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Best Resources For Raising Capital For Emerging RE Developers?


What are some of the best resources for starting to raise capital as an emerging RE developer? Often times people start with friends and family in country club deals but I was wondering what institutions back smaller deals for small RE developers (if any at all).

WeWork: The Bull(ish) Case


I’m working on a mammoth multi-part Google post and WeWork ties in nicely with the overall theme. *(To be clear, I have no opinion on WeWork as an investment - and I have zero knowledge of real estate - but I saw [this...

Principles; What Are Your Main Governing Principles in Navigating Life and Your Career


Always good to reflect and share the collective wisdom gained on this site. Really just looking for what people feel like their main takeaways and principles to abide by are, while navigating this jungle. Try and keep it to your top 3 in bullet point format for a user-friendly read. Threads on...

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Chapter 11 voluntary bankruptcy

Sterling Debt

I wanted to see if anyone has experience lending to a sponsor who has previously voluntarily filed bankruptcy (chapter 11) through a borrower SPE on an unrelated property. Can share more details over PM. Thanks in advance. ...