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+12AMA: Former BB Rates Trader - Now a prop traderI've enjoyed this forum, and i see lots of people without a clue asking questions about trading, so i thought i'd do an AMA... My path was non-standard, but i've seen others with a similar path to my own. My Path --> Non-Target state school --> Job in BB IT...811 week 9 hours ago
+9Day in the Life: Oil Trading Research AnalystI feel like it is often said here and at times overdone, but while every day is a bit different there are certain tasks that happen every week or month. I’m going to split the below into three different types of days to compare. <h3>Day 1: Weekly and Monthly Updates...171 day 17 hours ago
+1DRW vs. BridgewaterDRW vs. <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/company/bridgewater" target="_blank">Bridgewater</a></span> 1. Experience/Learning 2. Prestige 3. Salary 4. Location Please help me make a decision thanks.121 week 4 days ago
+1Let's Talk NewsThere is a lot in the world to keep up on... I was/am a bit of a news junkie. My interest in finance originally came about reading the finance section of the paper. Nowadays it is a bit more difficult to keep up with everything that is going on. A few questions... How do you keep up with the...106 days 2 hours ago
+1Resume and Cover Letter Review for Trading internship positions at firms like IMC TradingHello, I am a first year student at a Top French B School. I am interested in Trading specifically prop <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/trading-overview">trading</a></span>. I do not have previous trading experience but I do...92 weeks 4 days ago
+1Searching for a desk..Hey all, new guy here and I would like to say that I am happy to be a member. My question is, I have been studying, practicing and just consuming as much information I can about intra-day <span class='keyword_link'><a...93 weeks 2 days ago
+1Noble Group, From Speed boats to Hypersonic Missiles.The Transit Time on Colonial Pipeline, if you go from one end to the other (Houston to New York) is about 16 days. Most of ship voyages in Asia are less than 10 days but apparently this is too much for Noble Group. [ Are Conventional Ships now too slow for Noble Group Ltd ...71 week 1 day ago
+1Do million dollar bonuses still exist?Do you think that one million dollar bonuses are rare to come by these days or do you believe there pretty much non-existent today? 61 week 2 hours ago
+1What are good coding skills to learn going into S&T now?Hi Everyone. I have read numerous articles talking about automation being the way of the future and that you need to know coding to get into <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/trading-overview">trading</a></span> these days. In...51 week 2 days ago
+1Trading in Nomura VS Structuring in US BBWhich one would you guys choose? Both positions are in Asia. Both in FICC. The <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/trading-overview">trading</a></span> in <span class='keyword_link'><a...51 day 9 hours ago
+1Can I get into Trading with a Business degree?Does a Business degree help you get a Trading job? Also are Finance degrees what employers want in <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/trading-overview">trading</a></span> or not? I've heard that your degree should be...52 weeks 2 days ago
+1Glencore/Trafigura vs MS/JPM Derivatives TradingWhich to choose? What struck me about the <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/trading-overview">trading</a></span> house was that they are considered to be extremely hard to get into, but the traders do not have the H/Y/P/M/C...21 week 3 days ago
+1Group Interview AdviceI have an upcoming group interview with a hedge fund in NYC. I have never done one before, so would like some advice as to how to succeed in those types of interviews. I am not sure how many other candidates will be present alongside me. Thanks :)41 week 3 days ago
+1Do you think the pre-2008 bonus days will have ever come back?With new regulations and laws in place ultra high bonuses don't really exist in S&T as far as I'm aware. 42 weeks 17 hours ago
0Phys Oil Traders - Good books on Blending?Hi all, Currently a rates trader with an interest in the phys oil/ distillates space. Can anybody recommend some good books/literature on blending? Thanks in advance12 weeks 18 hours ago