Hi there! I just got my decision yesterday and was rejected from SIP but admitted to OIP. Is it possible to still get accepted to SIP? Is anyone deferred from both OIP and SIP or just SIP?


I applied EA Round 1 and haven’t heard anything from my deferral. I withdrawed from SIP and decided to only be considered for OIP and haven’t heard anything yet which I assume is bad??


haven't heard either... all I've seen are acceptances so rejections/WL might be sent out on Monday?


I'm not entirely sure but someone at my school was saying that they accepted 150-200 students last year and over 10,000 applied? Not sure if that's right though that's just what I heard


I suspect they’re holding out on releasing decisions for the rest of us who haven’t heard since they’re waiting for RD to commit or not. This program has given me such a headache only for them to put SIPs in middle office, quant focused roles at top tier firms.


I think IBstudent18 is correct. They are probably waiting to see how many extra spots are left when people say no thank you. Honestly, many high achieving sophomores have internships lined up for summer, including me so I am grateful I got the online. And with the new Covid variant the program could be virtual anyway. I hope not though because it is a great opportunity! So hang in and do not lose hope! I didn't see what firms the girls were placed in last year... anyone know?


You can search GWI SIP on Linkedin and Look at firm placements. Very much a mix of firms and seems dependent on where you go to school. Targets get better firms and if you’re at a nontarget, it’s really hit or miss on matches. You either get a great match or a noninvesting role


Emailed them: SIP decisions were released last week and they anticipate that OIP decisions will be released in this coming week. I'm assuming the people who were accepted to OIP last week were people who applied for SIP and OIP but did not get into SIP. 


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Career Advancement Opportunities

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  • Jefferies & Company 02 99.4%
  • Perella Weinberg Partners New 98.9%
  • Lazard Freres 01 98.3%
  • Harris Williams & Co. 24 97.7%
  • Goldman Sachs 16 97.1%

Overall Employee Satisfaction

June 2024 Investment Banking

  • Harris Williams & Co. 19 99.4%
  • Lazard Freres 06 98.9%
  • JPMorgan Chase 09 98.3%
  • Morgan Stanley 05 97.7%
  • Moelis & Company 01 97.1%

Professional Growth Opportunities

June 2024 Investment Banking

  • Lazard Freres 01 99.4%
  • Jefferies & Company 02 98.9%
  • Perella Weinberg Partners 18 98.3%
  • Goldman Sachs 16 97.7%
  • Moelis & Company 05 97.1%

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June 2024 Investment Banking

  • Director/MD (5) $648
  • Vice President (22) $375
  • Associates (94) $260
  • 3rd+ Year Analyst (14) $181
  • Intern/Summer Associate (33) $170
  • 2nd Year Analyst (69) $168
  • 1st Year Analyst (206) $159
  • Intern/Summer Analyst (151) $101
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