Big 4 FDD vs RE Private Credit Role

Hey guys,

Bit of background

  • Based in Australia

  • Have now done 2 years of Audit Financial Services) at a Big 4

  • Now have an offer for Big 4 Transaction Services (Financial Due Diligence) at the same Big 4, as well as an Analyst role in Private Credit at another firm.

My long term goals are a bit broad; wanting to be involved in Investment Analysis, have been looking at roles in equity research/PE/corp dev - so a fairly diverse range, but all using similar skills surrounding investment analysis.

The Big 4 FDD role works directly with some of the largest PE companies, however only working on 1 part of the deal in the bidding phase, performing the financial due diligence etc.

The Private Credit Role is for a RE based investment management firm, gets end-to-end deal experience, however works on much smaller clients, and is obviously is on the debt side, whereas I would prefer equity

Whilst salary isn't the most important aspect, it's still very important - and the total comp in the private credit role is substantially higher (~+96%), which I know seems nuts. The Big 4 role would see a ~20% increase in July 2023.

Looking for opinions on what the best opportunity would be, weighing up comp vs long term goals as mentioned above (equity analysis/PE type roles), whether there is possibilities to move from the debt side to the equity side. Another note is that I'd be looking to move to the UK in the next couple years into a Finance role, not sure if the decision would impact my opportunities there too much though?


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Nov 26, 2022 - 2:25pm
It'sFreeRealEstate, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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