Shameless Plug for The University of Dayton

First off, Dayton is obviously a non-target school and if you have the opportunity to go to a target or semi-target school you definitely should.

However, the point of my post is to talk about why if you haven't gotten into your dream school, you should consider Dayton (As it relates to Banking/Finance)

Firstly, Dayton has the largest student-run investment fund in The United States with over $60 Million AUM managed by 40-50 students (this also makes up a large chunk of the endowment since Dayton isn't a massive school).

Secondly, Dayton is a member school in Global Platinum Securities, a very selective education program and investment fund with Harvard, Penn, MIT, Georgetown, London School of Economics, NYU, and CU Boulder. 

Thirdly, Dayton has a great investment banking club that pays for an Adventis Modeling program, and most importantly relationships with regional banks that will directly recruit from the club sophomore year.

Fourthly, there are two other investment funds with one being over $2 million AUM

All of these factors are leading to strong banking placement (primarily in the MM, but a couple BB's as well)

Finally, Dayton is a pretty fun school and you will definitely become better in social situations do to the extroverted nature of the school.

I hope this was helpful for anyone thinking about colleges right now or stressing about getting into a target.

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