you could list: 1. Are your deals debt or equity 2. Main...

+9If you had $100mm to invest, what would you invest in? Market? Debt vs Equity? Product-Type?

The Duke of Wall Street

This is a question commonly asked in interviews and would be helpful to this forum. Plus, it would be interesting to hear the opinions of the members of <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>.

+9Clemson MRED Program

Trunk Yeti

I got my acceptance to Clemson's MRED program about a month ago, but have been hesitant to pull the trigger on it. My main concern is the cost (55k for 18 months). I'm just not sure if I can justify taking on that much debt without having a better idea of what entry level pay is. ...

+9How are cap rates used?


I know it's NOI/Value, but how can it be given? How can people say, "cap rates are really high right now" or "we're underwriting it at a 6 cap, building to a 7 cap, selling at an 5 cap." How is it anything more than a ratio?

+9Why a lack of advanced modeling techniques? Anyone who uses probabilistic modeling justification for this?


From what I have seen, real estate modeling (at least on an asset level) seems to be relatively rudimentary in comparison to almost all other financial sectors, could anyone possibly speak to why very few firms utilize advanced modeling techniques and probabilistic modeling in real estate? Or if...

+9Does Marcus & Millichap have the best training?


As some of you may know I am a recent graduate trying to break in to <abbr title="commercial real estate">CRE</abbr>. I've been networking pretty heavy and reached out to an alumni that gave me the following advice: "Get a job at Marcus and Millichap as they...

+9REIT Compensation at the Analyst level?


What would be a good estimate for compensation for an analyst at a major metro REIT? Specifically on the acquisitions/development side of things. a) are bonuses a thing? b) what can be expected in a base salary? c) if it is on the low end of the range, should I counter - will I be...

+9Likelihood of a Recession by 2018


I'm interested to see what the consensus is here on whether we'll be hit by a recession by 2018. If not by 2018, then when? Would also be interested to hear what people think will be the catalyst.

+9Real Estate Career after MBA


Hello everyone, After a couple of years working in RE and about to start a top <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> program I am very very confused, so I hope to find some advices and ideas from you guys. I am Italian, 29, I worked one year in RE...

+9Internship in acquisitions at a local developer vs. more well-known REIT


Hi everyone, I am an underclassman at a top 25 school on the west coast, and I need some advice on what type of <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/guide/wso-internship-guide">summer internship</a></span> I should take if I want to end up in...


C.R.E. Shervin

I know there are other threads explaining what it is. But what I'm curious about is can you get pigeon holed in this type of roll after having experience in multi and office mostly. What are the exit opps?

+9Math behind pricing a CMBS loan


Hi guys, I have been working on sizing loans. While I work on <abbr title="comparable analysis">comps</abbr>, cash flows, pre lim underwriting, I dont get to work on structuring/pricing a loan. So, I am trying to learn how CMBS loans get priced. We have a break even...

+921 Years Old: Looking to rent property to college students


First off, I want to thank all of you for providing me with a plethora amount of responses and discussions to read and learn from. A little about myself, I am 21 years old, <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> Candidate at a <abbr...

+9San Francisco vs NYC


I'm in final rounds w/ two REPE firms (acquisitions). One is in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> and the other is in SF. Nothing is set in stone yet. I'm hoping to hear from people who have worked in one or both cities - why did you decide to move there, and...

+9Most Innovative Real Estate Projects and Companies


As I sit here at my desk procrastinating by flipping through Urban Land magazine, I'm peppered by images of Boston Properties/Hines' Salesforce Tower, a top ten list of buildings with technologies that add versatility and conserve resources, and a description of how Related's...

+9How much Finance should you be comfortable with in the real estate world?


How much finance should I be comfortable with? I am in the verge of registering for <abbr title="Chartered Financial Analyst">CFA</abbr> Level 1 Exam. Should I rather spend my money and time going thru Real Estate Financial Modeling course or Argus certification? I...

+9RE Mezzanine Debt


Can someone give me a rundown on mezz debt? 1) What term will mezz lenders do? 2) Is it always interest only or do they also amortize in some circumstances? 3) Are there ever holdbacks in the loan? Is it always fully funded upfront? What if it is for construction? 4) What total DSCR, LTV,...

+9Real Estate Investment Banking

Up n coming

Incoming Senior at Target Non-Ivy looking to enter REIB. What are some groups that should be on my radar, whether it be RE groups at <abbr title="bulge brackets">BBs</abbr> or more boutique firms. Relatedly, if my end goal is REPE, is REIB the most logical first step or...

+9How are you all getting jobs?


I have been after the entry level real estate analyst position for about 5-6 months now. I have received no job offers, no formal interviews, and no help. I had no corporate internship experience in the field. Only experience I have is my family's development company that is not large...

+9How to invest in a city you don't live in?


I'm, admittedly, still comparatively new to real estate, so I apologize if this is a dumb question. I'm interested in starting to invest in cities I don't live in (especially since the city I do live in is insanely expensive). I'm, at the same time, a bit unsure of where to...

+9Staying in my development role vs investment sales analyst position?

Mountain King

I am currently working as a development associate (it is an entry-level role) with a very cool, smart, agile developer on the smaller side in a major US city (not <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr>/SF). I am learning a very great amount in my current role, enjoy my team, etc....

+9How much do your bosses make per year?


A majority of us are analyst/associate level. I've read through the salary thread on this forum and most of the postings are from junior level. I thought it would be beneficial for most of us to see what jobs down the line are making. Obviously, these are not going to be spot on and be...

+9Post MSRED Positions/Salary


I am currently working on figuring out my finances and how attending the Columbia MSRED program plays into it all. There isn't much data out there in terms of positions and salary/compensation for post-MSRED. Any information regarding positions and salary/compensation (especially post...

+9Fannie / Freddie

Paul Allen8

Can anyone tell me what Fannie Mae calls their originators? I know Freddie calls them them Producers but haven't really been able to find the position title for the same role at Fannie.

+9Where are we in the cycle?


Is now a good time to invest in residential real estate in major markets? (SF, LA, <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr>, Chicago, etc.) If and when interest rates rise, how will it impact housing prices and rents? REITS and <abbr title="private...

+9What are some reasons that make sellers want to sell their investment property?


Obviously there are many transactions that occur each day. I am just curious to why all these "smart" people in the industry would sell a property that they think is "good." Based on your experiences, did your firm ever question why a company was selling a particular...

+9Could commercial real estate (retail) collapse?


With companies like JC Penney and Sears having done progressively worse over the past ten years, a large number of department stores have closed in the past year, with plans for more to close in the near future. Since most malls depend on one or more of these stores to bring in customers, it...

+9AMA: Real Estate Acquisitions Analyst. Uni -> BO -> Mtg Financing -> Acquisitions


Graduated 2017. Had opportunities in consulting, commercial banking, and real estate. Gambled on real estate route by starting in back office role. After ~2.5 months in <abbr title="back office">BO</abbr>, transitioned to more "front office" analyst role. Did that...

+9CoStar is blowing it


I think CoStar offers a very unique, hands on service. This thread is more about their handling of Loopnet. CoStar is hell bent on getting rid of the #1 <abbr title="commercial real estate">CRE</abbr> site in the country and calling it CoStar for some reason I will not...

+9What was real estate like in 80s and 90s?


I know the audience of this site tends to be younger, but if you're an older folk or have any stories that would be super interesting. I was talking to this semi-retired guy who used to do land development, and he was saying how everything used to be analyzed through back of the napkin...

+9Will RE firms cover or help to subsidize your travel expense for interviews?


What's your experience interviewing with firms out of town? I found a role through a recruitment agency but its not in my area. I'd need to move several hours away to be at this job. So far the recruiter has pushed my resume/info to the firm and they've shown interest in me and...

+9Condo Deconversion


I have seen many discussions out there of condo conversion, but I am wondering if anyone knows anything about turning a condo into multifamily units. The condo I had in mind is an eye sore in class A location and it is pretty clear that the HOA is broken. There is always the slow option of...

+9Where do you think we are in the cycle?


I would love to hear different people's opinions on this topic. I have talked with several different people recently and many seem to think we are approaching the end of this cycle (maybe less than 12 months until a pullback). The markets are flooded with capital chasing deals and yield....

+8Self-Made Real Estate Millionare at the Age of 22.

offerrescinded Guy claims to be a millionare at the age of 22. Did wholesaling + flipping. Do you buy his story?

+8Tutorial: How to Model a Real Estate Development Construction Loan


Monkeys, I am creating some free videos teaching you the basics and more advanced concepts in RE modeling. Please enjoy and feedback is appreciated !

+8MSRED/MRED 2019 (MIT vs. USC vs. Columbia) WHICH ONE?


I've been accepted to MIT/USC/Columbia MSRED/MRED programs and would like to get feedback from industry professionals, anyone who is going through the similar process, and recent graduates. Since yesterday, I have been contacting my acquaintances in the real estate industry to gain their...

+835 Yr old hoping to work for a REIT upon graduation


Helli all. I am a 35 year old returning student at Kaplan University. I am studying finance with a specialization in real estate. I have 2 years until I graduate. Upon graduation I hope to work for a <span class='keyword_link'><a...

+8Katerra, A Construction Company, Raises $865 Million


I thought I would drop this article in here to see what some of you guys think about this construction company. After looking at their website, it looks like a tech based vertically integrated construction company. Do you think this is the future of construction? And, if so, do you think this...

+8MSRE(D) Applicants Fall 2018


I wanted to start a thread related to MSRE application for Fall 2018. I think it would be great if you guys could share where you have applied to and on what stage of the admission process you guys are currently in. Thanks! NYU / Admitted MIT / Waiting for response Cornell /...

+8Real Estate Hedge Fund List (Looking)


Hi all, Trying to put a list of hedge funds who invest primarily or have a team that invests mainly in Real Estate - debt or equity doesn't matter. Names that come to mind so far: Och Ziff Davidson Kempner Fir Tree ... Go ahead keep adding, thanks!

+8PERE comp table

prospie ![image][image] ... when PERE last wrapped a feature around a comprehensive piece of research on compensation levels in 2010, we did not appreciate just how loudly. It was easily the most-read article published...

+8Waterfall for long term hold


Hello, Has anyone had experience with a structuring promoted interest waterfall for a development deal with no planned exit. The developer builds and owns their projects for the long term and planning to bring on a JV equity partner with the same long term hold strategy. I have only dealt with...

+8Real Estate Profit Split - Friends and Family - LT Hold


Say you have the benefit of having rich friends and you'd like to acquire, as the GP, multifamily real estate with the intention of holding in perpetuity. That is, never sell. What is a fair and equitable profit split for such a transaction that would allow for majority ownership by...

+8Law school to commercial real estate? Can a JD help you out?


Hi everyone, I'm currently working as a research analyst, but I was just admitted to a few different law schools on the East Coast. My parents are adamant about me going to law school, but I'm trying to consider more alternative and potentially more lucrative careers that could be had...

+8Just graduated and don’t have a job?


I just graduated on Saturday. I have a few offers, but haven’t accepted any of them since I am not incredibly crazy about any one of them in particular. They range from investment consulting to corporate finance. I want to break into real estate and I have applied to a handful of firms...

+8Most outrageous claims in an OM?


I submitted an offer on a 45 unit apartment building today. It was a call for offers situation so we made (what we thought) was a pretty strong offer. Based on our underwriting which was fairly aggressive we were offering an 8 cap. This is a value add deal in a tiny market in the northeast....

+8Career Advice: Acquisitions vs. Development


Hi all, I currently work as a Market Research Analyst for a large <abbr title="commercial real estate">CRE</abbr> company and am looking to transition into a Development or Acquisitions role. I have been working here for over 3 years and love what I do, but feel like...

+8Rational behind a lender choosing a loan term


Debt Folks, have a question- Is there a science behind the loan term chosen by the lenders? For example, a deal I am involved with is a single tenant industrial deal where there are four years left in the lease. Tenant is B+ rated tenant, solid tenant. Will any lender be willing to lend on a...

+82016 ULI Fall Meeting | Dallas, Texas | October 24-27


What's happening, WSO Real Estate? I wanted to remind everyone here about the 2016 ULI Fall Meeting in Dallas, Texas from October 24-27. Signups are available now at Last year in San Francisco I tried to get together a WSO meetup, but it didn't really go...

+8To all the commercial real estate brokers out much money do you make?


Just curious, to all the commercial real estate brokers out there--how much money are you earning a year. Answer format below * Product Type * Investment Sales or Leasing * Geography (City, State or Region) * Commission after company and team splits * Company split % * ...

+8Real Estate Family Business - Advice


One topic that's never really brought up in this fourm is what to do if you parents already own Real Estate/are in the business. I'm not here to be called a "spoiled rich kid" -- by some chance of god I won the genetic lottery and I'm incredibly blessed. I'm here to...

+8Brokerage at Big 4 (think CB, JLL, etc) or Acquisitions at $100M fund


I am struggling to make a LIFE CHANGING decision. I have two offers that are very different. Offer 1 is with a brokerage: it took about 6 months and 8 meetings to get the offer, these guys moved slow through out the process. I developed 2 financial models, completed a personality and IQ...

+8How do lenders structure loans to GPs?


So I have been curious to know how loans are structured to GPs. The reason I ask is that we have a couple banks we do business with and they say they structure their deals where any owner with at least 20% or more ownership of the LLC must provide a guarantee. Now this confuses me because in a...

+8Graduating in 2 years, what path to take?


I’m graduating in two years and currently work in residential real estate. I want to join commercial real estate once I graduate and eventually end up managing funds for a syndication or <abbr title="real estate investment trust">REIT</abbr>. I have a lot of super newbie...

+8How Long is Long Enough


Currently working as an analyst with an investment sales team. Pay is solid, decent deal flow but I would like to transition either to a brokerage working on larger deals or somewhere on the buy side. I've only been with this group for a short time so I'm wondering how long for it to...

+8Marucs & Millichap a step below CBRE/JLL/C&W?


Scrolling through articles on here, I always notice that companies like Marcus & Millichap, SVN, Savills Studley are always considered a tier below the CBRE/JLL/C&W. How would you guys who have maybe had experience working in some of these shops say they line up and compare? When I think...

+8Healthcare REIT Acquisitions Analyst Interview


I have an upcoming on-site interview with a healthcare-focused <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-a-real-estate-investment-trust-reit"><abbr title="real estate investment trust">REIT</abbr></a></span>...

+8World Class Capital Group?


Anyone have any experience working at or working with World Class Capital Group either in Austin or NYC? I've been Googling a bit and read mixed reviews and not sure what they are all about.

+8Advice on potential career in Commercial Real Estate


Long post incoming: So I recently just left my software sales job to be closer to my family and fiancé (was doing long distance). Now that I am settled in where I want to be for the long term (Dallas), I am looking at a pontential career change. A little background, I am 25 with a degree...

+8Do acquisitions analysts build models from scratch?


Do acquisitions analysts at <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-a-real-estate-investment-trust-reit"><abbr title="real estate investment trust ">REIT</abbr></a></span>'s, REPE firms, etc. build...

+8Investment Sales Broker AMA


Currently been working as an investment sales broker for four years specializing in multifamily, mixed-use, and development sites in the 1-30 million space in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr>. Go ahead, fire away. Oh, and if it counts for anything, I worked for...

+8Cushman and Wakefield IPO

Cap Rate

Wanted to find out what everyone thinks about the Cushman IPO? After the weak <abbr title="initial public offering">IPO</abbr> of Newmark do you think that they will also come up short?

+8Is New York's Housing Market Undervalued?

To IB or not to IB

Hey monkeys, Just read up on [an article]( from Forbes stating that New York's housing market is undervalued by 10.4%, which is second on the...

+8Small Shop Developers


To those of you that work in a small-med size development firm... Are there such things as interns? How did you land your role? How do salaries differ from the large developers and national corporations?

+8General Real Estate Discussion


I was thinking we should have a place to bs about real estate in general - things we're working on, successes we've had lately, etc. For me - today is the last day of my pre-grad school REPE <span class='keyword_link'><a...

+8Rough mental return calculations?


Hi all, I'm looking to improve my "deal sense" and am wondering about simple mental math calcs I can do to get a sense for returns when talk about deals? For example: Entry cap+constant growth rate=IRR (assuming same exit cap). So buying at a 5 cap with 3% growth over the...

+8What is everyone's opinion of: Castellan Real Estate Partners


I see these guys posting from time to time on the cornell-baker board. What kind of shop are they exactly? What is their reputation? Analyst/Associate comp? Exit ops? Would you want to work there, etc? Cheers!

+8AirBNB (etc) modeling

C.R.E. Shervin

Hey Gang, Do any of you know how, first or second hand, how you realistically look at rents and would do a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-a-discounted-cash-flow-DCF"><abbr title="discounted cash...

+8Carlyle Real Estate Associate Compensation


Does anyone have an recent comp data for Carlyle RE? Also, what are the hours typically like? Thanks in advance!

+8When you are looking to invest in either Industrial buildings or Office buildings what are the most important things to look at?


Obviously location is king, but i'm not as familiar with industrial assets. Proximity to a port or shipping possibly? With office, would look at location, proximity to talent, lease rollover and risk, are tenants highly correlated, if capex is needed soon, barriers to entry, incoming...

+8CBRE Launches Coworking Management Platform - Goodnight WeWork

Trunk Yeti

["The new business, called Hana, will not lease space directly, but will work with property owners and will design, build and operate flexible office space for them. It will make money through revenue and profit-sharing agreements with...

+8Innovative Amenities for Multifamily


WSO, I'm interested in seeing what kind of cool amenities you've come across, when developing, selling, buying, or living in apartment communities. We've all heard of Nest thermostats and whatnot, but this Hines deal in Boston provides lighting in tune with your body clock, a...

+8Question for Those Who Moved Cities


I'm hoping to re-locate to a new city/market next year. Young and want to explore a different part of the country. My key hesitation is whether this experience is worth the potential back-step in career progression. I have a strong network in my local market, know all the major players,...

+8So you want to work in CRE Debt? Here are the options...


I'm currently taking a class thru NYU (RE Capital Markets) that has both blown my mind/gotten me particularly interested in debt. While I work in agency lending, I was completely unaware of both the complexity and career paths available within this part of the the industry (our last class...

+8Intern duties...Job description vs reality


Hey guys, for those of you that interned, what were your daily tasks while on the job and did they line up with the job description? I'd like to hear from those working for principles and/or firms and those on the debt side too.

+8Historic Tax Credits


Has anyone worked with Historic Tax credits on distressed/value-add deals? I'm curious, what is the federal "tax credit" that the developer receives? Since there are no federal level property taxes, and most development shops are pass-through LLCs, does it effect the individual...

+8What do RE Asset Management Analysts actually do?


I've read enough threads on RE Acquisitions to know what the acquisitions analysts do. I searched the forum and most threads were about comp and career paths for Acquisitions vs Asset Management. I understand at a high level what the asset management team does (performing hold/sell...

+8Calling All Idealists in CRE


Not to get too sappy, but as I ponder my next career move, I think about how much value I've gotten over the past 2-3 years from this forum. Between the exposure to daily banter between some very knowledgeable monkeys, somebody sending me an excel test prior to the final round of an...

+8Best way to learn Real Estate Waterfalls?


Hi, I'm wondering if you guys know what the best way is to learn waterfalls? On the property level, I think I'm pretty good at understanding the analyses and basic return metrics that go with it. My firm is has investors so waterfalls are required and I'm wondering if anyone...

+8Burning out

hard assets

I know there are lots of people here who work 12+ hour days, so i'd be curious to know how people manage their careers over time. I recognize some of you might be fresh out of UG, but for those of you who are closer to your late 20s/early 30s or older, how have you been managing working...

+8Grad School Cost: is it worth it?


Hi guys, My head is spinning with all the different factors to evaluate in applying to grad school. For a career switcher with some architecture experience, what are the most important factors in selecting a grad school? I would like to work in development and eventually open my own...

+8Brokerage vs REPE Asset Management


Hello All, I'm currently a senior in college at a North-Eastern semi-target school deciding on two offers for my full time job. My long-term goals would be to work in acquisitions at a top real estate private equity fund / hedge fund but was unfortunately not able to break in out of...

+8Evaluating a Real Estate Investment


Alright so I don't know much about real estate other than what the <abbr title="Chartered Financial Analyst">CFA</abbr> curriculum details and what I've read on this forum/google. I'm considering starting to invest in real estate provided the returns are...

+8Buying an Apartment in NYC


First time buyer here currently looking at studio condo apartments in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> in the <$700K range. Wondering if anyone here has perspectives on current state of the Manhattan real estate market and expected trends over the next 12-18 months...

+810YR Treasury is above 3.15% today....

Rice and Fires

Today the 10YR started at 3.08% After Lunch it has jumped up to 3.17%, this is drastically hurting anyone who was looking to get a loan today. We've had some borrowers opt to put deals on hold this afternoon already just to see if it goes lower. I work in production for a DUS...

+8Hamptons is Out of Style - Two (2) Locations for the new Cool Kids!


Catskill Mountains and Hudson River. Hamptons apparently isn't as vogue as it used to be and the new folks who've made it are thumbing their noses at the old money. Would you buy or have already real estate in the Hamptons or consider these new places the weekend getaway for the...

+8Acquisitions Analyst Compensation


I am currently working at a small RE investment firm (me, my principal and a partner who technically runs his own development company). Nothing to complain about the work, seeing a lot of deal flow, learning a lot about the market and overseeing the management aspect on some of the portfolio....

+8Is it hiring time?


Hey everyone, I am currently a senior graduating in May with a degree in finance. I am in the midst of the job search solely looking to enter the real estate industry and have been networking with anyone and everyone over the past 6 months. Does anyone have any insight on what companies are...

+8What's better to break into CRE: CFA or REFM?


I am trying to break into the world of <abbr title="commercial real estate ">CRE</abbr> next summer after graduation and was wondering which of these tools would help my resume better stand out and also help me to gain a better knowledge of the world of <abbr...

+8AMA: From MO Risk at Big 5 Bank to Real Estate Debt


I worked in market risk reporting supporting mortgage backed trading desk and interest rate trading desk for approximately 2.5 years. At this point I decided I did not want to be part of MO and exit to <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> seemed very rare....